When I (Alice!) was twelve, I was in the sixth grade and had a friend named Annie I had known since I was first grade. She lived in the next block and we spent more time together than we did with anyone else.

We used to play jacks, tag, hide and go seek, dolls, and all the other things. We were also both readers and sometimes just sat together and read for hours. We would spend the night frequently at each other’s houses.

I was average size and she was average for her age, 11. She was in the 5th grade. Neither of us had boobs yet, but I was just noticing little bumps, more than used to be. I hadn’t started my periods either or gotten more than two long hairs over my slit. I did have a little hair under my arms now. My mom told me all about periods and sex and babies when I was eleven last year. She showed how everything worked and what it was called and even stuck her finger inside me so I could feel it and then had me do it myself. She showed me my clit and rubbed it and then had me do it. She had some pictures she showed me, as she said, just so I would know. It was pics of her and my dad, who died in a car accident 3 years ago, having sex and showing me his thing she called a dick, and prick, and schlong, and penis and cock, and weiner. She said guys use all of those names, also Peter and John. I asked her if I could see her what she told me was a pussy, vulva, and where she put her finger, vagina. She said it would only be fair. So she pulled off her jeans and panties lay down on my bed and spread her legs. She said take a good look, and ask anything you want. So I moved over where I could see real good, and asked her if it was OK if I could feel her pussy. She said I guess so.

So I spread her slit apart and looked at her clit. I asked if I could rub it, and she said oh all right. I started to rub it and and got bigger and felt harder, she was breathing different and I asked her why she was breathing so hard. She said because when you do that it feels really good. Didn’t it feel good when I showed you? I said yes it did. Then I put a finger inside her vagina, to feel what a woman felt like inside. I felt something hard all the way in like a little bump. I said what is that mom? She said that is the cervix it is the where the womb or uteris and vagina join. The sperm that a man shoots into you has to go through that to find the egg where it can join to make a baby like you were. I said thanks, mom, can I see how many fingers I can get inside, since you are so much bigger than me? She said OK, but if you don’t mind, keep rubbing my clit, it really feels good and don’t mind if I start yelling or moving around I will explain later.

I said OK and put two fingers, then three, then four, then my whole hand inside her. Wow I didn’t know it would fit. She said don’t take it out, and move it in and out slow then speed up when I tell you and don’t stop rubbing my clit. So I continued and pretty soon she was moaning and making strange noises and moving all over the place.

The she suddenly shrieked, arched her back and quit moving. She lay like that for a minute or two, then collapsed on to the bed with some really deep breaths. I said Mom, are you OK, what happened? She said Alice dear, you just gave me my first orgasm in 3 years, I love you honey, hope you didn’t mind me taking advantage of you to pleasure me. I said no Mom, I loved doing it and it was so nice to see you so happy. Then I said what is an organism mom? She said no, honey, it is orgasm, it means you have had the best feeling experience in sex that you can. It is also called cumming, and climax. Men can only do it once then they can’t again for a while. But women can sometimes do it over and over for a while. You are only 12 and haven’t started your period, but let me see if I can give you one. So strip down and lay on your back, I also want you to suck on my nipples while I do it, that should enhance your experience I think. Mom, like I did when I was a baby? Yes, dear, it feels really good. Here let me see if you can enjoy it yet. So she put her mouth down on my nipple and began tickling it with her tongue and sucking on me. It felt really good and I started to feel some feelings in my belly and then in my pussy too. I told her, hey Mom, that really feels nice. She said OK dear, and she felt my pussy saying well no surprise, it really got you wet.

So she straddled my body, but I couldn’t reach her tits so she moved back so I could. I took hold of one and put the nipple to my mouth. Then she started rubbing my clit and also pushing two fingers inside my vagina. I never felt anything so good. She started moving her fingers in and out and also around and around, then I felt a shock as she touched one place inside and my clit was exploding with feeling too.

