Another First Time Story_(0)

Ahh highschool a wonderful time in every youths life, well for most kids I should say. I wasn't one of the popular ones, more in the lower middle tier of popularity, I played football on the team well rode bench more of, but I knew some of the popular guys and they knew who I was. One of the things I enjoyed doing was marching band, thats were most of my friends were as well as my crush at the time, and well a few of the more popular kids in school namely the seniors.

Now even though we were band geeks we were still teens and filled to the brim with hormones and just wanting to explore each others bodies, and being in the band we had a few special spots were we learned via student chat things went down. The key area was the tuba room (something i was a bit mad at seeing as I was a tubist, always thought that they would break my instrument and that bastards is expensive) and I would spend hours fantasizing about my crush and I in there just going at it like rabbits in heat. Unfortunetly for me though, my crush did not have a thing for me as I learned causing me to be a bit upset but never the less stubborn and not giving up on my goal.

One of my Crushes friends somewhat took pity on me, and I ended up becoming good friends with her in our little circle. We ended up starting to chat on the phone until the late hours of the night about stupid crap and other things we were conserned about at the time and, I for one, was enjoying it. I was never really popular with the girls, my other friends in the group had the charisma and the looks that got them the attention, and I was a averaged height chubby bastard (still am) with an odd set of humor and hobbies.

There was one person who did not enjoy my late night conversations (aside from my parents) and that was Erin (my friend) 's boy friend. Erin's boyfriend was one of the popular kids in the band, not just in the band either he was a senior and one of the captains of our star waterpolo team. He didn't take to kindly to me hanging out and talking with his girlfriend, he viewed me as a threat something that I laughed at seeing as I knew where I stood with the ladies and also on the social totem pole.

Now I knew that the two of them had been having sex, Erin told me about some of their escapades over the phone, and I wont lie, was a bit jealous sometimes. She was about average height for a girl her age, though she was stacked in the chest and ass department (34D if I recall) and she was a looker too, a bit thick where it counted but not not fat or a twig either also a blonde. She would go into excruciating detail about how they did it, where, how big he was how he felt etc etc (I had to say stop a few times or else I would pry be cranking it over the phone with her which I didn't want to do because I was a gentile man I waited until she hung up).

However as time passed, I learned he did have a reason to worry a bit. During one of our usual late night conversations she dropped a bomb on me.

"Hey Chris" She said in a serious tone, usually to me that meant either her boyfriend was calling or her mom was saying 'go to bed!'.

"Yeah, do you have to go to sleep I can hang up if you want me to." I said expecting the usual response of a gigle and ok cya tomorow.

"No umm well I like you, like like you like you." She said.

I was silent, a girl never told me this before. I had no idea what to do or say, I mean christ she was daiting a dude who outclassed me in about every department.

"Uhh thanks I guess?" I finally said not know what to say.

She giggled at my confusion before speaking up again, "Well I was wondering do you want to go out with me? LIke boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"I umm yeah sure I guess." I managed to spurt out trying my best to contain my excitement though an exuberant grin crossed my face. THen it hit me, "What about your boyfriend Peace (its what we called him) I think he'd be a bit mad."

"Well see it would be a secret between us, we could go do things and he just wouldn't know."

"Ok!" I said, to stupid to realize how dumb this plan was, In hindsight I could of saved myself a few years of trouble if I just said No here but that's not what this story is about..

"Ok cool!" She said, sounding audiably relived that I didn't turn her down, "Well now I got to get some sleep, Ill c ya tomorrow at band practice ok?"

"Yeah c ya tomorow."


As we hung up I clearly remember me doing a victory dance in my bed, I was so excited I had a girlfriend, or at least kinda sorta, and a Hot one too! It took me forever but I finally managed to overcome my ecstatic happiness and drift off to sleep.

Bright and early the next day my dad dropped me off and band practice, (you band geeks now what i'm talking about 5 am practice before school starts oh joy) and I waltzed into the band room waiting to see my new girlfriend. Going though my normal routine of getting my tuba down from the wall, talking with my other friends, and waiting patiently for Erin to get away from Peace to go and talk to me. After a few minutes but what seemed like hour's she came up to me a look of disappointment on her face.

"Hey" She said, her tone matching her look "So about what I said last night, Listen umm i'm gonna call it off I don't feel that its right for him. You under stand right?"

I was defeated, I couldn't believe it less than 12hours and I went from couple to single just like that.

"Yeah no I got ya, don't sweat it" I said putting out my normal jocund attitude as a front.

"Thanks!" She said giving me a hug, "Don't worry though we can still hang out and stuff."

