Young Girl Guide in Peril

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The Girl Scout Troop dropped Rosie off to go door-to-door selling Girl Guide cookies. It was a nice day for going door-to-door. Unfortunately, as Rosie looked around, she realized this was a very run-down part of town. Sales would be difficult. She just wanted to get it over with so she could go play with her friends and talk about the new school year. She would be starting high school next week and was very excited.

She was a Girl Scout Cadette but would soon enter the Girl Scout Senior level. Today she wore her regular uniform: white shirt and khaki skirt. Underneath she had plain white panties and a white, lacy bra (32A). Her mother hadn't wanted to buy her such a lacy bra but she whined so much her mother finally gave in.

Coming to the first house, she just stared. The yellow lawn was covered with beer cans and cigarette butts. Rosie took a deep breath, walked to the door and knocked hoping there would be no answer. She tried to stand tall and look important but it was hard at just 4'8".

Me, Carlos and Khan were enjoying another few beers in the old house we had holed up in. We figured we should hide out for a couple of weeks and watch the news to see if the judge had run to the cops. You see, we had enjoyed the charms of a state judge a week ago. Pretty nice charms. Nice ass, nice tits. We enjoyed ripping her clothes off. Later we showed her all the pictures and warned her about telling anyone. Still, better safe than sorry, so we found this house and hid out here. We would have to leave soon because the owners were returning in a few days.

We were enjoying some casual conversation about how to get a girl and how to persuade her to get her into bed. We all agreed. Just grab her and throw her in bed. Khan particularly enjoyed tying up his lady “friends”. He'd even pointed out the heavy flower pots hanging from industrial hooks in the ceiling. He thought it would be fun to hang a chick from her wrists on the hooks. Sounded like a good idea to me. Carlos just belched and opened another can of beer.

We enjoyed our hideout except for the complete lack of pussy.

About this time I heard a knock on the door. Carlos said, “Hey man. Did we order pizza? Go answer the door.”

I went to the door and opened it. Young kid in uniform holding a box of cookies. Nice short skirt, white blouse, scarf, funny hat. No tits. I belched in her face and asked what she wanted. She asked me to buy her cookies. I called back to the guys, “Hey, the cookie girl's here.”

The answer was a chorus of “Tell her to fuck off.”

So I told the kid “Fuck off.”

She looked shocked and turned to leave. As she turned, I heard her mutter under her breath, “Drunks.”

Now that pissed me off.

I reached out, grabbed her backpack and yanked her into the house, kicking the door closed. With one hand I pinned her up against the wall, letting her feet dangle and snarled, “What the fuck did you say.”

Rosie, surprised, didn't even scream. It took her a few seconds to realize what had happened. Then she yelled, "Drunks!"

Drunks! I couldn't believe it! The little bitch insulted us again. I slapped her face hard. The slap made a nice sound.

Carlos growled, “What de fuck”.

Khan added, “Fucking hoe.”

I figured I'd give her a few hard slaps, maybe a punch or two and kick her out the door. I looked at Carlos and Khan. They both had a hungry look on their faces and I don't mean hungry for food. Khan stood and I could see a big bulge in his pants.

Okay, change of plan. We were gonna have some pussy. And it was about time.

I let go of the girl's throat. She dropped to the floor looking very scared. I reached down, grabbed the backpack and tossed it to Carlos. Then I grabbed her by the throat again and lifted her up, again pinning her against the wall. Her feet were a couple inches off the floor and she was obviously choking.

I told her, “Be quiet and do as we say or Carlos will slit your throat.” I waved at Carlos who pulled his jackknife from the peanut butter jar, smiled and waved it at the girl. Nice how her eyes went so wide.

She nodded. I let go. She dropped to the floor again. I kicked her, “I didn't say you could lounge on the floor. Get up you stupid cunt.”

She slowly stood staring at Carlos knife all the time.

“OK bitch,” I said, “What the fuck gives you the right to call us drunks? You better answer our questions real quick before Carlos starts slicing.”

“What is that fucking uniform? What are you, a fucking church girl?”

“What's your name hoe, how old you?” put in Khan.

Carlos piped in, “Does your daddy fuck you everyday?”

I threw in, “Whatcha wearing under that uniform cunt?”

Her face ashen, she stared at us trembling, shaking. Her mouth worked trying to answer.

"Umm..umm." She could hardly speak. "Four.fourte.Fourteen..and..Rosie."

Khan laughed, “The shit hole hoe can't even talk. She ain't English? What the fuck stupid foreigner doing in our house?”

