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I watched them through the open door of the bathroom, my bathroom. They were in the shower, Id found them here before. Steam filled the room, and through the fogged glass door of the shower I could only see their silhouettes, shadows of was taking place. My wife, Mary, was sitting on the small ledge inside, leaning forward, the blurry shape of her head intersecting with his crotch.

“Fuck ya mom, that’s so good! I’m totally gonna cum!”

My son, Ryan, placed the shape of his hand on the back of his mother’s head, urging her on. I faintly heard a pleasing moan from my wife. She never gave me head any more. My groin ached, I hated when it did that, getting aroused by what I was seeing, it was jealous of the attention my wife gave him. I adjusted myself and turned and quietly walked out. Heading down the hall I heard the sudden orgasmic groaning from my son as he filled his mother’s mouth with warm semen. I got back in my car and drove off.

I pulled into a near by grocery store parking lot and sat there. I began playing a sudoku app on my phone while listening to the radio. I had another hour and a half to wait, I’d left work early again, hoping to catch them. I don’t know why I did this to myself, ‘hoping to catch them’, I usually did, and all it accomplishes is making me feel bad. I’m not a cuckold, this wasn’t a fetish of mine. I just kept hoping that I was wrong, like one day I’d witness her rebuff him and come to me. Or that I’d catch them in the act and actually have the strength to confront them. But after this long, if I hadn’t done it yet, there was little chance that I’d suddenly grow a set of balls and do anything about it.

I first saw them together over a year ago, on valentines day of all times. I planned to come home early and surprise her. I quietly crept in the house with a bouquet of flowers and was immediately greeted by the sounds of sex. My wife having an affair was something I never thought possible, but once I heard her unmistakable voice calling out..

“God YES! Don’t stop sweetie, don’t stop fucking me!”

My heart sank. I was trembling with anger, already planning the divorce. I snuck through the house looking for them, following the smacking of flesh into the kitchen. Mary was on the table, laying on her back, dress pushed up past her waist, legs in the air, ankles resting on Ryan’s shoulders. He was standing at the end of the table, shirt off, pants around his ankles, his hands holding on to his mother’s hips while his thighs slapped violently against her buttocks.

The feeling of anger transformed into bewilderment. I didn’t know what to do so I slinked back out of the house, got in my car and just drove around. I finally returned at my expected time to find a home and family the way they should be. Ryan was on the couch watching TV, Mary was making dinner, the table she had just been screwed on was already set. I handed her the flowers and she kissed me on the cheek… shortly after I got there, my daughter Stacy came walking in from cheerleading practice, completing our picturesque family. I didn’t say a thing… My wife and I even made love that night, it was valentines day after all.

I spent weeks debating what I should do. This was an open and shut case for divorce, but a divorce meant family and friends asking questions that I was afraid to answer… So I stayed quiet, suffering in silence while I tried to figure this out, but this stalling meant that I was allowing my wife and son to continue their illicit sexual affair. Since that first discovery I’ve caught them in the act dozens of times, in all corners of the house, even in the back yard. I’ve endured hearing them utter the most disturbing things while in the throes of passion.

“Yes, Fuck your mommy!”

“Mom do you like your baby boy’s cock?”

“That’s it, hurry and cum before your father gets home.”

I blamed myself for my own misery. If I didn’t have the grit to stop it then I shouldn’t be complaining, or at least have the commonsense to abstain from seeing them, and avoid causing myself more grief. But I kept doing it, coming home early from work, making up errands to go do and then sneaking back.. I knew what they were doing, but for some reason I had to see it… but then seeing it only confirmed what I already knew! And all I accomplished was to feel even worse. A few months into this, things got unexpectedly more complicated.

It was a weekend, and Mary was at the salon with some girlfriends. I was outside working on the yard, something I actually liked doing. We had a large ranch style home with more than an acre of beautifully manicured grass.. thanks to yours truly. We had landscapers that minded the hedges and flower beds, but I took care of the grass, a chore that was made enjoyable by my high end ride on lawn mower. I completed the front yard, casually finishing off a couple beers in the process, and pulled the mower up to a large storage shed to refill it with gas. While I stood there I looked up and admired my work, it was an over cast summer day, warm but not hot, prefect for doing yard work. My eyes slid along the house and stopped at the sight of movement. I could see Ryan through a window, but that wasn’t his room, it was Stacy’s. Naturally I no longer trusted him and moved closer to investigate.

