A old evil awakens . part 1_(0)

James was 20 when he and his class went on a school trip to the museum . He always was a shy boy that never had the strength to talk to his crush Lisa or other girls . James was in a good shape but not a atletic he had short brown hair ,brown eyes and a little tan while Lisa was perfect she had long brown hair , brown eyes a great petite shape that became thicker because at her tight ass and a pair of breast where every guy always stared at .

When they where at the museum James always followed at the back of the group a little on his own he liked it that way it was nice and silent he liked that . Meanwhile the class had arrived at a vase that was found in the jungles of Brazil in a old Aztec temple the teacher a well good looking lady at the age of 50 was explaining that there rests a curse on the vase everybody who says the words written on the vase will get cursed by the gods . James didn't believe in those fairytales so he didn't pay any more attention.

When the class walked to the next hall James stopped at the vase and looked at it he thought in himself " what kind of bullshit is this just a old bedtime story " he read the words on the vase and tried to say them " amoni thandro thi sexiato " when he was done he looked around and thought " I knew it was bullshit " and walked to the rest of the group with a little smile on his face , after he left the words on the vase turned bright red for a second that puts the curse or spell in action .

When the trip was over everyone went home when James got home his mom who was 44 also still good looking was waiting for him his dad left when he was 10 leaving his mother to take care for him and his bitch of a sister laurien she was always dressing like a slut but her mom let her do it because it was hard to raise two teenagers alone " where did you go you can't go out you know that ! " she yelled him he tried to explain " but mom I was with school to the " he said when his mom cut him off " I don't care to your room right now ! " she screamed he let his head down and walked upstairs to his room .

Meanwhile at the museum the vase was shaking on its place after a few minutes it fell on the floor and broke in pieces when it broke a small black cloud of dust came out and flew away trough the airconditioning outside

James entered his room and fell on his bed still mad at her mom for sending her upstairs without letting him explain where he went .
He wished he could make her pay for all those years of raising him as such a bitch, at that moment the black dust cloud flew over the town directly at James his house .
James openend his window to let some fresh air in and started to take his shoes of

The dust cloud arrived at James his house and flew directly in James room .
" great now what ? " said James as looked at the dust cloud as it came towards him and flew on his right hand .
It burned James as it came in tough with his right arm burning his ring finger , " AAH what the fuck " he yelled as the dust cloud went fully around his finger .
As the cloud dissaperad James opened his eyes and looked at his hand .
A ring had formed on his finger it was a golden ring with a red hexagon shaped ruby on it .

After a few minutes of looking at the ring and wondering where it came from James tried to take it off but It did not move a inch he set all his power on it but still the ring would not move " James ! Laurien ! Come down stairs dinner is ready " his mom yelled from down the stairs " I have to hide this thing " James tough to himself he grabbed a pair of gloves he head laying around and put those on .

When he was putting the gloves on he could hear laurien walking past his room , he quickly followed her not wanting his mom to get more upset at him . They al started to grab there food when his sister noticed the gloves " hey nerd why are you wearing those gloves " she asked laughing a little " none of your business clitface " he always calls her sister clitface because when they where 16 James caught Caught laurien eating out her classmate Laura , James looked at his sister and saw that she was wearing a white tank top that was to small for her leaving James almost nothing to the imagination of his sisters perfect tits.
" alright kids stop fighting and finish your dinner " there mother said as they remaind silent for the rest of the meal .

When the dinner was over James rushed back to his room and takes his gloves of.
" what is this thing " James asked himself as he started to look closer at the ring at the down side of the ring there was a inscription saying " ateorua minclod " he looked closer at it and decide to type it in on the Internet hoping that was gonna help him to remove that ring .
He took his backpack and pulled out his laptop after letting it getting started he started to search " ateorua minclod movie no , ateorua minclod vase no,ateorua minclod trees no wait what was that last ting " he tough to himself and clicked on the link .

While the link was loading he was thinking if this had something to do with the vase and the curse he said in the museum . When the website loaded he saw a photo of the same vase standing in the museum, James was stunned and amazed that the curse or spell actually was true and not a fairy tale like he believed . Grab some water and started to read the text written next to it " amoni thandro thi sexiato also know as the vase of the great war lord attoci from the Aztec created this vase to control the minds and body's of every living thing near him it is said that when the the spell is said the vase breaks and a rings forms around the finger of the one that said it giving him the same powers that attoci had ".

James twitches his eyes twice to make sure that read the text correctly and looked back at his hand at the ring .
" mind control over everything near me yeah yeah bullshit " he said to himself as he closed his laptop and lay down on his bend for his weekly jack off thinking about Lisa his 6 inch cock (that he was not happy with ) was soon erect and starred to jack off furious as he felt the cold metal touching his cock he looked at the ring and remembered the text he wrote about it he went and sit up straight and stared at his cock " if this really is true the first thing I would do is grow my cock" he said joking to himself .

