Gym Teacher 4

This is part for of the Gym Teacher series with Carol and Tim. It picks up with us leaving for the nudist camp that Carol’s family belongs too.

The next week was pretty much a carbon copy of the previous week, until that Friday, which was the start of the holiday weekend and the camping trip. I told Carol that she could go with her mom and sister that Friday, but she elected to wait for me and leave on Saturday, since I had to work until 1pm. I did stay with her Friday night though, but warned her that I will be up very early to go to work, which she was fine with. That Thursday, I traded vehicles with my buddy who has a pickup and will use that to pull the boat. I got out of work and raced home, hooked up the boat and was at Carol’s by 2pm, and off we went.

We reached the campground about 5pm and had to drive down this gravel road for almost 4 miles, until we came to a clearing where the lake was and as I drove to where Carol told me, there was cabins all over and tents set up, and going by the clubhouse and pool, many a people outside just lounging naked. Carol was right too, you had so many different body styles and the people not having a care in the world. When we got to her mom’s cabin, there were two cars there, so I was assuming one was her mom’s and the other belong to her boyfriend, since he lives about an hour away from Susan. Carol told me on the ride up, that a few of the people here are also swingers, and that ever her dad and mom used to swing sometimes, and she knew for certain that her boyfriend Bill, and her, swing once in a while. I looked at her and said really? She laughed, and then said where do you think I get my sexuality from. I asked if Kim did that too, and Carol said no, but only because she never keeps a man long enough to trust like that, but she is a tease, so be prepared for it. She’ll go out of her way to make you hard. I laughed and said no she wont, she said oh my love, she will, just to make you uncomfortable. I am thinking to myself, how the hell am I going to handle this, but then said fuck it, and go with the flow.

We got to the cabin and unloaded our gear, and went inside. Luckily no one was there, so Carol figured they are by the lake somewhere sunning themselves. We stowed are stuff in the one bedroom, and Carol saw that Kim is staying in there too, which she figured she would, because the couch sucks to sit on, let alone sleep on it. Carol said what should we do and I said, I saw the ramp for the boat down a bit, why don’t we put it in the water and dock it up to the small dock out back. I took out my wallet and money, since I knew I’d be getting wet. As I backed the boat into the water, I had Carol get in the boat and told her once she doesn’t see the prop anymore, go ahead and start it up. She did fine with that and once the boat was in the water, I got out of the truck and tied the boat up so I could park the truck. We then drove the boat over to the dock and tied it up. We walked back up to the cabin and went inside, and went to the bedroom and removed our clothing. I looked over at Carol who was now standing there naked as the day she was born and asked if she was scared. She said, not scared, but a little apprehensive because she knew I was a little uneasy. I was thinking uneasy? Hell I am about to show myself to her mom and sister, and a complete stranger and hoping to god I don’t get hard in the process.

We went outside then and relaxed in the chaise lounges that were there. The cabins that were around us were a good ways away, but you could see people milling about, one even had two teenage girls there, and they did look really hot. Carol yelled hi to them and waved and they waved back and said they were glad she showed this year. About 20 minutes later we heard laughter and talking coming from the house, and out stepped Kim, then her mom and Bill. Carol looked at me and said, I love you babe, all will be fine. Thankfully I was soft right then. We stood up and Susan gave Carol a big hug and said she is so glad we came, and then she came to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was not uncomfortable at all about hugging me and kissing me, with her body touching mine. I am thinking this is a little weird, but only because, who knows, one day that could be my mother in-law. Then Bill came out and extended his hand to me and we were introduced. He said welcome to paradise my man. Bill, I was told, is 50, divorced 4 years now, but a longtime friend of the family, and at one time, swingers too, that Carol’s dad and mom played with. He was very at ease with everything, came over and gave Carol a hug and a kiss and said how radiant she looks. Carol said it was great to see him as well and he was looking good too. Bill stands about 6’, and I would say weighs about 180 or so and like me, has a hairy chest, but does shave around down there. Carol did shave me the night before, but this time, shaved off the arrow. Kim was last to say hi, and came up to Carol and hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips saying hello big sis. Then she shocked me when she came and put her arms around me and smashed her body right into me and kissed me on the lips. I looked at her after she broke the hug and said you tease. She laughed and said uh huh, get used to it. Luckily, I was still mostly soft, yet some blood was starting to flow to my cock. Carol then hugged me from the side and stayed quite close. I think she was telling little sister to back off, that this was her man. Susan asked if we were hungry and both of said famished. She said good, we were having steaks. I volunteered to grill them. Just before they went inside to get stuff ready, all three ladies were standing next to each other, and trust me when I say, there was no way you could tell that one was mom and the other two daughters. Susan’s boobs were slightly bigger and drooped a little, but otherwise, she was in great shape. Of course I wasn’t going to say a thing to Carol about that. She’d think I was a perv, or something.

Bill was with me as I grilled the steaks and asked what I thought of the place. I said, truthfully, it is an eye opener. He laughed and said, that it is, but after some time, you get used to it, and view people the same way you would if they have clothes on. He said that Susan has been talking of nothing but glowing things about me and she is so glad that me and Carol are an item. Bill said that Carol is a special lady and hopes I do right by her. He said he did not like the guy she was engaged too, and he always thought he was a self-centered little prick. He then said, you must be pretty special because I am the first man she ever brought here. I told him that I am head over heels in love with her and will do her no harm. He said that he can see that. He said that he heard about what Kim said to me, about cutting my balls off. I said, you know, I think she just might do it too. He said Kim is a spit fire and cant wait to meet the guy she settles down with, because he is in for the ride of his life with her.

