Office dream Part 1

I have gotta admit, during the time at work where no-one talks my mind does tend to wander. I find myself playing through all sorts of fantasies in my mind, most them sexual. One of the many thoughts that I have had has included her breasts, and staring at her secretly from a distance I have wondered what it would be like…
Her desk was just opposite mine and I'd get an unobstructed view of her beneath and above it. She’s not a beauty and she’s around my own age, she’s overweight and has enormous breasts and a huge backside which is usually covered with a trouser. When she bends over in the office displaying the outline of her knickers stretched tight across her ass and as this afternoon her knicker waistband rides up above the top of her trousers showing me a tantalising glimpse of deep black its all I can do to stop myself from tearing them off!
I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s come and leaned over my desk with her breasts swinging inside her top so I can get an eyeful of them; sometimes she stretches which almost ‘pops’ her breasts out of her top. Oh shit, I’m getting a hard on thinking about it. I’m sitting at my PC with my cock rearing up in my pants!
Usually I'd be trying to get my work done, but would invariably end up thinking about her crawling up underneath and taking down my pants for a mouthful of my cock or about running my hand up her thigh and between her legs fingering her wet lips.
Instead, she'd just sit quietly at her desk, working all afternoon. I was over at her desk this afternoon but she folded her arms over her chest when she noticed me looking at her breasts and her nipples started to harden. Not that it was cold in the office today! Today was obviously not going to go easy, not with this on my mind. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her body up and down whilst she rattled on about the heat, and how hot she was getting…
I was working late as usual and didn't notice that all other colleagues had already left for the weekend. She came over to my desk and stood behind me, allowing me to feel her soft breasts against my back. This sensation sent an immediate reaction to my cock, it was steadily hardening.
"What would you say if I told you that I wanted to masturbate for you, to give myself an orgasm while you watched?" She asked, her head turning slightly to me. "I want you to watch me," she told me. "Don't try to touch me or fuck me. Just watch me. Watch what I do." She told me to lean on the computer desk and she moved on to my chair. She began to rub her inner thighs all the way up the jeans that covered her. Slowly she pulled it down and stepped out of it. Her hands quickly found her large breasts and began to tweak the now hardening nipples. She began rubbing her left breast and moved her right hand to her crotch, massaging the delicate skin through her panties. "Yes, yes", I encouraged her and she just smiled and kept working herself. She continued to work her hand over her crotch, which was still covered by her panties. She massaged her pussy bulge and swayed her hips. Her hand sank slowly under the waste band of her panties and probed for her slit. "Do you like that? Watching me?" "Oh yes." My voice was a low growl. "Very much." "How about this?" Her hand slid down, to bury itself between her thighs. "Do you like watching me do this?" I could see her fingers probe around and then I saw the middle finger disappear into her pussy crease. She had a pussy covered in a brown carpet of hair. She sighed and moved her finger in and out of her sucking pussy. She was slipping her fingers deep into her wet pussy now, rubbing her little spot each time with her palm.I pushed myself back on to my heels and moaned softly. She could see I was rock hard. Eyes fixed on my face, she spread her legs a little further, so I could clearly see her fingers as they circled her nub, and then disappeared inside her, making her moan and close her eyes as she touched herself. Finally she shoved three fingers inside herself, leaving her thumb on her clitoris, rubbing and thrusting in uneven motions, riding her hand.
She reached behind her and pulled up a transparent rubber dildo. It was extremely flexible and had bulging veins all up and down the shaft, the end was a helmet shaped affair that swelled a little thicker than the shiny, transparent shaft. Up and down really slow, she slathered it through her pussy lips and soon the dildo was glistening with her fluids. "And how about this? Would you like watching me do this too?" My voice sounded hoarse when I said “Yes, yes, do yourself.” She put the head against her splayed lips and began slowly, steadily to push it inside her. Her ass began slowly moving. Forward a bit, then back. Forward again, and easing back. Pumping herself on the dildo, working it up into her. I could actually see it moving and twisting slightly as her muscles flexed and squeezed, tugged and sucked -mostly involuntarily- on it. With one hand she fucked herself with the dildo, slowly at first then picking up speed and rubbed her pussy with the other faster and faster. In no time she was in between moans and screams of delight. She opened her eyes to see what I was doing. I was strocking my cock and trying not to cum inside my shorts. I'd managed to be content with watching, but my cock was bursting to be let loose from the confines of my pants. “Cum, cum now” I heard myself groaning and she reacted by moaning loudly and shaking on my chair all through her orgasm.