I started to tingle all over and felt like my whole body was on fire. I was panting and making involuntary sounds, I started moving my hips faster and faster, then all of a sudden it was like fireworks and a whole body shock, and it kept on while she kept her hands working on me. I shrieked, and froze up, then collapsed. After I could speak again, I said, MOM, was that an orgasm? She said it sure was baby, and a very good one too, your very first one.

Now I want you to know this, it is fine for you to play with your parts as much as you want to but you can’t ever do it in public, OK? I said you mean I can make myself feel that good too? She said you sure can. Then she said I have a present for you, I got it last year but wanted to wait until the time was ready and now is the time.

She went to her dresser in her room and came back with something in her hand. She put it down on the bed and said this is a vibrator and also called a dildo. You use it inside you in place if a man. She showed me how to put the batteries in it and how to turn it on and regulate the speed. She said, Alice, do you want to try it now?

I told her yes I would like to, but would you do it and show me how? She said of course darling. She turned it on and ran it around my incipient breasts and nipples. I said hey that tickles but feels good. Then she said how about this now?

She put the tip against my clit and rubbed it. With the vibration and the rubbing I felt like I might orgasm again. She stopped and said now Alice, this is how you use it in your vagina, you can fuck yourself with it. You should do it at least 3 times a week, and all your body will benefit and your boobies will grow faster. I said thank you mommy I can hardly wait to get my real boobs. So she slowly pushed it into my little virgin hole.
She worked it all around and in and out, and it wasn’t long before I was screaming into another orgasm. After I recovered and she was just lightly moving it in and out, I said, Mom, that felt sooo good. She said OK dear, now I want to see you do it and make yourself cum, so I know you are OK with it. I also looked closely at your vaginal opening and what little hymen, remember what I told you about the maidenhead, you had, is never going to be problem, I think the vibrator has stretched and moved it aside enough.

Some girls have a thick one that goes all the way over the entry, but that’s not you, thankfully. Before they can get a man inside them, they have to have it surgically cut by a doctor. I said isn’t that painful, and she replied, not very much. Your dad got mine and it tore a little but the pain was only for a few minutes and not bad.

OK Alice go to it, now, make yourself cum hard, and here is my nipple to suck on too. I began to push the vibrator in and out my little pussy and she told me to not forget to rub my clit too. So I am rubbing my clit and fucking myself with the dildo, and feeling better and better, suddenly THERE IT IS! My back voluntarily arched and I froze just like she did while all I could feel in the whole world was just my pussy and clit. This went on forever, I thought, then it slowly dwindled and I fell back on the bed. She caressed my whole body with her loving hand, and kissed my lips saying what a sweet little woman I have.

Now I want to tell you some things. It is ok if you and your friend want to play like that,
I didn’t tell you about one thing, though. It’s called cunnilingus or eating pussy. Scoot down the bed a little. I did and she got over me with her knees about on each side of my head. She put her mouth down on my pussy and started licking me and sucking my clit and labia into her mouth. It felt so good. She lifted her head, and said, Alice, you do it to me, too. When two people do it together it is called the 69 position.

I put my tongue out and began to lick her pussy, sticking my tongue inside the folds and trying to find her vagina to stick my tongue in it. She really tasted strange, but I liked it, and she seemed to be dripping that good juice all over my face, I swallowed as much as I could, but I soon had to quit as I was just about to orgasm again and couldn’t do two things at once. Once again I exploded, and thought I felt something squirt out of me, afraid I had peed on my mom’s face, I asked her after if I really did pee on her?

She said now don’t worry, dear, some women squirt when they come, and maybe you are one that will most of the time. It isn’t pee, just more of that nice juice you make.

Now I want to caution you, you may do this with Annie all you two want to, but don’t take a chance on doing it at her house, I don’t know her mom well enough to know if she would accept that. I told her that Annie’s mom had never told her anything about sex, but I was planning to tell her soon, and I would love to show her what you showed me Mom.