Carlos, grinning and drooling, staggered up waving his peanut butter covered knife. The little bitch stared at the knife.

So, I thought, Rosie is 14. Nice. Hadn't had fuckmeat this young for a long time. Like since I was a teen which was a very long time ago. This was going to be fun. My cock was hard as a steel rod as I looked at the young bitch whimpering against the wall.

Then I remembered. She didn't answer all the questions. Bitch. Thought she could get away with anything. Bitch. She'd learn.

I whacked her face with the back of my hand and shouted, “Where the fuck do you get off not answering? Is that what they teach you in school? Answer our questions or nice Carlos will cut your nose off.”

Her face, deathly white, she breathed in gasps. I vaguely wondered if she was about to have a heart attack. If she did we'd have to dig a hole in the backyard to dump her in. That's hard work digging holes. I don't like hard work.

Carlos was still waving his knife. I thought he was real anxious to get his rod into this pussy.

I repeated, “Rosie, you slut, we asked you what the fuck are you wearing? What are you supposed to be? An army girl? What are you wearing under that shit?”

I slapped her again to make sure she understood the need to answer. She slid to the floor blubbering.

I added, “Rosie, you wanna get fucked? Or has your daddy already done that?"

Khan grumbled, “Just rip that shit off her and let's fuck her.”

Rosie, still staring at the knife, chin quivering, tried to make her lips move. I wasn't sure if that meant she was going to answer or just wanted to suck us.

"Umm..I.I." She still couldn't speak. She was terrified. That made me feel good. A panic-stricken girl is such a turn on.

Then she tried again. "MyMy.Girl Guide uniform abra.p..pantiesNo.nono fuck..nodaddy." She looked at the knife again. "Do..don'"

Girl Guide. Never had a Girl Guide. What did she mean she didn't want to be fucked? All girls want me to fuck them. It's natural. I'm big. I want to fuck. They get fucked. Simple.

The begging was sweet music to our ears. Khan and Carlos grinned.

I reached down and grab her by the front of her badge covered blouse and jerked her to her feet. She was kinda wobbly. I gave her a good shake and said, “Rosie, are you gonna be a good girl for us?”

She glanced at Carlos knife again. Seemed to be fascinated with his knife. Well, soon she'd be fascinated by our other “weapons”. She gulped. Took a deep breath. Nodded.

I gave her a big shove. She stumbled into Carlos. Carlos pushed her at Khan who grabbed her ponytail, pinched her butt and pushed her back to me. We enjoyed this. Pushing her back and forth. Making her stumble. Keeping her confused. Khan kept whacking her ass when she fell into him. Carlos poked her tummy, I thought he was aiming for her tits but missed. From the look on her face I think it hurt. When she came back to me, both my hands connected with her tits as I gave her another good shove. Small tits but nice feel.

Back and forth, around and around. She had no clue what was happening. She just made a lot of burbling sounds, some shrieks. Probably dizzy. Sounded like she was trying to beg but I wasn't sure.

Carlos was drooling again. This time his hand managed to connect with her blouse and tore it open as he pushed her over to Khan.

Khan grabbed the waistband of her skirt and shoved her hard over to me while keeping a tight grip. That made a big tear in the skirt. It fell to the floor.

Carlos tore at the back of her blouse so it ripped down the back. Now it was ripped front and back. Just tatters remaining. Khan yanked the rags down her arms and tossed them over his shoulder as he kicked her in my direction.

Nice. Young bitch in white, lacy bra and panties. Not much for tits. Nice ass though.

She burbled some more and pleaded, "Stop."

She just stood there. Swaying. Crying. My cock was getting harder. All those tears streaming down her cheeks was such a turn on.

We just ogled our pretty, young Girl Guide in her lacy bra and panties. Her tiny breasts heaved as she tried to recover her breath. I made her turn around. Slowly. So we could see everything. Ass was smooth and round. Tight ass. Smooth back and legs. Still had her shoes on. She was facing me again, breasts still heaving. Gasping sounds came out of her mouth. Still a bit of baby fat on her face. Tummy almost flat but she was definitely not athletic. Probably lounged around all day eating Guide cookies. Legs shook like crazy.

Yes. This little, insulting bitch would be very entertaining.

Ashen faced, she tried to form words with her mouth. Nothing came out.

Carlos said, “Maybe her mouth is dry. I'll get a drink for her.”

He got a bottle of beer, opened it and offered it to the Rosie slut. She just stared.