We ate dinner together, then cleaned up and went out on the boat. Kim was super excited about this and I told her tomorrow, she could go tubing, which she was really excited about doing. This lake was pretty big and I could easily get up to top speed with it. Susan was sitting in Bill’s lap, on the back seat, while both girls were standing up with me. I had a great view of these two lovely women’s breasts. Kim opened the doors to the cabin below, which had only two sleeping bunks, with a pad that went in between the bunks to make it one big berth. It also has a porta potty under the stair. I could here Kim ask Carol if we tried that out below, and Carol said no, but everywhere else on the boat we have. She said eewww, then laughed, and said, well I hope you cleaned the cum stains up. Carol looked at her and said no, and that she was a little perv. I let Bill drive the boat, and Susan stood with him , while Carol sat in my lap and Kim sat over in another seat. Carol wiggled her ass a few times to tease me. I said please don’t do that, because you damn well I will get hard. Kim didn’t miss a thing and said, oh, someone getting a woody now? I said no, but only because I was looking at Kim, meaning she is a turn off, which is hardly the truth. She flipped me off then and laughed.

We got back to the cabin just before it was dark. Bill lit a campfire, and then he and Susan went off visiting. Carol, Kim and myself, just sat around the fire and shot the shit. Kim asked if we had thoughts of having sex tonight. Carol said what? Not with you there. She said mom and Bill did it for two hours last night, and made it hard to go to sleep. Then Kim said, shit sis, you have done it before while I was in the other bed when we were teens. She said that was different then, and she thought Kim was asleep. Kim laughed and said if you do, keep it down will ya? Carol said no worries sis, we’ll be sleeping is all. Carol then asked Kim when the last time she had any. Kim said it has been months, but she has BOB with her. I said Bob? She said yeah, battery operated boyfriend. It does it how long I want it and doesn’t make a mess at the end. Carol reached over to my lounge chair and stroked my cock, and said nothing beats the real thing, and he Tim always cleans his mess up. Kim said no way. Carol said oh yes, always. Kim said, I have to find a man like that and told Carol to leave my dick alone. Kim also said she was surprised I haven’t popped a boner yet. I laughed and said it been a lot of hard work and thinking of the of the gross things in life that is helping. Kim moved on her lounge and then was facing us, and spread her legs and said, is this gross? Carol told her to close her legs and quit teasing me. Kim just laughed and got up and said she was taking a shower and probably heading for bed.
We went in a little while later and decided to shower too, but we’d shower together. I asked Carol do you think we should, with her mom here. She said, one, mom isn’t here and two, we are adults, who love each other, and three, Bill and her mom will fuck like crazy this whole weekend, since they don’t see much of each other, except on weekends. We were in the shower and soaping each other up, and Carol started stroking my cock. I said, dear, you get that hard, it is going in you. She moaned and said it better, I have needed this all day. We washed the soap off then then started kissing like mad. I lifter her leg up, and braced her against the wall and she guided my cock into her steaming hot pussy. God she felt wonderful. I started pumping away and she is telling me to fuck her harder, give that big cock. We fucked a good five minutes, but neither of us could last and we both came within seconds of each other. Carol and I both resisted getting loud, but we think Kim knew what we were doing, which made it kind of exciting for both of us. As we rested under the shower, Carol said I love you baby, and my family thinks you are great. I said I am not as nervous as I was coming here. She said that is good. I looked at her and said if you look half as good as your mom at 48, then I am a complete winner. She laughed and said, so you think my mom is hot huh? I said yes, but not as hot as you babydoll. She laughed, and said, good answer mister. She said her mom told her that she was a lucky girl, by the looks of things. Carol said, MOM. She said Susan laughed and told her it was fine honey, but knowing you are serviced by a nice package does help the relationship. Carol said she told her mom to stop, but laughed and told her, it is very nice and he knows exactly how to use it. I said, oh god, now your mom is checking me out? Carol said, oh stop ,she don’t want you, at least I don’t think so, and chuckled.

We got in bed, and Kim was already in bed. She warned us that we better behave, because she ain’t listening to that shit so close to her. She said it was bad enough she has to hear it from the room next to us, which was actually going on. Carol was on her side facing her sister, and they talked about some of the people they know there, and as they talked, Carol moved her hand to my cock and was lightly stroking it. It took maybe a minute but she had me hard now, so I started playing with her ass and running my fingers down her crack to her slit, which was already wet from our shower sex. Carol lifted her one leg some so I had easier access to her pussy. I have no idea how she kept a conversation going, but she acted like nothing was happening. Kim was resting her head on her hand, that was crooked so she could see Carol better, and was jabbering away. Carol asked her about this one guy who comes with his family that Kim used to have a crush on, but Kim said she hasn’t seen him the last two years. Carol tilted her head back to me and said Kim and this Jim used to get it on down by the lake when they thought none of knew they were gone. Kim said, nuh uh, we did not. Carol said bullshit, I saw you riding him like a porn star. Kim laughed and said, oh, you saw that huh. Carol laughed and said hell yeah I saw it, and that it made her hornier than hell. They kep talking, and we could hear some low moans and the bed squeaking next door. Kim said damn, that guy does have some stamina. Carol said that’s good, but too much info sis. Kim laughed and said mom gets more sex than I do. Carol decided to take it a little further and pulled my cock to her slit and rubbed it up and down. I was trying real hard not to moan, and then decided to push it in her. Carol let out a slight gasp, and Kim knew something was going on. She looked at her sister and said, damn it, you two are fucking aren’t you? Carol said, mauh? Never. Kim said great, I get to listen to fucking in stereo. Carol giggled and told me to behave. All I said was yes dear. Kim laughed and said you have him trained already. Carol said that isn’t training, that is just respect, and he has plenty of that. Carol said we needed to get to sleep and told me she loves me, and I told her I loved her too. Kim said, oh gag me, but how come no one said they love me? Carol said oh sis, I do love you till the day I die. We told Kim to be around, say 10am so we can go boating, and she said she’ll be ready. We started drifting off to sleep then, ignoring the moaning and bed noise that was going on.