My mom said, that’s a good girl Alice, you are a very caring friend and Annie is lucky to have you. I think she is very sweet girl and wouldn’t have minded having her for my own daughter.

Then she told me that I would probably want to have a boy fuck me before many years went by. She said that when that time came, it would be OK to do it here, and even have him sleep over, but before we did, she wanted to have a talk with both of us. She made me promise that I would not do it on my own, or let a boy get me to do it. She told me also that when I started dating boys, they would want to play with my tits and pussy and want me to suck on their dick and have them cum in my mouth. I asked her what it tasted like, she said it is a little different depending on what they have eaten. But it is fairly tasteless and very slippery. Again if you and a boy want to experiment just bring him over to our house, and I will let him know its OK and its safe here. I wouldn’t want some cop finding you fucking in his car.

I told her that she was the best mom a girl could ever have. I said what about Annie? Can she bring her boyfriends over here too? Right away she told me that of course she could.
But the three of us needed to have a little conference soon so Annie would know the score. She said for that we better wait until after you have taught her all you know and the two of you are comfortable having sex here with each other. And its ok to show her how to use your vibrator, I might even consider getting her one, but if she took it home and her mom found it both of us might be in trouble. By the way, be sure to wash it off good every time you use it. Oh I almost forgot, I did get you some condoms, a lot of people just call them rubbers, you can use one on the vibrator then you don’t have to wash it, just toss the condom. I said what are those Mom?

She said wait a minute and went back into her room and gave me a package of something. She took one little pack out and opened it, then she took the vibrator and unrolled it on the vibrator. She said this is the way you put on a boy’s dick too, then when he fucks you and cums it will keep you from getting pregnant. Mom, I can’t get pregnant, you said so, until I have my periods. Well, little girl, just cautioning you now, since when you are ready you must keep that in mind. Mom, don’t call me little girl, you said I am a woman now. OK she said, just a technicality. Until you have been fucked by a boy you are still a virgin and some people think not a real woman. Oh, I said, so that is what that means. She said yes it is.

Now you have had a really good sexual experience for your first time, and I forgot to tell you, when two girls do it like we did it is called lesbian sex, and when two guys do it it is called gay sex. But some people men or women like to have sex with both boys and girls, and we call those people bisexual. She said I had never heard of that but I heard some boys call others queer, fag, and gay. Mom said it is the same thing but you should never put anyone down for being what they are. They are just born that way and can’t help what they like. And it should be OK for anyone to be whatever way they want. Maybe some day, everyone can accept that. And the boys like to tease or torment other boys with those terms.

Now take the vibrator and roll the condom up off of it and then for practice put it back on again, while I make sure you do it ok. That’s it, now pull it down tight. Now put it back in your pussy for a minute and fuck yourself with it. I turned on the vibrator to high speed and did it for a few minutes and almost had another orgasm. She said I think that’s enough for one day. Let us get dressed and go out for dinner to celebrate your becoming a young lady. She said pick out what you like best to wear. So she got dressed and I went into my room and got my prettiest little dress she had bought me. It was a pale blue velvet. Then I put on the blue stone necklace she gave for my last birthday, and a ring she gave me. I brushed my hair and we were ready to go. She then asked me if I would like to take Annie with us, and maybe have her stay over tonight, as it was Friday night. I jumped at the chance and said I would love that Mom. She said OK, wait, I will call her mom and fix it for you. So she did. We went over to pick up Annie and she brought a little satchel with her extra clothes. Then Mom said, I have a surprise for you. I said what is it now? She said Annie is not going home until Sunday night. I gave Mom a huge hug and a kiss before we got back in the car to go eat.

We went to a real nice restaurant a little ways from home but not downtown. Annie and I talked in the car about what had happened at school last week and how nasty one of the boys had been to her. We went in and got our table, and Mom said we could have anything on the menu we wanted. I took the red snapper and Annie took a small steak.