By this time it was time to form up and march out to the field so I didn't say anything really just got my instrument and formed up ready for practice.

Now if I only knew what she ment by hang out I would have been much more excited or more so what that stuff ment. Over the next month I went from no experience to Fingering her while making out in a movie theatere, getting a handjob and just regular making out (we kinda ran the bases backwards, also can be other stories If this one turns out well) all the while doing this under her boyfriends nose. Our late night conversations also became increasingly sexual, talking about what we would want to do to eachother and so forth.

One day I knew something was up, she told me the night before that she wanted me to buy condoms, which being the stupid bastard I did riding my bike up to the local walgreens about 5 miles away and making up some stupid story about how I was on a bike and needing condoms ( I don't think the clerk bought it but oh well its a fun story). During one of our classes together (we had about evey other one together) Health class actually now that I remember it, I showed her that I bought them to which she was very suprised, guessing that I would chicken out and not do it I suppose. I Digress but anyway one night a few days later I get a call from her. I was sleeping on my floor (some weird phase i went though) in my boxers a pair of shorts and sweat pants, hoodie and t shirt plus a blanket seeing as it was cold in my room when I got the call.

"Hey whats up?" I said expecting a normal conversation that evening.

"Not much, well actually I wanted to ask you something."

Oh here it goes I thought to myself, gonna be one of THOSE nights.

"Go on, I have an answer to your question."

"Do you want to have sex?"

I, once again was dumbstruck, This was a question I had dreamed of being asked but, here I was with no Idea how to react to it.

"Like now?" I said trying to buy myself some time.

"Yeah, I want you to come over and fuck me."

Now Erin lived about 15 minutes away from me by car, and I had Just turned 16 about 4 months before and I had just got my permit two days prior. Not only couldn't I walk there I sure as hell couldn't drive.

"Well its like 9pm, I just can't sneak out of the house my parents are still up." I said trying to sway her away from that plan. Even though I wanted to get laid, I was still worried about her boyfriend beating the tar out of me if he found out, not to mention the previous stated reasons.

"Well just wait a bit and then do it." She said urging me to leave.

"Maybe well see." I said hoping that she would forget as the night wore on and our conversation went on as well.

She didn't however and as the clock wore on she kept urging me to come over and have sex with her, I told her my reasons but she just kept urging me. Soon it was ten then eleven, twelve, one am two am and then three am. This pattern continued and I don't know if she was just more persistant or I was at my stubborn limits.

"Fine," I Said just wanting to shut her up, "Ill do it."

"Ok, Ill be waiting." She said before hanging up the phone.

At that moment I had that "oh shit" thought, what did I just get myself into. I thought about calling her back for a moment but I had a cell phone and she was using her house phone so I couldn't just call her back without waking up her parents. 'You're just gonna have to bite the bullet on this one buddy' I thought to myself before sneaking out of my room and down the stairs (whcih like all stairs when your trying to sneak out creaked amazingly loud). As I grabbed my moms car keys I realised that I had to open the garage door, wonderful more noise. Stariting the car, an 1998 ford tarus (which we still have and makes me remember all the debauchery I've done in that thing) and opened the garage door, Hitting the button and then going to the edge of the stairs to listen to my parents to see if they woke.

They didn't

By the powers that be they didn't and I, still to this day, don't know how they didn't hear that or the car leaving or coming back. Counting my graces as I left I remember cursing down the outerroads trying to remember all the rules of the road so I don't get pulled over, or worse crash the car. The drive was a bit different seeing as I was actually driving and scared out of my mind. To make matters worse I actually passed a cop, to which a gave a nod to and they nodded back, guessing I was just a guy coming back from work (I looked a bit older than I was seeing as I sported a nice gotee) instead of a 16 year old guy who was about to go get laid for the first time.
Finally after about fifteen daunting minutes I pulled up infront of her house, texting (something I was just getting used to) her "here". Within a few moments she emerged from the side of her house, clad in a jacket, tanktop, sweat pants and a pair of oversized workboots.

"Nice shoes" I said trying to defuse my nervousness as she got into the car.

"There my moms," She said "Can you move so were not right in front of my house?"

"yeah" As I put the car in drive and pulled forward about 30 feet so that we were parked infront of her neighbors house before putting it in park. "Better"

She laughed and shook her head at me, she could obviously tell that I was nervous as all helll.

"So ummm, " I Said after a moment of silence, "How do we start?"