For some reason, we both woke up at 6:30, probably due to the fact that mother nature was calling us. E got up and I let her go first, and then I went and she started the coffee. We stood in the kitchen and started making out, and I was instantly hard. Carol felt it and said damn baby, I really could use that right now. I said let take a thermos of coffee and head out in the boat, and use the cabin, since we have never christened it yet. She said that’s a wonder full idea. So we made the coffee and grabbed some cups and headed down to the dock. Now I must admit, walking outside naked is a wonderful feeling, and when you are with a beautiful woman, it makes it even better. We got on the boat and I started it up, and went out. We cruised to this small alcove that looked pretty secluded and stopped there. There was no one out anyways, but why draw attention when you don’t have too. We went right below and laid down together. We started kissing and groping each other, like two lovers who haven’t seen each other in months. Carol looked at me and said this morning, I know we love one another, but I want raw sex, I need to be fucked by my man, and fucked hard. She then went down and started sucking my cock. God I love when she does that. Her mouth is like satin and she knows just how to do it. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and I told her I was going to cum, and she started sucking harder and pumping her mouth up and down my shaft, until I moaned out I was going to cum, and cum I did. I shot 4 good ropes into her hungry mouth and she swallowed every bit of it, then crawled up onto me and kissed me with her mouth full of cum. Her kisses were so passionate, her tongue was pushing the cum into my mouth, and moaning the whole time. I then rolled her on her back and started kissing down her body, paying close attention to her fabulous nipples. As I sucked them, she would say, yes baby, suck those nipples that you love. Then I started heading south, licking and kissing her belly, tonguing her belly button, then over her smooth mound to her waiting lips.

My tongue traced around her lips for a few moments then down to her ass, then back up teasing the slit, but staying away from her clit. She was moaning and saying, that’s it baby, eat that pussy, suck it good. I started fingering her, first with one finger, then two. Now this whole time, she was bucking against my face and fingers, yelling out, oh god yes baby, make me cum soon so you can fuck me good. I told her she was a wild animal and I loved it and how she tasted so fucking good. We like talking dirty, it make things more intense for us. I then found her g-spot and started rubbing on it, and then sucking her clit. She moaned out, oh you fucker, you are going to make me squirt, which was my intension, and a few moments later, she raised her ass off of the cushion and started cumming hard and squirting all over me. My face was drenched and I tried my hardest to catch it all. As she was coming down, I knelt between her and she spread her legs wide and told me to fuck her, and fuck her good and hard. As soon as I entered her, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in tight and we started fucking, like two animals, with no regards to be gentle about it. I swear I think she came the whole time we were fucking. She was constantly moaning, and her pussy muscles just seem to clamp down on my dick, like they do when she does cum. We didn’t last long at all and we both came hard again, with both of us moaning loudly, and if there were people out, near that area, they had to know what we were doing, but we didn’t care. As we came down from our orgasms, and then kissed, I asked what got into her. She said truthfully? I said yes please. She said it was combo of things. Us being nude all the time, seeing other naked people, her mom and Bill fucking last night and she said the way my sister looks at you, like she would love to ride that cock once. I laughed at that and said that isn’t going to happen, but it does make me feel good that I am found at least semi attractive. Carol said, oh babe, you are very handsome and I am so into you it hurts. I told her that there is no one else for me, than her. She told me about the times in college, when she would come home for weekends and her and Kim would sit up at nights and talk about boys and stuff. They even masturbated together on many occasions. I said no way, really? She said oh yeah, it just felt natural to them. She said one Christmas vacation time, their parents went to friends house, swinging friends, and we had what were then boyfriends, and the four of them played strip poker and fucked their boyfriends right on the living room floor together. And then Kim decided to lick my boyfriends cock after we finished. I asked Carol how that made her feel, she said, actually quite turned on. Kim’s boyfriend really didn’t like it, but too bad for him, he was a tool anyways, but had he not been, I would have done his, and chuckled. We kissed and she Carol said so watch out, Kim will try and do things to get a rise out of you. I said you want to head back? Carol said yes, because she is starving, and then kissed me and said I love you so much. I started kissing her again but she pushed me up and said later sailor, but thank you for all you do for me and this was exactly what I needed.
As we headed back, I told her there was tissue down in the cabin, so she could wipe up all the cum dripping from her. She asked why I didn’t clean her up, and I told her I wanted too, but we’d still be down there and probably going at it again. She laughed and said you are probably right. We weren’t running the boat hard at all, just a slow cruise back in, so we didn’t disturb the campground to much. We got back to the dock a bit before 9, and saw Kim sitting in one of the lounge chairs reading a book. Her knees were slightly bent up and her legs spread just enough so you could clearly see her pussy. As we approached, Carol said to Kim, real lady like in your sitting position sis, Kim gave us the finger and then looked at us. She giggled and said it looks like little Timmy got a workout this morning, which made me go red in the face. One other thing about being nude around people, it is hard to hide when you just had sex, since my dick was slightly red. Carol said, that he is hardly little my dear sister, then leaned down and whispered in her ear. Kim looked up at her and said your are such a bitch. As we headed inside, I asked Carol what she said. She said she told her besides the fucking, he made me squirt too. I said damn dear, there are no secrets between sisters I see. Carol just smiled and said no there isn’t, and I hope that isn’t a bother to you. I said no, I was cool with it. Kim then followed us in and Carol asked where their mom was. Kim said where do you think? It is why I am outside. Christ those two could go at it all day. I said there is nothing wrong with that. Kim said there is, when you aren’t getting any. I asked where all the pans and stuff were and was going to start breakfast for everyone. Kim and Carol went to the bedroom for a few and I started getting stuff prepared, I was standing at the sink cleaning some veggies, when two arms came around me, and started to hug me. I leaned back into her, assuming it was Carol. Then a hand went down to my cock, and started stroking it. I said, Hun, we better not even think of doing this now. I was starting to get stiff and I turned around, and there stood Kim with this evil grin on her face. She turned and looked at Carol and said, you are right, his isn’t little. I wanted to just crawl in a hole. I looked at Carol and hoped she didn’t want to kill me, and said, dear, really, I thought it was you. She giggled and said I told you so. I looked at Kim and said you little tease, I will get you back. She just laughed and said promises, promises.
Carol’s mom and Bill came out just before I had breakfast ready to go, and we all sat down and ate. They asked our plans and I told them I wanted to take the boat out in a few, if they were up to it. Susan begged off and said later this afternoon they would go. We all finished and Carol and I started doing the dishes, when her mom came up to us and said she hopes I wasn’t offended by her and Bill being noisy last night. I said it was cool, and Carol said no biggie mom. Susan giggled and said they got carried away. Carol said no problems and that me and her had our fun on the boat this morning. Susan laughed and said now that sounds like fun. I told her she and Bill are welcome to the boat later. She said no no, I was kidding. I said I was serious. She said she tell Bill later about it.

