Sara's Awakening Part 4

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The first paragraph is Sara still remembering. After that it jumps back to her in bed where the story began.

The next few weeks brought much of the same. During the week she went to school but on the weekends she waited for daddy to go to work so she could continue learning about sex. She studied the videos and read forums. She was learning fast how to make a man cum and was desperate to try it out for real but the only man she wanted was her father.

Sara opened her eyes to find her door was closed again. Daddy must have headed back to bed. She wondered what he could be doing out there every night as he watched her. A big part of her dared to hope that he was turned on by her and was outside her door checking out her body. She tried to push those thoughts back since she didn't want to get her hopes up if that wasn't what he was doing. She needed to get some rest anyway. Tomorrow was Sunday and daddy had just switched jobs so now he would be off on Sundays. She had been planning for the last week just how she was going to find out whether or not he wanted her like she wanted him. She needed to be on her game tomorrow so she didn't slip up and ruin everything she had planned. Sara snuggled into her pillow and shut her eyes smiling as she ran through her plans one more time.

Mark woke at nine the next morning. He was so glad he had Sundays off now. He felt like the last few weeks him and Sara had drifted apart some and he was starting to wonder if maybe she had figured out what he had been doing outside her door that night. He kept telling himself it was impossible but the worry built in him anyway. He thought today they could spend some time together. He could take her out into the forest behind their house and they could talk about things. He tried to think of what kind of stuff teenage girls enjoyed these days but he really had no idea. Maybe it'd be better if he tried to avoid her he thought. He was starting to worry that he could no longer control himself when he was with her. The worst thing he could do was be alone with her. It is Sunday after all. I could just stay in and watch football all day. "Mark you genius" he thought. Sara never cared much for sports and would probably go find something else to do if he turned the game on. That settles it I'm spending my day in front of the tv and not lusting after Sara.

He sat in the living room sipping coffee when she walked in. It took every last bit of mental strength he had not to gawk at her. She stood in front of him in a pair of tight cutoff jean shorts, a tiny little tank top that clung tightly to her breasts and had her hair done back in pigtails. Every inch of her screamed delicious forbidden sex. Since when had she started dressing this way? Her mom had always picked out her clothes and made sure that everything Sara owned was almost ridiculously conservative. His heart was racing and he had to look away.

"Good morning sweetheart" he said trying not to stutter.

"Morning daddy" she answered.

Then after taking a calming breath he looked back in her direction. She had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen on her face. She slowly started walking his way and then flopped down on the couch beside him. She was sitting so close that he could smell her freshly showered scent. Then she laid her head on his shoulder and waited for him to look at her.

Once he did she asked "what are we gonna do today daddy? We've hardly got to spend any time together so I want you all to myself today".

Oh shit that was not at all what he needed. Not only had she dressed in a way that would leave him so hard all day to the point he was afraid the lack of blood would give him brain damage but now she wanted to spend the entire day with him.

"Well I thought I'd spend the day watching some of the games on. I'm sure you'd have much more fun outside or maybe reading a book right"? he asked.

"Oh come on daddy. I've missed you." She scooted closer to him and then threw her legs into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "There'll be more games on later. Its beautiful outside. We could go for a walk." She moved her face closer to his. "Pretty please daddy"?

Her legs wiggled back and forth. Every movement rubbing the head of his cock which was now throbbing in his pants. "Ok ok but we better get going" he said hoping that she'd move her legs before she caused him to cum in his pants.

"You're the best" she said leaning in to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

To his relief and his now aching cock's disappointment she moved her legs and hopped up off the couch and headed for the door. He watched as she walked away. She looked like she was wiggling her ass as she walked and each wiggling step caused the material of her shorts to ride up and almost give him a glimpse of each firm cheek. This walk was gonna be hell he thought.

Sara almost giggled as she made her way to the door. She knew she was showing a lot of skin in her little outfit and she could almost feel daddy's eyes on her as she reached for the door knob. Phase one was complete she thought.

They walked out to the little forest that lined their property. Mark decided to walk a step faster than Sara. If he stared at her ass for a minute longer he just knew his head would explode. He would glance back at her from time to time though which was almost as bad since her breasts bounced softly with each step but luckily he had worn sunglasses so he felt safe that she wouldn't she him staring at them.

They had went a few miles and hadn't talked all that much. Sara told him about school and a girl that she had recently started hanging out with. He told her a little about work but for the most part he tried to remain silent. They were about to turn back when Sara ran over to a tree that grew up taller than all the rest in the little forest.

"Hey daddy come here" she called out.

Mark made his way over silently cursing the fact that he was again behind her. "Oh great" he thought as he got closer "she's hopping up and down".

"Help me climb this tree dad" she said almost pleading.

"Baby I don't think that's a good idea. What if you fall and hurt yourself"

"I won't I promise. I used to climb this one all the time but I need a boost" she said.

"Oh fine but be careful Sara" he kneeled down and cupped his hands together for her to put her foot in.

