Angel Meets Her Master (chapters 1-4)

Chapter 1

Angel takes a car ride

She was standing on the beach, looking out at the ocean. Watching the waves roll up on the sand. Although her hair was pulled back in a bun some strands had worked themselves free to fly in her face. She was bare foot, her sandals hanging from her fingers. Blue jean shorts and a blue sarong tied around her chest to make a shirt completed her outfit. She hooked the stray strands of hair behind her ear as she watched the sun set. He’s a half hour late. Why did I agree to this? Why did I agree to meet someone off the internet?

Suddenly her hands were grabbed from behind and were tied tightly at the small of her back. Struggling she tried to free her hands. A ball gag was shoved into her mouth. Her eyes widened farther in fear as the blindfold came around and was tied to her face. "Hello Angel," She could feel his body pressed to her side, his breath soft and warm on her neck, she relaxed slightly, as she recognized his voice. They had talked a couple of times on the phone. "Are you ready?" Angel nodded her head and stumbled slightly when he pulled away.

He picked her up and laid her over his shoulder, her sandals forgotten in the sand. He put her down to lean on the side of the car. When he had the door open, he pulled down her shorts and untied her shirt, throwing them on the backseat. Angel’s body shivered with her rising passion. She enjoyed being controlled, being dominated. She wanted him to be happy, she knew she was here for his pleasure, but damn she didn’t know how she felt about being naked in the beach parking lot.

Something was vibrating on her thigh. Her mouth opened slightly in shock. She shook her head, wondering what he was going to do with that. "No? No what?" the vibrator moved between her legs and worked its way slowly up to her pussy. She didn’t know which shocked her more, the fact that her pussy was being touched or the fact it wasn’t the vibrator she was expecting but his fingers. They slide through the hair there, and when they found her clit, it was already wet with her juices. "Mmm my sexy little angel is already wet for me." His voice was rough in her ear. Little? I’m not little… I’m the same height as you. She thought to her self. At five feet, ten inches, Angel wasn’t little. She carried her 190 lbs well… it probably helped that her chest was a good portion of her weight; 36E isn’t tiny.

Her master untied her hands and then retied them in front of her. He removed the ball gag before he bent her over the passenger seat; her head was over the driver’s side. He slid the vibrator around her clit and then slowly moved it inside of her. "Keep it in there while I drive. It had better still be there when we get home slave." ‘It’ –the vibrator- tormented her. She shivered at the sound of his voice and lowered her ass to her heels when he had shut the door. Holding on to the edge of her seat, she concentrated on keeping the vibrator inside of her. Please don’t come out, oh gawd I’m so wet, she tightened her vaginal muscles around the vibrator. ‘It’ tormented her.

She heard him open the driver’s door and sit down behind the wheel. Angel felt his fingers on her hair for a moment and then heard the car start. ‘It’ tormented her, the juices flowed. After a bit of driving, she felt her master’s fingers on the back of her head. They tightened around the back of her neck and pulled her over slightly. "You know what I want slave." She moved her head father into his lap and nuzzled at his crotch, finding his pants already opened. He must have done that before he started the car.

She shivered as she licked the tip of his cock. Angel felt her oral fixation building full force. She licked her lips and then pulled him in as deep as she could. ‘It’ tormented her. She let her throat muscles relax and then pulled him a little farther. Mmm you taste so good master she thought to herself. Sucking as she moved off his cock so that just the head was in her mouth, she messaged the tip and just underneath with her tongue for a bit. His fingers grabbed her by the hair, "I like your play, but I want more, now." He shoved her down his cock and helped her learn the rhythm he wanted. She moved her head up and down his cock a little faster, sucking as she pulled up. She was getting wetter with each suck. She wanted more. ‘It’ tormented her. She sucked harder. She wanted more. She moved her hands up to his thigh and dug her fingers in and started really going down on his cock. She heard him groan. She wanted more. Her hips wiggled. ‘It’ tormented her; she felt the vibrator slip slightly. She used her heel to push it back. And jerked at pleasure of the vibrator moving back in to her as her masters cock pushed into her mouth.

He grabbed her head and pulled her out of his lap moving her back into her seat. She felt his fingers find her breasts. Her master’s fingers played with her nipples, pulling on them. Angel felt the car slow down and pull into a parking spot. The car turned off. ‘It’ tormented her, her master’s fingers moved to her neck again and pulled her back to his lap. "Now" was all he had to say. She licked her lips and sucked down on him hard a couple of times before he climbed out of the car and shut his door.