After dinner, Mom asked if we wanted dessert. We both piped up loudly YES!
So I got a chocolate ice cream sundae and Annie got a banana split. Mom paid the bill and then we went home to my house. Annie got her satchel and brought it up to my room, and Mom said what do you girls want to do? I told her we would just go into my room and do stuff. She said OK, if you need anything or get hungry again let me know. Why don’t you take some sodas and chips up to your room to munch on? I said good idea Mom, so we did.

So after we got settled into my room with our drinks, two each! I told Annie that I really had some stuff to show her that she needed to know. She asked me, why do I need to know it? I told her that you said your mom didn’t tell you anything about sex, or periods.
Since I am your best friend for life, I have made it my job to tell you and show you what your mom must be afraid to do. She said to me, Oh Alice, you are so wonderful, I hope we can always be together. I said to her even if we get married and have kids I will still want to spend time with you.

She said there is a program on TV I want to watch and it will be on in a few minutes.
I told Annie, good! I will watch it with you. So we watched a silly cartoon about a bear and an airplane and air pirates. We both liked it. By then it was 10 o’clock. I said we ought to get ready for bed. She said why don’t we go into the bathroom and wash each other’s hair and then get a shower. I said you mean together, naked? She said, of course silly, haven’t we done it before? I giggled and said oh, I guess I forgot. Heehee I really didn’t.

So we each shed our clothes rapidly and went into the bathroom that is mine. It opens into my room. She said let me do yours first. So I agreed and put my head over the sink.
Then I said, wait a minute, its easier to do this in the shower anyway. So she turned on the water in the shower to get warm. It is really a tub with a shower, and it has glass sliding doors, or maybe they are plastic, I don’t know. When the water was right, we both got into the tub and closed the doors then turned the water into the shower. I had a flexible hose type you can move around. I found out it felt really good on my pussy.

She has long black shiny straight hair and blue eyes with skin that is slightly tan. I have long red hair, and am very fair. I have to stay out of the sun as much as I can, or I will burn. I did that once and believe me I don’t want to do it again. My eyes are green.

Her nipples are dark red and mine are light pink. Hers have a bigger dark circle around them than I do. Neither one of have any pussy hair to speak of, well yes, I do have TWO!

I have just started to get wider hips than my waist, but she is still straight up and down.
I have little titty bumps and she is still flat as a board. Funny thing though, her actual nipples stick out more than mine do.

So she started washing my hair, then rinsing it off. My turn she told me. So I washed her hair and then rinsed it. I said now you have to wash me. So she started with my face, then my neck, and then did my whole back. I told her not to miss all of my rear crack, so she spread it and washed the crack. Then I turned around and she washed my front, playing and tweaking my nipples. I told her that felt good, why don’t you try sucking on them?
So she sucked on in her mouth and it felt really good, then I told her to do the other one too. That felt better yet. I said OK, wash my front and legs. So she carefully ran the washcloth all over my belly and legs, and did my feet as I lifted them for her. I said you forgot something.

She said what, I thought I washed all of you. I said how about between my legs. She said Uh, oh yeah. Well I can’t wash you there if you don’t put them farther apart. I spread real wide and said to her, is this OK? She told me that was good enough, and started with the washrag washing both sides. I said hey, you haven’t done the middle.

She said like how? I said get your finger wet, but don’t get too much soap on it, then rub inside pulling me apart. She said like this, and began spreading my lips and rubbing her finger all over my clit. It really felt good but she didn’t know that, so I let her keep on cautioning her to not get any soap in my pee hole. Then I told her you still aren’t done.
She said what now? I said you have to get your fingers wet without soap and stick them inside me, she said in your butt? I said no dummy, in my pussy, she said I have been washing your pussy. I said get down there and look, as I spread myself wide apart.

