The Love Shared (Part 8)

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(Authors Note - While i can't begin to thank you enough for the heavy support of this story, I do realise that there are issues with the time between chapters. This is mostly due to a mix of reasons and i do apologise, however, once posted the usual time it takes to be published by the site has recently been 3-4 weeks! I hope it isn't the case with Part 8. Enjoy reading and feel free to comment below what you think, good or bad it all helps with the continuation of the story. Thanks again!)


I got home as fast as I could, across the street and lawn I darted into the house and collapsed against the door as it slammed behind me. I was out of breath and sweating, and then Mom quickly appeared in the kitchen doorway with a surprised look on her face, ''Doc, what is it?'' she asked.

I wondered for a brief moment how I could even explain it, what could I say? I decided right there and then that it was probably best to not say anything. Nothing about the voice recorder, nothing about being drugged with Viagra by Pamela and nothing about anything else.

''Nothing Mom, I just thought I saw the Avon lady coming.'' I told her.

''Oh christ, don't open that damn door.'' she said as she returned to whatever she was doing. I darted up the stairs and into my room, slumping down into my computer chair I suddenly began to feel a little easier.

That was when I heard the roar of the engine, I was back on my feet in a flash and at the window, and it was just as I thought, the husband was home.
Even though I had unknowingly recorded him drugging and masturbating Faye, I couldn't help but feel a little guilty watching him pull into the drive way. I silently hoped that Pamela had cleaned up the bedroom and fired around some air freshener, even if she hadn't I would highly doubt he would assume me, maybe it's something he'd come to expect from devoting his sexual attention to his daughter rather than his wife. But then, who was I to judge, after all the things I had done and continue to still do.

''Spying on Faye again?'' came the voice behind me, I turned around to see Bobbie leaning against the frame of the door. She had a cheeky smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. Her bath robe was wrapped tightly around her and all I could see sticking out from underneath was her feet.

''No, she's out for the night at a friends,'' I told her, ''Just doing the whole neighbourhood watch thing.'' I told her joking.
''Sure.'' she replied, I glanced back over at her and smiled, ''What're you up to?'' I asked. She rolled her eyes before replying, ''Mom told me to get in the shower, wanna scrub my back?'' she asked as she turned away from me, she unfastened the robe and shrugged her shoulders free, slowly letting the robe drop and reveal her bare back.
''Um,'' was all I could mutter as the crease of her ass appeared, ''Maybe not right now, Bobbie. But hurry up because I need a shower too.'' I told her.
''Get in with me.'' she quickly replied, as if I didn't see it coming the moment the words left my mouth.
''Next time.'' I told her, she didn't have to turn to face me for me to know that she had disappointment spread all over her face, she whipped the robe back up over her shoulders and slowly trudged down the hall to the bathroom.

I dropped back into my chair and tried not to think about my sisters round face, dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. But I couldn't help it.
But rather than marching to the bathroom and joining her, I decided to listen to the angel on my shoulder for a change and switch on the computer. It was always in sleep mode and my desktop quickly appeared on screen.

I had an email saying that Zak had left me a message over Xbox Live; ''Dissapointed you let me down today bruv!'' It read.
I felt bad for bailing on him, but there was always going to be another time. Everything that was going on took priority. And as I glanced through the emails exchanged between me and Faye I felt a brief moment of longing for how things were.
But those times were also when I thought my family was boring, and now I felt closer to my family then I ever did. I was grateful in that regard.

After a few minutes too long spent brooding, Bobbie walked back into my room wearing a towel and flicking her wet hair all over the place. ''Showers free.'' she told me.

''That was quick,'' I replied.

''Don't worry I'm clean.'' she said innocently, boy did I know that wasn't true. ''So now go get dried off and into your PJ's.'' I told her.

''That's not what Mom said to do.'' she told me.

''And what did Mom say to do?'' I asked with intrigue.

''She said we were having a surprise after dinner.'' she replied, ''Well I'm sure that whatever she means by that you can be dried and dressed for.'' I told her.

She nodded her head and disappeared again, knowing that it was time I cleaned the dry sweat and Pamela's fluid off of me, I got up and went to shower.

Afterwards I was sitting in the edge of my bed in a towel scrolling through my phone, I was disappointed to not have a text from Faye but then I kicked myself for probably having feelings that she didn't share.
I tossed my phone onto my bed and dried off, it felt good to be clean again and slipping into my lounge pants. I grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser and headed downstairs, Mom had been cooking Chicken in Red Wine and I've been smelling it for the last hour.