After a few seconds of saying that his cock begane to twitch he looked down as he sees his cock growing from 6' to 11 inches James that know had his mouth dropped open from the thing that just happened right infront of his own eyes " no it can't be " he was thinking as he looked at his new 11 inch long and 2 inch thick cock "so it's true this rings can do every command and demand I give it " he said slowly as he heard someone knocking on his room door " hey nerd what are you doing ?" His sister said as James tried to cover up himself as the door opened he manged to get under his blanket just in time " what do you want clitface? " he asked her .

"I need to borrow some money I'm going out and mom won't give it to me " she said as she stood in the doorway " why should I give you money ? You hate me and I hate you " he said as he looked down her body laurien was a good looking with a nice pair of C cup tits and round heart shaped ass and her long lovely blond hair in a pony tail
"Because you are a nerd and don't need that money " she said as James started to consider to test the ring on her he decided to start slowly with some demands ."okay but come in and close the door " he said as he watched for her response "why should I ever do that " she said as she stepped in and closed the door behind her " why . did I do that ?" James smiled as the ring did what he wanted he knew he was gonna enjoy this new ring .

"How did you made me do that " she asked as she looked a little scared at him " you don't need to know that sis but if you want that money you have to work for it "he said as his now soft cock started to grow back to his new 11 inches " what must I do then . make your homework " she said joking James smiled and looked at her ""No I want you to strip for me like a good slut " he said as he smiled at his sister "eewh james im your sister why should I ever strip for you " she says as her hands took of her tap top and shorts leaving her standing in her red thong and bra " very good sis " he said as he checked out her body " James whatever you are doing I want you to stop it this isn't funny " Laurien said as James gets out of bed revealing his monster cock to his sister " why should I ever do that " he says

Her focus quickly falls on his cock " omg James I never knew " she said " never knew that I would have this enormous cock ? " James says as he steps closer to her " listen to me I own you from now on everything I command you will do understand " he says as the ring kicks in action allowing James to control her mind making her his toy " yes James you own me " she says as she loses control of herself " great let's get started with a blowjob " he says as Laurien falls on her knees infront of her brother " yes James whatever you wish " she says as she starts eagerly to suck his cock only getting 5 inches of his 11 inch down her troath bobbing her head up and down .

James looks down and sees his newest property bobbing and gagging on his cock "good job little sister " he says as she smiles and starts to get wet at the compliment of her brother looking up to her brother with those perfect blue eyes as James pulls out letting her breath again after gagging on his cock " listen to me from now on I'm your master I will the only one that can fuck you whenever I feel like it everything I say is your command understand me ? " he says as he looks down at her sister with a little spit hanging down her chin " yes master " she answers looking up to him " good go lay on my bed " he says as she springs up and rushes over to the bed laying down on it on her back waiting for her master .

James smiles as he looks at her waiting for him to claim that pussy of hers he looked over at the desk where he always had his condoms but decides not to get them because it would be more fun of pumping a load in her as revenge of all those years she was rude to him "alright slave let's have fun " he says as he go and rip her thong in pieces revealing her wet pussy "already wet for slut ? "He asked laughing looking in her eyes "yes master I get wet everytime I see " she says looking in his eyes full of lust for his cock

He smiles and starts to tease her opening with his cock " beg for me you little slut " he says as he looks down at his newest fuck toy "please master fuck me with that huge cock make me your cum dumpster "she begged eager for his cock James could not resist any longer and rammed his entire cock into her tight pussy making her cry out as she takes the biggest cock she ever had "ooh master yes fuck me " she cried out in pleasure as James started to pound her pussy as hard as he can enjoying his sister as his slave

" ooh you will be a good slave .. at least one of them " he said laughing as he played with her soft tits as she kept out moaning from the enormous pleasure from getting stuffed with her masters meat after a few minutes of pounding her without showing any mercy he felt he was building up a orgasm he smiled and looked at her " master is gonna cum in you and you will like it understand you bitch " he said as he kept slamming " yes master please fill my pussy with your load " that was all James needed to push him over the brim he forced himself as deep as he could and came filling her pussy with his huge load seed officially claiming her pussy as his maybe even breeding his sister at this moment .

James was tired but happy he pulled out off his sister and lay next to her as she was breathing hard from the fucking she just received
James was already thinking about his next conquest

Who will James conquer next ? His mom ? His teacher ? His whole class? His crush Lisa let me know in the comments !

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