I made a wide arch through the yard to avoid detection, then snuck along the side of the house. I watched my footing as I approached the window, careful not to make any noise. The curtains were partly closed but it was enough for me to peer inside. Ryan was kneeling on the edge of Stacy’s bed with his back partially towards me. His shorts were pulled down to his knees, revealing his bare ass. His shirt was pulled up in the front, holding it there with his chin pining it to his chest. He had his sister on the bed, positioned on all fours. Her head was down on the mattress with her face turned away from me. She was wearing a tank top that had slid down her body and was bunched up around her neck revealing her exceptionally heavy tits swaying underneath her (a blessing from her mother). Her shorts were also pulled down to her knees, with her ass lifted up to meet her brother’s pounding. From my angle I could only see it each time he pulled back, but it was tight and round, the thing you’d expect to find underneath a cheerleader’s skirt. He was screwing her hard and fast, clearly trying to finish before I or his mother walked in on them. He started to cum, Lifting his head up with his eyes squeezed shut and his teeth clenched. I watched through his final jerking thrusts, and then as his body shook when he blew his load inside her. ‘Thank God she’s on birth control’ I thought to myself as I turned and walked back to finish my yard.

I began catching Ryan having sex with Stacy with almost the same regularity as I did with Mary. They had different means than he did with his mother. He was alone with my wife every weekday from the time he got home till the time I did. But with my daughter it was purely a game of opportunity.

Sometimes they made those opportunities, like him offering to give her a ride to her friend’s house… it sounded innocent, but I now knew nothing about their relationship was innocent anymore.. So one time I made up an excuse to go out, I said I needed to run back to the office because I forgot something. I pulled into a neighbors driveway a block away and then waited for his car to go by. I followed them a couple blocks till he pulled into the parking lot of a bank that was closed for the night. I parked across the street and watched as they climbed into his backseat and began undressing. Then I drove off, I didn’t need to see this again..

Other times they took the opportunities they were given.. Such as, the master bedroom being on the opposite end of the house as theirs. Numerous times I’d get up in the middle of the night, while my wife was asleep, and tiptoe across the house to hear muffled squealing and heavy breathing coming from one of their rooms.

I have no idea how long they’d been doing this before I found out about it.. either of them, Ryan with his mother, or with his sister. And I have no idea how it started.. But to the best of my knowledge, Mary had no idea that Ryan was screwing her daughter, and Stacy had no idea that he was banging her mom.. Each thought that they were his one secret…

Honestly I admired him… I mean I don’t even know how he was able to have sex with the giant set of brass balls he was carrying around! It made me want to know how he got them into bed.. It would take some serious convincing to make someone commit incest! And he did it twice! Sure I saw the appeal he had. He was handsome and muscular, a three sport varsity athlete. He was always funny and charismatic… but my wife and daughter weren’t some insecure little wallflowers that would do whatever someone told them.

Mary was a stay at home mother, but that’s only because I had a job that afforded her that option. She had multiple degrees and was the smartest woman I knew. We met in college when I was still young and ambitious. People often say that she’s a trophy wife, because she looks exactly like any porn star playing a MILF where she’s banging her son’s best friends. She turned the heads of every Tom, Dick and Harry who walked by, if she wanted to cheat on me she could have any guy she wanted, but she CHOOSES to risk her family to have an affair with her own son?! It made no sense.

Stacy has had her mother’s good looks her whole life, which has made her one of the popular girls since the day she started school. We’ve been fortunate that she’s also maintained good judgement, avoiding drugs and alcohol.. And while she hasn’t always had the best taste in boyfriends, she has had the good sense to not keep them around too long. Her popularity has influenced her life for the good too. She’s in several extracurricular activities, such as cheerleading, that has kept her out of trouble. So why would a girl who every one adores and has every guy at school drooling over her, also CHOSE to risk everything to have sex with her brother?!

