My Life - I learn from my Aunty

I can’t really remember when I got my first erection – who can? However I remember when I was about 13 that I used to slip off my pyjama trousers in bed and I found the coolness of the sheets very nice. I remember feeling quite daring not wearing anything in bed but I cannot remember any wet dreams.
However I can vividly remember my first sexual experience, and indeed my first orgasm, both of which involved my Auntie Eleanor. She was a friend of my mother’s, about the same age as her, and very glamorous. She had dark skin and always wore make up with bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow. She had short black hair and I always thought her very exciting.
My sister was away on an exchange trip and my parents were going to a party where they would be staying overnight. It was therefore arranged for Auntie Eleanor, who often baby sat, to do the same that night but actually stay over.
My parents gave me strict instructions to behave myself as they left me in the capable hands of my Auntie and after they went we both sat down to watch television. I found it difficult to concentrate as I kept glancing across at my Auntie Eleanor, who was sat on the sofa. She was wearing a white blouse and I noticed she had accidentally left the top button undone. This meant I could actually see part of her breasts! Such things were a rare treat for someone of my age.
Her skirt was about knee length but I noticed she let it ride up her legs quite a bit and I’m sure once or twice a caught a glimpse of the top of her stockings. Another treat! I can’t remember much about the programme - I must confess I didn’t watch a great deal of it. I was worried that Auntie Eleanor might catch me staring at her but although I am sure she looked at me once or twice, she didn’t seem to mind.
I felt very grown up as I was allowed to stay up until ten o’clock and then Auntie Eleanor had told me it was time for me to go to bed. However she promised to come in and tuck me in, which surprised me a little but I did not object. The more I saw of her the better!
I gave her a quick kiss goodnight, as I would normally have done, and was aware of her perfume which filled my nose with a wonderful scent. I went off to bed feeling rather strange, I must admit, and conscious that my cock was getting bigger, as I had noticed it doing more frequently over the last month or so. I really had no idea what this meant as I had not been told the facts of life by my parents and it had not been covered at school yet.
I closed the bedroom door and quickly took off my tee shirt. I then pulled my jeans down and standing there in my underpants I reached from my pyjamas. Suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door and before I had a chance to say anything Auntie Eleanor stepped into the room. I looked at her, red faced and she gazed at me with a grin on her face.
“Sorry David –I thought you’d be in bed by now.” she explained. However she made no attempt to leave the room and stepped in, closing the door behind her. “Get into bed then, and I’ll tuck you in.” I realised I would have to take off my underpants and put my pyjama trousers on, which would expose my cock which was getting bigger by the second! Auntie Eleanor seemed to notice my hesitation.
“Don’t worry Davey – I’m sure you haven’t got anything I’ve not seen before!” I blushed again as she grinned at me and then deciding that speed was the answer I quickly slipped down my underpants and stepped out of them. To my horrified embarrassment my cock was now enormous! It sprung out of my underpants and I was convinced Auntie Eleanor would say something. Looking up I noticed she was staring at it and I quickly grabbed my pyjama trousers.
“Sorry Auntie…” I stammered as I tried to put my pyjama trousers on quickly but only succeeded in putting both feet into one leg and hopping about the room. I felt my face burning. What on earth did I look like?
“Don’t be silly David, it’s alright. Don’t be embarrassed!” She stepped towards me. “Let’s get you sorted out shall we?” To my astonishment she grabbed hold of the waistband of my pyjama trousers and pulled them down so once again my cock sprang into view. She was sat on the edge of the bed as she did this and to my horror I noticed that my cock was bouncing about in front of her face. My shame was now complete!
I wanted her to leave and let me put my pyjama trousers on in peace but to my surprise she hesitated, sitting on the bed with my pyjama trousers in her hands and continuing to stare at my cock. I looked down at the top of her head wondering if there was anything wrong.
“What’s up?” I stammered. Auntie Eleanor glanced up at me.
“Sorry David I shouldn’t embarrass you should I?” She turned once again to look at my groin. “It’s just say you’re very big for your age aren’t you? I expect you know that don’t you?” I of course had no idea what she was talking about. I had never seen another boy erect and had no idea if this was normal. I had once measured my erection, which was 8 inches, which I assumed was average…
“Um I don’t know really Auntie. I’ve not seen other boys like this.”
“I’m not surprised. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else quite this big!” Auntie Eleanor grinned up at me and I felt a smidgen of pride. I felt a little more relaxed now and, I must confess, a little excited at being naked in front of my Auntie.
“I expect you know all about the facts of life don’t you?” She looked up at me. I blushed again and shook my head.
“Not really. I’ve heard stories from the other boys but…you know… I’ve not been told properly.”
“Haven’t mum and dad told you anything?” I shook my head again.
“Would you like me to tell you?” I swallowed hard. This would be the best chance I would ever have to learn about these things and I nodded dumbly.
“Could you?” Auntie Eleanor patted the bed next to her.
“Sit down David.” She instructed and I did so. She then began to explain and I listened, stunned and open-mouthed at what she was telling me. She told me what the different parts of the body were called and I felt myself going red as she pointed to herself when illustrating the female side of things. I thought for a minute she was going to get undressed but my hopes were dashed. She then explained the sexual act itself, which sounded quite bizarre, but I knew I wouldn’t be doing that for some years yet. However she also explained about masturbation and this sounded very interesting!
“So how do I do it then?” I asked when she covered this last subject. Auntie Eleanor grinned at me.
“It’s probably easier to show you rather than explain it…” I looked at her, puzzled. How was she going to show me?
