The Road Trip Pt.1

The last time I went to Mikes place I was the recipient of one of the most intense gangbangs in my life. After that experience I thought things would never be the same between Mike and I. Luckily, I was wrong about that. Mike and I started going out a few times a month. He really treated me right and always treated me with respect, which was important to me. I never wanted or expected anything serious but I did not want Mike to not want me around unless he had ten guys for me to fuck. By my nature a flirt and a slut and I love to have sex so I am pretty much up for anything.
Besides Mike and I hanging out quite a bit we naturally fucked each other almost anytime we were together. Since his welcome home party there had not been any gangbangs yet his cock was plenty to satisfy me. After a few months of just fucking one guy at a time, Mike wasn’t the only guy I was fucking of course; I was beginning to get an urge for a nice big party where I was the centerpiece. One day Mike called me and invited me to come with him on one of his little trips out of the city. I had always wondered what he did on these trips and so I agreed to go. Mike said we would be gone for about three days so I should pack for a day extra. I packed most of my slutty clothes, knowing how much Mike loved them and I also packed some regular day clothes.
Mike was being secretive about our destination and I really wasn’t all that worried about it. We started out at about four in the evening and talked about everything under the sun. Mike commented on my holey jeans and said I looked really sexy in them. I thanked him for his comment by going to his lap and giving him one of my best roadies ever. Soon after I finished we came up on a small town with a hotel with a drive by bar. We stopped at the hotel and got a room. We decided to share a room as we normally shared the bed. I jumped in the shower and got dressed in my black cat suit and black mini skirt and thigh high black boots. Mike got in after I did and was out and dressed before I finished dressing. Mike was so busy grabbing and feeling we damn near didn’t make it out of the room. However, I was thirsty and wanted to dance so we left the room and went to the little hole in the wall bar.
When we entered the bar I was curious as to what we would find. It was dark and smoky and there were probably twenty or so people in the place. We went to the bar and got a few shots and downed them. A nice rock song came on the jukebox and went to the dance floor where we did a little dancing that soon turned into a little dirty dancing. After the song was over we went back to the bar and killed a few more shots. I was really starting to feel the drinks and was starting to get warm. We went back to the dance floor and danced to every hot song that came up. We danced for hours and stopped to drink and then repeated the whole process over again.
Before I knew it this really big white guy, all decked out in cowboy duds, asked if he could jump in. I looked at Mike and he backed off with a smile. This cowboy was pretty cute so I didn’t mind and we started dancing. It was pretty normal at first and then a Latin song came on. The Cowboy told me his name was Frank and that he noticed me the minute I walked in the door. I told him that I always tried to turn heads when I entered a room. He had a smile on his face and we began to get into the music. His hands slowly began to run down my back until he was kneading my ass with his hands. We were dancing really close and I started getting really hot from this guys hands all over my ass. He had been trying to place his thigh between my legs but I had been backing off. But as he had a handful of ass I slid his leg between mine. I slowly began to rub my pussy on his thigh, which brought a shocked look on his face. As the beat intensified so did my gyrations on his leg and soon my pussy was beginning to get wet. My clit was starting to throb and I was getting really horny.
After the song was over I pulled the guy into a dark corner and pulled him close to me and gave him a deep kiss thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He responded in kind and I felt his hands rubbing my tits through the soft lace material of my black cat suit. He backed off and asked about Mike. I told him not to worry he was probably off chasing this blonde chick he had his eye on. The guy smiled and we began to kiss deeply again. As we French kissed each other his hands were on my ass and mine were on his. He had a nice little tight cowboy butt, which drives me crazy. We were really getting worked up and I felt his hands slide under my miniskirt. I guess he was surprised at my crotch less panties when his finger found my wet pussy because he stopped rolling his tongue over mine for a few seconds. He quickly recovered and he slid a finger on my wet pussy lips and clit. I let out a slow moan into his mouth and soon he was fingering my pussy. I lifted my leg and placed it on a chair that was in the corner we were in to give him easier access to my cunt. He had really nice big fingers and he slid one finger then two taking care to gently massage my clit. Soon he had three fingers in me and I was really getting wet. His pace soon quickened to a steady beat and I was breathing and moaning very heavily.
As he was fingering my pussy I was rubbing his now hard cock through his pants. His tight wranglers gave his cock great definition and I was surprised at how big he was. This guy was bigger than most white guys I have had. I was on the verge and needed to suck that cock. The liquor and fingering had me ready. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his cock and he pulled back. “What about that black guy your with” he asked. “Well I suck his cock all the time and right now I want yours, but I’ll go find him if you want me to” I replied as I gave his package a squeeze. He bit his lower lip and grabbed me by the hand. He led me towards the back where I assumed the back room or bathrooms were. “Babe, I hope your boy…” he stopped in mid sentence and stopped in his tracks. Through the music I heard a woman moaning and screaming like she was getting the best fucking of her life. I looked around my beau to see Mike fucking some blonde doggy style. Mike was really pounding her and I knew she was in heaven.
