Becky's Marine chapter 9

Chapter 9

We arrived back at the house around 2:30 AM, some more drunk than others. Carl was the first to get to the door, practically falling on it as he fumbled for his keys. We all laughed at the events unfolding before us and I couldn't help but shake my head. Having known Carl for so long meant that I had a good idea of what was to come, being as drunk as he seemed. If she took him straight to bed, he would pass out before anything could happen or get sick and then pass out before finishing anything.

I felt a bit bad for her, that is, until I caught Becky staring at her ass. I knew what was coming so I figured I'd try and help my friend out.

"Hold your horses there Carl. I need your help with something before you go running off." I said before he got to his door.

"Damnit man, I'm kinda busy here." His frustration was obvious.

"This'll only take a minute. Becky, could you get her some sleepwear? She seems to be about your size." She had an idea of what I was up to and went along with it.

I took Carl to the garage and gave him some food and water to help counteract the alcohol.

"Here, drink this and eat this." I said handing him a water bottle and a granola bar.

"What's this for?" He slurred.

"So you have a fun night that you probably won't remember."

"And if I don't?" He gave me a hateful look, as if I told him I killed his dog.

"Then you'll probably pass out before you get any. That or you'll get sick and pass out." I said slowly, making sure he understood.

"OK, but I hate you right now." He said reluctantly taking the items I offered.

"That's fine. You might thank me later." I said. I thought I heard a noise coming from the house so I went and cracked the door. I could hear music coming from the house, and the fact that I can hear it means the girls where having fun.

When Carl finished his water and food I grabbed him another bottle of water and we went back inside. The girls had moved the couch and were dancing around the living room. Carl went to sit on the couch and I went to the kitchen.

"Anyone want anything?" I asked, barely heard over the music.

I saw the girls talking but I couldn't hear them over the music. Then Becky came over and put her arms around me.

"We want Jack and Cokes. Carl doesn't look too good does he?" She nodded towards Carl. He looked ready to pass out, half slumped over the arm of the chair.

"I don't think he'll make it back to his room without help, let alone give her anything worth writing home about." I said with a bit of disappointment in my voice. I tried to help, but I don't think it worked.

"Sucks for her. What do you wanna do about it?" It was a strange question. Usually when he was like this, I would let her help him to bed and check to see if she was still here a few hours later.

"I hadn't planned on doing anything unless she took off before he got to bed. Then I'd put him in bed and check on him later. Did you have something devious planned?" I asked with a smirk.

"Maybe, but how did you know?"

"You're inability to hide staring at her ass was one clue."

She smiled that big, beautiful smile that I love. "Was it really that obvious?"

"Very much so." I said with a kiss to her forehead.

She smiled and slapped my arm. I made our drinks and we went back to the living room. Carl was just about passed out but she was all over him just the same. I handed her a glass and she sat next to him.

"We were never properly introduced, I'm Andrew." I said shaking her hand.

"I'm Jeanna. Thanks for letting me crash here tonight." She said as she sat next to Carl. If his chest weren't rising and falling, I'd suspect he was dead.

"It's not a problem, though I do apologize about Carl. He usually doesn't get this drunk." I had to do my best to make sure he got to see her again. She was a cutie. She was about 5'6 with shoulder length blonde hair and emerald green eyes. I would guess she was maybe a C cup with an ass to match.

"It's OK. I figured this would happen when we met in the bar. He was pretty hammered then and was still drinking. Would you mind if I crashed on the couch?" I could see the disappointment in her eyes, but when I looked at Becky I saw she had a plan.

"You can crash here if you want. Make yourself at home, and don't worry about him," I said pointing to Carl, now totally passed out, "I'll get him to bed."

"Are you sure? I can give you a hand." She said starting to stand.

"No, you girls stay here and have fun. I'll only be a minute." I said as she sat back down.

"Thank you."

I hauled Carl to his room, though it better resembled dragging than anything. I put him in bed on his side and left the door cracked. When I got back to the living room, the girls were dancing on each other. Not gonna lie, it was hot.

My attempt to join in was met with a shove from Becky and a tongue stuck out in my general direction from Jeanna. I sat back on the couch and enjoyed the show, until Becky came over and sat down next to me with Jeanna right in her lap.

"Does she have to sleep on the couch?" Becky asked with a pouty face.