She grinned at my expression. “What I mean is, if you lay down on the bed I’ll do it for you the first time and then you’ll know what to do in future.” She said brightly. I felt myself going bright red again and I swallowed hard. I could not believe what I was hearing. My Auntie Eleanor was offering to masturbate me! Before she changed her mind I quickly shuffled back onto the bed and as Auntie Eleanor stood up I lay full length, waiting nervously. I looked down and saw that my erection was still throbbing away and to my horror I saw some liquid coming out of the top. Auntie Eleanor gazed at my cock.
“Don’t worry Davey. That’s the pre-cum I was talking about. You’re not having an orgasm yet. It will feel much nicer when you to!” She glanced at me with a grin. Then she sat down on the side of the bed and leaned over me, resting her left hand on the other side of my hips and, without a word, she curled her fingers around the shaft of my cock.
The feeling was fantastic! The first time ever a woman had touched my cock! I felt it twitch and wondered if I was going to have one of those orgasms she had talked about. She was still staring at my cock and then she carefully rubbed her thumb across the tip, smoothing the sticky liquid into the head. I let out a small squeak and Auntie Eleanor glanced up at me grinning.
“Is that nice Davey?”
“Fantastic!” I croaked. “I think I’m going to have one of those orgasms you talked about!”
“I expect you’ll come quite quickly the first time – young boys often do. Mind you they can usually come several times quite quickly so you might be able to do it again in a minute!” I was amazed. This meant I could do it several times each night!
Then Auntie Eleanor returned her attention to my cock.
“The way you do it is like this – you slide the foreskin up and down the shaft” As she said this she began to move her hand up and down and the soft skin slid up and down my cock. This was fantastic! At every movement of her hand I felt a gorgeous feeling surge through my whole body and I lay back on the pillow and closed my eyes. She only did it a few times before suddenly I felt really weird feelings in my groin. I had an urge to jerk my hips up in the air and suddenly Auntie Eleanor’s hand seemed to move more quickly. Then I exploded!
I could almost feel liquid running up my cock and spurting out of the end. I was momentarily aware of the fact that I was making a mess, although Auntie Eleanor had warned me about this, but I just lost myself in the most fantastic feelings I had ever experienced. If this was an orgasm, I’d be having plenty of these! I felt myself jerking several times, each time more juice coming up and out of my cock and then suddenly the feeling seemed to fade away and I relaxed my muscles. I hadn’t realized how tense I had been.
I opened my eyes and glanced down to see Auntie Eleanor’s fingers still around my cock and a few drops of juice splattered over her hand. There was not as much as I thought there would have been; apparently because of my age I wouldn’t produce much yet. I thought Auntie Eleanor would be annoyed at the mess but she asked me for a hanky which I produced from under my pillow and she carefully wiped herself, and me, clean.
“That was fantastic Auntie! Thanks ever so much!” This seemed inadequate and she glanced at me with a grin.
“Glad you enjoyed it David. Now you know how to do it yourself don’t you?” I nodded happily. I knew I would be trying this as soon as I was alone. Auntie Eleanor had told me I could come several times in one session so I could do it as soon as she went to bed!
“I suppose I ought to be getting back to my own room now. I expect you’re dying to try it again aren’t you?” I blushed as Auntie Eleanor had obviously read my mind. I grinned self consciously.
“I thought so!” Auntie Eleanor laughed. “Whatever anyone tells you, it’s quite harmless and you can do it as often as you like.” I nodded, knowing I would be doing it quite regularly over next few nights.
As Auntie Eleanor closed the door behind her I felt a pang but was happy to know she was only in the next room. My cock was starting to stiffen again and I reached down and took hold of it as she had shown me. I lay back, closed my eyes, and imagined Auntie Eleanor naked as I played myself once again. The orgasm wasn’t quite as nice as the first time but I still enjoyed it and fell asleep very quickly afterwards.


I woke up quite early the next morning and looking at my clock saw it was only 7.30. I knew my parents weren’t due back until coffee time, which would be about eleven o’clock, and as I lay in bed I wondered if perhaps I could play with myself again. My cock started to stiffen at the thought but suddenly I heard noise and realized Auntie Eleanor was opening her bedroom door. I heard her go into the bathroom and an idea suddenly occurred to me.
If I made her a cup of tea and took it in, she might invite me to stay, and play with me again. Whatever happened at least I would get a chance to see her in her night clothes, whatever it was she wore, and I quickly got up. As I stepped into the hallway, Auntie Eleanor stepped out of the bathroom and we both jumped and laughed. I quickly took in the fact that she was wearing what appeared to be a short transparent nightie before she quickly crossed her arms over her chest.
“And where do you think you’re going?” She demanded with a grin on her face.
“I thought perhaps you might like a cup of tea… if it’s not too early?”
“That would be lovely David. If you’re having one?” I confirmed I was and Auntie Eleanor suggested I bring both cups into her room for a chat. I was delighted at this invitation although I was a little nervous as to what she wanted to chat about.
I busied myself making the tea and pondered her request. I feared it was going to be the “last night was very nice but we daren’t do it again” type of thing. I carefully carried the cups through the hallway and gently tapped on the door. I heard a voice inviting me in and pushed the door open, poking my head around.
“Come in don’t be shy!” Auntie Eleanor smiled at me from the bed where she was sat up leaning against the padded headboard. I carefully walked round to her side of the bed and put her tea on the bedside cabinet, trying not to stare at the top half of her body barely concealed by the transparent nightie. Auntie Eleanor had her arms by her sides now and I was able to see the outline of her breasts and, unless I was very much mistaken, two dark areas which would be her nipples. I swallowed hard and felt myself go red as I carefully put her tea down and then walked round to my side of the bed.