I really could feel my cock straining and twitching inside my pants now, impatiently wanting to get out. By then I was so turned on and hot myself, with a flow of precum flowing from my hard meat, I was living my fantasy right then in my mind. "Take it out!" I whispered hoarsely, gesturing to my bulging pants. She slowly slid her hand up my thigh and teasingly around my bulge, she could feel my cock jerk as she felt it with her fingers. Again her hand slid up my leg and right to the straining member in my pants. I let out a moan as she gave it a strong squeeze. In a flash she was undoing my zip. I lifted my hips to let her pull the trousers down and off - and I felt her hook her fingers over the waistband of my shorts and lift them over the throbbing tip of my cock. She just exposed the tip, leaving me partly covered. I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. She lowered her mouth to my cock and her tongue licked away a drop of precum. She took the head into her mouth and I groaned as I saw the head being swallowed, but she quickly and toyfully let it pop out. It was obvious that she was teasing me, and I could feel the cum leaking from my erection in anticipation.
“I want it, oh god I need it.” I said breathlessly as her fingernail slowly and gently ran over the tip of my cock. She pulled my shorts further down and my cock popped out of the confines of my shorts. I could feel her breath now exiting her nose all along my foreskin and cock. She reached out and I almost screamed as she took hold of my throbbing cock with her hand, then she pulled the foreskin back and started licking softly, on the swollen head. I don't think I have ever seen myself so big or so hard before. She pulled the shorts down and off. Then she knelt on the floor in front of me, running her tongue round those sensitive areas, sliding her warm tongue where my foreskin had just been. Circling the big head, again and again, with her tongue. Just watching her warm tongue sliding across the swollen head and down the side, across the bottom and up the other side, again and again, was driving me wild and she knew it. She licked from my balls, all the way back up to the head and all at once, slipped her open mouth down over the end of it and sucked on it, causing it to slide in. As soon as she had the end of it in her mouth, I grabbed ahold of her head and held onto it, as she worked her warm soft lips, back and forth on it. Her tongue now curled around the head of my cock. Sucking on it, as it went in and out, in and out, in and out, slow at first but getting faster and faster as she frantically sucked my cock. Her lips were wrapped hard around my cock, her head bobbing as she slurped and sucked as I met every downward movement of her head with a thrust. She sucked harder her tongue rubbing against the tip of my cock probing the small opening that oozed precum into her eager mouth and forcing her tongue into the tiny hole. “Oh yes,” I moaned as my fingers combed her brown hair. “Suck it good.” My already hard cock was now standing as stiff as possible. Damn she was good, she had a way of sucking her cheeks in and licking the underside of my shaft. I rocked my cock at her face. Her big, pouty lips were quivering from my cock sexing her mouth, slowly she drew her mouth along me, caressing my balls with one hand as she tasted and licked, licking it and tasting it as much has she could, almost as if it were already and addiction. She was an immediate expert and I loved it. My office dream was coming true. Her mouth was warm and her tongue ran up my shaft as she pushed her head deep onto my aching cock. She sucked it, and rolled her tongue around it repeatedly
I began having little regard for the tenderness of her mouth, and began romping my ass in circles, and shoving my cock into her mouth! I took her head in my hands and whammed her hard right in the center of her mouth with my fucking strokes. I groaned and she continued to suck. Then she began to massage my balls and let her fingers walk up and down the line that ran from my balls to my anus, alternately pressing softly then slightly harder. She began to work it harder, one hand pumping up and down the length of my cock and the other massaging my balls between her fingers, blowing and sucking, at the same time. She sank her lips over my cockhead and sucked it deep into her mouth, taking it all the way down. Slowly she pulled her mouth back, right to the head then plunged her mouth down again. She did this repeatedly, getting faster each time. I could see tiny bubbles of spit forming at the corners of her mouth as she deep throated my cock. My cock and balls ached for release, and I struggled not to let go to soon, but I was fighting a losing battle. Dropping her left hand from my balls she pressed it against her own pussy, finding and working her clitoris faster and faster. The warmth that enclosed me, the delicious friction of her tongue on me, the firmness of her soft lips moving up and down on my shaft and the sight of her doing herself, made every nerve in my whole body sing.