The door opened behind her. Her master grabbed her by the waist and pulled her gently out of the car. ‘It’ tormented her. She heard him move around in the car and then felt her clothes brush up against her skin. Her tied wrists were grabbed and then she was pulled forward. She followed him up the stairs. She heard the key in the lock. The door opened and she was pulled inside. Angel jumped when the door was shut.

She felt a hand on her back pushing her forward farther into the room. Then it pressed down forcing her to kneel. "Stay there, I’ll be right back." His voice started fade as if down a hall, "Oh, slave… I hope the vibrator is still there." Her head popped up in fear. The vibrator was still there… there was no missing the feeling of it. It tormented her to no end. She knelt there waiting for her master, keeping her hands at her sides. The darkness of the blindfold her whole world at this point. I want to see my master. Will he let me? Can I ask? No, I can not. I can’t talk, only if he asks a question. She heard his footsteps returning. They stopped beside her. She could feel his presence beside her. His strength, his dominance invading her dark world. She felt her master’s fingers on her, they slid over her shoulders. Down her arms. Over her breasts. Down her stomach. They seemed to be memorizing her. Every curve, every piece of her felt as if it had been touched. Only her master could make her wet with just a touch. Only her master could make her shiver with just a thought. Finally his fingers checked his vibrator, making sure to not touch her anywhere else. It was still there… it still tormented her. "Good my little angel" his voice whispered in her ear as removed it. "I’m going to remove your blindfold, your going to keep your eyes lowered on the ground; then your going to lay down spread eagle do you understand?" she nodded. He untied the blindfold; she kept her eyes lowered to the ground.

She gestured in question, with her fingertips touching her stomach and then her back. "On your stomach for now, notice the eyelets in the floor, Line yourself up with them." She saw the eyelets. She also saw the fireplace, the sliding doors and the couch. She lined her limbs up with the little hooks and laid her head on the side looking to the left out the sliding doors. She saw it was night. The sun had gone down fully during the car ride. The stars sparkled above the tree tops and the clouds. She felt her ankles tied, and then her wrists.


Chapter 2

Angel meets her Master

She saw it was night. The sun had gone down fully during the car ride. The stars sparkled above the tree tops and the clouds. She felt her ankles tied, and then her wrists. She waited. This was her master. She banked the fear that was building. My master. My master won’t hurt me. I’m here for his pleasure.

His hands slid down her back. They moved over her ass and down her thighs. Then they disappeared. "I’ll be back in a bit" then his footsteps left her there.

She watched the night sky out the glass sliding doors. The carpet was soft on her skin, the ties were tight enough she couldn’t move but didn’t hurt her. She laid there. Thinking; remembering. The beach, the car ride here. Just the thought kept her wet. She closed her eyes. She listened to the world around her. She heard water running, the shower maybe? She thought to herself, I want to see my Master; I want to see him with water dripping down his body. Eventually she heard the water turn off. A door opened, then another. A door closed. He’s getting dressed. He’s covering up his body before I can see it. She whimpered. "What was that whimper for? You don’t like your position in my living room?" oh gawd, I was so engrossed with my thoughts, I wasn’t paying attention. She shook her head no. "You don’t like your position? You may answer" his voice moved to the couch.

"Yes Master, I like my position." She whispered. "Then why do you whimper?" he asked. She shook her head no. Two quick heavy steps brought him to her side; he grabbed her head by her hair and pulled it back. She smelled the soap from his clean body. He voiced his anger into her ear, "Did you just refuse me an answer?" her body shook in fear, her head shook no. "Then what by chance did your shaking your head no to my question mean?" She whimpered and whispered, "I couldn’t answer you Sir, I had no answer to give you," His breath was hard on the back of her neck, his lips just brushing her skin, "Why, slave, did you whimper before as I entered the room? I know there is an answer in that cute head of yours"

"I thought I heard you go into your room to dress. My imagination has been running away from me. I pictured you in the shower. I pictured you drying off. I whimpered because I pictured you getting dressed, covering yourself up. I’m sorry my Master." Her body shook in fear; if her limbs were free she would have curled up into a ball.

Her master’s fingers caressed her neck and shoulders. "You’re a good slave to be thinking about me always. But never…" his fingers tightened around her neck "…never, refuse me again. Even something so simple, as an answer to a question. Do you understand?"

"Yes my master, I understand." She whispered. She felt the ties at her ankles being undone, then her wrists. Her master pulled her and curled her up into his lap on the floor. She was curious, but she kept her eyes lowered. His fingers caressed her cheek, "you’ve been such a good slave so far. You haven’t fought me. Except for your refusal of an answer you’ve been perfect. I’m going to forgive you for that by the way. Because I know it is your nature to be shy about thoughts and feelings of a sexual nature. But I want you to know, if you refuse me anything again, you will be punished. Understand?"