Khan helped by taking the bottle, sticking his fingers between her lips to open her mouth, sticking the bottle in and tilting her head back. She struggled but he forced her to swallow all the beer. She sputtered, choked, coughed.

The bitch stuttered and shook so much that only one word came out. Not even sure what she said.

Carlos laughed and said, “Bitch stoopid. Can't talk. Maybe she idiot. What you call? Dumb?”

Khan agreed, “Yeah. She dumb alright. Nice ass though.” Then he looked up at the two heavy potted plants hanging from the heavy hooks in the ceiling and grinned, “Think I saw camping stuff downstairs, be right back.” He headed for the basement.

I looked at the crying, shaking girl in her sexy undies.

“Rosie, don't cry. Here let me give you a hug. You'll feel better.” I just wanted to press my hard cock against her. My rod was pushing so hard against the front of my sweat pants.

I took Rosie's hand and pulled her close. She sort of stumbled toward me with a glazed look in her eyes. I pulled her tight against me, my hard cock pushing into her naked skin. Her eyes went wide as she suddenly tried to push me away. No luck. She wasn't getting away from my cock that easy.

My hands reached down to her ass cheeks and squeezed. Again she tried to push back. Ass felt firm. We could use that later. I ripped off the panties and tossed them behind me. My hand traveled up her naked back, reached the bra strap. I unhooked the strap and let the kid go hoping to see the bra fall to the floor and her tits bounce into view. No luck.

Her hand instantly went up to hold the bra in place. Her other hand went to cover her crotch, then went back to cover her ass, then back to the crotch. She couldn't figure out what part to protect.

Her eyes glanced at Carlos who had managed to get rid of his shirt and pants. He was standing there in his stupid Spiderman underwear leering at her. Rosie's eyes widened at the enormous bulge in his underwear.

She tried to back away, staring.

Khan returned carrying a bunch of yellow, nylon ropes. It was very old camping gear. He grinned from ear to ear. His shirt and pants had disappeared. He only had his shorts on. They kinda looked like Speedos and his massive black cock was straining against the material.

The young bitch stared at Carlos crotch then at Khan's crotch. She turned and ran to the door and fumbled with the doorknob, giving us a perfect view of her smooth round ass.

I slipped off my shirt and pants. My hot cock stuck out straight and proud. I didn't have underwear.

I called to Rosie. “Rosie, the door has a deadbolt. I have the key. Do you want it?”

Carlos said, “Pussy. Show your pussy.”

Khan laughed saying, “Come here hoe. I got something for you.” And he pulled his underwear off.

Carlos, noticing that we were both stark naked, yanked off his Spiderman duds.

Rosie slowly turned. Her bra fell down her arms when she tried to open the door. Now it fell all the way off as her jaw dropped, eyes wide, staring at three raging cocks. You'd think she'd never seen a naked man. Her naked body shrank back against the door. Her tits jiggled. Well, just a little, they were kinda small after all. Tits were nice and bite sized. Thought I'd have a bite or two.

Khan stepped up to her, grabbed her left tit and hauled her back to our little circle.

Rosie looking horrified tried to cover herself but couldn't since Carlos had grabbed one arm and I had the other.

I looked down at her naked pussy. Just five hairs. Looked like we had a never before used pussy. Yummy. Khan reached down and yanked out all five hairs. My cock quivered. I needed to fuck her.

Rosie, white as a sheet, shaking like a leaf tried to form words. Cute mouth. I could use it.

Khan had a piece of rope in his hand.

Khan handed a rope to Carlos and another to me. Then he turned and went to the planters hanging from the ceiling. He hauled both of them down so just the bare hooks remained in the ceiling.

Turning back he said, “Let's hang the bitch.”

Rosie's eyes grew wide. Unbelievably she was shaking even harder than before.

I looked at the rope in my hands. I looked at Rosie. I looked at the rope. I grinned.

I cast the rope backward, then lashed it forward striking Rosie across the belly. Nice the way she jumped. It left a pretty red stripe on her belly.

Carlos followed my lead. His rope struck across her budding breasts. I'm sure it hit a nipple. Rosie screeched.

Khan grabbed a foot making her hop to keep her balance. He tied a rope around the foot, flung it over one of the ceiling hooks and started hauling on the rope. Rosie's foot went up. Her leg went up. Her pussy slit popped into full view.

My cock quivered with pleasure seeing her virgin pussy hole surrounded by the bald pussy mound.

Carlos just drooled, as usual.