I walked into the kitchen and hugged Mom for the first time since leaving this morning, we shared a kiss and she tossed me a look of concern, ''You all right?'' she asked. I nodded and smiled, ''Yeah, now I am.'' I told her and pulled out a chair.
Bobbie came out from the lounge a moment later and took a seat next to me, her hair was still a little wet and she was wearing her bath robe.

''Bobbie, what happened to getting dried off and into your pyjamas?'' I asked.

''Don't worry about that, I'm sorting her out.'' Mom quickly told me, Bobbie shot me a sly smile and stuck her tongue out at me.

''Fair enough,'' I replied.

Nobody cooked it better, ever. And I don;t care what people will say about this restaurant or that restaurant. It was one of my favourite meals and it was just another thing she did better than anybody else.
I stared at her across the table as I cleared my plate, her foot brushed against my leg and a sly grin appeared on her face. For a moment I thought about 'dropping my fork', but Bobbie was here and I didn't want her falling any deeper down the rabbit hole. Which was hypocritical of me I know, considering I had been the one responsible for her sexual awareness.

We both helped Mom clean up after, and as Bobbie left the room for the lounge and I couldn't resist slipping my hands around the waist of my mother and kissing her on the back of her neck. He hand swept over mine and she leaned her head back, turning it to kiss me.
''Bobbie was right you know, I do have a surprise in store. It's something I've thought about a lot of the last day or so.'' she told me.
''What is it?'' I asked. She smiled and shied away for a moment before I pulled her back against me, I kissed her again and the smile returned to her face, ''What is it?'' I asked again.

''You'll find out when you come to bed tonight, I was thinking about having an early night.'' she replied.

''An early night sounds good, what time?'' I asked glancing at the clock, it was a little after seven and I knew that Bobbie would be trying to find a movie for us all to watch right about now.

''Seven-thirty?'' she suggested.

''Bobbie will still be around.'' I told her, she smiled again and nodded her head, ''I know,'' she answered.

''Fair enough then.'' I said.

While Mom left the kitchen I went out the back door, taking a moment for fresh air to clear my head.
It had been a long weekend and I had the feeling it was going to be a long week too, I sat down and ran my fingers through my hair as my focus was on the far end of the yard. There was a sudden rustle in the bush and it startled me, the damn cats around here drove everybody crazy. Nobody ever seemed to know who they belonged to.

It was then that the over grown bush that had wrapped around the back gate burst open, I almost leapt out of my skin as the figure tumbled forward and dropped to the ground. I ran over and rolled the guy onto his back, it was Dad.

I pulled back in shock as he looked up at me and began trying to speak, he was still in the same clothes he wore the day he walked out of the house. Where had he been? All I could make out from his verbal attempts was low level slurred mutterings and gargles. I looked down at him like the piece of crap he was for perhaps the first time in my life. His eyes were rolling all over the place, he reached up for me but I swatted his hand away in disgust.

I thought about the abuse Mom had suffered at his hands, verbal, mental and physical. The neglect and the cheating that had probably been going on behind her back for years, both before and after the babysitter.

''You have no idea how happy everyone has been with you gone. Why did you come back?'' I asked, I didn't even want him to answer me, I had grown so much as a person in just a few days I couldn't hold back any more.
I looked down at him once more, ''Before you pass out, which is what we all know you're about to do, I want you to crawl back underneath the rock you came out from and stay there. If you ever loved Mom, me or Bobbie you'd stay away.'' I told him.

I then turned around and walked back into the house, closing and locking the door behind me I didn't look back once.

I passed the lounge on my way to the stairs, the television was off and the lights out. I flicked off the rest of the lights and made my way upstairs, I passed Mom's room and smiled, I couldn't wait to get in there. Even with Dad out the back I didn't care, that was my bed now. The bed I shared with her.

I walked into my room and crossed to my bed, scooping up my phone and plugging the charger into it. There were still no text messages and while somewhere in the back of my mind there was a small amount of worry beginning to build, I forced it out of my mind.

I left my room and made my way up to Mom's door, I held back the smile as I turned the handle and pushed the door open.

I couldn't believe it, for a brief moment my mind refused to believe the vision before my eyes. Mom was sitting with her back against the headboard, her long gorgeous legs were crossed and in black stockings. Her skimpy little black thong matched with the suspenders, her bra was of a transparent nylon, her perfect brown nipples poking through the fabric.