I put my own tea down and Auntie Eleanor pulled back the sheets inviting me to join her. I shuffled in and quickly brought the sheet up to cover my lower half as my cock was beginning to stir quite vigorously now! We said nothing for a few seconds and then Auntie Eleanor spoke.
“David…about last night…” Here we go I thought. “It was really nice and I really enjoyed it. I hope you did to?” She turned to look at me and I nodded vigorously.
“It was brilliant Auntie Eleanor.” I prayed that my enthusiasm would sway her.
“Well the thing is – you must make sure no one knows about it. You mustn’t tell your parents or even any of your friends. I don’t want you boasting about it!” She turned to look at me quite sternly. I nodded and my disappointment must have shown. “That doesn’t mean to say it might not happen again though…” she grinned at me mischievously and I felt a wave of relief.
“I thought perhaps…” I left the statement unfinished.
“No it’s alright David… I’m sure the opportunity will arise sometime in the future.” She then reached for her tea and we both drank, me feeling relieved although a little disappointed that perhaps nothing would happen this morning.
Having finished the tea Auntie Eleanor snuggled down under the sheets and I did the same. We lay there for a few minutes not talking and I carefully turned my head. Auntie Eleanor’s eyes were closed and I therefore allowed my own eyes to travel down to her chest. The blanket did not quite reach her breasts and the soft slopes of her upper chest were clearly visible above the white neckline of the nightie. I was also able to see the darker areas of her nipples again.
“Have you seen a lady’s breasts before?” Auntie Eleanor’s voice cut through my reverie and I jumped. I looked at her as she grinned at me mischievously.
“Sorry Auntie… I didn’t mean to stare.”
“Don’t worry David. I’m flattered.” She looked down at her own chest. Then she carefully smoothed her hands over the soft bumps and I watched mesmerised as the flesh moved around beneath the material. Then to my astonishment she carefully slid her right hand under the neckline and casually brought her left breast out from under the nightie. She did the same with her right breast and now both were lying there sleepily, the soft brown flesh almost glistening in the morning light, her dark brown nipples like stalks. I carefully turned over on to my side so I could get a better view.
“What do you think?” Auntie Eleanor murmured. I didn’t know what to say.
“I think they’re fantastic Auntie Eleanor!” I whispered, trying not to break the spell. Once again she used her hands to gently stroke the soft flesh and I watched in awe as she flicked her fingers across the nipples. I remembered from her chat last night that a woman’s nipples were very sensitive and I guessed she was enjoying this. Suddenly she seemed to remember I was there and turned to grin at me.
“Would you like to do this?” I swallowed hard. I couldn’t believe my Auntie was actually asking me to play with her breasts! I nodded quickly, before she changed her mind and reached out with my right hand. Auntie Eleanor moved her hands away and I carefully cupped her left breast with my hand. The flesh was soft and warm. I moved my fingers around and marvelled at the way her breast rolled around on her chest.
I carefully moved my hand across to her other breast and did the same. I glanced up at her face and noticed Auntie Eleanor had her eyes closed again, and taking advantage I moved a little closer staring in wonderment as her breasts moved beneath my hand. Once or twice my fingers flicked across her nipples and she seemed to enjoy this so I concentrated on them for a bit and noticed Auntie Eleanor starting to breathe heavily.
“I think you’d better stop now…” She whispered. I tried to hide my disappointment.
“Can I just leave my hand there but not move it around?” I pleaded. Auntie Eleanor turned to look at me and then grinned.
“OK…but behave yourself!” I grinned back and lay down on the bed by her side, my hand gently lying across to her breasts. My cock was now fully erect again and I knew I would have to play with myself as soon as I went back to my bedroom, which I assumed would be quite shortly.
“Is it me or is it hot in here?” Auntie Eleanor asked.
“It is a bit hot isn’t it?” I replied. It was midsummer after all but I was certainly hot from the circumstances I found myself in! Auntie Eleanor then moved my hand away and quickly took hold of the sheets and slid them down the bed. She eased her legs out and laid them on top of the folded sheets and I kicked the sheets off on my side. I quickly turned on to my side again and casually put my hand back where it had had been, hoping Auntie Eleanor would not object. Luckily she didn’t and in fact she curled her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer so my head was now resting in the crook of her shoulder.
I was now able to gaze quite blatantly down her body without Auntie Eleanor seeing me, and my eyes travelled passed her breasts and down towards her legs. They were splayed out on top of the bed clothes, and looked fantastic from where I was lying. I noticed that the hem of her nightie was almost around her waist and I knew that if I lifted my head slightly I would be able to see between her legs! However I didn’t want to push my luck…
My cock was still twitching and I suddenly realized it was brushing against Auntie Eleanor’s thigh. However she made no comment. I was hoping she might offer to play with me again but I put these thoughts behind me.
“David…you’re doing it again!” I suddenly realised, without thinking, that I was moving my fingers on her breasts and I quickly moved my hand away. I put it back but this time rested it across her tummy.
“That’s better!” Auntie Eleanor turned her head to grin at me and then lay back and closed her eyes again. I shuffled, pretending to try to get comfortable and surreptitiously moved my hand further down. It had now reached the hem of her nightie if and I wondered if I dare move any further. I knew that if I ventured too far Auntie Eleanor would tell me off and I was worried she might actually send me out of the room.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Auntie Eleanor murmured. I glanced up but her eyes were still closed and she had a smirk on her face. I apologise and quickly moved my hand back up.