I looked into Becky's eyes for a moment, then to Jeanna and back to Becky, "You want her, don't you?"

They both smiled and nodded like a couple of schoolgirls. I knew she was up to something..

"I do baby, I want her bad!" Becky said fondling Jeanna's tits, who moaned her approval. Becky still had that pouty face and puppy dog eyes look, which I couldn't resist.

"Jeanna, any objections?" Stupid question of me, I know, call it a 'cover my ass' question. If looks could kill, I probably wouldn't be writing this.

"Yes, I object to any more stupid questions! Let's go to bed." She said standing and dragging Becky and I to our feet. As we headed down the hallway, I stopped to check on carl. He was right where I left him, snoring hard.

I got to my door after checking on Carl to find Jeanna working Becky out of her clothes at an almost frantic pace. I stood there, leaning on the door jam for a minute while Jeanna exposed Becky's perfect breasts. I watched as Jeanna began licking and sucking one Becky's tits, one after the other, teasing the nipple with her tongue and the other with her hand.

Jeanna soon removed her own shirt and bra, revealing her own supple breasts. Hers were a bit more perky than Becky's, and just as nice. Jeanna pulled Becky into her breasts, taking in a sharp breath as Becky gave her nipples a nibble.

Both women were lost in each others embrace and I had a strange feeling overcome me, like I was Scrooge from 'A Christmas Carol', able to see the world and yet unable to influence it in any way. Of course this was shattered when Jeanna pulled me into the room and closed the door.

"I know he's your man Becky, but can I have his cock in my mouth first?" She gave Becky a pleading look as she worked my belt off and pants open. "I promise I'll share."

Becky looked at me as if I could make the decision. By now Jeanna had my dick in her hand and was stroking it, keeping me rock hard and sending chills through my body every time she touched the head. I knew if I made the wrong choice I'd have Becky mad at me later, so I just shrugged my shoulders and looked back at her.

"I guess, but if he is gonna cum, I get the first load!" Becky said, saving me from choosing poorly. I love Becky, but Jeanna's whole take charge/ hostile takeover was pretty hot. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Becky to do this more in the future.

"Deal!" Jeanna latched her lips to my dick like she found a glass of water in the desert, it was almost too aggressive. While I found her lustful wanting outstandingly sexy, she needed some control brought back to her.

I wadded up her hair and pulled her mouth off my meat, forcing her to look at me. "Hey, be gentle. Take your time and enjoy it, its not a race." I said before turning her loose. My message must have gotten through because she was now treating my manhood with more care, earning her some moans and groans.

Becky knelt down next to Jeanna and opened her mouth, hoping Jeanna would let her have some of me. Jeanna let my cock fall from her mouth and angled it towards Becky, who promptly lowered her head, letting me fill her with my shaft.

Jeanna placed her hand on the back of Becky's head and made her gag several times on me before Becky gave my sloppy dick back to Jeanna.

"Two can play that game," she said as she pushed Jeanna's head down on me. She gagged several times before swapping back. The sharing part of this little adventure was going well but I could feel myself getting close. That sensation in my balls was building and my legs began to tremble.

"Oh fuck girls, I'm gonna cum! You ready baby!?" I practically yelled to the heavens. Becky grabbed the base of my cock and gently put the head in her mouth. With a quick twirl of her tongue, I exploded my seed deep into her mouth. Becky moaned in ecstasy as I filled her mouth, causing Jeanna to get a bit upset.

"Don't worry, she'll share." I said as Becky milked the last few drops from my dick. If it weren't for them being there, I would have collapsed. I had regained enough of my wit to see Becky push Jeanna on her back, pull her bottom jaw open and let my cum fall from Becky's mouth into Jeanna's.

Blood began flooding my half limp member again, returning it to full hardness in seconds. I watched them swap my seed several times before each swallowed some they had kept from the other. Unbeknownst to me, I had unconsciously taken off the rest of my clothes, tripping over them slightly as I followed these two beautiful women to my bed.

Becky pulled Jeanna in for a kiss, turning her so her back was to the bed. When she broke the kiss, she pushed Jeanna back on the bed and leaned down so that her face was between her thighs. I watched as Becky gently caressed Jeanna's inner thighs with her tongue. Jeanna began to moan as word slowly escaped her throat.