Sitting next to her, was Bobbie. She wore the same stockings and suspenders but in red, a red pair of panties and red matching bra, she looked every bit of the blonde younger vision of our Mother. She smiled softly as I stood in the door way, trying to find the breath to make any kind of verbal noise.

''You coming to bed?'' Mom asked.

I moved forward slowly as Bobbie shifted from her side and on to her back, I knew now what the surprise was all about. It had been for Bobbie and I.

I began climbing onto the bed as Mom began stroking my sisters' hair, she leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, Bobbie glanced up at her as Mom's lips moved down a little lower, they shared a kiss as made my way up the bed.

''You kissed Mommy on the mouth,'' I said, repeating her words back to her. She looked down at me and smiled, ''Yeah so? That's what a good child does, love her Mommy.'' she said.

Any trepidation I had was fading, I always knew that any decision I would be unable to make Mom would make it for me, and I guessed that's what was happening now. She had made the call to involve Bobbie, to bring us all closer together.
I realise now that it had gone back to when she took her underwear shopping, that must have been when this lingerie was bought. I wasn't about to complain as I began planting soft kissing on my sisters thigh.
I saw her toes stretch and curl underneath the fabric with each kiss I delivered, I lightly peppered her legs with kisses before finding her inner thigh. She parted her legs as Mom began stroking the cup of her bra, the fabric was just as transparent and her pink nipples responded to her touch.

I wanted to pull her bra down and go to town on her budding B-Cups, but I joined Mom in the idea of making this a special experience.

Rain had began to hammer against the window, I continued to kiss my way way deeper between my sisters legs before reaching the intended target area. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to remove her panties now, or continue building towards it.

Mom moved down the bed and began helping me out of my bottoms, my cock sprang to attention the moment it hit cool air. Bobbie leaned on her side a little and raised her leg for me, while I continue to kiss and nuzzle against the thin fabric that separated me from her vagina. Bobbie had began stroking Mom's inner thigh, I saw that Mom's crotch was inches from Bobbie's face and it wasn't long before she was doing to Mom what I was doing to her.

We formed the shape of a triangle. Mom had pulled her thong to the side allowing Bobbie access to her, and my sister lapped at her clitoris like a thirsty dog, while Mom massaged my cock with her own tongue. I had pulled my little sisters panties to one side and was now slowly licking her warm, wet vagina.

Bobbie was sighing heavily as she did what she could to satisfy Mom, but Mom just looked back at her and whispered ''Slow,'' before rolling her eyes at the sensation Bobbie was now giving her. My cock was primed and ready, but I knew that my sister was not, and I continued to warm her up with my tongue.
I reached up and cupped one of her breasts, before finally pulling the bra down to reveal the perfect little pink nipple poking out at me. She brought her hand up and tweaked it, glancing down at me and making a moments eye contact.

''I think it's time Mom showed you some love,'' I told her forcing myself away, I ran my fingers through the brown locks of my Mothers hair and held it tightky, kissing her hard on the mouth I made sure that she got a taste of her daughters flavour.
Mom now began to move down to where my head was, licking Bobbie in the right areas and driving my sister crazy.
I moved around to the back of Mom and placed my hands on her ass cheeks, never before in my life had I seen a better view. My Mother ass, the back of her head bobbing between my sisters legs and my sister pinching her nipple trying to hold herself back from an orgasm.

I was now up on my knees guiding my cock in between thee cheeks of my Mom's rear, Bobbie had now reached up and was holding the top of Mom's head while she delivered a new definition of tongue lashing.
I pushed into her and heard her cry out, I may have to go slow and steady with Bobbie, but with Mom I was quick to start thrusting in and out of her. My balls slapped against her clitoris as I stuffed myself inside of her vagina over and over again.

Mom and I had built up quite an understanding, by now she knew what to expect from me and how I fucked her. But regardless of this, and regardless of the fact that I knew her body inside and out, every time we were together It felt like a new experience.
She panted and moaned with every thrust and stroke, every time I touched it it was as though it was the first time. I could feel my balls tightening, but I wasn't about to cum before her and so I decided to change position.