My back arched as I felt myself getting close. “I’m so close, you should…” I couldn’t continue. Instead of pulling back, which I expected, she gripped me tightly and worked her tongue over me furiously. She slipped two of her fingers into her mouth along with my cock and then pressed and rubbed the wet, coated fingers against my anus. Then she slipped a spiked finger stimulator on her index finger. It was already glistening with a generous amount of lubricant. I groaned in anticipation, this was just too good. She rubbed it against my anus and with a litte wriggle she pushed it inside. She began to shove it in the same rhythm she was pumping and sucking my cock. That was the flame that lit the fuse. Roughly grabing the back of her head with both hands, I was now fucking her mouth really hard. She was sliding her hand on my shaft as she eagerly wanted to take my creamy load. I let out a loud moan as I thrusted my hips up, I pushed her head down and hold it there. My first shot hit the back of her throat and went down. I allowed her head to move up a little as another shot of cum filed her mouth, her swallowing every drop. She had drained me for now and pulled off my cock kissing it all over, not as hard as it was a second ago but still hard enough. She sat up with a little of my juice dripping out of the corner of her mouth.
I reached for her and pulled her up so she stood before me. Quickly I releaesd her breasts from her bra, rubbing and twisting one nipple while I sucked on the other one. That got heer moaning again.
Then I switched and sucked hard on her other nipple, she was rubbing herself against me and groaned “Yes, oh yes”. I turned her around so that I was behind her and started to finger her pussy from behind, my right hand massaging her clitoris in little circles and two fingers of my left hand slipping in and out of her wet folds. She leaned heavily against me and I could feel that her knees were buckling. All to soon I felt her muscles clamp around my fingers and I could feel her her second orgam massaging my fingers. She tried to turn but I keep her before me, still working her pussy. After a few moments she started moaning again and her whole body trembled. She reached behind her and started to stroke my cock with trembling fingers. I started to finger her breasts and twist her nippels with my right hand, my left still rhytmically shoving three fingers inside her, within a few minutes she started shaking all over and I could feel her third orgasm writhing around my fingers. After her inner muscels stoped contracting she went down on her keees, pointed to my chair and said “Your turm”.
I sat down on my chair and watched as she took my semi-hard cock and blew her hot breath over it, making me flinch. She put one hand at the base of my cock and lifted as she licked the underside of it. She came back around and swirled her tongue all over making my cock shine in the dim light. She brought her mouth to the front and put the head in her mouth. Her hot mouth made me groan with pleasure. She reached for the lower tip of my cock and began to suck my balls. I began throbbing and twitching when her tongue repeatedly hit my sack and my cock was experiencing something new. She sucked hard, taking in little, by little, by little. She wrapped both hands around the shaft of my cock and pumped him in and out of her mouth. She took one hand and rubbed my balls, gently at first and then with more force. I moaned and began to rock my hips, practically humping her mouth. She felt my body tense, and she knew I was going to cum again soon. She let some of me out of her mouth and kissed the head of my pulsing cock. She roamed her tongue over the head as if she was french kissing my cock. My body tightened. "Im going .. to cum." I said between deep breathes. I watched her as she opened her mouth wide and slid my hard cock down her throat and sucked hard one last time. I felt my balls tighten and my cock twitched against her tongue. At the moment I came I pulled away just as the jet of sticky cum shot straight over the top of her heaving breasts and into her face and hair and then I milked the rest of it out over her nipples and into her mouth. When my spasms eased and the remainder dribbled from my head she lapped it up as the sticky glob on her cleavage slid down between her breasts. My cock began to soften as she licked it clean. As I pulled my shorts and pants back up and closed my zip she stepped back into her jeans. She turned to me and said "If you tell absolutely no one about this we might even repeat it." The thought of doing this again jolted through me, turning me on and incredibly my cock grew hard again. She grinned when she saw my pants bulging and shoved me back into my chair. I almost didn't hear her saying "So what about right now!" because I was transfixed by her licking her lips in anticipation and undoing my zip

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