Trip to Lisbon

It was during one of my summer breaks when I had the opportunity to visit Lisbon with my parents. One of the slowest growing economy with super-duper attractive visiting places: museums, beaches, centuries old decorative tiled places, to name a few. My dad got us two rooms at Casa Maestro with one for me and one for my parents. The whole day we would spend visiting places only to return to our cozy pad to crash. And then there was Rodrigo. Smart, funny, and caring. He was a life saver for me cause he was the only person who knew how to fix the internet every time it went out or switched off or was not stable for me to facetime with Tisha, my BFF. All I had to do was get the message to Rodrigo, Casa Maestro’s owner’s son, and he would take care of it. Something else I found interesting was that I was able to find Rodrigo as soon as something went wrong with the net but no other guest seemed to get his service as fast as I could.

On the second night of our stay, as usual, I came out of the shower wearing my bathrobe and a towel wrapped around my head. I was facetiming Tisha when suddenly network dropped. Frustrated, I called the front desk and Rodrigo showed up. He showed up in 2 to 3 minutes at my door. I opened the door and started complaining about the net service. Explained to him how important it was for me to communicate with my BFF right that moment. I kept rambling only to stop when he held up his palm almost on my face trying to get me to shut up. He then in broken English said that I talked to fast for him to understand everything since he was not very good in English. However, he also mentioned that he will fix internet; that part he apparently understood well. He then asked me to wait in my room and wait for his return. I assumed he went back to his office to do whatever he needed to do with the router. Maybe to reset it. In any case, he came back after about 5 to 6 minutes. Asked me to try facetiming again and voila! It was working again. I was so happy, I gave him a hug after thanking him only to feel the excitement was not a one way street. He too was excited but that was showing more through a slight bump between his legs. I think he felt a bit embarrassed and quickly broke off the hug and left the room. Of course I rushed back to facetime Tisha on what I had just experienced.

The next evening, again we had the net problem. Again Rodrigo showed up. This time I was anxious to get the net fixed but a bit more to see Rodrigo. He was wearing the same shorts but with a different t-shirt. Once again he fixed the net and in the same way I gave him a thank you hug but only to hang on a little longer than the last time. He too seemed to wait for my hug so that he could pull me tighter towards him. Then he broke the hug and said “…you smell very good. You not use our shampoo. You use different.” I told him I use the usual over the counter Garnier full and plush shampoo. He then grabbed a lock of my hair and smelled it again and abruptly said “…no, it is not your shampoo. It must be your soap.” Once again I mentioned that I use the regular St. Ives Pink Lemon. Apparently, he never heard of any of these simple brands. He then stopped down a bit to smell my neck and for some reason I kinda sort of let him by stretching it out as much as I could for him to get a good whiff. He took a deep whiff and agreed that it was the smell of my body wash. But it was not until he paused for a second or two staring down at my bathrobe. I quickly realized he was trying to get a peek at my boobies. For a 15 year old, I was developing well. I took after my mom who wears 36C. I was nowhere close to her but I was 15 with 32C size already which meant ample for a teenager and Rodrigo noticed that quite well. With the little experience I already had from a few boyfriends in my life, it was not rocket science to figure out what Rodrigo’s eyes wanted to see more of. I giggled for no reason and asked “you have a girlfriend?” He nodded a no. I then asked “you don’t have one now or you never had one?” He said “no girlfriend because I no good. I mean, I don’t look good.” I was shocked to hear that. Here is a boy about 5’ 8” tall, well-tanned skin, not a body builder but with normal muscles, beautiful smile, strong hands for hugs, and he doesn’t look good? I told him he was wrong and that he looked great. He thanked me for the compliment and said “you American look beautiful. Your mãe [mother] look beautiful. But you look super beautiful. I like your olhos [eyes], your cabelo [hair] your pele [skin] with dots.” I knew he meant my freckled skin which was showing on my face and exposed chest area. I don’t know how a person can find that attractive. Oh well, I am not one to argue when getting a compliment. He then proceeded saying “…and I more like your peitos [boobs]. Very good size.” I should have been embarrassed and blushed but I didn’t. I liked the compliment. Inadvertently I kinda sorta pushed out my chest a wee bit more as soon as the compliment reached my ears which attracted his attention right away. He smiled as he noticed the move but tried not to stare. But I caught his eyes and he smiled again. I decided to get him a peek. I raised my hand and grabbed the sides of my robe near the chest and asked “would you like to see more?” and opened it up a bit more for him to get a sneak peek. His smile got bigger and his eyes got fixated on my chest. I then decided to play with him a bit but in exchange of things I wanted to see so I asked “… I will show you more if you show me yours.” Without further encouragement he quickly opened up the front buttons of his t-shirt. I couldn’t help but giggle saying “that’s not what I wanted to see although it looks like you have a nice chest.” He gave me a puzzled look and then followed my eyes which was checking out the slight bulge of his zipper area. He quickly realized what I wanted to see and had this huge smile on his face. He suddenly looked behind me probably to ensure the door was locked and then looked towards the balcony to check if the blinds were closed. They weren’t totally closed but I guess he felt secured. He then grabbed his shorts by the waist and pulled them down. He was wearing blue underwear which looked more like panties than anything else. I could tell his bulge grew a bit more since I first noticed. I took a deep breath and opened up the top of my robe for him to get full view of my boobies. One look and he commented “..peito grande [big boobs]!” He giggled and retorted what little Portuguese I could muster by saying “not muito [too] grande.” He just smiled and then reached for my right boob with his left hand. He gave it a little squeeze and exhaled satisfactorily. He then grabbed my left one with his right hand and now squeezed both of them a little. I wanted to tell him that he needs squeeze harder if he really wanted to feel me up. But I withheld my comment and instead decided to grab his bulging member over his underwear and give it a squeeze. He jolted a step back as if receiving a minor electric shock. I guess he did not expect that from me. He then smiled, came forward a step and then grabbed my left wrist and shoved my fingers inside his underwear. I was in for a shock! He was super hairy. It was almost like a forest in there. My tiny fingers still managed to weave their way down to find a solid piece of meat which was warm to the touch. I wanted to see it. With my other hand, I grabbed the side of his underwear and tried pulling it down. Rodrigo immediately tried to assist me and pulled his own underwear down in a flash.