"Stop teasing me, please.. Lick me baby. Suck my pussy!" Jeanna begged as Becky soaked in the torture she wrought. Slowly, Becky began to lick the folds of Jeanna's pussy, bottom to top and side to side. I was so lost in their sensual performance that it was a minute or so before I saw Becky shaking her ass at me, as if asking me 'what are you waiting for?'

Giving my head a slight shake, I positioned myself just behind Becky and dropped to my knees. I knew she wanted my cum inside her before I'd get to fuck Jeanna, so I wanted to taste her before I filled her up. Over the years I had accidentally tasted myself once or twice and was never fond of it.

When my tongue touched Becky's slit, she groaned a little and pushed herself onto my face, quite a bit harder than I expected. I grabbed her ass cheeks and gave her a soft couple of licks before sticking my tongue in her as far as I could get it.

"Oh.. Fuck.. Baby.. Keep.. Going.." She said between licks of Jeanna's snatch. I moved my tongue in and out several times before I stood back up and slid my throbbing cock deep in Becky, who responded by diving deeper into Jeanna, who in turn, screamed her lust.

I slowly worked myself back and forth, controlling each thrust to deliver maximum pleasure. Within moments she was screaming into Jeanna. I picked up the pace a bit, noticing a change in how aggressive Becky was being to Jeanna. The faster and harder I went, the more she wanted Jeanna.

"Fuck her Andrew, fuck her hard!" Jeanna said through ragged breaths, "Fill her up with your sweet cum!" She had to be close.

"You want it Becky? You want me to fill that tight hole with me?". I was beginning to feel the pressure building, all this dirty talk was only helping me along.

"Fuck yes baby! Cum inside me! I want Jeanna to suck it out of me!" She hollered to the entire state. I felt her muscles begin to flutter and contract, helping my seed up my shaft. I wasn't going to make it much longer.

"I'm gonna cum for you baby!" I said as I pushed her head into Jeanna's pussy. Jeanna and I were lost in ecstatic joy, while Becky could only moan due to her face being attached to Jeanna. I erupted inside Becky like a volcano, shooting string after string deep inside her while her muscles stiffened and she began to leak from her own orgasm.

Just when I thought Jeanna had been left out, her juices began to flow, covering Becky's face as her cum gushed out of her in what can only be described as a raging torrent.

We were still for a moment as the wave of pleasure receded, then Jeanna got up to switch places with Becky. My heart was still racing from the whole experience, but seeing Jeanna on her hands and knees on the bed helped to bring the blood back to my dick.

Jeanna had her head between Becky's legs, with one hand supporting her body and the other playing with her still dripping (literally) pussy. From the sounds coming from Becky, I knew that Jeanna was returning the torture Becky had given her earlier. I still there stroking myself, trying to return to my full hardness, when I heard slurping coming from the bed.

"Jeanna, look at me." I said as smoothly as I could. She turned and I got what I had hoped for. The combined juices of me and Becky were not only leaking from Becky's pussy, but some also hung from Jeanna's chin. Instantly hard, I dropped to my knees behind her.

"You may return to your duties." I said as I began to lick Jeanna's soft, shaved pussy. Her skin was just as soft as Becky's, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous that Becky got squirted on and I didn't. It became my new mission.

With my mind fixated on making Jeanna cum again, I buried my face in her slit, licking gently and slowly, paying extra attention to her clit. With every flick, kiss or suck I performed on it, her back arched and she groaned in lustful desire.

"Oh fuck Andrew, keep that up and I'm gonna squirt again!" She said, coming up for air from Becky.

I backed my face off just enough to be able to speak, "Good." I said as I latched onto her clit and started sucking.

"Oh God! Oh fuck! Yes yes yes yes yyyyeeesss!" She screamed as her body trembled and her warm cum began flowing. Once it started, I stuck my tongue against her pussy, where it was met with a flood of Jeanna's essence. It rushed down my face and covered my chest. I was lost in the moment, but the girls were speaking words I couldn't comprehend.

When Jeanna's orgasm had passed, I stood up and rubbed my cock across her slit, getting several moans from her as a thank you. I slowly pushed myself in her soaking pussy until I was buried to the hilt.

"Fuck her baby. Fuck her so hard she can't walk in the morning." Becky said as Jeanna worked her tongue over Becky. She had a slight reaction to Becky's last statement, something like concern. I had to roll with it.

"Challenge accepted baby." I started working myself out of Jeanna until only my head remained inside, then I picked up the pace. After cumming twice, I could probably go for hours if they would let me.

