Vacation By The Lake:1

I was in my room on the computer, bored, and surfing for some new porn to hold my interest for a little while. I was already packed and waiting for my sister Abby to finish packing so me and my dad could finish loading our families stuff for our vacation at the lake house that we go on every single year. Being almost 18, it’s not my idea of a “great escape” to spend the entire summer at the lake house with my family. I wanted to go to the beach but my mom said it would be nice to spend one last summer having some quality family time before I left to go away for college in the fall. After what seemed like hours, but was realistically more like 20 minutes, I got bored and decided to go check on Abby’s progress, and hopefully hurry things up a little bit. At least at the lake I could maybe find some girls I could get to know and hang around with.

I walked into Abby’s room, which is right across the hall from mine, and of course she’s not ready, all her shit is in a big pile on her bed with the suitcase open and empty on the floor, and she’s nowhere to be found. That’s when I hear water running and music playing right next door in our shared bathroom. I go over and knock on the door but don’t get an answer, probably because she has the music set to ear splitting. The door knob is unlocked so I decided to just go right in. I open the door and there’s Abby, standing in front of the mirror, butt naked and singing into a hair brush. At first I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there and froze staring at my little sisters naked body. I’ve seen Abby naked before when we were both a lot younger, but back then she was just a girl. Now what I was looking at was a blossomed young woman, with shapely curves. My god, my little sister we beautiful, in fact I’d go as far as to say she was hot! Abby is 16, and just recently got her license. I’d put her anywhere between 5’3 to 5’5 if I had to guess, she’s got long straight deep red hair that comes to her lower back, light green emerald eyes, I wouldn’t say she was a true ginger because she always managed to get a nice tan when she laid out in the sun, but I’d say her skin was fair. Until this point I never really took notice, but her tits really bloomed since last summer. She’s always been a bit chesty, but holy shit! I would say they are now a solid D cup, which compliment her wide hips and tight round ass very well. I guess playing volleyball is good for something, her thighs are nice and toned too. She’s never been “skinny” but she’s always been very healthy, which was obvious now, and only the tiniest bit of chub on her stomach.

I finally snapped back to reality when she wiped the fog off the mirror and seen me standing thereJAKE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FUCKING PERV?? GET OUT! Sorry! I was coming to see what was taking so long! Dad wants to get loaded and get on the road, I said. What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m just getting out of the shower, now close the door and get out! UGH, this is going to be a long summer. I left her to get ready, and went downstairs to see if my parents were ready. As I walked down the steps I could hear my dad on the phone, “yeahno I understand that, but couldn’t Roger take care of it? Well, alright, that’s unfortunate, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I asked, what’s wrong dad? Oh hey Jake, look I’m real sorry but we’re not going to be able to go on our trip now, somethings come up with one of the projects at the office and they need me to fly to Seattle to help close a contract for some condos we’re going to build. I’m sorry, he said. I thought, “oh great so no beach with my friends, and now no girls in skimpy bikinis by the lake.” So, what now? I asked trying to mask my annoyance as best as possible. Right then mom walked in, “honey, I just got off the phone with Rose, mom fell again and this time broke her hip, so now her and I have to go to Richmond for a couple weeks to help her until she’s better.” “ Well I just got done breaking the news to Jake that I won’t be able to go because I have to go to Seattle on a business trip,” said dad. Well what are me and Abby supposed to do now? I asked. So mom said “well, I’d hate for you guys to stay home and waste your summer, I think you two are old enough to go to the lake on your own this year.” Great, an entire summer stuck at the lake with just Abby, I said. “I’m sorry hun, but I’m sure you guys will run into kids your own age and you’ll make the best of it. Don’t worry, I’ll leave you guys enough money to get groceries and to get by with, you’ll be fine, now I have to go break the news to your sister and get going”, said mom.