“It’s all right…you can leave it there if you want to.” I quickly moved my hand back before she changed her mind but to my horror I found I actually overshot the hem of her nightie and I found my hand resting on some soft hair…it was between her legs! I froze, wondering if she would let me leave it there or whether she would tell me off. To my relief she said nothing and I casually left my hand where it was, feeling the coarse hair against my fingers.
My head was now spinning. I knew that my fingers were only an inch or so away from her pussy! (She had taught me all the words) I wondered if I dare move my fingers but once again I did not want to push my luck. However I decided to risk it and I pretended I was shuffling round to get comfortable but casually I allowed my fingers to slide between Auntie Eleanor’s legs.
To my astonishment she actually moved her legs slightly apart and my fingers were now resting on the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs. I had actually gone past her pussy! I could not believe this but did not want risk any more shuffling about.
“I’m not stupid you know!” Auntie Eleanor murmured and I looked up to see her staring at me with a grin on her face. “All this shuffling about!” I felt myself go bright red and Auntie Eleanor smiled. She turned to look down at my hand which was draped along the inside of her thighs and then she turned back to me.
“You can touch if you want to but no mucking about!” I felt myself blush again and Auntie Eleanor reached down and took hold of my hand. Then she casually moved her legs further apart and placed my hand directly between her thighs. I first felt the soft pad of skin under her pubic hair and then she moved my hand further down and I was suddenly hit by how wet she was! In the back of my mind I recalled she had said that women get very wet when they get turned on. Could it be that my Auntie Eleanor was getting turned on by me being in bed with her?
“You can leave your hand there but don’t wiggle it about or anything!” Auntie Eleanor instructed as she took her hand away. My fingers were now resting along the lips of her pussy which were slick beneath my touch. To my embarrassment I felt a small spurt of juice erupt from my cock and thanked God I was in the spare room and that Auntie Eleanor had not slept in my parents’ bed!
Then I suddenly realized that my middle finger seemed, of its own accord I hasten to add, to be slipping between Auntie Eleanor’s pussy lips. Auntie Eleanor suddenly twitched.
“I’m sorry I can’t help it. I’ll just leave it there. I promise I won’t move it around!” I pleaded, longing to be able to leave my hand in this Promised Land.
“What do you mean you can’t help it?” Auntie Eleanor turned to look at me with a smirk on her face. I also noticed however that her eyes were somewhat glazed.
“Well…it’s very difficult keeping my hands still for a long time!” I explained, surprising myself at how quickly I came out with this excuse. As if to demonstrate I quickly wiggled my fingers and Auntie Eleanor’s eyes widened.
“David I’ve told you!” However it did occur to me that she made no move to remove my hand or indeed to shuffle out of the way. It also now occurred to me, more than ever, that perhaps Auntie Eleanor was actually enjoying this. I decided to try a different tack.
“What you were saying last night…” Auntie Eleanor turned to look at me again.
“Well…you told me that women play with themselves as well, like men do.” I gazed at her and noticed that she reddened slightly. “So the thing is…how do women do it?”
Auntie Eleanor closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow. I waited for her to tell me off and ask me to leave the room. I felt sure this was the end of our session.
“I’m just interested that’s all.” I stammered. I realized that whilst we had been talking my middle finger had slipped further into Auntie Eleanor’s pussy and was now up to the second knuckle. I tried to keep still so as not to annoy her. The room was silent for what seemed like an age and then,
“We rub our fingers between our legs… ” she muttered. I was right! I was actually playing with my Auntie Eleanor and she was enjoying it! I decided to play the innocent.
“So it’s a bit like what I’m doing now?”
“Just like what you’re doing now…” Auntie Eleanor whispered. I wondered if I dare move my fingers. I swallowed hard and then,
“Would you like me to do it for you?” I whispered. As I said this I carefully wiggled my finger around in Auntie Eleanor’s pussy, hoping this might encourage her. Suddenly she gave a long sigh. I panicked for a second and then she said,
“Go on then David…” my heart leapt into my mouth and I gave a silent cry of delight. Now, of course, I had to carry out my offer
I began to move my fingers up and down, the middle finger sliding slowly in and out of Auntie Eleanor’s pussy and the other fingers sliding up and down the lips. I looked at Auntie Eleanor’s face, and noticed her eyelids twitching over her closed eyes. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing heavily. I guessed I was doing the right thing!
I continued moving my hand up and down and then Auntie Eleanor whispered
“Move it a bit higher…” I did as I was told and moved my fingers to the top of her pussy and to my surprise felt a small lump. I pressed it with my finger and Auntie Eleanor gave a little grunt.
“That’s it…just there…” she muttered. Remembering again the chat from last night I suddenly realised this must be her clitoris and, I knew, the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. My fingers were now quite wet from her pussy and I carefully placed one against this bud and twirled it around. Auntie Eleanor jerked and gave a small cry. Was she coming? I continued to twirled my finger around her clitoris and then suddenly she cried out
“Davey…!” She brought her hand down and planted it on to mine, pushing it hard into her groin. Her hips lifted up off the bed and using her hand on mine she forced it in short quick circles across the whole area of her pussy. She was actually whimpering as she came and I let her to all the work as she squirmed my hand between her legs. I watched in amazement as her orgasm went through her and it seemed an age before she eventually collapsed back onto the bed.
I wasn’t sure whether to leave my hands there but she moved it away and I casually wiped it on the bed clothes. Auntie Eleanor was still lying with eyes closed breathing heavily and I watched entranced as her breasts rose and fell on her chest.