Angel slowly nodded her head. "Good my little Angel" his fingers moved under her chin, pushing her head up. "Look at me, angel; I want you to see me now." She looked up slowly. She looked into her master’s eyes. Her hand rose slightly but she caught herself, and rested it in her lap. "What is it my Angel?" he asked, "I want to touch you my Master." She replied softly. He smiled down at her and nodded once. She raised her hand again. Her fingertips found his brow, and slid down to the tip of his nose, then across his cheek and over the edge of his ear. She sighed as she moved her fingers down his jaw line and over his lips. She thought to herself again, my master, this is my master. She smiled. He smiled down at her.

He moved her off his lap gently, stood and then patted his thigh. "You will crawl behind me and slightly to the side so I can see you." She moved to all fours and followed him down the hall. He brought her to a bedroom. Pointing at the high bed he told her to climb up and wait there. Angel climbed up onto the bed and sat waiting.

He patted her on her head and then left the room closing the door behind him. She looked around the room. The wall behind the bed was painted midnight blue; the others white. The midnight blue silk beneath her was soothing against her skin. Across from her were a couple of music posters hanging over a long dresser. A few picture frames and some change were scattered across it. She counted two dollars and thirty-four cents in change in her boredom. The window was closed and the drapes pulled down.

She looked up when the door opened catching his eye; but then remembered to lower her eyes. Did he have something in his hands? He stood before her, she could see his shirt. She could still smell the shower on him. "I have something for you my little angel" he held out a hand. Grapes! She moved to take them. He pulled them back, "are you hungry my angel?" she nodded, she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. He plucked one off the stem and held it between his fingers. She leaned forward to take it with her tongue. The fruit exploded in her mouth, the juice flooding her. As she chewed and swallowed he handed her the grapes. "Scoot over Angel, let me up" Master’s little angel moved over to the side as he got up on the bed.

He stretched out next to her on his back, "I would like a grape as well Angel" She smiled softly as she leaned over him and fed him a grape, he nodded to her. She fed herself one. He smiled as he watched her enjoy her fruit. She savored the taste of the grapes, playing with them in her mouth. She moaned softly, sucking one and looking into her master’s eyes.

She could tell by the look in his eyes, he was waiting for something. Masters little angel offered the last grape to him, he opened his mouth. She leaned forward, her lips barely touching his. She placed the grape between her teeth. She looked deep into his eyes and rubbed the grape against his lower lip. Her master growled up at her. She giggled and moved away playfully; a twinkle in her eye. Master knew his little angel liked to play. He sat up and looks at her an eyebrow raised at her actions, he smiled devilishly. He grabbed at her as she tried to scamper to the other side of the bed, the grapes still held firmly and gently in her mouth. Master’s little angel let him catch her. Flipping her over, he leaned down and stole the grape from her mouth. Then winked at her as he pulled her over his lap and spanked her like she wanted him to

Chapter 3

Angel learns a lesson

She knelt, sitting back on her heels. Keeping her eyes lowered all she could see was his thighs down to his feet. She had seen him before. Her master. He was tall, and muscular. Short cropped hair, her master is in the Marine Corps.

She was allowed to watch him some times. She watched as he wondered around the apartment. My master is hot. She giggled silently, her shoulders just twitching; she smiled softly as she watched him. My master can control me. Can make me wet so easy. He looked over at her as she knelt in the center of the living room. The twinkle in his eye almost made her believe he could read her mind. I bet he’d like it if he could. He likes it when all I can think about is him. She became lost in her day dreams about her master. She moaned ever so softly. His hands on my sides, on my breasts. The feel of his spankings. She jumped slightly at the thought. Oh my master Her eyes drifted shut as she thought about the last time they had played. Her giggle this time a little louder. She licked her lips at the thought of how his cock tasted. When she opened her eyes again, it was to find her master standing over her.

"What were you day dreaming about my little angel?" His voice was music to her ears. She smiled as she looked his thighs. His hand brushed her hair. It was alright to watch him as he moved about; but not to look directly at him unless he said otherwise. "I was thinking about you master" she replied a smile on her face. "And what thought put that smile on your face?" he motioned for her to look up at him. She looked up into his eyes, "the thought of how your cock tasted the last time it was in my mouth."

His eyes narrowed and she saw his pants twitch. She licked her lips and looked up him. "Get up and come help me. Its time for chores," he grunted.