These risks were the biggest reasons I held back on outing their incestuous relationships. A divorce could mean revealing the truth, and the truth could permanently damage my kids lives, and negatively impact any healthy relationships that they may have in the future. My son probably saw these two beautiful women around him every day and thought ‘I should hit that’, an ignorant idea that comes to guys who always get what they want. Which he was! Always got the girls in school, always won the games.. This has given him the biggest head in the world and an enormous amount of confidence… so much so, that he had the confidence to sexually pursue both his own mother and sister.

I was the opposite of Ryan. I was handsome for my age, a happily married father of two with a great job. But I didn’t even have the confidence to say ‘stop’ when I saw him with Mary! I was polite to a fault, a human doormat, I was ALLOWING my wife to not only have an affair, but for it to be with our own son! All because I was afraid of what might happen if I owned up to what they were doing. I wanted to say something.. I wanted to do something.. but I’ve literally walked out of the house to give them privacy, because my wife would rather screw her son! So what exactly did I think I was going to do now if I’ve been allowing that for a year?!

So.. I ignored it. A few months later Ryan moved cross country. It was one of those situations where you think ‘the problem will work itself out’. While I wouldn’t call this resolved, I would say that things improved. Mary was always a loving and supportive wife, but after Ryan left she became a much better lover too… actually I take that back, she was a very selfish lover, but at least I was getting more than I used to. In bed, she would freely look over and ask me to go down on her, which I would, eagerly. After she’d had her fill having me lick her to orgasm, I’d ask for the same thing, and suddenly she’d ‘have a headache’. She’d roll over and tell me I could have sex with her if I wanted, but I needed to be quick cuz she was tired. It killed me that our love making was so vanilla, when I knew she had a kinkier side that was reserved for our son. But at least I no longer came home to her getting fucked by him any more.

I encouraged Ryan to stay away from the house, spend the holidays with his friends, I even gave him extra money to take trips, anything to keep his cock away from his mother and sister. It was money well spent to preserve my sanity.

Really the only new development that bothered me was Stacy’s new boyfriend. His name was Enrique or Ethan or some shit, I might know it if he ever had the decency to come inside and introduce himself. He was a pompous ass, a cool guy with a nice car. I knew the only reason she was with him was due to the lack of dick she was getting at home now.. ‘if it’s dick you need sweetheart, daddy can give it to you’ I thought to myself, smirking. That wasn’t like me and I didn’t like that I was having those thoughts. But more than once I watched through the curtains as he pulled up in the drive way to drop her off, way past curfew, and instead of her rushing inside to avoid getting into trouble, I had to watch as that dipshit reached over and put his hand on the back of her head and guide her down to his lap. I could see the top of her head bobbing up and down, in and out of sight. I had to watch the pleasure on his face, and see the instant I knew he was cumming. I reminded her of curfew every night, but every time he dropped her off it was something. Sitting in the car making out, pulling her shirt up so he could suck her tits. I watched her climb on his lap in the driver’s seat, pushing against the roof of the car, shaking it, while she rode his cock. I told her over and over to be home on time, and she just rolled her eyes, I never had the personality for coming down on her and being a tough parent.. She knew that and disregarded by rules.

Then, the next summer, Ryan finally came home. It was only going to be for a couple months, but I was dreading it. Sure I welcomed him home, he was my son after all, I loved and missed him, and was eager to catch up. But I was filled with anxiety over the fear of catching him with my wife again. I went back to sneaking home early, and to my amazement, there was nothing. Mary would be there, and Ryan would either be out with friends or just lounging around. I was relieved, perhaps it was just a phase that ran its course.. I didn’t bother to check on him and Stacy, it was no worse than her current boyfriend, so I let it go. For now I was pleased that my wife was now mine again.