About an hour later, Abby comes thumping downstairs with her suitcase, and a sour look on her face. Are mom and dad gone already? She asked. Yeah they left about a half hour ago. I can’t believe they both had to bail on the trip, this sucks, she said. Yeah I know, but like mom said, we’ll just have to make the best of it. Are you ready? Yeah, she said. Good then throw your shit in the back of my truck and let’s get going, I’m driving, and make sure you grab the boat keys hanging by the door, I said. It was already 4 o’clock and I just wanted to get there. It’s not like it was really far away, but it was still a two hour drive, and I wanted to get there before dark. Abby tossed her suitcase in the bed of my old beat up Cheyanne, and we headed out. Once we got out of town, I flipped the radio on and settled in for the drive, Abby was busy texting, and looking out the window. Jake, can I ask you something? Sure I guess. I want an honest answer, she said. Okay, what? Do you think I’m pretty?, she asked. What? The images from earlier came flooding right back, her standing naked in the bathroom, her nice round ass, and her perfect tits. The crotch of my jeans started to tighten, and I had to squirm around to get comfortable again. I said, why would you ask me of all people that question? Because your my brother and if anyone was going to be honest with my it’d probably be you, she said. Yeah your fine, why? Did someone say you weren’t pretty? No, it’s just I try and flirt with some of the guys at school, but I can’t seem to get a steady boyfriend, she said. Yeah well, the boys you try to date are all douche bags anyway, so what’s it matter? It doesn’t I guess, I just don’t want to be the last one of my friends to lose my virginity and feel left out, she said. Jesus Christ Abby, I don’t want to hear about my sister getting fucked by some rando, besides, you’ve got some slutty friends anyway that have probably already categorized the entire school by dick size and shape, I said. The rest of the trip she stayed quiet, deep in thought, and my boner finally subsided.

We pulled on to the dirt road where our family cabin was at about 6:15. We unloaded our stuff and went inside to get settled. A little while later, my stomach started to growl. Hey, are you hungry? I asked. Yeah I could eat, she said. Alright well, we don’t have any groceries yet, so why don’t you finish putting the stuff away, and I’ll run into town and grab us some pizza. She said okay, so I hopped in my truck and headed for town. I got back about a half hour later, and as I walked up to the porch I looked through the window, and there was Abby sitting on the couch, with her pants down around her ankles, masturbating. I stopped dead in my tracks, I was so stunned that I dropped the box I was carrying. Holy shit, she’s watching porn on her phone, by now I was paying more attention and I could hear moaning coming from her and her phone. Her knees were slightly bent and I had a full view. She was running her finger up and down her slit, she must have really been turned on, because I could see her finger glisten from here. I noticed at home how much she’s grown, but now it was a whole new level. Her lips are nice and plump, tight together, not a trace of pubic hair to be seen. Her soft pink clit just poking out from the top, with the tiniest bit of pink folds protruding from her lips. Again I was frozen in place and couldn’t to anything but watch. She rubbed her slit, slowly at first, letting the juices moisten her finger. After only a minute or two, I could already see the clear liquid ooz out from between her lips and roll down over her puckered pink asshole. At that time I noticed my own discomfort, and the teeth of my zipper seemed like they would burst. I had to relieve the pressure in my pants for fear of bodily injury, so I undid my button and slowly lowered the zipper, being careful not to get caught in it since I don’t wear underwear, and pulled my rock hard cock from the confines of my pants. When I looked back, Abby was now rubbing her clit in smooth little circles, oozing even more, it looked like it was coming out in stringy ribbons. Her eyes were closed and her head went back, she was really getting after it now, picking up her pace. All of a sudden she took her middle and ring fingers and plunged them deep into her pussy, I had lost all sense and control at this point, so I reached down and started stroking my cock, after the events of earlier this afternoon, I was already to go with a full head of steam, so I knew it wouldn’t take me long. She quickened her thrusting, rocking her hips to meet each blow, her fingers so wet that they now looked soaked. The quicker she went, the quicker I went, there was no stopping now, I’ve reached the point of no return. Pumping my fist as hard and as fast as I could, I shot my load all over the shrub bush in front of me, three strong ropes of my cum was now dripping off its leafs. At the same time as I was unloading into the bushes, I could see Abby’s asshole start to twitch and knew she was climaxing too. Her strong thighs and stomach tensed and her still clothed chest was heaving, she pulled her fingers out and started attacking her clit again at a furious rate, all of a sudden her body locked up, she dropped her phone, and she squirted the littlest bit of ejaculate onto the sofa cushion. She stayed like that for another 10 to 15 seconds in pure bliss of her hard orgasm. By this time, the reality of what I had just done came crushing back on me, I just jerked off watching my sister get herself off! Worse yet, she probably saw me doing it! I quickly shoved my now soft cock back into my jeans, picked up the pizza box, and ducked around the corner out of sight from the window before I got caught. I gave it a few minutes for added measure. I then stomped up the porch steps to make sure she heard me coming, held my breath and went inside.