"Umm dad what are you doing? Just grab my waist and lift me up"
She was smiling possibly the biggest grin he'd ever seen. How was he going to get out of this one? Not only was he alone with her now she wanted him to grab her waist. He could fake an injury he thought. Say my back was acting up. Good god she'll think I'm calling her fat if I do that. Just keep cool and lift her up. It doesn't have to be sexual if you don't make it that way.

He walked up behind her and put his hands gently on her waist. "Ok ready? One. Two. Three" on three he lifted her up high and watched as her hands grabbed the lowest branch. She hung there for a second and seemed to struggle to pull herself up.

"Hey daddy give me a little extra push please" she called down to him.

Mark tried to grab her foot and push her up but her legs kept kicking. "You gotta stop kicking Sara. I can't grab your foot"

"Just push my butt up dad. Hurry I'm starting to slip"

Oh god no he looked up and saw her perfect ass staring down at him. Quick quick quick. Just get it over with. Standing he reached up and placed both hands on her ass. He had to stop himself from squeezing as he felt her wiggle her ass in his hands. Finally she pulled herself up and climbed up the first branch.

Sara stared down at her father and smiled. This was going perfect she thought. First she surprised him by coming out in next to nothing and now she had not only had him grab her around the waist but she had also had his hands on her ass. He looked so frustrated that she almost felt bad but if her plan was going to work she would need him wound so tight he wouldn't be able to think straight. Phase two complete.

Mark had never been so happy and so sad to see his house as he was when they finally made it back home. He was happy that he could sit down and watch a game without his daughter's perfect ass in his face the whole time and he was sad because well the same reason. Mark went and flopped down on the couch and reached for the remote.

"No no daddy. I'm hungry. Come make lunch with me" Sara said.

She really wasn't going to let him out of her sight was she? He groaned theatrically as he walked past her into the kitchen.

"Are you groaning mister" she teased. Then to his surprise she slapped him on the ass. "There'll be no more of that" she said laughing.

What the fuck was going on. This was not like Sara at all. Now that he thought about it the whole damn day had been strange. Sara never dressed like this, she never asked for help especially the kind that meant someone had to grab her ass to help her and she never talked like this. She seemed playful almost flirty. But flirty with him? Nah she's just in a good mood. Maybe her new friend at school acts like this and its just rubbing off on her.

He watched as she prepared a salad for them. She stood there slicing vegtables and to his surprise she was dancing. Mainly she was just wiggling her ass in his direction. Was she doing this on purpose? He decided to test it out. Mark walked up behind her and asked "is that your idea of dancing"?

She started laughing "Yeah. Its called shaking your booty."

He let out a little laugh and tried to slow his heart. "Well there'll be no booty shaking in my house" he said and gave her a slap on her ass much like the one she'd given him. He waited to see her reaction.

She turned bright red and he knew he had fucked up big time. Then she walked over to the sink and filled a glass with water. Oh god she's gonna cry he thought. He started to apologize "Sara I." She turned to him with a big smile on her face. "Baby I didn't" she cut him off again as she walked over and dumped the water on his head. Then burst out laughing.

He stood there shocked. He thought he had hurt her or scared her but she had taken it as a joke. Well if she wanted to be playful "oh this means war" he ran to the fridge to get the big jug of water as she squealed and ran for the front door. She had barely made it to their front yard when he had her. He wrapped one arm tight around her and held the jug above her head.

"You know if you dump that on me it'll get you too"? She said smiling.

"I'm willing to take that chance" he said as he let the cold water run down over her head. He could feel himslf getting soaked as well but didn't care. She squirmed in his arms and he could feel her ass pressed tight against him as she wiggled it back and forth.

She turned to face him and he could see her shirt clinging tightly to her. Her nipples were now hard from the cold water. Her shorts were soaked too. She rushed him so fast he couldn't react and tackled him to the ground. She straddled him and started pressing her body against him. For a second he dared to hope that she was trying to touch his body but he realized she was trying to get the rest of him wet using her soaked clothing.

"Look daddy. You've got me all wet" Sara said grinning.

Mark thought his heart stopped. Had she really just said that? Poor girl has obviously never heard of sexual innuendos. He could feel his cock starting to get hard again and this time she was sitting right on top of him. He had to move her fast. He grabbed her and pulled her close and then rolled so he was now on top of her. She looked up at him smiling.

"Take her" his mind said. "She wants it. Are you blind man? Do it. Fuck her now"

Mark took her wrists in his hands and pinned them to the ground. To his surprise she let out what sounded like a little moan. His heart still racing he said "lets go eat"

He crawled off of her and helped her up. She was smiling that giant grin again. She leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek "sounds great daddy" she said. Then she ran towards the house.

Sara watched her father as he ate his lunch. She was still trying to build up the tension but for a second there she thought he had too much. When he pinned her wrists to the ground she had almost pushed her hips out to him. The way he looked at her when she told him he had got her wet was priceless. She was almost totally certain that he wanted her too. But the day wasn't quite over yet and she still had a few tricks up her sleeve.

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