Freshman year...part 3...Finally getting with Justin again

I waited about ten minutes and texted him. I knew Justin liked his ego so I said “god youre so good at fucking. Its crazy” “Maybe its because your dick is so big.” “But its like you've been fucking your whole life.” “Girls are gonna go crazy.” He replied back “ha.”

The next day was Friday. When I got on the bus afterschool I tried to act normal. I sat a row across from Justin like usual. “Hey whats up?” He said. “Not much. Hbu.” “nothing.” “What are you up to today?” I asked trying to start a convo to see if he would come over again. “Can't hang out today.” He said and gave me a sideways glance. “Oh yeah me too, I was just making convo.” I lied. “haha yeah I bet.” He said mockingly. I was kind of hurt but more disappointed that we wouldn't be hooking up again today. All I had thought about since the day before was Justin's cock and how good it felt to suck it and then have him fuck me. I knew better than to get into an argument with him considering the events the day before. Any argument was going to end with him calling me gay or a cocksucker. And it was true. He had fucked me and I moaned and squealed like a little girl about his big dick.

We sat for the rest of the bus in silence. When it was our stop I said “see ya” and Justin said “yeah later.” That weekend I knew there was no chance Justin would come over or I would go to his house. We never really hung out on the weekeend and our parents would be home anyway. Something about the events had changed something in me. I found myself looking at my ass in the mirror and trying on different clothes. I was rolling up my shorts to make them more revealing like girls did and checking how my ass looked. I wanted to look 'sexy' for Justin. I wanted to turn him on again so he would want to fuck me. I wanted him to be attracted to me. I remembered that in 8th grade I had had a girlfriend who mooned me and showed her butt and how it had been tan from going to the tanning salon. I had been so turned on seeing her tan butt in her thong. I didn't know how to get a thong, but I figured I could walk over to the tanning salon. So on Saturday I went over early in the morning. I did the same thing on Sunday. And on Monday I planned to ask Justin if he wanted to hang out, but he wasnt on the bus. So I went tanning that night and again Tuesday night, when Justin was gone also. The same thing happened all week and he wasn't on the bus until Friday.

When I saw him Friday, I asked casually where he had been all week. Trying not to give off too much of a desperation vibe. “basketball tryouts.” He said. “Oh cool. Cool. How are they going?” “I got cut.” he said. “Oh man. Thats fucking retarded you're sick at basketball.” I said. “Chill dude. Im not gonna let you suck my dick.” Justin shot back. I was taken aback at his bluntness. While I was a little insulted and embarassed I was more glad that he had brought up the subject. “hahaha you wish man.” I giggled back. “Dude I know you would in a second. You can't fool me. We both know what you are.” Justin whispered to me. I decided to keep it up “if that was trueyou don't think I know other people?” I whispered back. “I doubt it. And they dont have this” he said as he grabbed the outline of what appeared to be his hard or semi hard dick. I wanted to recah across the aisle and grab it but I dared not to on the bus, he might have punched me in the face. But the bus was pretty empty as we were the second to last stop and the other person sat in the front.

Feeling horny and mischevious and not really caring as Justin knew my secret and there was no use pretending with him. I decided to get on my nees so from my belly button on was covered by the seat in front of me, and turned to put my back to justin and pretended to look out the window. I said to Justin, “yeah youre right man. I know you're not interested, my bad.” nonchalently. Then while watching to make sure the bus driving wasn't watching, and making sure Justin was looking I pulled down my boxers and sweatpants revealing my freshly tanned butt. I gave it a little wiggle and pulled my pants/boxers back up. And sat down silently looking forward. Justin kind of just sat there speechless. Inside I was dying I was so happy. For once I had shut him up, and I could tell he liked what he saw. After a minute or two he said “want to hang out?” “maybe.” I said in a flirty way that was an obvious yes.

When we got off the bus I saw that Justin's dad was outsie. He said hi to me and then started talking to Justin. I was so bummed, I knew nothing would happen and Justin said “see you later.” So I went home. On saturday night Justin texted me when I was at a soccer game and said “want to come over, my parents aren't home for a few hours.” But unfortunately I didn't have a ride home until after the game. On Sunday I decided to take the bus to a store and buy a thong and put it on to show Justin. I got to the mall and I walked past Victoria Secret like 50 times before I decided to go to spencers. At spencers it was way easier because people bought weird shit there all the time.
The next day I wore it to school, with an extra long sweatshirt and made sure my sweatpants were all the way up all day so no one would see it. I felt so horny all day being in it and couldnt wait to flash it to Justin.

When I got on the bus Justin wasted no time and asked “wanna chill when we get home?” “Definitely.” I said back. He didn't even have a snotty retort to my eagerness. I was daydreaming all the different ways I could please him. When it was right before our bus stop, I did the same thing as before and showed Justin my butt with the thong. He smiled and shook his head in disbelief. He reached his hand in his pants tucking his boner upward so he could walk off the bus.

I followed him to his house, and into his room. He said one sec and went around to triple check no one was home. Then we he came back, and shut the door I walked over to him and reached my hand down his pants and grabbed his dick which was half hard already. It immediatley hardened in my hand. I pulled his pants down and he waddled over to his bed with them around his ankles and sat down. I went inbetween his legs and got his pants off one leg before he pushed my head onto his dick. I immedately went down it. With one hand on the base and one hand massaging his balls. “Oh god. I haven't jacked off all weekend. The feels so fucking good. Oh my fucking god.” Justin moaned. “Fuck fuck.” he said and then “UHHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHH” as his dick tightened and shot what seemed like a river of jizz into my mouht. I was shocked it was so quick (it had been like 30 seconds at most) and got off his dick. I didn't know what to do with the cum in my mouth, and it kind of grossed me out. So I let a lot dribble out and swallowed what was left in my mouth. Since I had momentarily stopped jacking Justin he put his hand on his dick and was furiously jacking it and cum was flying everywhere. IT went in my hair, my face, and all over his shirt and legs. Some got on my shirt too. Afterwards there was a cum filled mess everywhere.

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