“That was wonderful!” Auntie Eleanor whispered, half to me, half to herself. I found out later that she had not had a man for some time so to be brought off by someone else was quite an event. She turned to look at me.
“Thanks ever so much… I needed that!” She grinned and I smiled back gratefully. “You found my clitoris very quickly. Not many men can do that!” I felt myself bursting with pride. I was only 13 but I had made a grown woman come!
“Can I go now please?” I was conscious that my cock was fit to burst and I wanted to play with myself. Auntie Eleanor looked puzzled.
“So soon?” Then she glanced down at my groin. “Ah! I expect you want to take care of that don’t you?” I gazed down at my cock which was swaying about, its tip glistening.
“Would you like me to take care of it for you?” Auntie Eleanor glanced at me with a grin. This was, of course, what I had been hoping she would say and I nodded quickly.
“Yes please!” I lay back and waited for Auntie Eleanor to wrap her fingers around my cock again but then, to my surprise, she started sliding down the bed. What was this all about? As she slid down her nightie rode up and she quickly sat up and pulled it off over her head before resuming her journey. She was now stark naked and I gazed in amazement at her brown body. She moved down until her head was level with my groin and then glanced up at me with a mischievous grin on her face.
“I didn’t tell you about oral sex did I?” I shook my head dumbly. What was she talking about? She leant up on her elbows and gazed at me.
“Oral sex is where men and women kiss, lick and suck each other.” My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. Did such things really happen? Auntie Eleanor laughed at my expression.
“It’s really nice!” She glanced at my cock. “I’m going to suck your cock now if you’d like?”
“Yes please!” was all I could think of to say. Knowing how nice Auntie Eleanor’s fingers had felt around my cock, heaven knows how her mouth would feel! I watched as she leaned forward and casually planted a kiss on the tip of my cock. The touch was like an electric shock going through me. She pulled her head back and a strand of pre-cum stretched from the head of my cock to her lips and she grinned at me, twirling her tongue around to lick it off.
She looked at my cock again and then opening her mouth casually leaned forward again and wrapped her lips around the head. The warmth and the wetness were wonderful! I wondered if proper sex was like this. I watched in amazement as Auntie Eleanor slid her head further down until almost half of my cock was encased in her warm wet mouth. Her tongue was twirling around the shaft and the feeling was quite exquisite.
She kept her eyes on mine and then brought her head up until my cock was almost out and then swooped down again. I closed my eyes, giving myself up to the wonderful feelings as once again Auntie Eleanor rose and fell on my cock, her lips rubbing against the soft skin and her tongue twirling against the shaft.
I suddenly realised I was going to come any second and of course I would be coming in Auntie Eleanor as mouth! I quickly cried out
“I’m going to come! I’m going to come!” To my astonishment rather than pulling away Auntie Eleanor swooped down again and this time held her cock in my mouth, rasped her tongue across the head and quickly slid her hand up and down the shaft of my cock. This finished me off and I exploded in her mouth. The orgasm was even better than last night. I was conscious of several spurts of juice jetting into my Auntie’s mouth and to my surprise she seemed to be swallowing it!
I could not believe what was happening but gave myself up to the wonderful feelings that were coursing through me. Eventually I felt my orgasm subside and with a last twirl of her tongue around the shaft Auntie Eleanor pulled her head up and my cock popped out. She grinned at me and licked her lips hungrily. I gazed back at her.
“That was brilliant…absolutely brilliant!” I croaked. Auntie Eleanor laughed.
“I thought you’d enjoy it!” She knelt up and I gazed at her, kneeling there quite casually, her hands resting on her legs. Her breasts hung sleepily on her chest and I admired what appeared to be an all over tan. I later found out she often sunbathed in the nude. I could see a small vee of hair between her legs and hoped I would get a chance to see this more closely at some later date.
She then stood up and put her nightie back on, allowing it to fall down her body and with a quick shake she was almost decent again. She looked at the clock.
“Time for breakfast I think!” I realised it was getting late so I too got up and went back to my room to get dressed.
I joined Auntie Eleanor in the kitchen, where she was now dressed quite primly in her blouse and skirt again, and we silently make breakfast. As we sat and ate we chatted about this and that but made no mention of what had passed between us over last few hours. After a while she announced she was off home as my parents would be back soon, and she gave me a warm hug before going out to the car.
“I’ll be in touch David” she promised as she wound the window up and drove off
Over the next few days I played with myself as often as possible, but once the novelty had worn off I kept it down to once a day. Each time I imagined I was with my Auntie Eleanor and I felt a pang, wondering when I would see her again.
Once or twice during the summer she came to babysit, but of course Susan, my sister, was always there and although she went to bed an hour before I did, Auntie Eleanor suggested we didn’t risk anything whilst she was in the house. Therefore it wasn’t until late summer, going into autumn, that we had our next session.
“How would you like to earn a bit of extra pocket money?” Those dreaded words! It was my mum who explained that Auntie Eleanor had asked if I could help her tidy up the garden, which needed quite a bit of clearing up after the summer. My heart leapt in my chest. Surely this could only mean one thing! I pretended to be reluctant but then agreed and it was arranged that Auntie Eleanor would come and pick me up the following Saturday morning.
Just for show, I’d put on an old pair of jeans and tee shirt and ran up to the garden gate when I saw Auntie Eleanor’s car pull up. I quickly opened the door and climbed in next to her and she grinned at me as she said hello and pulled away.
“Is there much that needs doing then?” I asked lightly. Auntie Eleanor turned to look at me.