Don’t you see a hole in front of my bhole? She said, yes, is it OK, it looks like it might hurt, its all red. I said no my sweet Alice, all girls have one, you too, and that is were babies come out, and something else goes in like your fingers will now. She said won’t it hurt? I said of course not silly, it will really feel good. So go ahead and stick a finger inside as far as you can, wiggle it around, then add another one, wiggle it around, then see if theree will fit in me. She got three inside it felt so good, I was afraid I would cum again if she kept it up, but I told her to see if all her fingers would go in. She could only get 4 in it sort of hurt when she tried them all.

So I told her that I would wash her now. I started with her face, neck and back. Then
I had her turn around. I really played around her bhole a little too, but she didn’t say anything. She just looked like she liked it. Next I surprised her by sucking hard on her left nipple.
She gasped OH, but didn’t stop me. Then I did her right nipple. She didn’t have any more, so started washing her top front and moved down to her belly and then did her legs skipping her pussy.

She said, Alice aren’t you going to wash my pussy like I did yours? I said of course, silly. Move your legs apart for me. So I soaped and rubbed her clit. It got pretty stiff and big while I was doing it and she was breathing harder than normal. I then moved down to her vagina and started fingering her. She had never had anything in it before. She said, Alice, what are doing to me, it feels good. I told her the same thing I had you do to me.
I kept it up and got three fingers inside her. It didn’t hurt her any, so I guess she didn’t have much of a barrier maidenhead. Anyway after I got through with her tonight she would never have to worry about that thing again.

When I finished, I said, well my sweet Annie, how did you like that? Didn’t it feel good? She said it really did I don’t know why it made me feel so funny and breathe so hard.

I said you will know shortly, but first lets dry each other off and blow dry our hair. I had two blow dryers so we did each others at the same time.

We decided to have our other drinks and the rest of the chips before anything else. I said hey don’t put on your gown, let’s sleep naked. She agreed and we got in bed and finished our snack.

I told her that now I wanted to tell her about sex and stuff. So I asked her to lay down on her back and spread her legs apart. I was sitting between them and I started rubbing her belly as I talked. I said Annie, my mom and I talked about everything today and she showed me some things too. I learned that sex feels really good, better than anything else.
I found out that the hole you saw and felt me pushing into you, is where boys stick their stickyout thing. She said what thing? She had never seen a naked boy or man. I said instead of a slit like us girls have, boys have this funny stuff between their legs.Mom showed me a picture, it was my dad. There is like a little sack of something that looks funny and wrinkled hanging down and then this sort of bendy pipe like thing with a bump on the end of it. I told her they call it lots of names. My mom said it is really a penis, but boys call it a prick, a dick, a peter, and some other names I don’t remember.

It doesn’t always stick out, but mom said when they see a naked girl or just tits they usually get it to stick out and it is really hard, like wood. Then they want to stick in your hole. Annie said, ewww, I bet it must hurt. I said, Annie, did it hurt when my fingers were inside you? She said, no, it felt real good. I told her mom said it always feels good, especially when he shoots some stuff out of it into you. She goes eeew. I said hey silly, that’s how babies are made. That is how WE were made by our parents. She asked me, really? I said for sure.

Mom said that when we get older we will want a boy to stick his thing inside our hole and fuck us. She said, you said a bad word. I said no that is what doing it is called. It’s called fucking. I was figuring out what I should tell her next. I really wanted to play with her like me and mom did, but she wasn’t ready for that yet.

I said Annie, you are eleven now, right? She said yes I won’t be twelve for another six months. I told her, here is what is going to happen to you. You have seen older girls, and how they have tits and nice small waists? She said yes, but I don’t look like that. I said it is something that takes time to do. When you are 12 or 13 or maybe even a year or two later, every month you are going to bleed from that hole. Oh yeah, it is called your vagina. At the end of it, is a little tight thing sort of like a bhole, and that is where the place babies grow is on the other side. They grow in your womb or uteris my mom said.
That bleeding is called your period. Haven’t you ever heard any older girls mention it?
She said I don’t know any older girls. Is that why my mom buys those things called tampons every month? I said yes, it is so you don’t bleed all over your clothes, you stick them inside and they absorb the blood.