When I got into the living room, Abby was just walking out of the bathroom, her face was noticeably red from exertion. Hey, you got the pizza, cool, I’m starving, I just finished putting all the stuff away, she said. Phew, I was safe, she didn’t see me, although now I’m going to find it hard to look her in the eye the rest of the summer. I put the box down on the counter, Abby grabbed some plates and we dug in, both obviously famished at this point. After the pizza was gone, we headed into the living room to watch a movie, and get settled in for the night. We both went over to the couch, and I could still visibly see the wet spot where Abby dribbled her pussy juices just a little while ago. She must have noticed too because she cut in front of me and quickly sat down on it to cover it up. I sat next to her, and turned on the tv, we chose a movie and started to watch, some boring flick about a guy and this lost dog he found, I wasn’t really into it, so I pulled my phone out and started scrolling through tinder. Abby must have noticed or not have been too into the movie either because she looked over and asked, so, what do you want to do tomorrow? I don’t know, we need to get some groceries in this house so we don’t starve, so we should go do that first. Then probably head down to the lake and maybe get the boat uncovered, I said. That sounds like a good idea, I wouldn’t mind a day out on the lake in the boat getting some sun, she said. Oh great, I thought. That’s all I need is to watch my sister laying around in next to nothing on the pontoon boat with nowhere to go if my dick gets hard. Me and my big mouth. Actually the thought of it now was starting to make me get a chubby under my gym shorts, I just hope Abby doesn’t take notice. I quickly grab a pillow and throw it over my lap. Yeah that sounds nice, I said. I’m not sure what made her do it, but it seemed uncharacteristic of her. She slid a little closer to me, and laid her head on the pillow that was covering my now hardening cock. I just hope she doesn’t notice. After the movie was over, we both brushed our teeth and headed for bed. I turned my ceiling fan on and laid down, at this point I wasn’t really too tired yet, so I just laid there thinking about everything that happened today. I felt guilty about what I did to Abby, so much so I almost wanted to tell her about it, but quickly put that idea out of my head. Then I thought about what Abby said in my truck on the drive here. How she’s never really had a steady boyfriend, that got me thinking, I’ve never really had a steady girlfriend either. Sure I’ve dated a few girls here and there, and I wasn’t a virgin, but nothing really serious. I didn’t think I was a bad looking guy, I’m 6”1, with brown hair and green eyes, not emerald like Abby, I’d say more of a hunter green, and around 215 pounds. I’ve never been a small guy, and I used to be chunky when I was little, but since I hit puberty I’ve thinned out, and playing football and weight lifting all throughout high school has had its advantages. Maybe I should try and find a girlfriend for the summer here at the lake, and after, who knows. I must have been more tired than I thought and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and my cock was hard as iron. I had a really sexy dream the night before, but I couldn’t remember it now, I just know it was hot. I grabbed my phone and went to my favorite cite, and started stroking my massive morning wood. I found a video I liked with two girls and an unsightly huge strap on. I liked these types of videos, one female dominating another, and this one was perfect, the one chick was a redhead like Abby, and the other a smoking hot blond almost a foot taller. I scrolled past the foreplay and just got right to it because I was already good to go, I stopped scrolling just when the hot blond started railing the redheads pussy. She was thrusting full force into the redhead who was bent over the end of the bed and her legs shaking full orgasm. I started stroking faster as I watched the blondes ass and huge tits giggle as she lunged deep into the redheads pussy, burying the length of rubber meat all the way to the fake balls. I scrolled ahead a little further still and the blond pulled the dildo out of the redhead and started licking her asshole, licking in small circles, then plunging her tongue as deep as it would go into her ass while rubbing the redheads clit with her other hand. When she was done, she spit on the little redheads asshole and pulled out a bottle of lube and slicked the strap on up good. After it was lubed properly she aimed the head for her asshole and pushed, the redhead met little resistance at first but soon the rubber cock disappeared entirely. The big titty blond let the strap on rest a minute so the redhead could become accustomed to the length and girth, as soon as she was ready the blond slowly withdrew until just the head remained inside the other girls ass, and in one quick power thrust, it was gone again and the she started pounding her ass as hard and as fast as she could go. I started jerking faster and faster, matching the blonds pace. About the time of the redheads third shaking orgasm, I began to cum. I felt it stirring in my balls that I was about to boil over, I started jerking faster. Just then, I heard my door open, there was Abby standing in my doorway. I couldn’t stop. I came hard and fast, shooting cum so far and so hard it hit the wall behind me. I was in ecstasy, and horrified at the same time, I looked over at Abby and she was equally mortified, she managed to yell “I’m sorry!” And slammed the door shut and run down the hallway. I laid there in my own making and disbelief for about 10 minutes, which felt like eternity. Finally I had to get up and go face my sister. I cleaned up my mess, got dressed, and went downstairs. When I got into the kitchen, Abby was sitting at the bar and didn’t bother to look up out of embarrassment. All she said was, I’m sorry I should have knocked first. I couldn’t look at her either, I know my face was red because it felt like it was on fire. She must have also sensed my embarrassment because she finally looked over and said, I really am sorry, are you mad? No, just horrified, next time just please knock first. You mean kind of like you coming in the bathroom yesterday after I got out of the shower? She quipped. I didn’t think it was possible but I felt my face get even redder. Okay, you got me, were even now, let’s just go to the store and forget this ever happened, I said. The ride into town wasn’t any less awkward, we were driving along in silent tension when out of nowhere Abby asked, what does it feel like for a guy when he cums? For fuck sake Abby can we please not talk about it? I asked. What? I really am curious and want to know, I want to know if it’s similar to what girls feel, she said. I left out a long labored sigh, well, first, there’s a lot of pleasure, I can’t really describe it but it just feels really really good, and then there’s this pressure that starts to build. Once that pressure starts to build, the guys dick muscle starts to flex and that pressure comes the entire length up his shaft until he cums, and then it feels amazing. I hope that answers your question, that’s the best I can describe it. Hmm, interesting, she said. Why? What does it feel like when a girl cums? I asked. Hmm kinda the same thing, she said. I decided to just leave it at that.