“I did it all yesterday…” I returned her gaze and she smiled at me broadly. I then knew gardening was the last thing on her mind. She went on to explain that she hadn’t been able to sort out the time for us to be together, and in fact she had thought about not seeing me again. Apparently what we were doing was strictly speaking illegal as I was under age and she was worried my parents would find out. This was all news to me and I tried to hide my disappointment, knowing this might be our last session.
“Don’t worry though David…” Auntie Eleanor grinned at me again. “I’m sure we can find a way!” I grinned back and felt relieved.
The car pulled into Auntie Eleanor’s driveway and we both got out. She led me to the back door and asked if I wanted a drink. I must confess my mouth was very dry, as I was nervous, and I accepted her offer of a glass of Coke. She joined me and we went through into the lounge. As we drank Auntie Eleanor asked me about the new school term and I tried to answer as casually as I could, all the time thinking about what we were going to do. Oddly enough Auntie Eleanor seemed nervous as well and then she put her drink down, took mine and placed it next to hers and then turned around on the sofa to gaze at me.
“I want this morning to be special David.” I nodded, wondering what else she was going to say. “Remember when I told you all about the facts of life? Well I want us to do it today. I want you to make love to me. Would you like that?” I felt myself go bright red. Of course the thought had crossed my mind as soon as I had known I was going to see Auntie Eleanor but I didn’t like to raise my hopes.
“That’ll be fantastic Auntie Eleanor. I’d love that!” I smiled broadly at her. She grinned at my exuberance and leaning forward stroked her fingers down the side of my cheek. I suddenly felt very warm and cosy and wondered if I dare kiss her. She seemed to read my mind and shuffling towards me on the sofa she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. We parted and she gazed at me an odd way and then suddenly leaned forward and kissed me again, this time harder. Our lips pressed together. I hadn’t kissed a girl properly before and this felt fantastic!
Suddenly, to my surprise, I felt Auntie Eleanor’s lips open and I did the same. Our lips were wriggling together and the softness and wetness was wonderful. Then I felt Auntie Eleanor’s tongue poking out into my mouth and that felt even better! I did the same and twirled my tongue around hers. Auntie Eleanor sighed and put her arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to her. She carefully eased herself back on the sofa and pulled me to her so I was almost on top of her. I snaked my arms around her and soon felt her warm breasts crushed against my chest. We were now kissing really hard and wetly and I was getting incredibly turned on.
I was having difficulty in breathing and so I gently pulled way but kept my arms around Auntie Eleanor. She gazed at me with an odd expression on her face.
“Are you alright?” I asked nervously.
“Just wonderful David…” She grinned at me. I suddenly realised that the expression on her face was pure lust! She seemed to gather her thoughts. “Shall we go into the bedroom then?” I jumped up excitedly and Auntie Eleanor laughed again.
“Looks like you can’t wait!” I grinned nervously, not wanting to embarrass myself. She took my hand and led me out of the lounge and then up the stairs. As I followed her I watched her backside encased in the blue denim of her jeans.
“In here…” Auntie Eleanor pushed the door open and led me into her bedroom. The room was quite large with wide windows which let in the autumn sunshine. The room was dominated by a large double bed and I noticed that all the blankets had been thrown off leaving just two pillows.
“Kiss me again David…” Auntie Eleanor murmured as she pulled me to her and once again we embraced and kissed, standing in the middle of the room. I allowed my hands to wander down her back and grab hold of her backside. She didn’t object and I massaged the cheeks of her bum, pulling me closer to her so my by-now bulging erection lodged into her groin. I luxuriated in the feeling of her soft breasts against my chest and she ran her hands through my hair, breathing heavily and murmuring.
“God I’m dying for it!” Auntie Eleanor muttered into my ear and we parted. She put her hand to her mouth and grinned at me. “Sorry – I sound like a right little tart don’t I?” I put my hands up.
“No not at all. You’re so lovely!” I wasn’t sure what I meant but I wanted her to feel happy and to assure her that whatever she did was fine by me. She grinned at me and then started to unbutton her blouse. Taking her cue I quickly pull my tee shirt up over my head and draped it across the bedroom chair. I watched Auntie Eleanor as she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, easing the straps forward. She then carefully pulled it away from her chest and her breasts tumbled out. They looked as wonderful as I had remembered them. I stepped forward and cupped them in my hands, gazing at them as I massaged the warm flesh beneath my fingers.
“You like those don’t you?” I looked up at Auntie Eleanor who was grinning at me. I nodded.
“I dream about you whenever I play with myself…” I suddenly exclaimed. Auntie Eleanor looked startled.
“Really?” I nodded. “Wow that is nice!” She grinned at me. She closed her eyes as I continued to play with her breasts and I flicked my thumbs across the nipples, remembering how much she liked this. Then I stroked my hands down her flanks and knelt down in front of her. She rested her hands lightly on my head as I carefully unbuckled her jeans and started to pull them down. She was wearing a pair of skimpy white panties and as she stepped out of her jeans I gazed at the white triangle of material.
I was hoping to have a closer look at her pussy, which was why I had decided to do this and I was relieved that she did not stop me as I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. To my surprise, rather than the expected fuzz of pubic hair, my eyes were greeted by a completely bald pussy!
“Gosh!” I exclaimed inadequately. I glanced up at Auntie Eleanor who was smiling down at me.
“I shaved it this morning just for you!” I returned my gaze to her groin.
“It looks really sexy Auntie Eleanor!”
“I’m glad you approve.” she replied and I reached out and gently stroked the soft pad of flesh at the top of her pussy. Auntie Eleanor shuffled her legs apart slightly and I bent closer so I could investigate between her legs. Then she slid her hands down and placing them on either side of her pussy she carefully eased her lips apart. I gazed in astonishment.