Will it hurt when I bleed? I told her my mom said it doesn’t, and it only lasts a few days.
Like I said things will happen to your body, see my nipples, and how they are now sitting on little bumps? She said yes, but I’m still flat. I told her that by the time she is 14 she will have nice boobies and all the boys will want to see and touch them. Mom told me it feels really good to have them touched, like it did when I sucked on your nipples.

She said my mom told me to stay away from boys. I said for now that’s a good idea, but when we are older we can go out on dates. Now mom told me if you or me want to fuck a boy, we can bring them here and it will be safe. Alice, she screamed, I don’t want to fuck a boy. I said remember how it felt with my fingers? She said yeah, I said its better than that.

I told her now it was time to start learning how sex feels, even though we did some in the shower. She said, you mean that was sex? I told her it was, but we can do more. So I told her to just relax and enjoy everything I did to her. I had moved my hand to just over her pussy on her little bump over it, and was squeezing it. I then put my mouth right on her clit and began moving my tongue all around it with it sucked into my mouth. It got bigger and hard real fast. She also started breathing fast too. Then I put my hand inside her vagina and started moving it in and out and around in circles too. She was now really panting, and started moaning. I thought I wonder if I can make her cum for her first time.
So I started working on her faster and faster, she suddenly went AHHHHHHHHHHH, and arched her back way up, and stayed perfectly still making strange sounds for a minute or two, then she said stop it’s too much, I can’t stand any more, but Alice, that was so good. I told her Guess what? You just had your first orgasm. She of course said, what is that? And I told her just what you did. She said nothing ever felt so good before.

I said now Annie, you need to find out how to do it to me. Mom made me do that three times today. Besides an orgasm it is also called cumming. So I cummed three times already today. So you trade places with me and do exactly what I was doing to you.

She moved her naked 11 year old body down betwen my 12 year old legs which were widely spread, and hesitantly put her face near my pussy. I told her don’t be afraid go ahead, it will taste good. So she jumped right in and started to suck on my clit, I told her to put everything she could in her mouth and suck on it as well as move her tongue around.

I also had to tell her to stick her fingers in me. I said Annie, make your fingers move like I did for you. Well it only took me about 5 minutes and I was also screaming my head off.

A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, and mom said, I thought someone was hurt, I heard you in the living room. I answered mom, its ok, come on in. Annie turned bright red when mom walked in the door. Mom said I see you girls were having a good time.Weren’t you Annie? Annie blushed again and got redder and said, I,I,I,I,I,I guess so. You aren’t mad at us for doing this are you?

My mom answered Annie and said my darling girl, of course I am not mad at either of you. I am glad that Alice was willing to teach you so much, since your mom seems afraid to talk to you about this stuff. Alice told me that she was going to teach you about sex and periods and babies today. I think it is wonderful that you girls are so close to each other that she can do that for you since your mom won’t. You are old enough now to really need to know about things so you won’t be surprised when you start bleeding and wonder why. I want you to know that it is ok with me for you two to pleasure each other whenever you want to when you are over here. But I don’t think you should say anything to your mom about it.If she ever decides to talk with you about it, your best thing to do is just pretend you don’t know anything and its all new to you, and then ask her some normal questions.

Alice, honey, did you show her your vibrator yet? No mom I was going to do it now. She said OK Alice show her about the condoms too and explain why you need them with boys. I said, hey Annie, I got something really neat to show you. Mom gave it to me today. Mom, you want to stay and watch me show her? Mom said well only if it’s OK with Annie. Annie said you can stay I would like that. Sit on the bed by us.