She got up from her position and started helping in the kitchen. She cleared off the counters and washed the dishes. She blew some bubbles at her master as he walked by with the garbage bag. His look in return said she was asking for it. Wail he took the garbage out to the buildings dumpster, she finished the dishes and got them dried and put away. She was sweeping the floor when he walked back into the kitchen. He gave her a quick kiss and then headed out to the living room. She finished and followed she watched for a slight moment as he bent over to straighten something on the coffee table. He yawned deeply. Master has been at the base a lot lately. He needs to get some extra sleep

She walked over to his side and stilled his hand. He looked up at her in question, she said, "why don’t you go back to bed Master? I’ll finish up the chores." He smiled and walked back to his room, "when you’re finished come lay down with me" she smiled, "yes master I will." She called after him. She found her bucket with her cleaning supplies in it under the kitchen sink. Taking it back out to the living room, she dusted the tables and fireplace. She washed the sliding door windows. As she watched the streaks slowly disappear under her circling hand, she remembered the first time she had looked out these doors and smiled to herself.

She fixed the pillows and got out the vacuum but looked down the hall to the master’s door. He should be asleep. She became lost in the rhythm and pattern of vacuuming. As she got near the hallway she felt hands on her waist. She smiled devilishly and ignored them. The hands tightened around her, the fingers digging slightly into her. She wiggled as if to shake them off. They grabbed her and turned her around; she saw his foot snake out to unplug the vacuum. She smiled into her master’s eyes. "Don’t ignore me ever, do you understand?" he growled at her. She made the smile go away and nodded her head. She lowered her eyes to look at the floor and waited for him to punish her. "Hurry up and finish, anymore day dreaming…" his voice trailed off as he walked back to his room. She went back to the vacuuming. As she finished the last of her chores, putting the vacuum in the closet straightening the dinning chairs, she got lost in her day dreams again.

This time her master’s hands were not so gentle. They grabbed her from behind and forced her to her corner. Master had set up her corner when he realized the worse way to punish her, was to ignore her. The dreaded corner. She struggled in his arms and moaned "please master no… I’m sorry I was day dreaming again, please no…" He forced her down on her knees her nose to the corner, her knees on a small wooden board. "Stay there until I tell you go get up," he whispered in her ear, "if you move your head away from this corner you will be punished in ways you don’t want to." She knew better then to fight this. Her nose stayed in the corner. She whimpered and braced herself on her hands. "Hands behind you," came his voice, he had taken down her ties. She felt her hands tied behind her. Then the blindfold came on.

She heard his steps move away down the hall. She panicked oh no no no…please… its bad enough to be here don’t leave me too! MASTER! She wanted to call out. MASTER! Please…don’t leave me. She looked at her world, what little there was, just blackness. She became lost in her thoughts this time, they were not so nice. She wanted to get up, go into that room and tell him he can’t leave her. She wanted to get up and walk out that door. She’d show him what happens when he leaves her. Ohhh she moaned silently me and my imagination. I could never leave my master…what is wrong with me. She knelt there silently. Listening for any sound her master might make. He must know I’m listening, he’s so quiet. She heard the cars outside. Birds on the railing out side the sliding doors.

She heard the kids outside running around. She heard silence. She panicked again. MASTER! Come back! She silently cried. Her tears falling down her face as she lowered her chin to rest on her chest. I want my master. She thought. The next moment of silence she truly panicked. She kicked her feet and shook her head; she struggled at the binds on her wrists. She kicked at the floor, the banging probably annoyed the downstairs neighbors but she didn’t care. All she could think about was that her master had left her alone…

Chapter 4

Angel learns another lesson

She woke up, rubbed the dust from her eyes and stretched out her body. She arched her back as far as she could make it and then scratched her head as she fell off the bed. She straightened the blankets as yawned. When she was done, she tied on her sarong and went to find her master. She knelt down before him, waiting for his attention. He was ready his paper at the dinning room table; a cup of coffee in his hands. She watched the steam float up off the coffee. She licked her lips. He passed her the mug with out looking at her. She took a sip, savoring its warmth as it flowed down her body.

"Go take your shower" he told her, she put the mug back, just as she was turning away he drew her down and kissed her hard. She moaned softly. He spanked her gently on the ass to move along.

She went to take her shower, her hands soaped up her breasts; her stomach; her pussy and thighs. She rinsed off and washed her hair. She messaged the shampoo into her scalp and savored the feel of the water flowing down her limbs. She moaned softly with pleasure as the water caressed her breasts. When she was rinsed and ready, she shut off the water, climbed out of the tub and dried off. She wrapped her blue sarong back about her body and went back out to find her master.