Khan hauled harder on the rope. Rosie fell over as her leg went up toward the ceiling. She shrieked and shrieked as her head came off the floor, her hair hanging down, the free leg kicking. It was enough to make a man cum right there.

Khan hauled her up high enough that her pussy was at mouth level. She kept screeching. I gave her face a quick poke with my toe and yelled, “Shut up bitch. You're giving me a headache.”

She stopped and whimpered. I could hear begging.

Khan smiled, pointed to the open pussy slit and said, “Roll dice for first dibs? Highest wins.” He pulled out a pair of dice and rolled. 8.

I rolled. 8

Carlos rolled. 8

Were these dice fixed?

We all rolled again. Carlos-6. Me-9. Khan-10. Khan won first pussy lick.

His hands slid along Rosie's legs as his mouth approached her naked pussy. His hard, hot cock was at Rosie's eye level, bumping her cheeks. I suddenly realized Khan was going to get first cock suck as well as first pussy lick. Not fair.

Rosie stared at his throbbing black cock. She looked sick. Maybe she'd never tasted fresh black cock before.

Rosie suddenly started begging in a clear voice. No stutter. I loved begging. My cock hardened more.

"No. No. Stop. Get away. Please stop." She begged. "Don't. Get away from me you sicko."

I couldn't believe my ears. Did she just call me a sicko? That was just so upsetting! The prison doctor called me that before I broke his face. I needed another beer. While Khan and Carlos were getting busy I fetched a can of Corona, guzzled a bit and returned to look at our prize.

She was trying to kick with her one free leg but that was real hard suspended the way she was. She was trying to twist and turn.

Carlos held on to her belly, his cock pressed against her back while he licked her bum crack. I hoped it was clean.

Khan was taking his time, slowly advancing on her bald, smooth pussy hole. “Come on, get on with it man” I called.

Finally, his tongue darted out. His unusually thick tongue. He buried his face in her waiting cunt sticking his big tongue into her eager pussy. At least her pussy must be eager. What bitch wouldn't be eager to share our pleasures? It must be amazingly wet and juicy in there.

As his tongue dived into her cunt hole, Rosie screamed something. She had a shocked look on her face. Probably she'd never had so much pleasure before. Well, we were just getting started.

I leaned down and whispered to Rosie, “Hey babe. See that big black cock on your face? Suck it. Now. Don't even think of biting. You bite and I'll cut off your tits. Understand?”

I forced her mouth open and shoved her face forward so her mouth closed over Khan's hard cock. I pushed her head forward hard so his cock went in all the way. I held her head until she started frantically thrashing about, then I eased her head back so she could get some air. Then I shoved forward again.

While I was helping her get face fucked, my other hand reached for one of her hands, grasped it and brought it over to my cock. I felt a bit left out so I put her hand on my cock and moved it back and forth.

Ahhh. Nice hand job.

Carlos was enjoying licking her arse. He kept nibbling on the ass cheeks and then sticking his tongue back in the ass crack. His cock left large wet patches on her back. Atta boy Carlos!

I held her hand steady now while I moved my hips back and forth fucking her hand. I bet she really enjoyed holding my cock. I know I enjoyed it. Her hand got a bit sticky.

Khan gave her pussy a fantastic tongue lashing. Whenever his tongue got tired of lapping up all of her pussy juices, he stopped and stuck his fingers in instead. Licked his fingers too. She must have been really wet. She certainly wiggled enough.

Of course the wiggling may be because of her enjoyment of his cock which she was sucking on heartily. I think she was sucking. I wasn't sure. I just kept pushing her face on it so his huge black cock went to the hilt in her mouth.

I had an idea! I pulled her head back so that Khan's hot rod flopped out of her mouth. Then I turned her head toward me. She seemed to be doing a lot of gasping and, were those tears I saw? YES! Beautiful big tears flowing down or, really, up her face since she was still upside down.

I asked her, “Hey Rosie. Are you getting really juicy? Don't you just love having your pussy eaten out by Khan? Do you like sucking his big, fat cock?” I slapped her face to make sure she answered while I finished off my can of Corona.

She blubbered a bit and spoke, haltingly.

"No. No. Stop. Please." Rosie screamed.

Stop? She wanted us to stop? Youngster wanted us to stop? Already?

Kids these days got no stamina.

I called out, “Hey, Carlos, our little party girl wants you to stop. She wants Khan to stop too.”

Carlos replied by biting her hard on the ass and going to fetch a beer.

Khan stepped back, licked his chops and slapped her hard on the cunt saying, “My tongue needs a rest. She can finish sucking my cock later.”