“These are my outer lips…” she explained as I gazed at the wrinkled folds of flesh. “These are my inner lips…” she ran her fingers inside her pussy and around the entrance. “and this is my vulva…” She then inserted a finger into her pussy, sliding it into the wet hole as I watched entranced. I was learning a lot today!
“Where’s your clitoris then?” I asked, knowing I had to pay special attention to this magical place that I had found once before. Auntie Eleanor moved her fingers up and then spreading her index and middle finger I notice a small pink bud at the top of her pussy. She tapped it with her finger.
“Just there…where you left it!” she whispered. It was about the size of a pea and bright pink. I tentatively reached out and twirled my finger around it. Auntie Eleanor gasped. I then did something that I had been dying to do for some while but didn’t dare to ask. Swallowing hard I leaned forward, poked out my tongue and quickly rasped it across Auntie Eleanor’s clitoris.
“Jesus Christ!” Auntie Eleanor cried out and her hands clamped the side of my head. I thought for one horrible moment I had done something wrong and then she muttered “Do that again…please do that again…” she pulled my head forward and I poked out my tongue and once again flicked it across the soft pink bud. I swear her legs trembled as I did this and I quickly brought my hands up to grab her hips in case she fell over.
“Again…” I got the hint and ran my tongue up and down her clitoris two or three times, suddenly realizing that her hips were twitching to match the rhythm of my tongue. I pressed a little harder and then suddenly Auntie Eleanor gave out a shriek.
“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Oh Davey that’s it!” Suddenly her hands clamped on to my head and pulled me hard against her groin. My tongue was now squashed against her clitoris and my whole mouth seemed to be encasing her pussy as she wriggled her groin against me. I felt juices spurting over my face and dribbling down on to my chin as I clung on to her backside while she came. Suddenly she stiffened and tottered backwards, letting go of my head and sitting down with a bump on the bed.
I knelt back on my haunches and gazed at her, licking my lips. The taste was quite pleasant. Auntie Eleanor was sitting on the edge of the bed, her face red, her eyelids fluttering and her mouth open. She was breathing heavily and seemed to be trying to gather herself together. Eventually her breathing died down and she gazed at me.
“Where did you learn to do that?” She muttered. I shook my head. “No of course…it’s the first time you’ve done it isn’t it?” I nodded.
“You’re going to make a lot of girls very happy David!” Auntie Eleanor grinned at me. I carefully stood up and gazed down at Auntie Eleanor. A thought crossed my mind.
“You swore just now didn’t you?” I had heard what she said and wondered why she had said it. She looked at me sheepishly.
“Yes I’m sorry about that. You’ll find women do that when they lose control…” I felt flattered.
“You know what fuck means don’t you?” I had a vague idea.
“It’s something to do with sex isn’t it?” I hazarded a guess. Auntie Eleanor grinned and nodded her head.
“When I was telling me the facts of life I called it making love but a lot of people call it a fucking.” I nodded as if I had this sort of conversation all the time.
“Fucking?” I must admit it felt good to say it. Auntie Eleanor grinned.
“So would you like to fuck me now then?” My heart leapt into my mouth. This was it! I was actually going to do it with a woman and lose my virginity!
“Yes please Auntie Eleanor!”
“Well get your jeans off then!” Auntie Eleanor instructed and I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I took my socks off and then slid down my briefs so my cock, which was of course a fully erect by now, bobbed into view.
“Jesus he’s even bigger than I remember!” I gazed down as it bobbed about in front of me. Auntie Eleanor shuffled back on the bed and lay on her back, gazing up at me, resting up on her elbows. She eased her legs apart and I gazed at her now fully exposed pussy.
“You had a good look at it just now that – now’s the time to do something with it!” I laughed and carefully climbed onto the bed. I wasn’t really sure what to do.
“If we do it the normal way first then I can teach you a few other positions.” I nodded nervously. “The normal way is with you lying between my legs. Then you can slide your cock into my pussy quite easily.” Here we go!
I carefully crawled up the bed and positioned myself over Auntie Eleanor on my hands and knees. I planted my hands either side of her head and carefully lowered myself. As I did so Auntie Eleanor took hold of my cock and shuffled around until the head was resting against the entrance to her pussy. An electric charge went through me as I felt the warm wetness of her vulva almost enveloping the head of my cock. I was nearly there!
“Now you’re quite big David so take it gently. Put it in a bit at a time.” I nodded and eased forward until a couple of inches of my cock were sliding into my Aunt’s pussy. It felt wonderful! I carefully eased myself on to my elbows, being careful not to crush her, and another inch slid in. I made myself a bit more comfortable so I was now laying almost full length on Auntie Eleanor and I gazed at her face.
“Is that alright?” I asked.
“That’s just fine David.” I felt the muscles of her pussy contract around my cock and I winced. I hoped I wouldn’t come too soon as I was enjoying this so much. Then Auntie Eleanor curled her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her. At the same time she spread her legs wide and I felt the full length of my cock sliding into her pussy. I was now in as far as I could go. I was inside a woman!
Auntie Eleanor sighed and I too took a deep breath, luxuriating in her arms. She was now gently stroking my back and gave me a few light kisses on the side of her face. I turned my head so I could kiss her on the lips and once again we kissed passionately, our tongues intertwining as my cock rested inside her pussy. Then she pulled way.