He was sitting in the living room watching TV. She knelt before him again. His hands smoothed down her still damp hair. He patted his lap. She crawled up on to it. He kissed her neck and asked why she still had the wrap on. Master’s little angel stood up and untied it, letting it fall to the floor. She waited for his next wish. He stood up before her, she had to step back. Master told her to strip him as well. She removed his clothing slowly enjoying his skin as she exposed it; one piece of it at a time. She ran her finger tips down his thighs as she pulled down his pants.

He was naked he sat back down. She still knelt before him. He told her to come closer. She moved between his legs. He grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her mouth to his cock. He laid his head against the back of the couch as she sucked on his cock. He looked at her chest as he reached for a nipple, "I want to fuck your breasts" he said more to himself, she giggled as he pinched the nipple slightly "I want to cum all over your marvelous breasts. She wiggled as she felt her pussy become wet. "I want to watch you lick up all of my cum" She giggle slightly, "That would hurt my neck master" she replied.

He grabbed her hands and pulled over to the corner, she bucked and cried out. He tied her hands before her and pulled them up the long end of the rope. He had her on her tip toes before he got the rope looped over the hook in the ceiling. He spanked her once before moving over to the closed box he kept near by. He got out his toys as she struggled and whimpered. "Do you know what you did to earn a punishment?" he asked.

"No master I don’t," she whispered. He pulled out the larger vibrator. "You don’t? You don’t know why your hanging from that hook above you?" she whimpered, "No master I don’t know"

He took out the anal vibrator, "please master I’m sorry" she struggled in earnest against her binds. "I spoke out of turn?" she whispered. "No that’s not it now hold still," he shoved the first vibrator up her pussy. Her hips bucked against the sudden intrusion. "I’m sorry master I don’t know" she whimpered and lowered her head to her chest. He stood before her, his arms crossed, his mouth pulled into a frown. "Do you want to know? But then again, do I need a reason to punish you?" he asked. She whispered her reply, "No master you don’t need a reason, I’m here for your pleasure, what ever it may be. But I would like to know, if I have done something wrong. I don’t want to anger you again." He reached out and moved his fingers over her cheek. "You spoke and stopped sucking my cock with out permission. Do you understand?" she quickly nodded, "I’m sorry master, your little angel will behave herself"

He told her to keep the vibrator in as he grabbed her around her waist and kissed her roughly. "I love seeing your body strung up for my pleasure. I love having you under my control. My slave, my little angel." He pulled the paddle out of the basket and gave her five hits with it. She jumped, her hips swung. She counted each one as she had been told to do before. Her ass stung with each blow. She cried behind each count.

When he was done he took her hands down and pulled her hard against his chest. He kissed her passionately and held her as he walked over to the couch. He sat down and forced her to her knees before him. Running his hands through her hair he held her head as she took him back into her mouth. "Yes my little angel, I do love your mouth" she moaned over his cock and wiggled her hips a little at the double feel of the vibrator and the cock in her. She felt as if she was being taken from both ends. Her hips rocked forward, she grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and moved over his cock hard and fast.

He pulled her off and pushed her down on the floor. He removed the vibrator tossing it across the room. He took her there on the floor. Her master lifted her leg up over his shoulder so he could get deeper. His thrusts getting deeper and harder. She moaned as her body rode the edge of her first orgasm. He pulled out and flipped her over on to her stomach. He pulled her hips up so she was kneeling. Master entered his little angel in one quick movement all the way until his balls pressed against her. She whimpered slightly at the feel him so deep in her. She was going to cum. "Master! I’m going to cum soon." He pounded into her. He leaned forward and reached around her body. He grabbed a breast in one hand and her hip in the other. "Tell me what you feel baby," She cried out at his thrusts.

"I feel your cock at my core. I feel my body on fire, I’m going to explode master" He squeezed the breast in he hand, and whispered to her "Cum for me my little angel, I want you to come all over my cock" he spanked her once on her ass. His little angel jumped slightly at the spank but came for him. Her body shook with pleasure. His cum flooded her when he felt her muscles tighten in her orgasm; his little angel enjoyed the feel of his cum inside of her. Her arms became too weak to hold her up, she leaned forward and felt her master’s cock slip from her body. She whimpered at the loss. "You already miss my cock do you?" he gently slapped her ass. She giggled and hid her face in her hands. He sat back and pulled her in to his lap. His little angel purred happily in his lap as he kissed her deeply…

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