Carol, Kim, and I then went out on the lake. Carol and Kim went tubing and we had a great time. We started back in and i was standing up, driving the boat and I felt hands on me again. I turned around to make sure it was Carol this time, so since it was, I grabbed her ass. Kim said how come I didn’t do that to her before, and I said, because my hands were busy then, or I would have, since I thought it was Carol the last time. We got back in and ate a light lunch and found Bill and Susan just lounging. We asked them if they wanted to go out after we ate and they agreed. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon on the boat. Everyone went tubing, even me, with Bill driving the boat. The girls were also sunning most of the afternoon and drinking lots of wine. I regulated myself to two beers, and Bill was drinking a few too. We got back into shore around 7 that evening, and Bill and I grilled chicken for dinner. As we ate, Susan asked how I liked it there with them. I said I am having a great time, too bad we have to leave tomorrow. She said they usually come up for a full week in the summer, so maybe next year you two can plan that. Carol said that sounds good to her. I was thinking that Carol already see’s us being together for the long haul, which I was glad of. Kim just rolled her eyes and giggled. Carol said to Kim, well maybe you’ll have a man you want in your life and will bring him too. Kim laughed and said she wasn’t going to hold her breath.

Carol and I got a fire going in the fire pit and sat around with Kim, all of us drinking. Bill and Susan were heading over to some friends cabin, down the road from us. Susan said don’t wait up for them, that they’ll probably be real late. We all said goodnight to them and off they went. Kim laughed and said we know what they’ll be doing. Carol said that it sounds like fun, and then winked at me. I remembered back to us being with Pete and Karen and that fun we shared. Kim caught the wink and said, no way, you two even swing? Carol said that we have and told her bit and pieces. Kim was quiet, yet attentive to every word Carol told her. Then Kim said, fuck, how come I cant find a guy who is so trusting. Carol said they are out there, but that she got lucky in finding me. Kim said, I’d say, and do I have a clone hidden somewhere. I was feeling a buzz now, but the girls were definitely drunk. Kim said, let’s head down to the Ackerman’s, where her mom was and see what they are doing. Carol laughed and said we shouldn’t do that. Kim goes come on, it will be like when mom and dad used to have those parties and they thought we were in bed and we saw them screwing others. So we headed down the road and Kim went up to a window and looked in. she stayed there a minute then came back and told us to come see. When we looked in, Susan was riding some guy and Bill had the other lady on the couch just fucking her silly. Carol was holding me, and then her hand grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Kim said damn, mom looks like some porn queen, damn she is good. Carol said it looks like Bill is no slouch either, and Mr. Ackerman has a nice size cock too. I said you two are so bad and are corrupting me. Carol kissed me and said it feel like you are enjoying it. Kim looked down now and saw my hard cock, and said, wow, you really aren’t little are you. Carol said we better get back to the cabin before someone spots us spying over here. We almost ran back, laughing and giggling the whole way, and thankfully, my cock was going down.

We put out the fire and Kim went in to get another glass of wine for the girls. Carol kissed me and said something that floored me. She goes, do you love me? I said that’s a silly question, you know I do. Good, because I want to take you to bed, but i want you to eat my sister and make her squirt. She never has and I have teased her enough tonight, by telling her all this stuff. I said I cant do that, that’s your sister. She said big deal, just think of her like it is Karen. I said really? She said oh yes. I said she isn’t going to allow that, and Carol said don’t you worry baby, you may have two women tonight, and if she doesn’t want too, you are still going to fuck me, and that you can count on. Plus, my sister is so horny right now, she’d let my ex fuck her, if he was here, and she couldn’t stand him.