“You can start now…” She whispered. “Pull it out quite a long way and then slide in again. Keep a fairly good rhythm and you’ll find it feels really nice. I might ask you to go faster and harder sometimes but just do as I say…” I nodded nervously hoping I would be a good pupil. I did as I was told and pulled my cock almost all the way out and then slid it back in again. It felt wonderful. I did it again a few times and then it suddenly hit me. I was making love to woman at last!
“That’s it David…you’re a good learner!” I lifted myself up unto my elbows again and gazed lovingly at my auntie.
“You’re a good teacher!” I said gallantly and she grinned back at me. She squeezed my shoulders comfortingly and then moved her hands down my back and grasped the cheeks of my backside. She was actually pulling me deeper into her which I really liked. Then her face winced a couple times. I looked at her nervously and she grinned.
“It’s alright David…I’m really enjoying this. In fact I think I’m going to come in a minute!”
“Wow! Brilliant!” I exclaimed which made Auntie Eleanor laugh.
“Remember I said I might ask you to go harder and faster?” I nodded.
“You can start now!” Auntie Eleanor gasped and I began to speed up. I could hear the slap of my body against my Auntie’s groin and I began to ram harder and faster.
“That’s it David…that’s lovely…you’re doing this brilliantly!” I felt a surge of pride as I bounced up and down on top of my auntie. It’s only occurred to me I might be a bit heavy for her so I quickly eased myself up on to my hands which also gave me a great view of her breasts. Auntie Eleanor opened her eyes and gazed up at me, her hands still clamped on my backside.
“That’s a lovely view David…” I grinned back at her. “It’s great to have a man banging away between my legs again!” She had called me a man! I felt very grown up all of a sudden. Then her face flinched.
“I’m going to come in a minute…” Auntie Eleanor threw her head back and closed her eyes as I continued to thrust into her, gazing at her breasts as they rolled around on her chest. They looked fantastic! Suddenly Auntie Eleanor cried out,
“Fuck yes! That’s it David…harder… Yes… Yes…uh uh uhshit yes” Auntie Eleanor was now bouncing around on the bed and the noise of our lovemaking echoed around the room.
“fuck fuck fuck FUCKfuck yes!” Suddenly Auntie Eleanor lifted her hips off the bed in an orgasmic spasm and she actually wrapped her legs around me. I collapsed on top of her as she pull me closer to her and her arms embraced me as her legs were doing. She was still jerking and twitching against my cock and I could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting around me as her orgasm thundered through her.
“Auntie Eleanor I’m going to…” I muttered into her ear.
“Yes David! Come with me! Pump my cunt!” This last line astonished me and also took me over the top. I could almost feel the juice surging up my cock and suddenly I erupted. I felt the juice spurting from the end of my cock, spurting inside my auntie. I had a vague worry about making babies but pushed it one side. I was now solely concerned with coming and pumping spunk into Auntie Eleanor’s hungry pussy. After a while I felt my orgasm subside and both of us collapsed back on the bed, my body sliding wetly against Auntie Eleanor as we sweated together.
It took us a while to recover and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette. Should I pull out and roll off her? As if to answer me Auntie Eleanor wrapped her arms around me and held me closer to her. My cock began to wilt inside her pussy as she continued to stroke my back lovingly but I felt no will urge to come out.
After a few minutes’ silence my erection subsided completely and I felt my cock slide out of its own accord.
“I think he’s finished don’t you?”
“I’m afraid so…” I muttered back. Was she expecting a repeat session I wondered? I carefully rolled off her and on to my back. Auntie Eleanor shuffled to one side and then turned onto her side to gaze down at me. She ran her fingers up and down my chest.
“I can’t get enough of you, you know…” She whispered. I swallowed hard. “I know I should have got another man after my divorce but no one was quite right for me. You are though.” She leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the chest. “You’re just right for me. You’re young and fit and full of energy. And you’ve got a cock like a fucking horse!” Suddenly she burst out laughing and rolled onto her back as I gazed at her in astonishment.
“Sorry have I disgusted you?” Auntie Eleanor looked at me, trying not to laugh again.
“No not at all. It’s really nice!” She grinned at me.
“Does it make if you feel all grown up?” I nodded, worrying that she might be teasing me.
“I know I’m not grown up but I feel grown upnowwith you.” Auntie Eleanor looked serious for a few seconds then grinned at me.
“That’s a lovely thing to say David.” Her face dropped for a few seconds. “You know I love you don’t you?” I felt myself go bright red. Had she read my mind? Had she realised how much I had fallen in love with her since our first session?
“I love you too auntie…” I mumbled looking down.
“Say that again David.” Auntie Eleanor whispered. I looked up at her and noticed she was gazing at me with an odd expression on her face.
“I love you Auntie Eleanor! I always have. I think you’re gorgeous.” I looked down again. “I think you’ve got a lovely face and a fantastic body and I love it when you’re naked and we’re in bed together! I think of you all the time!” I blurted this out and looked up to her again. She grinned back at me.
“Well I’m not sure we can make this last David but we can make the most that while we can can’t we?” I nodded knowing exactly what she meant. It was silly of course for me to be in love with my auntie but I hoped we could still enjoy ourselves. I looked up to her again.
“Can we still do this though? Can we still go to bed together?” Auntie Eleanor nodded.
“Of course we can David as long as we careful and you don’t tell anybody we can keep this going.” She looked serious for a few seconds. “We must be careful though.” I nodded vigorously, happy to agree with anything she said.
But of course all good things come to an end. Although she babysat a couple of times, and indeed once risked playing with me on the sofa while Susan was in bed, we both realised it was not to be and in fact she hooked up with another man. I was upset of course and actually cried in bed the night I found out, but I was determined to put her out of my mind and just enjoy the wonderful memory.

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