I rolled her onto her back, positioning myself between her legs I tore at her bra, revealing her perfect D's. I cupped each breast and in turn licked each nipple, ''Bobbie, sit on your mother's face.'' I ordered, and she obliged. She climbed to her knee's and stepped her Mom's head, Mom reached up and guided her down and began drinking from her daughter as Bobbie's moans began getting louder.
I saw Mom's chin parked between Bobbie's ass cheeks, it was a good image to have in front of me as I re-entered her. I held her firmly by her ankles as I rocked backward and forward, watching her breasts sway in all directions I brought her foot to my mouth.
My tongue ran across the nylon on her heel, it was something new that I hadn't tried before, but I then guided her toes into my mouth.

It must have been something new for her too, but the way she began jerking and gasping into Bobbie's pussy, I knew she liked it.

''I'm guna fucking cum,'' she mumbled, she still had a mouthful of Bobbie, who had gone pretty quiet. ''Me too,'' she suddenly said, ''Mom,'' she moaned, ''I'm guna cum in your mouth.'' she said getting louder.

In all the incest porn I had seen, I don't recall ever seeing a Mother and Daughter have an orgasm at the exact same time. It was incredible, I almost came right there with them, but I knew I had to save myself. Even with them both collapsing in a heap together, I knew it was time to do what this had all been about.

I moved away from Mom and began kissing my sisters body, I made my way up her thigh and to the tip of her clitoris, kissing then her naval and abdomen, her stomach and then her breasts. I slowly kissed my way up her chest and neck and found her lips.
We were in a frenzy for a moment, our tongues battled one another like wrestlers while I positioned myself in between her legs.

I arched my back and pulled away from her for a moment, I was still having second thoughts and both her and Mom knew it. Her innocent blue eyes looked up into mine as she silently begged me to carry on. Mom came forward and held her hand as I held my hard cock at my sisters entrance. Her bald, tight vagina waited as I began to bring myself closer.
My helmet met her vagina and she braced herself, a soothing kiss from Mom relaxed her and she eased, and then my helmet vanished inside of her.

Now it was for the hard part, I thought to myself. Mom continued to kiss her and then began cupping her daughters breast, she leaned forward a little more and took her nipple in between her lips.
I slowly thrust my hips forward and Bobbie stiffened up, she let out a short gasp as her grip on Mom's hand tightened. My cock slid into her and reached her cervix, I was in. I had taken my sisters virginity.

''Fuck me, please,'' she moaned.

Mom looked up at me as I retracted, I pulled out of her as far as my helmet and slid back into her. I repeated it a couple more times as Bobbie's legs went almost limp, they quickly regained some strength and her knees came up. With her knees up I pushed back into her, going deeper now. My slow thrusting quickened, and quickened again. Her moans and gasps became moans and cries, she let go of Mom's hand and reached up to hold the head-board of the bed.

Her eyes were locked onto mine as I reached the right pace for love making, any faster and I would be fucking her, and that wasn't the point of what this night had become about. With Mom next to her I continued to glide in and out of her.
I wasn't in anywhere near as much as I could be, she was only able to take half of my length. But everything was perfect, she looked perfect underneath me and I was starting to feel that this was where I was meant to be.

My hand ran up her leg, bringing it behind me I felt the rub of nylon against my body. I still couldn't believe that my sister was wearing stockings and suspenders. I rocked back and fourth as she came to another orgasm, I slowed the pace right down but didn't tale into account how amazing this was, I reached the edge and was about to shoot when I managed to pull myself out of her.
I shot string after string of semen up her body, some of it caught her on the chin while some of it stretched across her nipple. Her belly button had been filled to it's brim with my cum and I almost fainted at the sensation that had swept over me.

We were all sprawled out together on Mom's bed, though I had the feeling that it was now a bed that belonged to all three of us, we were all in a daze staring up at the ceiling when Bobbie was the first to finally break the silence;

''I don't see how the second time can be even better than the first, but I can't wait for it to happen.'' she said.

''Well give me a few minutes, okay?'' I told her smiling, Mom nudged me in the ribs, ''Doc,'' she started, ''After a girls first time she's sore, really really sore.'' she told me.

''Yeah, I'm in a bit of pain.'' Bobbie agreed.

''Well Bobster, how about we say goodnight to you and Mom and I carry on?'' I suggested playfully, it didn't go down too well as I received another nudge to the ribs, this time from my sister. A few moments passed and Bobbie rolled onto her side revealing her ass to me, I realised that she had fallen asleep and gave Mom a slight nudge to tell her, but she too had drifted off. I looked around at them both, two topless beauties still wearing lingerie, I couldn't believe how much I loved them both.