We went inside and found Kim sipping her wine, and handed Carol her glass. Carol took her by the hand and took her in the bedroom and closed the door. Who knows what she is telling her now. About five minutes later, and after some laughing in there, the door opened and Carol asked me in. When I got in there, I saw the drapes were closed and a couple candles lit, and the girls were laid out on the bed, but on the edge of the bed, with a space in the middle, between them. Carol said, come here baby, and lay down between us, but with your head down by our feet. Carol then told me to masturbate with them. My cock was almost hard when I got on the bed, but now it was at full staff.

Carol and Kim were sitting up against the headboard, their legs spread, and knees up so I could see both of their pussy’s, and their hand working all over them. I started stroking my cock slowly, with long strokes that I know Carol likes to watch. Kim was moaning, then said, damn this is so hot and Tim, you have a very nice cock. Carol said that we do this all the time and find it so enjoyable. Both girls were moaning a lot and Carol said that it reminded her of their days of masturbating together, and Kim said that she remembers those days too, and they were so fucking hot, then let out a loud moan, like she just came, but kept on going. I was getting close to cumming and told the girls. Carol moved and sat up, and took her hand and grabbed my cock, then lowered her head down and started licking it. My hand gave way to her ministrations, fuck it felt so good, and I told her so. I told her I wasn’t going to last long, and she motioned to Kim to come by her. Kim sat up then leaned over and started licking me too. I was thinking, holy shit, her sister is touching me. I looked at Carol and she just winked and went back to sucking. I was moaning real loud now, not caring if the girls mom came home or not, but why worry, they were down the road fucking too. Kim just released my cock from her hot mouth and Carol took it back in, and while she did, Kim played with my balls. I couldn’t hold off any more and told them I was about to cum, and let out a big stream into Carols mouth, then she lifted her head and Kim took some in hers too. Kim was finishing up whatever I was releasing and Carol came up and kissed me, using her tongue to push some of the cum into my mouth. Carol broke from the kiss, and told Kim to kiss me now, and without any hesitation, Kim kissed me deeply. After the kiss, Kim said, holy fuck, I have never done that with a guy before, then looked at us both and said you two are some kinky freaks. Carol laughed and said, who are you kidding, you enjoyed it too. Kim laughed and said, I never said I didn’t.

Kim looked at me and said, I want to see you make Carol squirt. I have heard about, but never have seen it, or had it done to me, so please make her squirt. Carol didn’t hesitate to lay back down and spread her legs for me. I got between her thighs, then leaned down and started sucking her nipples. Carol moaned out her approval, and after a short time I made my way down to Carol hot little slit. I took my time with what I was doing. Carol was rubbing her tits as I ate her. Kim was watching intently and was rubbing her clit. After some time, Carol was really getting into it, telling me to eat her cunt and make her cum soon. Then started begging me to suck her clit, and I stopped and blew on it, then drove my tongue in deep into her wet hole. Carol cried out, FUCK BABY, you are gonna make me cum real soon. Kim reached over and started rubbing on Carol’s nipples, playing with them. My tongue finally started licking Carol’s clit, then sucking it in. I put two fingers inside her as I did this and started rubbing her g-spot and worked that all around. I knew she was close now, because she was pushing her pussy into my face, and lifting her ass off the ground. As I sucked her clit, and fingered her, I slipped my other hand down to her ass and fingered her ass. That was all I needed and Carol screamed out, Oh Fuck Yessssssssssssss, and started squirting. Like that morning, she drenched my face, and chest, and her thighs, and the towels under us. I drank as much as I could, and felt her hands push me away from her. I lifted my face from her and Kim saw the cum dripping on my face, and she said, oh my fucking god, that was so totally hot to watch, and god I need to cum now after that. Carol was panting pretty hard, but told Kim to lay back and enjoy. Kim gave her a look like what do you mean. Carol said, sis just lay back and enjoy this. I moved over between Kim thighs and legs now, and she was a bit apprehensive, until Carol held her hand and said, you are going to love this.

I laid down and started licking her nipples, just like I did Carol’s, and her nipples weren’t as big as Carol’s but still very nice. She enjoyed when I lightly bit each one, then started kissing my way down to her snatch. Her pussy was bald too, and then I kissed her mound and then her lips, then started licking all around her lips, then down to her ass. She squirmed a bit there, but offered no resistance to my tongue licking her ass. I came back up again to her pussy and concentrated just on her slit, but have yet to penetrate those soaking wet lips. She was moaning a great deal. Carol was lying right next to her on her side, telling her how good it has to be feeling. Kim said, oh fuck yes, this man can eat pussy with the best of them. I knew it wasn’t going to take long, since Kim was long overdue for a good orgasm. She was running her hands through my hair as I started probing her hot little box with my tongue, making it act like a dick and fucking her. All I could hear was Oh, Oh, Oh Ohhhhhhh. Then I pulled away to let her calm just a bit, then assaulted her pussy again, which made her tighten up a bit. I then took one finger and inserted it, then another, and found her g-spot, which to me, seemed bigger than Carol’s. As I rubbed that, Kim yelled out that she was so close to exploding. I stopped for a second, which made her whine, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I started rubbing her spot harder now and my mouth took her clit in and began to flick my tongue over it. Kim kept saying, Oh Fuck Yes, over and over. I notice that Carol was now rubbing Kim’s tits and started licking her nipples, which was driving Kim to the brink. So I started sucking her clit harder now and she lost it. Kim raised her ass off the bed, clamped her legs hard around my head and started cumming. She said oh shit I am going to pee, but Carol told her let it loose, it’s cum, not pee, and she did. She squirted all over me and I licked and drank in her wonderful juices. She tasted a bit tangy, compared to Carol. All Kim could say was, Oh My God, over and over. After a minute, she started to relax. She sat up on her elbows and asked, did I make all of that? I said oh yeas you did, and it was great. She said that was a total first for her. She looked at Carol, leaned in and kissed her, and then the kiss became more passionate. To me I was way to horny to care that these two were sisters and they were kissing like two lost lovers.