He released the rope and Rosie dropped to the floor. Hard landing.

The nice naked bundle lay on the floor, in a heap, sobbing.

I grabbed her left wrist and tied the rope to it. I grabbed the right wrist and tied another rope to it. I threw the ropes over the two hooks in the ceiling and, with Khans help, hauled her up, arms spreadeagled. A little more, a little more. Yes, her toes were off the floor. She hung freely from her wrists.

She twisted and turned, begging. Breathing hard. Her little tits heaved in and out. Her belly heaved. Her legs kicked slightly. Her tears flowed.

I called out, “Dibs on the cherry.”

Carlos belched, Khan just said, “Where's my beer?”

I felt her ass. Wet. Carlos and his slobber.

I grasped her right tit and squeezed. Small but nice. I grabbed the other tit. Same. Nice. I took both nipples and pulled. They extended an inch and her whole body swayed. She gasped. Moaned. Begged.

I pulled the left nipple followed by the right nipple. In rhythm. Pull, yelp. Pull, yelp.

I smiled into Rosie's eyes. Nice eyes. Full of tears. She tried not to look at me.

I put my lips on hers. Warm, wet. She didn't want to kiss. I didn't care. I just forced my tongue inside and gave her a deep kiss while my cock brushed against her belly.

I asked, looking straight into her eyes, “Rosie, my dear, do you want me to pop your fucking hot cherry? I know you do. I'm going to stick my hard cock into your cunt and pop your fucking hot cherry. You'll thank me for the rest of your life. Are you ready?”

A volley of no's and head shaking. More tears. I took that as a definite yes.

I grabbed my throbbing cock and aimed it at her pussy. I could see her pussy was dripping from Khan's licking. Good. Easier to get in. The head of my cock touched her pussy hole. She twisted wildly. I held tighter and eased my cock in an inch. My cock is kinda thick so it took a bit of effort to enter the tight, little pussy hole. She was still twisting wildly so I knew she must really like it.

I stopped and looked into her eyes again, “Rosie, my sweet young thing, how does that feel? Can't wait for more? You're gonna get lots more. I'm going to ram my cock up that fucking pussy of yours until it disappears. You want a baby maybe? I'm gonna rip your cherry wide open and fuck you. You'll love getting fucked.”

I thrust in another few inches till I felt resistance. I was still looking into her wide, pleading eyes. I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around my waist as I pushed. I'd break that cherry in a minute but first I'd pause so she could really wrap her mind around what was about to happen.

"No, no, no." Rosie screamed and shook her head quickly. "You can't. You just can't. Please don't. Don't. Please." She cried. "No no..NOOOOO. Stopstopstop."

"Pleasedon'tI'll do anything." She snapped, making sure to get the words out. "Anything just stop."

Her body went wild as I slowly pushed into her tight twat. Her wild gyrations excited my cock. She really liked this. I could tell. Yes!

The begging, such a turn on. She was begging just to make me more excited.

I pushed harder. So tight. I pulled back. Smiled into her face, forced her to keep looking into my eyes, and thrust forward again. So tight. The obstruction suddenly disappeared and my cock thrust in right to the hilt.

Staring at her face, I enjoyed seeing her eyes go wide, her mouth open to scream, Carlos put his hand on her mouth to stifle the scream. Her body went wilder.

The cherry was mine!

Back out. In. Back out. In. I thrust back and forth so she could get the most enjoyment of her new experience. I knew she was enjoying the pleasure and ecstasy. How couldn't she with me ramming her pussy ?

One hand on her nubile ass to hold her steady, one hand squeezing a nipple, my lips on her mouth. Back and forth. In, out. In, out.

She really enjoyed the fuck. I could tell from the tears flowing down her cheeks. Tears of joy.

My cock eagerly pumped in and out.

I heard Carlos and Khan cheering. Looking over I noticed they were also devouring the Girl Guide cookies. I hoped they'd leave some for me.

“Rosie, do you love me ?” I asked with a chuckle as I felt my balls tighten. I was about to shoot my load into her fresh pussy. My balls felt even tighter. Suddenly my cock exploded in ecstasy. My load pumped and pumped into Rosie's eager cunt. I smiled again. Rosie burbled something. Probably said that she loved me.

The pumping from my cock slowed down, I released her nipple, pinched her cheek, winked and withdrew my rod.

Stepping back, I waved toward Rosie and said, “She's all yours.”

Carlos stepped up. Cookie crumbs hung from his lips. His rigid rod stuck out. He ran his hands over Rosie's ass, down her legs. He slapped her heaving tummy. Slapped her tits a few times, grinned and said, “Pussy. You like Latino cock little girl? Here's mine.”

