The Lake House_(0)

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The sun starts to set on the lake. The fireflies are starting to come out and you can hear a frog start to croak in the distance. The lake is quiet and the water is still. There's no noise except for the wind through the trees and the water lightly lapping against the shoreline. It's so peaceful that I jump a little bit when you come up behind me on the dock and tap my shoulder. I almost fall in, and you laugh at me for getting so scared that easily.

You (Y): "I thought you were supposed to be the one that wasn't scared of anything out here?? That was what made me agree to come out here with you alone!"

Me (M): "Sorry, I just wasn't expecting it. Plus I zoned out for a little bit there."

Y: "Have you been smoking or something? I told you I didn't want you doing that while we were out here since it's just you and me."

M: "No! I told you I didn't even bring any with me. I want to spend time with you."

Y: "Good. I don't know why you do that stuff anyway. It messes with your head and you can't think straight when you're on it."

M: "I'm not having this conversation with you again. We've already talked about it and we've agreed that we just have a difference of opinion on it. Nothing's going to change that so there's no use arguing about it."

Y: "I know, I'm sorry I just can't help it. I just wish you would stop it altogether and then we wouldn't have to worry about it ever again."

M: "Or you could stop nagging.."

Y: "I'm not nagging! I'm jus-"

M: "Yes you are."

And with that, you turn around and storm away from me, heated.

M: "Babe, wait I didn't mean it like that!"

But you were already gone. Into the house with the door slammed loudly behind you. I sigh and go back to looking at the lake. The sun has descended behind the hills on the other side of the lake now but there's still enough light for me to make out the details of the surroundings. I love the way that the air smells.. So fresh, so clean. I wish that I could just sit out here and never have to go back to society and worry about the trivial stuff of every day life.. I wish that I could just spend the rest of my life here in peace, with you by my side. I wish that you and I could grow old together in this paradise.

Once it's almost too dark to see my way back to the house, I start to leave the dock using my phone as a light. On my way back, I hear something out in the woods. There's a deer standing about 10 feet away from me on my right. I wish that I could call your name and bring you out to see it, but I don't know how the deer will react to such a loud noise. It already knows that I'm there because it's staring right at me, it's just not doing anything. I stare right back at it. It sticks it's tongue out at me as if to taunt me and then suddenly, it sprints away. I turn to run inside and tell you what just happened, and you're standing right in front of me with tears in your eyes.

M: "Babe, what's wrong?"

Y: "Do you love me?"

M: "What?? Of course I do!"

Y: "Are you sure? It seems like you love weed more than you love me because you won't quit even though I want you to."

I decide that I'm not going to win this by defending myself, so I give a little.

M: "Babe, that's not it at all. I love you so much. Weed is just something that I like to do with friends when I'm hanging out. It's like drinking a beer for me. I don't do it just to get fucked up and feel high. I didn't know that you felt that strongly about it though. I'll stop doing it whenever you're around me. I promise."

Y: "Really?"

M: "Really."

You smile at me and give me a light kiss on the cheek, brushing your damp cheek against mine. For some reason, that kiss had a sort of charge in it. Like a spark that was now hanging in the air after some static electricity had been discharged from a blanket. Time seems to slow down as I stare into your eyes and we both watch in ravenous anticipation that single spark descend through thin air into.. What is that.. A barrel of gasoline?

The next thing I know, that "barrel of gasoline" explodes and you're on top of me, pinning me down on the hard wood floor. Our lips are locked like a chastity belt and our tongues are engaged in a wrestling match that would put a prison riot to shame. Our bodies are interlaced to the point where I don't know where mine ends and your begins. The intense passion that has just been ignited within both of us rivals anything we've experienced before this point. We're both locked into a rhythm. It's like part of a symphony. We're playing our own parts, but they're both locked in and synthesized to the point that it's really one big event and it's going to be awesome.

You push me down further into the couch and come up to get some air. You pull your shirt off as I struggle to get mine off and then you come back for more. As the making out continues, we move around the floor taking each other's clothes off until we're both stark naked rolling around knocking into tables, couches, and just about anything else in the immediate area. Somewhere I hear a lamp hit the ground and smash into a million pieces but neither of us flinch. We're both so focused on each other that nothing can break our concentration. I want to make you scream my name and you want me inside you. We tease each other. I bite your neck and your ears and lick your shoulders, chest, nipples, stomach and legs, all while exploring every inch of your body with my lips and hands. You do the same to me, making me reach a new height of ecstasy that I've never experienced before. It's like we're both trying to make the other one be the first one to finish, like it's a game. I pin you down and make sure that you're not going to win by going in for it all. I lightly flick your clit with my tongue once and you freeze. Your mouth opens but nothing comes out. You relax a little underneath my arms, then I do it again, this time with a little more contact and a little more deliberate motion. You gasp this time and you completely surrender to me. I start to bite it softly and lick fast and hard while I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy. Your body starts to contort and your thighs close in tighter and tighter around my ears. You start to almost chant my name in between labored breaths as you inch closer and closer to the tipping point. I can almost feel you reaching the edge as the walls of your vagina start to undulate and contract around my pointer and middle finger. Your muscles tense up and you grab the back of my head and pull me in even closer, almost suffocating me for a second as you orgasm, screaming and moaning at the same time until you collapse and free me from your grasp.

I pull back and you spread your legs again, inviting my thick pulsating cock to enter you. I run the head of my dick across your pussy lips a couple times and watch your reaction. It's so sensitive after your orgasm and you flinch and moan just from that little bit of contact. I love watching you react that way and it turns me on so much more. I decide to stop teasing you and I slowly start to push myself into you. I can feel you stretch out to accomodate my girth and at first it's tough trying to fit it all in. Then you gradually start to get used to me and it's easier to slide in and out. I stare deeply into your eyes and you kiss me hard on the mouth as I start to move in and out faster and faster, building speed and intensity with every thrust. You bite and suck on my neck as I keep going and I love it. I moan loudly and thrust all the way into you, balls deep, and keep it there. You let out a long, loud moan and I slide all the way out to switch positions. I put your legs up on my shoulders and re insert myself and start pounding away. This position makes you so much tighter and I love the feeling of you hugging my shaft. You're loving it to as my cock slams against your g spot over and over again. I love the sound of my balls slapping against your ass as I thrust deeper and deeper into you and the sound of you moaning my name. I slide out and you push me down onto the ground with your feet. You mound me backwards and start riding me reverse cowgirl. My dick is hitting your g spot directly every time you descend and you're loving it. You look out the window and the moon is so bright. As you start to feel yourself cum again, you throw your head back and arch your back and sit all the way down on my cock. I can feel your juices flow out like a river and run down onto my stomach and my balls. You slide off, shaking, and start to finish me off.

You look into my eyes and jerk me off, telling me you want me to cum for you. That's all that it takes for me to finish, and before you know it jets of white, warm, sticky cum shoot out and land all over my stomach and even my chest and all the way up to my neck. You then proceed to lick up and swallow every last bit of cum off my body. We lay there and listen to each other breathe with our sweaty bodies glistening in the intense moonlight, slowly drifting off into a deep and contented sleep.

Later that night, you wake up to the sound of what sounds like rocks being dropped on the deck outside the window that we fell asleep in front of. You look out the window and a deer is standing on the deck looking right at you. You're not startled, but slightly in awe. You look over to wake me up but I'm fast asleep. When you look back out the window, the deer starts to trot away. You snuggle up against me and instead of waking me up, you decide to tell me about it in the morning.

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