Carol broke from the kiss and asked her how she felt. Kim said absolutely awesome. She said I need to teach men how to do that to their women. Carol said a woman taught me how to do that. Kim chuckled and said he must have paid attention in class then, oh wow. Carol crooked her finger to me, as to say get up here. I crawled between her legs, and she saw my massive hard on I had going on. She said good, you recovered, now fuck me. Without any further instructions, I buried my cock deep inside her. As we fucked, Kim said this is better than any porno she ever watched. Carol and I were both grunting and moaning. Kim was rubbing her pussy as we fucked and moaning too. Carol started talking dirty to me, telling me to fuck her hard with her cock, and doesn’t your pussy feel so good baby. Then it was strictly Fuck Me , Fuck Me, and then I started cumming again, and so did Carol right after I did. I then fell off to the other side of Carol, and we both lay panting real hard. Kim then surprised us both and laid between carols legs and started eating her. Carol’s eyes got real big and moaned out. Kim stopped and looked at her and said she has always wanted to do this with Carol, and now felt the time was right because she wanted to taste both of our cum. She resumed eating her and Carol asked Kim, are you bi too? And Kim said yes, and has been for a few years. Carol was stroking Kim’s hair as she ate her. I was getting hard again just watching this. Carol told me she loved me, then mouthed the words I couldn’t even think to believe. She told me to fuck Kim. I looked at her and said really? Carol said, please baby. I got up and walked to the end of the bed, and Kim’s ass was up in the air enough, so I could just slide it in. As soon as my cock head touched her pussy lips, she jerked up. She looked back at me, like what the hell are you doing, then looked at Carol. Carol said it is ok sis, enjoy him. I pushed it in real slow, and god was she tight. I heard her gasp and then moan out, oh fuck that feels so good. I started getting into a nice rhythm with her and we fucked for a good 10 minutes. Both girls came while I was doing this, and I knew it may take me some more time to cum after cumming twice already. Then I started fucking her harder, and Kim was quite receptive to it and told me to fuck her harder and faster. She was starting to meet my every thrust, and my cock was buried deep inside her. She was cumming again and I couldn’t hold out any longer, and told I was going to cum. She yelled out, don’t pull out, cum inside me. I did as I was told and shot a load deep inside her and we then both collapsed on the bed next to Carol.

We all had to use the bathroom after that. I went first, then Carol and Kim went out together. I sat there thinking of what just happened. Now that it was over, I had a feeling like, oh damn, we shouldn’t have done this. Alcohol makes you do some stupid stuff. I was over on the one side of the bed, and had already collected the towels and threw them into a corner of the room. The girls coma back in holding hands, which made me feel a little better, but still had some guilt from fucking her sister. Carol got in bed and loved next to me. I thought Kim was going to the other bed, but got on the bed with us. The girls laid on their sides and faced each other and held each other. I spooned with Carol and put my arm over her and my hand rested right on Kim’s hip. We only said goodnight to each other, and of course the I love you’s between Carol and I. Being the smart ass she is, Kim asked where her I love you is, so we both said it to her, and then drifted off to sleep.

I awoke at 7am, and got out of bed quietly, since the girls were still sleeping, still holding each other. I padded out of the room, with my swim trunks on, not sure why I did that, but being nude didn’t seem like a good idea. As I got in the hall, I noticed that Susan’s door was wide open, so they never came home last night, which in my mind, was a good thing. I didn’t even bother with making coffee, I just pee’d and then went out to the dock, and lit a smoke. All I could think about is how the girls were going to be around me now. I had a feeling that it was probably over between Carol and I, even though she was the one the instigated the whole thing last night. It was a cloudy morning, but still quite warm, but I just sat and wondered how this would all play out. I even thought about getting the boat out and just drive on home before they got up. Carol could catch a ride back with her mom and sister. But that wouldn’t do, then for sure, it would be over between us. Then I was brought out of my stupor, when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned and looked, and it was Carol, show had two cups of coffee. I looked at her and said morning and took the cup, and thanked her. She could sense something was wrong. Carol was naked and asked why I had shorts on. I told her I wasn’t sure, I just threw them on. She smiled and said what is bothering you? I said after last night, I didn’t know how you would react to me this morning, and it scared me.

Carol was sitting next to me on the dock, and wrapped her arms around me and said, look, what happened last night was great. I don’t regret anything that happened. Granted it was to make KImmy have a great orgasm, but the other part I am so fine with, because she now knows what I get all the time. I’d rather she experience you, then find some asshole in some bar, who could care less about her feelings and her needs. So please know that I love you with all my heart and I trust you and I trust her, and that is good enough for me. Then she said, look, I know my family lifestyle is a bit non conventional, but it is how I was raised, and the swinging part, well, that is just how we are. If you don’t want to be a part of my life and my family, I’ll truly understand. I looked at her and said, sweetie, the lifestyle is ok with me, I just thought you may have seconds thoughts about me and us. I love you, and I know people would say how can you two be in so much already, but sometimes, you just know you have the one person you cant live without, and baby, that is you. Carol kissed me and said I love you so much. And, if what happened last night ever presented itself again, I’d do it in a heartbeat, and I hope we can do it again with Kim. Then I can actually make love to two of the most important people in my life.