“Wow!” I blurted out. Neither Tisha nor I had actually seen any circumcised penis before. This was a first for me. I immediately sat on my knees in front of him and lifted his penis to get a better view of the head. It was like Darth Vader’s helmet except for the part where it had one eye instead of two. I could see a little pre-cum on the tip of the hole. I looked up at his face inquisitively only to find him staring down at my boobs which was now in clear view in front of him. He smiled and asked “you like what you see?” I nodded a yes obviously and then to his surprise, I held his penis with my right hand and took the index finger of my left hand to wipe the pre-cum from the tip. I immediately put the finger in my mouth to taste it. It was no different than any other pre-cum I had tasted before in my life. Then using my past experiences, I started masterbating him. I know guys love it and specially that particular angle when they thing they can blast on our faces when they are ready. I don’t know what it is that turns guys on about blasting on faces or boobs. One of these days I will figure it out but today was not the day. I then added to his pleasure by softly groping his balls as I masterbated him. I kept a light squeezing motion on the balls while masterbating him with a firm grip on his penis. He seemed to be enjoying the service to the point where he bent his knees a little bit while holding his waist with his hands and jutting his dick more towards my face. I guess he figured out I know how to give a blowjob. Well, yeah! I am not new to this anymore. All guys love to get it and I love to give it and I think I do a pretty good job.

I increase the temp of my hand on the penis and squeeze the balls a bit harder. I hear Rodrigo breathing heavily which makes me happy to make the next classic move I have mastered over time. After about a minute or two, I bring on my specialty where I bring my mouth close enough to his penis and make an O to allow only the head to touch my lips while I jerk him off and fondle with his balls. I looked up to see his face cause I have always loved the expression of a guy going nuts at that stage when he desperately wants to cum but his balls are not 100% ready to shoot the load. It is always a Kodak moment for me to enjoy. My left hand now squeezing and playing with his balls can feel the build, the churn of sperms. My right hand giving his penis the massage of its life can feel the twinge of the blood vessels all warm and filled and ready to fire. I look up once again and stay focused on his face to see the change in emotions. I wait for the right moment for him to open his eyes when I know he will not be able to hold back for anything in this world. And he does. His eyes open wide and only then I purposely open my mouth wide open and stick out my tongue while giving his balls the squeeze they need to shoot the jizz at maximum speed. I hold his penis aimed straight for my mouth under a firm grip and that’s it… he shoots a hot steady stream of sperms right into my mouth. I know what is going through his head right now … first, fill that mouth, second, get the girl to swallow it. That’s another guy thing. If the girl swallows it, she is awesome. And yes, I am awesome at that. I love it and I can swallow it. Heck I can gurgle with it if they want, I don’t care. I need them totally satisfied. Rodrigo was to be satisfied as far as I was concerned. I let him shoot load after load. Once I felt there was a pause of a second or two, that is my queue of gulping down what was already in my mouth to make space for the sucking I was gonna give him. In a flash I gulp down the entire load and stuff my mouth with his penis. I suck it with sound. That I found was another profoundly entertaining way a guy gets satisfied. They want to hear things. They want to hear submission, they want to hear joy, they want to hear they have conquered! I want to be conquered by them right back. I left Rodrigo stay in my mouth for a few moments and then he pulled back. His facial expression was awesome. The change from good feeling to great feeling to completely satisfied feeling was priceless.

“Wow! You bom nisso [good at this]! No, no, you ótimo nisso [great at this]!” I didn’t know the exact meaning then but I kinda figured out.

Once more I gulped whatever left I was able to squeeze out of his penis, wiped the tiny drip from the corner of my mouth and stood up to face him. Rodrigo noticed my robe knot had completely opened from the action and now gave him an open door view to my body. He could see most of my boobs but his stare went right at my very clean shaved pussy lips. Without missing a moment, I told him “…agora é sua vez [now it’s your turn]!” He smiled, stooped a bit, wrapped his arms around my thighs to lift me up and carried me over to the bed.

What followed next was intense for me, details of which I had to share with Tisha. Rodrigo and I did not have sexual intercourse that night but I had the time of my life. Rodrigo followed every instruction and allowed me to guide his face and especially his tongue to parts of my body which was most thrilling for meand it did not stop with my clit. I had holes that needed protruding and he had a tongue that could work miracles. We were a good match. I knew that evening was the beginning of a fantastically memorable trip to Lisbon for me.

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