I slowly edged my way down the bed and headed for the door. I grabbed my bottoms on the way and slipped into them, making my way downstairs and into the kitchen I grabbed the flash light off of the top of the refrigerator and went out to the back door.
Doing my best to unlock it quietly I opened the door and scanned the garden, there was no sign of Dad, there wasn't even any sign of him being there. I puffed a sigh of relief and dropped against the frame of the door.

''What're you doing?'' came the sudden voice from behind me. It wasn't the first time my heart had been close to packing up shop tonight, but at least it could be the last. I turned around and saw Mom standing behind me, wearing her pink robe and her black stockings visible.

''Oh, nothing, just getting some air.'' I replied.

''That's the second time you've lied to me today Doc, what's wrong?'' she asked. A mother always knows, I thought to myself.
I decided to tell her about my experience with Pamela, I had no other choice. I told her about what I went there to do, and what Pamela had given me. Mom looked a little surprised when I told her about the Viagra.

''You accepted a vitamin off of a known sexual pervert? I thought I raised you differently.'' she said, adding a little sarcastic tone to it and forcing a smile out of me. ''You did,'' I reassured her, ''But I wasn't thinking.''
''And tonight? What're doing out here?'' she asked. I glanced around and shrugged my shoulders, ''Tonight has been one of the most strangest, but greatest nights of my life. I had to come out here and make sure I wasn't in a dream or something, I needed to clear my head of this euphoria.'' I lied. I instantaneously felt bad about it, but I gave her one truth and kept Dad a secret, I didn't want her worrying so that at least had to count for something.

''And is your head clear?'' she asked smiling.

''Very much so,'' I replied leaning forward to kiss her. Her head came forward the same time mine did, it didn't take me long to grab her by the waist and pin her up against the frame of the door. I quickly unfastened her robe and exposed her, her nipples could cut glass and I would have thought that some of that was because of the chill in the air, the rain had stopped leaving the back yard smelling a little fresher than before.
She tugged at the waistband of my bottoms and pulled my hardened cock free, I hitched up her leg and pulled her into me. We were going to do it right here on the back porch, I guided my cock into her and slipped in with an ease that felt good.

She was always so wet for me, and I was always so hard for her. It was the perfect relationship. I began pumping her as arms came up and around the back of my neck, I suddenly began to feel brave enough to try something I had always wanted to, though thinking about it, it would probably be safer to try it with Bobbie.
I lifted her up off the ground and a look of shock appeared on her face as her legs wrapped themselves around me, I held her up against the frame of the door as I fucked her with everything I had.

''Oh my fucking god, Doc,'' she moaned rapidly, she buried her face into my neck to stop herself from crying out any louder and raising the awareness of our neighbours. My legs had always been strong, I had always been a walker. I supported Mom a lot easier than I thought I might, her peach of an ass nestled comfortably in my hands as I bounced her up and down.

I felt the eruption from within her, she climaxed right here on the doorstep and almost screamed into my neck. It muffled fairly well considering the intensity.
Her legs were shaking and I had to put her down, she stumbled for a moment whilst still clutching my arms, ''That was, intense.'' she said looking at me, I smiled and kissed her again, ''Amazing, actually.'' she added.

I locked up the back door again and we climbed the stairs together, ''You took care of me, I didn't take care of you though.'' Mom said as we reached the top of the stairs, ''Don't worry about it, there's always the morning.'' I told her.
As we reached her bedroom door she pushed it open, a ray of light from the landing revealed Bobbie spread eagled asleep in the middle of the bed. Mom laughed a little, ''It'll be a warm night tonight.'' she said.

''I'll be right in,'' I whispered, I kissed her on the cheek as she nodded and moved forward into her room. I made my way into my own bedroom and picked up my phone, there was a text message from Faye;

'Hey, sorry I haven't text, I thought you might have? Any way, I'll be late to school tomorrow so I'll meet you at lunch near the back of the playing fields. X'

I dropped my phone back to the bed and glanced out of the window across the street, I wondered for a moment why she'd be late tomorrow. Either way, I was sure that it was going to be a good day to get to the bottom of a few things. I could the end of this saga coming, it was certainly on the horizon, but what will come with it is anyone's guess.

I left my room and headed back into Mom's, I dropped my bottoms and left them at the foot of the bed. It was time to get comfy with my family.

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