Carol then said that she spent a good half an hour talking with Kim, right after I left. She awoke and saw you were gone and thought you slept on the couch because you couldn’t handle what happened. But she also thinks you think she is some kind of slut now. So could you go up and make her feel better. I’ll sit down here and smoke a cig and drink my coffee. I said ok, but this could be a weird conversation. She said just be loving towards her and all will be fine.

I went in the house and found her sitting on the bed, smoking a cig as well. Carol had me remove my trunks, so Kim wouldn’t feel uncomfortable being naked around her now. As I entered the room, I shut the door and said, hey, can I have a drag? She chuckled and said sure. Her eyes were red from crying. I sat down next to her and asked what was wrong. She started to cry and say that what we did probably ruined it for me and Carol. I said oh hogwash. We knew what we were doing last night and nothing has changed between us, and I hope nothing has changed between you and I. She laughed and said, well I don’t plan on cutting your balls off, they are too nice. I told her if this ever presented itself again, Carol and I would love being with her like that. She looked at me and said really? I said oh yes. Carol thought it was so special in what you two shared, besides sharing me. She laughed and said it was fun alright, and my god, no one has ever eaten me like that. I asked, what type of guys do you date? She giggled and said, apparently self-centered assholes. She said most of the guys she has been with, may go down for a short bit, then want to fuck until they came, and then it is over. And you, cumming 3 times like that, damn, my sister is one lucky girl. Well, I said, I aim to please. She laughed and said you definitely do that. She leaned over then and kissed me, and then the kiss got passionate, and her hand went to my cock and stroked it. I broke away and said we better not start anything, unless Carol was here with us, and who knows when your mom will be back. She said, oh you are right, but I wouldn’t mind a repeat sometime of last night, but next time, fuck me face to face, because I love to kiss when I fuck. I told her it’s a deal.

We left the bedroom and she went outside to join her sister. I stayed back a few, one, so my cock would go down, and two, so they could talk. I joined them ten minutes later. They were hugging when I came out and looked at me, and Kim said, oh here comes the stud. Carol laughed, and said, that he is. Carol said let’s go eat, I am so hungry right now. It felt like everything was back to normal, as I walked behind these two lovely ladies, enjoying the view of their plump asses. After we ate, Susan and Bill showed up, and Carol fixed them something to eat too. They both looked kind of tired. Kim asked if they had a good time last night, and both looked at one another and said, oh it was ok, we just drank too much and slept over there, so we wouldn’t disturb you guys when we came home. I looked at Carol and she raised an eyebrow, but said, oh that’s cool. They asked us what we did last night, and we said not much, built a fire and sat around and talked, then the three of us went walking for a bit, leaving out exactly where.

We asked Susan and Bill if they wanted to go out on the boat one last time, but they said no. Susan said she wanted to get packed up, but said for us to go enjoy it. We did offer to stay and help, but she wouldn’t hear of it. As we walked down to the boat, Kim said, shit, it will only take 20 minutes to pack up. Who is she kidding, they are going fuck one last time. I laughed and said, well at least I know where you two get your sexuality from, for which they both slapped me on the arms. I said, hey, nothing wrong with that. You two have a hot looking mom who still enjoys sex, be grateful if you two are like that when you reach her age. Carol said oh don’t worry, I will be. Kim said she will be too, if she can find the right guy for the job. I said, it ain’t a job kiddo, it is an adventure.
We tooled around the lake slowly and I had let Kim take the controls, so Carol and I could relax in the back. Kim spotted some young guy by the clubhouse and said damn, look at his package. Carol turned and looked and said oh my. He had to be at least 7 or 8 inches soft and just hanging there. Kim said damn, I wonder how big that gets, and wouldn’t mind finding out. Carol laughed and said it is too big, I want to enjoy it, not feel like I am getting ripped in two. Kim laughed and said true, but man, if he knows how to use that thing, he’d still be fun. Then Kim said, don’t worry Bro, yours is the perfect size and does feel awesome. Carol questioned her about Bro. Kim said look, you two are sickening in love and I know that within a year or two, old Timmy boy there, will be my brother in-law.

We got back to the cabin and I asked Kim if she would get the truck keys for me. I went and got the truck and put the trailer into the water and drove the boat up onto it and got it all secured. We headed back to the cabin and went in and got dressed. I laughed and told Carol, well there should be to much laundry to do. She said nope, never is, and laughed. She came up and put her arms around me and kissed me and asked if I had a good time. I said it was great and I would come again. She said good, because she likes the tradition and now she can share it with someone. She said, let’s do a week here next year, and I said, great with me. We started saying our good byes to everyone. I extended my hand to Bill and said I really hope to see you again real soon. He said, oh I think you will be, Susan and I are going to be married one day soon. Carol looked at her mom and Susan said Bill asked her yesterday, but we weren’t around to share in that. Both girls were delighted. I hugged Susan and congratulated her and as we hugged she kissed my cheek and whispered, maybe one day you’ll actually hug me when we are naked, that way I can feel a young buck hugging me again. I said maybe.
Carol nodded off after getting on the road and woke up about a half hour before we arrived back at the boat dock. She said she was tired, but didn’t understand why. Hmmmm, could be the wine and sex last night and up early today? She said, yeah, that could be it. We put the boat in the water and docked it, then took the truck to TJ’s and I got my car and then we drove to Carol’s.