“I think he won’t mind Hun”, I said as I led him to a door that said storage on it. I couldn’t tell what the blonde looked like because the room was poorly lit and he face was turned away. We got into the little storage room and Frank leaned up against a stack of boxes. We started kissing again and I soon had my hands on his belt buckle. Frank tried to help and I told him to fucking stop. I went to my knees and soon had his belt off and began to open my surprise package. I got his pants unbuttoned and worked his zipper down with my teeth. After a few kisses of his nice cock he wiggled his way out of his tight ass jeans. All that was between his dick and I was some bikini underwear, which held his package nicely. I slowly kissed his stomach and felt him flinch, as I got lower to his groin. I slid my thumbs under the sides of his wares and slowly lowered them inch-by-inch. I lifted the neck of his briefs to reveal his cock head. I immediately ran my tongue over his head as it was mashed against his stomach. Frank let out a groan, as my tongue would pass over his head. Inch-by-inch his cock would be revealed to my waiting tongue and I would pass it over the underside of his shaft.
Soon I had his whole cock exposed and his balls were swinging free. I took one of his balls in my mouth as I slowly stroked his meat in my hand. I massaged his ball in my mouth with my tongue. I rolled his nut in my mouth and switched to the other one. After I carefully washed each ball I ran my tongue up his shaft. He was at least 8 inches and thick by two inches or more. I rolled my tongue over his cock head and got a tasty pre-cum reward. I took his head into my mouth and slowly worked his head in my mouth. I worked on the top of his cock with my tongue and began to slowly place his head at the back of my throat. To open my throat to his mass I would gently bob my head on his tool running my teeth against his cock head. He really responded to that and I felt his cock jump in my mouth. I knew how I would bring this guy off but concentrated on working his shaft down my throat. I took his length a little at a time, each time raising my head and pulling his rod out of my throat and caressing his hood with my teeth. Soon I had him all the way in my throat. He loved being deep throated. I would slowly lower his cock into my throat, letting him stretch my throat as I held him for a few seconds. His shaft was amazing and I had no problem taking his cock. After sucking Mike’s cock most cocks were not a challenge, seeing that there was only a few times that I was loose enough to take Mikes twelve inches and three inches of girth.
I would alternate sliding his cock from my mouth being sure to run my tongue under his hard cock as it slid from my mouth and sucking on his balls. Soon the guys cock was bulging from the force of the blood rushing through his prick. I knew I was about to make this guy cum. I took him in my throat one last time and held his cock dpwn my throat thinking that would make him cum. He wasn’t ready yet and I was as wet as I was going to get and needed him inside me. I stood up and spun him around. I raised my skirt above my hips and sat on the box he was leaning against. I pulled him close to me with my legs high in the air. I was in a perfect position for him to enter my wet pussy. I pulled him to me and he leaned down and ran his tongue over my clit. I threw my head back and let out a moan. It felt so good to have his wet tongue on my clit but I wanted a fuck. I pulled his head up to my mouth and kissed him passionately. I could taste my pussy on his tongue and I tongued him for a few seconds and moaned into him. I grabbed his hard cock now that I had his interest and rubbed his cock head on my pussy lips. He must have taken the hint because he slid his prick in my pussy. He slowly slid into me as we kissed. I could feel that massive head pressing on my cunt walls. I was so wet I knew I could take him easily so I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me to the hilt. I love the first thrust into my cunt, feeling that cock expand my entire pussy. Soon he was thrusting into me and I could feel his balls slap my clit.
He was really pacing himself going slow and then fast and then slow. I slumped a little on the box so I could take him deeper into me. His cock felt so good and I was really moaning heavily. He was thrusting into me making sure to run his shaft on the top part of my pussy. From being fucked my Mike’s cock it was easy for me to take him in me. I stopped him and pushed him out of my pussy and quickly spun around so that I could take him doggy style. He slid his cock into me and he bottomed out into my cunt. He stroked his cock in and out of me at a slow pace. I looked back at him and told him to fuck me hard. He grabbed my hips and began to thrust heavily into me. I love getting fucked doggy style. It makes me feel like the little slut I am and lets the guy I am fucking feel in control. He slammed deep into me and I could hear his cock squishing in my cunt. With his hammering of my pussy like a fucking maniac and me rubbing my pussy I was getting to the point of orgasm.
A few additional thrusts into me and I cam so hard that I shot my juices all over his shaft and crotch. Feeling my pussy walls contracting on his cock got him to the point and I pushed him off of me and quickly went to my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and deep throated him quickly and trashed my head on his prick. I felt his head tense up as I ran his head over my tongue and teeth. He exploded into my mouth with some hot cum that slid down my throat. I drank every drop he gave me and I cleaned his shaft by giving him a quick tongue washing. I then stood up and gave him a nice deep kiss and thanked him for the fucking.
He asked if I was sticking around and I told him no, he seemed disappointed. I told him that I would look for him as we came back home and left him in the storage room. I met with Mike at the bar, he was talking to the blonde that I saw him fucking earlier that night. I smiled at him and got a shot and drank it down. I gave him a deep kiss and turned his new friend. “Doesn’t Mike have the best cock that you have ever had, Hun?” I asked her. She had a shocked look on her face and recovered with “Well how was my boyfriend?” I looked at Mike and then back at her and said, “He was good for a white guy.” She leered at me and I grabbed Mike by the hand. We headed for the room since we had to get up and hit the road. I sucked his cock as we showered and he fucked me from behind. I took his cum like I took Franks and then we went to sleep.

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