Once home and cleaned up from the grocery store, we both went to put our swimsuits on to go down to the lake, I threw on one of the same three pairs of trunks I’ve worn the last two years and headed back down to the kitchen to pack some stuff from lunch. Abby came down a short while later in this brand new dark green thong bikini she just got prior to the start of summer. Abby do you really have to wear something like that? I asked. What? I figured with mom and dad not here, it’s the perfect time to try it out before I spring it on them to make sure I actually like it first she said doing a little twirl. The bottoms, or lack there of, really did show off her thick curvy toned ass and legs perfectly, and I don’t know how her huge perky tits we’re going to stay inside her top, and I guess the green color matched with her eyes and really set them off. Fuck this was going to be harder than I thought, no pun intended. Don’t you think that suit is just the littlest bit slutty, I asked? Oh don’t be such a bitch, let’s go, she said. As we walked down to the boat house, I tried to walk beside her so as not to get caught watching all her lumps bounce and giggle, thank god I found a dark pair of sunglasses inside the cabin. After I got the boat cover off and stowed in the boat house, I said to Abby, go untie the ropes while I get the motor started, okay she said. After I got the motor running I hopped back on the dock to get the rest of our stuff, I looked and Abby was bent over at the waist having trouble with the last rope. Her ass was facing me and her pussy lips were just barely poking out of the crotch of her bikini bottoms, and through her legs I could see her massive chest giggling and swaying, a gap formed in her bikini top at the underside of her tits so I could see clear between them, the sight was enough to make any man weak. Here let me do that I said and took the rope. I finally got it undone and hopped back on. We have to head down to the marina first and fill up before we get going. Okay, I want to grab some sodas and stuff before we go out anyway, said Abby. We got to the marina and I pulled the boat along the section of dock used to gas up the boats. After I tied off I turned to look around for the attendant who comes and fills the boats, that’s when I saw her. She walked down the dock towards us, my god she was stunning. She’s about 5’8 or 5’9, had to be about 120 pounds, nice firm tits, not as big as my sisters I thought but still and good handful, flat stomach, not really an hour glass shape, but full hips nonetheless, and a heart shaped ass I’d love to burry my face in. Filling up? She asked. At first I didn’t say anything, so Abby took over, seemingly a little annoyed. Yes filling up. Uh, yeah filling up, I managed to stammer out. Seeing me make a fool of myself, Abby stepped in again. I’m Abby Jones, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, are you new here? She asked friendly enough. The attendant said hi Abby, I’m Luna Hansen, I’ve just started working here only this summer, my brother Lars is normally the one who works the pumps, but he’s off at college, so I stepped in to help, my grandparents own this place, so I’m actually here every summer, just always somewhere different. What about you? You guys just vacationing for the week? Luna asked. I finally got my whits back and stepped in before Abby could this time. Hi I’m Jake, we are here on vacation, but we’ll be here all summer, my family has a lake house here we come to every year. Well hello Jake, Luna said with a slight smile, I’m happy to meet you, the both of you. With working normally all summer, I don’t really have time to get out and meet a lot of people, I’m only doing this until the new guy my grandfather hired starts next weekend, maybe all three of us could hang out some time? This time Abby jumped in, that would be great! We were supposed to come with our parents again this year but some things came up so it’s just me and Jake and we’d love to make some new friends to hang out with this summer! Just then the gas pump shut off. That’s great! I’ll be right back with your change Jake, said Luna. As Luna walked away, Abby leaned over and said, she’s totally in to you. How do you know? I asked. Uh duh, because the entire time you were talking, the chick didn’t even blink. Oh please, I’m sure she was just being polite, I said. Whatever loser, don’t listen to me then, I’m running up to the shop to grab some stuff. A little bit later Luna came back, here’s your change Jake, she said smiling as she handed me the bills. Hey so, can I have your phone? I’ll put my number in it so you can text me then, she said. Uh yeah sure of course, here you go, I unlocked it and handed it to her. She said thanks with a smile still on her face. Oh wow cool truck is it yours? She said referring to my home screen on my phone. Oh yeah it’s mine, it’s just an old 1975 Chevy Cheyenne, it’s my first vehicle, I plan on fixing it up one of these days, you like cars and stuff? I asked. I love old classics said Luna, my grandfather has an old 50’s Cadillac he bought when he first came to the U.S. and my dad and brother are restoring an old Nova, so I guess you could say I was born and raised around that sort of thing, said Luna. Wow, how old are you? I asked. Oh I’m 18, Luna said, and you? I’m 17, but I’ll be 18 in a couple months, that’s awesome I’ve never met a girl, especially our age, who’s into that sort of thing before, I said. Absolutely I love cars and trucks, maybe sometime I can bring you by the house and show you? That’d be awesome, I said.