So I got up and told Alice to lay back down like she was before. I went to my dresser and got out the dildo and vibrator. I sat down by her, mom on the other side, and showed her how to turn it on and how to put the batteries in. Then I got the same condom we used earlier and showed her how to put it on the dildo. Next I made her do it, so she would know how and how to put it on a boys dick. Annie asked mom if she could see the same pictures she showed me today. Mom said, that was all right and she went to get them.

While mom was gone I told her now I am going to make you cum again with the vibrator.
I moved it all around her wet little clit, which was soon sticking straight up and out, then I pushed into her little hole and started fucking her with it. She was soon on the way to orgasm heaven. Just then mom came back. When mom sat down Annie had another screaming orgasm. I took the vibrator out and stuck it in me. After she calmed back down, we all sat on the edge of the bed on each side of mom, and she showed us the pictures of dad with a hard long dick, and with a soft little dick, and then pictures of them fucking in several positions she named for us: missionary, reverse missionary, doggy style, cowboy, and reverse cowboy. She also showed us several positions on the sides of them with his big dick stuck inside her pussy. I still had the vibrator in me at top speed.

She said I will tell you both one other thing it’s on the last two pictures. We both said at the same time, what is that? She said well you girls call it a bhole I think. But you can have a penis inserted there too, and believe me it really feels good. You can use the vibrator for that but be sure you have a condom on it and use some lotion on the outside and on a finger you stick in first, so it goes in easy.

Then she showed us a picture of her on her hands and knees and her butt up in the air.
Dad had his dick sticking in her bhole. Then another picture she was on her back with her legs held up over her head and he also had his dick in her bhole. She again assured us that bhole fucking was very good, and we should try it on each other.

So I got into the doggy position and told mom to go ahead and fuck my bhole with the vibrator. She said OK, Annie watch. She reached between my legs and pulled the vibrator out. Then she turned it off. She put the condom on it, and then put lots of lotion on it. Next she put lots of it on her index finger and rubbed it around my bhole. THEN she stuck her finger inside me and wiggled it. It really felt good. She asked me if I was ready to get fucked. Annie snickered. I said right now do it mom. So she pushed the tip of vibrator in slowly with it turned off. It was a little tight but didn’t really hurt hardly at all. In a second or two it didn’t hurt at all, and she had about half of it in me. Then she turned it on, stuck her fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit and I had a big cum in less than seven minutes.

Annie yelled, NOW ME! Mom said OK if you are sure you want it. Annie said yes and I want you to do it to me. So mom pulled it out, threw away the condom put another one on it and lotioned it up then asked me to put lotion on my fingers and grease Annie up good. It felt good to rub Annie’s bhole and then to stick a finger in her. She was whimpering Alice thats good do more. Finally mom said, Annie, are you ready to get your butt fucked? Annie laughed and said, yes fuck me. I never heard her say fuck before.

Mom gave the same treatment to her she did to me, she slowly inserted it into her tight little bhole a little at a time just twisting it and pushing it in. When it was about half way inside Annie, mom told me to put my fingers in her pussy and rub her clit. Well I tell you, within a few minutes she was bucking like a horse in a rodeo and moaning her head off.
Then she exploded. It took her a whole five minutes to go back to breathing normally.

Mom said, you girls go clean up your pussies and bholes and go to bed now. So we went into the bathroom and had some fun cleaning each other up. We both had to pee too. I said lets watch each other pee. So she sat on the toilet and spread her legs real wide. She reached down and held her sides open. I could see where it was coming out. I never was sure of that place before. When she was done we traded places but I asked her to pull my sides apart. She did and watched me until I was done.

When we got back into the bed, I put my pussy over her mouth, and my mouth over her pussy and said let's sleep like this tonight. The light was still on and mom returned to see if we were ok. She was surprised I guess, she said OH, now you want some 69 too? Annie said what’s that. I told her it was what we were doing right now and told her to lick and suck me, and I started on her. Two or three more orgasms each and we had to give it up and go to sleep.

I am thinking, this is only Friday night. She can stay two more days, and we can fuck all day if we want to. I like fucking.

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