One weekend I went out to play golf with some buddies, but it was a particularly windy day, and we called it quits after the first 2 holes. Driving home, it was still morning, and I was disappointed with how my day off was shaping up. Ryan had been home over a month now, and even with several attempts to try and catch him and his mother in the act, I’d found no reason to continue to be suspicious. But, I found myself with a unique opportunity. It was a weekend and I was expected to be out all day, so coming back home less than 2 hours later would be quite unexpected. I didn’t suspect I’d walk in on anything but I figured I’d give it a try. I opened the front door slowly, stepping silently inside and listening.. There was no noise whatsoever. I was relieved. I walked into the kitchen, and then the living room, no one was around. I checked the kids rooms, and nothing. My relief began to fade into skepticism again.

I made my way over to the master bedroom, it was still quiet until I approached the half open door. A soft ‘mmmm’ sound, followed by a whispered ‘yes’. I peeked through the opening and saw a familiar sight. My son stood with his back to me, bare assed and shirtless. His beautiful mother knelt in front of him wearing just a thong. Her hands held his thighs for support while her head disappeared and reappeared with each bowing motion. My son’s hands were on his hips while he gazed down at his mother, watching her silently. He wasn’t near cumming yet, they must’ve just started.. It also seemed odd that they were both completely naked just for a blowjob, this was just a precursor to sex.. I’ve seen this all before, but suddenly I realized just how angry I was. It infuriated me that I’ve watched my son blowing his load down his mom’s throat at least weekly for over a year, while she on the other hand hasn’t sucked MY dick in 15 years! Now even after his absence, the desire or even obligation she felt towards pleasing HIM over me ME was maddening! This was my breaking point.

“Excuse me.” I said in a calm yet assertive tone, being careful not to raise my voice.

My son’s head whipped around, and my wife’s eyes shot open, his cock still in her mouth.. Her head jerked back popping it out. They both had looks of pure terror on their faces.. It secretly gave me joy. I stood in the doorway, buck naked, my dick hanging semi hard. I hadn’t planned beyond this point, so I stayed there, keeping a stern expression, buying myself time.

“Ryan, get the hell out of here.” I finally said, My wife began to stand up. “Get back on your goddamn knees! I’m not done with you!” My tone startled both of them. She jumped a little, then fell back to her knees subserviently. “Your mother isn’t yours, she’s mine. If your dick goes near her again I’ll rip it off.” He began walking slowly towards the door behind me “did you fucking hear me!?!” He stopped in his tracks, his head hung low.

“Yes sir.” He mumbled.


“YES SIR!” He replied respectfully.

I walked past where he stood, and stopped in front of his mother. I put my hand under her chin and tilted it up to make her look at me. I smiled at her… she looked scared for her life. My dick was now rock hard.

“And no more fucking your sister either.” I said, still looking at my wife’s face. Her eyes widened, realizing what I’d said. Clearly she had no idea. “She belongs to me too.” I continued.. “Now go.” He hurried to the door. “Oh wait” I heard his feet stop, “One more thing”.. I placed a hand on the back of Mary’s head, and turned to look at him. “Stacy is staying at a friend’s house tonight, so why don’t you make yourself scarce”, I pulled hear face towards my cock, still looking at my son. I felt the tip touch her lips, and I pressed harder. She opened them and let me slide into her mouth. I saw his eyes look at her, then down to the ground. “Your mother and I could use some alone time.” And with that I turned back towards her.

“Yes sir.” And he disappeared

My wife sat there, her lips wrapped around my shaft. Her head barely moving, she trembled with fear. I grabbed her hair and pulled back, she winced in pain. I slid my dick out and she looked up me.

“Do it better.” I said firmly. And released her hair. “Here’s your chance.”

She just kept looking at me, afraid to break eye contact. But then it was like a light bulb went off inside her, she looked back at my penis. Here was her chance to save herself. Even if she had no fear of me physically hurting her, this was a chance to save her family, her reputation, and her marriage. Sucking my cock was a chance at redemption. She seemed to know the stakes and needed no more convincing. She grabbed my ass cheek with one hand and the base of my prick with the other. Then she looked up at me, the fear was gone, it was replaced with determination. She looked me straight in the eyes and slowly licked her lips. She leaned forward, still looking at me, and began suckling on my swollen cock head like a lollipop. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen her do.. She had such confidence. Her hand started stroking me steadily, while her mouth worked solely on the head. I put my hands on my hips and looked down at her like her son had done. That was one of the fastest orgasms I’ve ever had.