It was only 6pm, but it felt like we’d been up for ages. As she unpacked, she came to me and asked if I would spend the night with her. I said sure babe, but just know I’ll be up early. She said that was fine, she just wants me with her tonight. We went over to my house so I could get clothes. Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up and said we just missed my uncles and their families. I was thinking, good, I didn’t need to subject Carol to them yet. They are all good people, but I am sure they’d raise an eyebrow or two because of our age difference. I gathered up clothes for tomorrow and mom said, don’t you two get tired of each other? Carol hugged her and said no, he is the best and I love him, so if I could, I’d be with him 24/7. Mom said, well I guess that just about sums it up. Mom looked at me and said you better take care of this one, she is special. I said, yes mom. We left, stopped and grabbed some take out, and went back to the apartment and ate. Then showered together, and went to bed and made love for about an hour. Life was so good.

As the weeks went on, I stayed more at her place, then at my mom’s. We had to eat 2 meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, as to not offend either parents. In January I told my parents I was going to ask Carol to marry me. Mom only asked if I was 100% sure, and I said yes. She said good, she is a good person and knows that Carol loves me. Over this time Carol and my mom became close, to a point that mom would stick up for Carol, before she would stick up for me, her own son. Mom asked if I picked a ring out and i said no and was hoping she would help with that. He said most definitely, no way do I want you to repeat what your brother did. He got some funky ring where you could hardly see the diamond. Carol has yet to meet him because he lives down south and doesn’t get up here much, with work and a small child.

I popped the question on Valentine’s Day. We went to this restaurant called the Top of the Town. It was on the top floor of one of the highest buildings downtown. She was quite impressed that I picked this place, knowing it wasn’t cheap. She had no idea what was to come. I was wearing a suit and she wore this very pretty blue dress that made her look so good. After our wine was served and the waiter took our order, I got down on one knee next to her, showed her the ring and asked her to marry me. Now I was scared shitless, she would say no. But the smile that came from her lips told me all I needed to know, and with tears running down her face she said yes. Most of the place applauded us and we kissed. She was on cloud nine and as we ate, she kept looking at the ring. She looked at me and said, see, I knew from the first night it would come to this, but please do not change how you are and love me every minute of the day. I told her never worry there, my loves grows stronger each and every minute.

We left the restaurant and she just had to go to her mom’s, which already knew about this night because I went over weeks ago and asked Susan and Kim for their blessing. Once we got in the house, Carol yelled out for them, and they came out of the kitchen, and Carol said look. Then all that girl excitement started, with hugging and kissing and crying. Kim smacked me on the ass and said, see Bro, I told you so, back on the boat. She was supposed to be on a date tonight, but said she was meeting him later because she wasn’t going to miss this. I guess he was cool about it and understood. Susan said he has that same look on him that I did when she first met me. She was dressed up pretty sexy too, so who knows, maybe she’ll get lucky tonight. Kim has joined us 6 times since that weekend at the cabin, and they were fun, with no guilt felt by any of us. Pete and Karen have also been with us a few occasions and have become very close friends. We went to my mom’s then afterwards and showed them and they were happy for us. Mom even cried a little, which she never does in public. She warned me to take care of her and never let her down. As we were leaving, I asked Carol if she wanted to go dancing and she said no. Take me home and make love to me all night. And that’s exactly what we did too, until like 4am. Nothing wild or anything, just soft, slow passionate love. She wanted to call Nancy, but those two haven’t talked to much in recent months. Dave and Nancy were to much into their lifestyle and didn’t have time for us, which was fine by me. 2 weeks later I moved in with Carol, which my mom thought we should wait until we married, but then realized she was going to lose that battle.
Carol and I married the next spring. It was a small wedding, just some family and close friends. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon. We eventually bought a house, out in the country, but not to far from family and work. We had many a great times over the years, and I have many stories to share. We never had children, due to a low sperm count from me. But we were ok with that. Kimmy did meet the man of her dreams and married him about a year after us. He definitely liked the cabin and is a nudist too, like all of us. He has a temper though at times, and that bothered me.

I lost my beautiful bride to cancer 8 years ago, when she was 60. My heart aches for her everyday still. I don’t date to much, because it just doesn’t feel right to me. We also lost her mom about 10 years ago too, when she was 75 or 76, to heart failure. She was such a good person and kept her looks too. Bill had died two years previous to Susan. I do know they stayed pretty active in the swing scene, even in their seventies. My parents also passed away a few years back and I never see my bother much.

About six years ago, Kim came over to the house and told me her husband Drew, asked for s divorce. He found some young thing and wanted her more. Now their kids are grown and on their own. Six months later she was divorced. I still remember that first time Drew came up to the cabin with Kim. It was bed time and the same arrangements, since it was two bedrooms, with them in one bed and us in the other. Susan and Bill were going at it and you could hear them. Drew was shocked by it, and Carol said, damn that sounds like a good idea and started getting me hard, so we started making love. Drew goes really? Kim said well are you going to lay there or stick that thing inside me and make me cum. Kim always had a way with words. After that, sex was natural around this family. Kim and I have remained close, and she is like me, not dating anyone. We do go out together, especially to family functions and things like that, and about a year after her divorce, we spent many a weekend making love, and still do to this day. She feels that since we have known each other this long, and have in the past, been together, there is no reason for us not to now. Before Carol died, she made me promise to always take care of Kim, no matter what. Life is too short, and she didn’t want me being alone, and if something ever happened to Drew, that I would be there for Kim and hopefully Kim will be there for you. We are there for each other, and when that need arises, we do take care of it, because we both know Carol is smiling down on us.

Maybe someday I can write about our many exploits after we married. And Pete and Karen are still good friends to me, and Kim too.

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