They Raped Her and So Did I

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Cathy and I should have gone to a motel but the idea of doing it on the beach was really tempting. It was my little fetish to do it outdoors so we set off in search of a nice secluded spot. We found one just as the sun was beginning to set.
Off the highway about a half a mile we parked the car and walked until we found a spot. It was hidden from view by large mango trees. Cathy put the blanket down while I peeled off my shirt and took in the cool breeze raw with the scent of the ocean. I kicked my shoes off and sat down staring at the cascade of reds before me.
I felt her hands around me from behind and then her nipples on my back hard and ready for my tongue’s attention. She squeezed her 36 bust against my back the warmth filling me with desire and yearning.
“Do you want me?” She whispered the question in my ear her breath sweet like the scent of a rose and hot as the arousal building between my legs.
I turned around as she let go.
She was already naked. Her top was next to my shoes and her skirt was lost to me as I stared at her nakedness.
An hour glass figure she stood with her hands on her hips.
“Are you going to take that off?” She asked referring to my pants.
I stood and hurriedly worked the catch as my shaft hardened in my jeans my gaze moving from her breasts to her smooth mound. I couldn’t wait to lick her and I suspect neither could she.
As I kicked my pants off as she sat down on the blanket.
I crawled towards her like a dog, my tongue eager to be buried deep inside her juicy pussy.
She opened her legs. I leaned down and let the tip of my tongue move over her mound. So soft groan escaped her lips as I slowly moved down to her slit then to her hole my tongue brushing against her clit sending shivers through her body as I trailed it over her.
Cathy’s hands found their way to my head and into my hair pulling me closer to her as she rose up off the blanket with her hips thrusting her pussy into my mouth. She was wet, very wet and hot.
I was ready to slip my tongue into her when she screamed.
Before I could react I was yanked away from my prize and rewarded with a kick that sent me reeling between consciousness and unconsciousness.
When consciousness came to me consistently I was still on the blanket but my hands were bound and so were my feet at the ankle. Two men stood over Cathy, big men that had one thing in mind to ravage my girl.
The bigger of the two stood between her legs while the other held her hands. The one standing between her legs had them in hand at the ankle. His dick was already out and ready to be thrust it into her.
From where I lay I could it. It was large and fat. I was about seven inches when I was hard and I know it hurt Cathy sometimes but this man was close to nine and twice the girth I was. He would rip open.
I cried out at them and tried to move.
The man between her legs turned to me.
“You’re going to like this lover boy,” Jack shut him up.
The other man, Jack, let go of Cathy grabbed one of my socks and stuffed it in my mouth leaning next to my ear to whisper, “Wait ‘til I rip her ass.” He laughed.
I tried to move towards them but it was no use.
Cathy screamed begging the man to stop shouting that it hurt and that she’d do anything.
“You hear that Jack?” The man with his dick inside her said between panting strokes.
“Yeah Jim.” His pants were off and he kneeled next to her and said something pointing at me.
Cathy tried to turn away but his dick was on her lips and then in her mouth.
“Suck it bitch!” he shouted. “Suck it good. You know you like it.”
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I lay on the blanket helpless as my girlfriend was being raped by two monstrous men.
Jim the one still ramming his shaft into her with ferocity holding her legs in the air to make each thrust count was panting. Between his pants I could hear Cathy muffled moaning, muffled because of Jack’s ramming his cock in and out of her mouth.
In spite of myself I felt my shaft stiffen. I couldn’t believe I still had a hard on in fact I couldn’t believe it was getting even harder but I was getting harder. More blood rushed to my shaft and redoubled the desire I felt for her earlier.
Jim gasped and exhaled as he came inside her and slipping out of her on her stomach as well. They switched places with Jack pulling his cock out of Cathy’s mouth. He put her on all four like a bitch in heat and spread her ass cheeks.
“This is for you big boy.” He said to me.
Cathy had never had anal sex before and even as I knew it would hurt and even as much as I didn’t want them to hurt and humiliate her further I wanted to watch and watch I did as Jack spit between her ass crack and guided his cock the same size it seemed as Jim’s to her asshole and into her with one hard punch.
Cathy’s scream was lost in a gasp of surprise when the man’s large phallus impaled her from behind.
Jack did not start off slow like Jim nor was Cathy really ready for Jack as she was for Jim because I knew she was wet before he went in her but nonetheless Jack was riding her.
Jim came over to me.
“That bitch is a good fuck,” he said, “you don’t…” He saw my hard on. “Jack this fucker is getting off on this.”
“Yeah then I’ll fuck her harder.” Sliding his hands under her grabbing her breasts and squeezing feeding on the sensual feel of them and using his grip for leverage he increase the pace and intensity of his strokes into her.
Cathy’s moans became louder, the growing crescendo drowning out the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore and Jim laughing at the fact that I was finding pleasure from my girlfriend’s humiliation at the hands of common thugs.
Jack groaned and pushed himself into her one last time as he came grinding his hips onto her full round ass.
As he pulled out he pushed Cathy, exhausted onto the blanket and pulled his pants up.
Jack and Jim stood over me laughing. “You might want some of that.” Jack said laughing and the both started away disappearing behind the trees still laughing laughing that soon faded and was gone replaced by the sound of Cathy crying and the monotonous crash of ocean waves.
I managed to spit the sock out and work my hands free in spite of tearing flesh on my wrists. With my feet free I went to her. She was bleeding from both holes. She was crying and as I turned her towards me I realized Jack was right I did want her.
The crescent of the sun dipped below the horizon and holding both her hands I worked my way between her legs and in spite of weak protests I took turns on her stretched pussy and gaping asshole enjoying her protests and her pitiful attempts to escape me as she was trying with her two earlier occupants.
Cathy didn’t stay with me after that of course but I’d found a new fetish to satisfy my sexual yearning and that was watching women having their virtue stolen savagely before I delved into their pot of pleasure myself.

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