I had her gagging on my meat several more times that day.. I simply said to do it and she did. She was very cautious around me, but I was civil with her, never once bringing up Ryan or her infidelity. That evening while we were eating I told her that I was going to Fuck her after dinner, so to be ready for me in the bedroom. When we were done, she quickly cleared the table and disappeared. I leisurely my way to our room after finishing some work in my office.. It wasn’t necessary work, but it was good to make her wait. When I walked in she was sitting up in bed wearing very expensive black lingerie, waiting for me. The lights were turned off but the room was lit by a dozen candles. She looked absolutely amazing.. But she still needed to be taught a lesson.

“I said be ready for me, I didn’t say to put that crap on. Take it off and turn around.” I said, barely looking at her as I walked into the bathroom. I felt sort of bad, I know she was trying to be sexy for me, but it was important to put her down and make her realize that she was being punished. I walked back into the room stroking myself. She was on her hands and knees, her feet hanging off the end. She was naked with her snatch pointed up, offering it to me.

“Is this better?” She asked. I stood behind her and grabbed her hips, my prick was is a prefect position.

“Yes dear.” I said calmly, sliding into her. “And call me daddy.”

“OK… daddy.” She gulped and tried to sound happy. I screwed her like that for several minutes, it was nice, but then she spoke, “Oh God daddy, I think I’m going to cum!”. I immediately pulled out of her and pushed her forward.

“Lay on your stomach.” I ordered. You could see she looked confused, wondering what she did wrong. But she laid face down on the bed and I climbed on top of her. My dick was still wet with her juice, and it slipped along her thighs as I got positioned. I put one hand on her back, in between her shoulder blades, she squirmed a bit, and I pressed down. I lowered my mouth down to the side of her head and whispered in her ear, “I don’t care if you cum tonight.” I pressed the tip of my tool up to her asshole. Quickly she began to protest, but I shoved it in full force. Burying myself to the hilt in one stroke. She cried out in pain, but never resisted, Letting me have my way. I pounded her in the ass for nearly an hour. I’d blown my load 5 times that day, so I was able to take my time. She laid there sobbing while I enjoyed myself, I said things like “God that’s nice baby!” acting as if I couldn’t hear her. When I was finished I simply rolled off and said “Good night” then went to sleep.

My wife and I woke up about the same time. Starting to shift and stretch in bed. She sat up without looking at me and began getting up.

“Hey honey?” I said, trying to be sweet.

“Ya?” She asked, sounding irritated.. Possibly still sore from last night.

“Why don’t you take care of this for me?” I motioned towards the tent hovering above my crotch. Morning wood has always been an issue for me, and I haven’t gotten Mary to ‘take care of it’ since we were in college.

She paused, her expression clearly showed that she was not interested in doing this, even more so because she was mad at me. But I stared at her, trying to look loving and innocent, but still showing her that she really didn’t have a choice. She finally conceded, and climbed back into bed. She crawled over to my side and lifted up the blankets, and ducked underneath. A second later the sheets were making a pleasing up and down motion on my lap. I reached for the remote and turned on the TV. ‘This is nice’ I thought.

After she was done I offered to go make her breakfast in bed. She was taken aback by the gesture, but I assured her that I loved her and wanted to do something nice. That whole day I continued to assert my dominance over her, but it a nicer way. I walked in on her cleaning the floor, on her hands and knees in a dress.. An opportunity I couldn’t resist. I got behind her and stuck my dick in.. I didn’t ask, I just did it, she was mine and I could do it if I wanted… but there was something surprising, fun and almost cute about it. We both came, and when some of my spunk got on the floor we made a joke about how she ‘missed a spot’ , we laughed. I had my way with her multiple times, but she seemed eager to do what I said, even playful calling me ‘daddy’, we had reached a turning point.