Without a word she grabbed the back of my head and brought her mouth to mine. Her soft lips felt wonderful as we passionately kissed. I moved my hand down to her chest and began to feel her nice perky tits that filled up my whole hand as her tongues started to dart in and out of eachothers mouths. I was in heaven, we had made out before but this was something much much better and I knew it could only develop more. As I slipped my hand into her shirt she pulled away from me,

"Take off your pants"

She said as she looked at me with lust filled eyes. Shifting myself over the middle consul of the car so that I was straddling the shift I Started to pull down my sweat pants.

"Are you wearing two pairs of pants?" She asked as she looked at my shorts.

"Yeah.. it was cold in my room," I said with my sweats down to about my knees.

Rolling her eyes she thrust her hand over my waistband and into my boxers, grabbing my cock with her hand. I instantly became hard as she pulled my throbbing member out of my pants and put it into her mouth. My head rolled back as her warm mouth and tongue moved up and down my shaft. This feels so amazing, I thought to myself as I looked down and watched her head bob back and forth on my pulsating member. Without warning she pushed her head forward all the way sending my cock to the back of her throat. I Let out a small moan of pleasure as she gagged on me before pulling it completely out of her mouth. She looked up at me as she pumped my cock in her hand.

"I Don't want you to cum in my mouth" She said as she let go of my dick and pushed the passenger seat back as far as it could. I said nothing as she looped her thumbs around her own waistband and slowly pulled her pants down, exposing her wet and perfectly shaven pussy. "You bought the condoms right?" I nodded, my eyes drawn the glisten of wetness between her legs, my brain taken over by the pumping testosterone in my system. Taking the condom out I quikly removed it from its wrapper and sild it over my cock before pulling my shorts down below my knees so that I was bare as could be. Positiong myself as best I could between her legs in the bucket seat, I brought my pulsating member closer and closer towards her hot wet hole.

Before I could plunge myself in I felt her cold hands on my waist, pulling my hoodie and shirt off of me and tossing it into the back of the car, before quickly removing her own shirt as well. I watched as the white tanktop slid over her two perfectly formed breast, exposing them to me for the first time. My eyes must have gone to the size of dinner plates because I remember her asking me if I was ok, to which I nodded before bringing my hand up for a squeeze. Her own hand went towards my cock, which I almost forgot about and urged me forward. "You ready?" She said as she placed me at her entrance, to which I responded by thrusting my hips forwards making her gasp with pleasure.

As I went hilt deep I felt the the warm wet sensation engulf my cock, I looked down and saw her naked frame below me, our eyes meeting in a combonation of lust and extacy.

"You move back and forth now." She said sarcastically at me, I was enjoying the moment a bit too much, but soon realized where I was and what I was supposed to do. I Started to build a steady rythem as I brought my hips forward and back, her pussy filling my teenage body with pleasure.

"Ohh god" She moaned in my ear, before wrapping her arms around me pulling me tighter as I began to go a bit faster. As she moaned again I rammed my tongue down her throat and let them intertwine in pleasure. A few minutes passed before I pushed myself off of her. "Can we switch?" I said still halfway inside her. "LIke me on top?" She said kind of confused. I Nodded and after a bit of convincing on my end switched places.

Her body looked amazing to me as the moonlight outside the now fogged up windows silhouetted her. I watched as she stroked my cock getting me hard again (First time jitters) before placing it back on her hot snatch. As she slowly lowered herself onto me, I watched my cock disappear inside her, before moving my hands up to massage her lovely breast once again. Her hips slowly gyrated on me, moving my dick around inside of her. The feeling was amazing. "You Like that?" She said, placing her hands back behind her on my knees as she started to rock forewards and backwards. "Oh fuck yeah." I said feeling her pussy tighten on my rock hard cock. "mmmm good, you feel amazing." She said looking down on me with a lusty gaze.

It was then when I noticed that the moonlight behind her was quickly getting brighter though the fogged up window. "OH shit!" I siad pulling her down on top of me when I realized that they were headlights of an approaching car. We watched out the side window as a county patrol car slowly rolled by the widow. Amazingly he didn't stop and picked up speed as he finished rolling past.

"That was close." She said pushing herself back up. "I think we should call it for the night."

I half heartedly protested, it was almost four in the morning and we had to be up in three hours for band practice and I was all but shot on performing, my equipment getting first time jitters and not working. We kissed one last time before getting our clothes back on, and I shifted myself back into the drivers seat.

As I drove back home I Had to crack the windows to try and defog them they were so bad, but I had enjoyed myself. The rest is a long and stupid tale of highschool drama and romance, though there's alot of sex mixed in as well.

Hope you enjoyed the read and I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes, not the best at it. If you'd like to hear more let me know I have plenty of other stories to tell. Also this is the first erotic story I've written so be gentile lol.

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