I stated fucking her hard, harder than I had fucked Becky that night. Her screams of joy told me I was doing well, and that she could take more. I pushed a bit harder with each thrust, listening for any sounds of discomfort.

"Fuck that's good honey, lick that clit! Oh fuck! Keep it up and I'm gonna cum again!" Becky cooed loudly. I saw her breathing become fast and shallow, signaling she was getting close.

"Suck her clit and get some fingers in her. She loves that!" I said, earning me a dirty look from Becky. Jeanna did as instructed and Becky began to shake with the onset of another orgasm.

"Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She cried as she gripped the mattress. Jeanna lapped up all of her juices, then presented her wet fingers to Becky. Becky sucked them clean and then came around to watch me fuck Jeanna.

I slowed down a bit as Becky's head came under our entangled bodies. I slowly pulled my cock out of Jeanna and gave it to Becky. She cleaned the juices from it, then guided it back into Jeanna.

I was doing my best to fuck Jeanna into a coma, only held back by the punishment my balls could take against Jeanna's ass. She dropped to her elbows to look back at me and Becky, who was now standing behind me on a chair and kissing my neck. I was so turned on, I could feel another load beginning to build. Jeanna must have noticed it too.

"Don't cum inside me, I'm not on birth control." She said as I railed her backside.

"Then it goes in your mouth!" Becky said as she moved to the other side of my neck.

I placed one hand on Jeanna's hips and reached back with the other, trying to find Becky's pussy. What I found instead was that Becky had beaten me to it. Her hand was working her clit furiously, searching for one last orgasm.

"Fuck her baby, make her your slut. Make her our slut." Becky whispered in my ear seductively. Both hands were on Jeanna's hips and I was so close to cumming it hurt. Jeanna was even closer than I thought because suddenly her body contracted and she blasted my cock with an orgasm.

"Get over here Jeanna, I've got something for you." I said with a bit of authority. She obeyed and flipped onto her back, letting her head hang over the edge of the bed and opening her mouth.

"Fuck her mouth baby. Cum in her throat. Make her drink it all." Becky said as she stroked my throbbing cock. I slowly stuck my dick as far in her throat as it would go without her gagging, noting where I had to stop. I grabbed two handfuls of tit and started going to town on her mouth.

Moans and cries filled the room as Becky reached her climax. That was it, I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled my dick back to her lips and unloaded in her throat. Jeanna's mouth flooded with my cum and she sucked every last drop out of me. Becky got off the chair and went to inspect what I had given Jeanna.

Seeing the now vacant chair, I fell back into it and watched the girls.

"Open." Becky said to Jeanna, their faces mere inches from each other, "I wanna see it all."

Jeanna opened her mouth, revealing a pool of milky white cum she had on the roof of her mouth. Becky looked at it with a surprised smile on her face.

"Swallow. Drink it all in honey." Becky said kissing Jeanna's forehead. Jeanna swallowed every last drop, then rolled over and stared at us.

"That was incredible. I've never cum so hard before." Jeanna exclaimed.

"Pretty amazing huh? He sure is something else." Becky said sitting on my leg. I could still feel the moisture on her body.

"Well, I'm done for the night. I'm exhausted and my balls are a bit sore from Jeanna's ass." I said with a chuckle. We all crawled into bed, me in the middle with the girls on either side. Both girls put their heads on my arms, basking in the afterglow of the evening's events.

"What about Carl?" Jeanna asked. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was feeling bad about coming here with him and not fucking him.

"Good question, I should probably go check on him before going to sleep." I said, climbing over Becky and heading for the door.

"Umm, babe.. You realize you're still naked, right?" Becky said as I turned the handle.

"It's not the first time he has seen me naked, and it won't be the last." I said as I headed to Carl's room.

The door was fully closed, which told me he had gotten up at least once. I went in slowly and quietly, checking to make sure he was OK. What I found made me laugh inside.

Sitting on a chair by the bed was our inspection camera we used when we worked on out cars. It was just a small hand grip with a screen and a fibre optic cable and a display for seeing what the camera was pointed at. Next to it was a post it note that said:

'Well played sir, well played. I'm not even mad, that was amazing'

I took the note and hung it on the fridge before going back to bed. I slept between two gorgeous and horny women that night. What more could a man ask for?

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