When i was alone

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Ok let me tell you a story that happened to me about 4 months ago. It was a Saturday and I was at home with my mother. My dad was at one of his friend’s house to watch the game that just had started. My mother was in the kitchen cleaning and I was in my room straightening up my room. As I was cleaning I found some of my sex toys. All of my toys are pretty small and thin. I didn’t discover masturbation until 6 months ago when I turned 16.

I knew all about masturbation but yet never tried it in fear of getting caught my parents. The first time I tried masturbating my parents were out at dinner on a date. I loved it. I just couldn’t stop. I was addicted to it. I played with my self until my parents came home. A week later I popped my cherry with a pen.

Oops I am trailing off sorry. Any ways I was in my room when my mom called up to me and said “Sally I am going to the store would you like to come with?”
I replied, “No thank you mom I think I am going to stay here to clean my room.”
Knowing that this would give me some alone time with myself… that’s not entirely true I would be with Max our dog. Max is a German shepherd. Max was somewhere in the house.

As my mom was getting her shoes on I took my pants and panties. As my mom was out the door I sat down at my computer witch was in my room. All of a sudden I heard my bedroom door squeaked open. I bolted my head to the door and saw Max at the doorway. I got up and lead Max in my room. I guess he didn’t want to be alone. Max laid down on the floor and I jumped back on the computer. As I jumped from site to site I was rubbing way at my pussy. I was getting wetter and wetter. Max must had smelt me getting wet because he got up and sat right next to me.

He kept look at my hand as I was rubbing myself. As he was watching me I was getting hotter. I clicked on a link and the next thing I saw was a woman getting fucked by a dog. Just as that popped up, Max started to lick my leg. Me rubbing and Max licking my leg was great. It was so good that it drove me to an orgasm. After I calmed down I saw the pic of the woman getting fucked by a dog. Still horny I entered the site. I was looking at the pics to see if the women doing this weird act were enjoying it. All the women in the pics looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Still horny and the need of something in me drove me to the decision being fucked by Max. Looking down between Max’s legs I saw his red dick. From what I saw on the site I knew that I would have to make Max bigger. I reached down I started to rub his dick with my hand. As I did this Max began to pant.

Now hard I looked down at Max’s dick in aw, afraid that it wouldn’t fit. Horny as hell I got down on my hands and knees on the floor. Max got up wagging his tail as he came over to me. I shook my ass at him and he started to sniff and lick my ass. All of a sudden Max mounted me. I was surprised on how heave Max was and how I was pined down. I was using most of my strength just to keep my head up. All of a sudden I could fell his cock rub against my butt crack. I moved my hand down and guided his dick to my pussy lips. When Max felt my pussy lips he went crazy. The second try he forced his massive cock in me.

“StopMax Stop!” as I cried in pain. But Max had no plans of stopping. After a while the pain turned into pleasure. Max pounded my pussy so hard that my arms gave out and my head fell to the floor with my ass in the air being fucked by Max. He fucked me with an incredible speed that I drove me crazy.

All of a sudden I felt a bulge on Max’s dick that he was trying to get in me. With one big push Max shoved the bulge in me. I felt the bulge in me get bigger and bigger. As it got bigger it stretched the wall of my cunt and I was in pain again. His dick was now stuck in my pussy and I started to worry. All of a sudden I felt a warm jet of fluid sprayed in me. At this point I realized the Max was cumin. Max drove me over the edge and I had the best orgasm in my life. It seemed forever Max was shooting his cum in me.

When he final stop he jumped off me but something wasn’t right. Max was still inside me. he tried to pull himself out of me but stopped because his bulge on his dick was stuck in me. I was stuck to Max and I was his bitch. We both laid on the floor waiting for the bulge to go down.

That’s was the best sex I ever had …….and still having.

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