He squeezed both tits while moving in close so his cock touched her bald pussy. His hand guided his hot rod to the pussy hole and he slid it in all the way with one thrust. He pushed his lips on hers to give her a deep kiss. A hand on her ass to keep her steady and he started thrusting hard and fast.

Rosie gyrated desperately but couldn't get away from Carlos grip. He thrust hard and fast. In and out. Her legs wrapped around his waist. Good. She was really getting into this. She was probably wet as hell. I glugged my beer, munched a few cookies and grinned at Khan.

Khan clapped as Carlos started biting Rosie's tits. She yelped like a dog, her legs opening and closing around Carlos waist. She was having the time of her life! Maybe I should give her another fuck if my rod would come up again.

Carlos thrusts were really powerful. He was only 30 and he worked out a lot. Rosie's mouth remained open, a weird sound came out of it. Pleasure? Yeah, must have been.

Carlos still chewed hard on the tits. I hope he didn't leave too many marks. I didn't like marks on hot chicks.

Ramming into her like a heavy piston, he gave a whoop. Aahhh. He'd just unloaded inside her girly cunt. She was so lucky to get loads from two great guys on the same day. Lucky girl.

Carlos pulled out, scratched his balls and reached for yet another beer.

Khan said, “The hoe mine now?” and stepped toward Rosie. He looked her up and down. He turned her around. He rubbed his chin, thinking. Then he released both ropes from the hooks.

Rosie's feet struck the floor, her knees followed, the rest of her crashed over sideways. More unidentifiable sounds burbled from her mouth.

Khan kicked her and ordered her onto her hands and knees. Slowly, crying, she complied.

Nice. She was on hands and knees, ass sticking out, tits hanging down. Khan pushed her legs apart, knelt down and grabbed her tits. I thought he was trying to milk her!

He pulled one tit down then the other. Alternating. Yes, he was milking her. This was fun to watch. I got my cell phone and took a few pictures.

Why was she whining?

Now he moved in front of her, still milking her tits, pulled her mouth open and stuck his long black dick in her mouth. He thrust in and out. His balls were banging against her chin.

Rosie's whole body was shaking.

I took a few more pics and cheered Khan. “Atta boy. Milk the cow.”

Khan had big, strong hands. Rosie's tits were small. He milked them hard. Yanking and yanking on them. As I watched I saw her tits turning red from the punishment. I took a few more pictures.

Her eyes were wild as Khan thrust his big dick in and out of her mouth. In and out. In and out. Khan's face showed how much he enjoyed face fucking the bitch. He just rammed her little mouth with as much force as possible. Her whole body was forced backward with each thrust.

It was exciting. My cock got ramrod hard again.

I stepped up to Rosie's ass and rubbed my cock on her asscrack. I pointed my ramrod at her asshole, still wet from Carlos licking, and shoved in hard just as Khan rammed his dick into her mouth again. That forced my hard cock all the way in her ass.

Rosie's body tensed up suddenly. She tried to escape our cocks but couldn't move. I heard a piteous sound come from her lips. I fucked her ass hard.

I thrust forward, her body went forward. Khan thrust into her mouth, her body went backward. Back and forth as we fucked her ass and mouth. Over and over.

Rosie's body was covered in sweat. Her whole body shook uncontrollably.

I thrust in her ass. Khan thrust in her mouth. Both of us used and punished the little fuck toy. In and out. In and out.

Khan bellowed as his load shot down Rosie's throat. I hoped she enjoyed the flavor.

As Khan pulled out letting his juice drip from Rosie's lips, my rod finally burst and shot a load up Rosie's ass. So satisfying.

We both stepped back and let Rosie collapse onto the floor, sobbing.

Carlos asked, “Everybody done? So what we gonna do with the bitch now? Kill her?”

Carlos was such an ass. The cops would never stop looking for us.

I looked at Khan. Khan looked at the ropes.

We tied Rosie's wrists to the ropes again and strung her up to the hooks. This time we let her feet touch the floor. I warned Rosie against identifying us because, if she did, we would post all the pictures online. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, then slowly nodded.

We packed our bags and left looking for a new hideout. I hoped the new place had Wi-Fi so I could post Rosie's pictures online anyway.

We read a newspaper story the next day. A cop had responded to Rosie's yells for help and rescued her. The girl swore she had been blindfolded all the time and didn't know how many assailants there were or what they looked like.

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