Ryan stayed away from the house, but Stacy came home from her sleepover completely unaware of what had transpired the day before. She went about her day, and after dinner when Mary and I sat on the couch to watch TV, she came out to inform us she had a date in a what is best referred to as ‘inappropriate’ attire. It was essentially the type of school girl outfit they wear in porn. A tight fitting top, with a short plaid skirt and knee high socks… Maybe not quite as small and slutty as you’d see on a porn star, but still not what you’d want to see on your daughter.

“Hey Stacy?” I said as she walked towards the door. “I really don’t like that outfit, I’d feel a lot better if you put on something else.” I gave her that ‘please?’ smile.

“What? Don’t be ridiculous! These are completely normal clothes!” She said and turned away, disregarding my request.

“Stop!” I bellowed. She jumped, having never heard me raise my voice before, and turned back to me. I was as already standing. “I asked you nicely, I ALWAYS ask you nicely, but now you’re going to listen” I started walking towards her, she stood there unsure what was going on… “You’re going to listen when I say to change your clothes.. You’re going to listen when I say to take off your clothes.. You’ll listen when I say to be home by 10pm.. That doesn’t mean suck your boyfriend’s little prick until 10:30! That means you’re in the door by 10pm! If you get inside and realize you need to suck a dick you come see me! Not your brother, ME! Got it?!” Her eyes were the size of saucers. “Got it?!”

“Y.. Y.. Yes sir.”

“Please, call me daddy.” I said. “That’s another thing, You’re going to stop fucking your bother!” Her eyes darted to her mother, who was still sitting on the couch, she was terrified, she couldn’t believe I knew.. “If you want to Fuck some one you come to me, not him, ME, you’re mine!.. Now turn around.” She looked at me like she didn’t understand what I was asking. “I said turn around! Face the door!” She snapped to and turned around. “Put your hands on the door.” She did as she was told.

While unzipping my pants I put a hand on her back and gently pushed forward, bending her over. Then I reached up her skirt, grabbed each side of her panties and tugged them down. I pulled out my throbbing erection, and then took her by her thin waist. She was short, so I bent my knees until I felt my cock make contact with its target. She gasped, but she was also wet.. My hips moved forward, pushing myself in… I hesitated.. my dick was actually inside my daughter. I suddenly felt very aware that my wife was still behind me. I glanced back at her, still sitting on the sofa, head turned away.

“Mary.” I said, she looked.. “You watch.” I commanded, and then began fucking our daughter, maintaining eye contact with my wife.

My attention eventually turned back towards Stacy. I was pounding her, feeling her tight young ass cheeks bouncing off of me. I lasted just long enough to make her orgasm. She growled more than moaned, throwing her head around, her finger nails clawed at the wooden door… like she was possessed. I filled her with my cum, something I knew she didn’t have a problem with having watched her brother do it to her numerous times before. When my loins were spent I stepped back, semen dripping from both she and I. She stayed in that position, like a good girl, until I spoke.

“Turn around.” I said, and she did. “From now on, you’re mine, not your brother’s, got it?” She nodded. “And from now on you’re going to listen to me and do what I say. If I say bend over, you bend over, if I say suck, you start sucking.. And if I say change your outfit you do it, understand?” She nodded again. “Now go get changed, Eric, or whatever the Fuck his name is, is waiting.” I watched her run off to her room.

I decided not to forbid her from screwing her boyfriend.. Forcing her to have sex with me and no one else could have negative consequences, so I let it go. Cutting her off from Ryan was good enough. I tucked myself back into my pants and zipped them up. I turned back around and found Mary still watching me obediently. I smiled at her and she smiled back. It was a forced smile of course, but she knew why I’d made her watch. She was still being punished, and she needed to accept that I would be having sex with Stacy from now on, there was no point in hiding from that fact. She wasn’t in a position to judge either, and she knew that too. I waited there by the door for Stacy to return, She was dressed more appropriately now. I reminded her about curfew and told her to come see me when she got home, because I may want her again before bed. Then I kissed her on the head and told her to have fun, and she went out the door. I then walked over and sat beside my wife, I kissed her on the cheek, and put my feet up on the ottoman.

“Honey?” I asked “be a doll and get me a beer, I’m parched.”

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