Abby came back down from the shop with her purchases, gave our new friend a a weirdly long hug, and hopped back on the boat, we said our goodbyes and cast off. I hate to say it, but I think you were right Abby. I know I was right, but why do you say that? Look, she gave me her number, she asked ME if she could put HER number in MY phone, and look, she put a couple little hearts and smiley faces next to it. Again, of course I was right, I’m always right, besides your a good looking guy and clearly she noticed. I also got her number while she was getting your change for the gas in the shop, she seems like a cool chick, she said. You have no idea. We boated around for a little while, getting a feel for the lake again, until we found a quiet cove and decided to drop anchor and float around for a bit. Hey can you undo my top for me? Abby asked. Your taking your top off? Why? I don’t want to get tan lines dumbass, why do you think? Abby said. Ugh fine, come here. Here we go I thought, not only is it bad enough what happened last night with Abby, now I got the image of Luna’s tight body on my mind, and now I may actually be trapped on this boat with my topless hot sister and her huge tits, fuck. I undid the strap to Abby’s top, which from the strain it was under, nearly flew from my hands but she caught it. Thank you she said and went and laid down on her stomach at the front of the boat. The way she laid down, her arms were down at her sides, but her head was away from me, and her legs were slightly spread, so her ass looked almost bare in that tight thong bikini, and I could see the sides of her pussy lips poking out, if she moves one way or another, I’ll definitely see her pussy again. Say nothing for her asshole, which at this angle is nearly visible as well. Shit I can feel my cock hardening, I better stop watching my sister and just relax. I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I woke up, I got the biggest surprise of a lifetime.

To be continued.

P.s.- This is my first writing I’ve done, let me know what you think, I’m open to suggestions.

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