It was one of those beautiful summer days. The sun was warm and a nice breeze was coming in off the meadow with the fresh smell of mown hay. We were lying by the Lake, one of the special things we liked to do after getting our farm chores done. Our Dad died in a tractor accident six years ago and we have been helping our mom take care of things since his death. Dad was a successful lawyer in the city and left us in very good financial situation. Our grandfather owned the land and about1100 acres that he farmed and ran the dairy. Dad was an only child and inherited the land when Granddad died. . All three of us are sent to private schools. Nancy goes to a private all girl school. Harry and me to a private boys school. Dad was only 49 when he passed away leaving Mom to take care of the three of us. Harry is in his third year of college in the city. Sister Nancy and I have been helping on the farm along with our three hired hands. Mom takes care of the house and manages the finances. Mom is a very pretty woman. She is five feet five with golden blonde hair and very soft 36C breasts and slim body and beautiful legs. One would hardly know that she birthed 3 children. I am only 15 and Nan is a year older. Harry’s girlfriend would come to the farm with Harry and help with the chores on the weekends. She was small in stature with cute perky breasts, always in a halter-top and short, short shorts. Very sexy young lady and liked to show what she had. We all like her very much and hope that they marry someday. “. Nan and I were fascinated with the way they carried on in the water. Harry would try to remove her top and she would grab his balls and squeeze them till he surrendered. It was really very amusing to watch and sometimes I felt a quiver in my cock hoping that she would never do it to me.

Nancy and I are very close. About a year ago, when Mom was in town, I was in my room with my cock in hand jerking off to a good orgasm in front of the mirror to watch myself cum and in walked Nan with a towel wrapped around her.

“Jim, I want to – oh sorry I didn’t know that you weren’t dressed.” She stood there and stared at my stiff cock.
I turned my back to her and grabbed my under shorts to cover myself. I felt Nan’s warm hands wrap around my body, her naked breasts pushing into my back and her hands searching for my hard throbbing cock.

She whispered in my ear “want me to take care of that?”

I really didn’t know what to say because we have never seen either of us naked before. I turned and there she was with the towel on the floor, showing me her lovely firm 32C breasts and fine blonde silk hair surrounding her pussy.

“What are you doing?” I asked. I was dumbfounded.

“ I want to suck your cock, Jim.”

“Are you kidding me, Nan – You’re my sister” I replied in a very firm tone.

“You are still a guy with a problem and I know how to fix it, and I don’t like your tone. I’ve sucked a lot of my boyfriends and I am sure I can take care of your little pecker”.
“I guess you fucked them all too” I said, looking straight at her cunt. “

“ I only sucked them off – no fucking yet,” she said with a huge laugh.

“I’m not to sure about this Nan, what if Mom catches us?”

“She will be in town till at least five so we have plenty of time. Now let me have a lick at that hard cock of yours”

My cock was not big since I was only 15 and there was very little pubic hair to hide my balls. When it got hard it was about 7 inches and the head was always sort of a purple color as a whacked off often.

Nan knelt down in front of me, gently stroked my shaft and balls. Having someone else handle your cock is sure different than when I would jerk off myself. Her hand sent shivers up my spine and I let out a quiet moan of joy. Nan let go of my rod and it still stood straight out waiting for her lips. She slowly licked the tip of my cock and continued to fondle my balls. The feel of her tongue on my cock made me gasp and suck in air. She knew what she was doing all right and I knew that I was in for a great experience.

“Have you ever done this before, Jim?” Nan asked me.

I had to be honest and tell her no. I did confess that a bunch of the guys from school would shower after sports and we measured to see who had the biggest hard on, and then jerk off together to see who could shoot our cum the farthest. I usually lost but I still was producing enough to keep up with the rest of the guys. Two guys could jerk off and cum twice before I could explode my load once.

Nan tongued the tip of my cock again then slid down the underside to my balls, taking them in her mouth and rolling them around. It felt like she was biting them off but it really felt good and all I could do was hold her head against them not letting her get away. After a few minutes they began to hurt and I called for mercy. She spit out my balls and attacked my throbbing shaft. She took my whole cock down her throat and held it there for a few seconds.

She looked up at me and asked - “ Do you like me to deep throat you, Jim? Your cock is so small that it really is easy for me”

I love it, Nan, but im going to cum and I can’t stop myself”

With that I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot my cum load all over her sweet tits. Two, three, four squirts of my warm white cum landed and coated her hard nipples.

“Shit, I wanted to suck you off and have you cum in my mouth, but it’s to late now” Nan really looked disappointed but all I could think of was she was able to make me cum by sucking me.
“What I wanted to ask you when I came in here was where the shampoo was“ Since we have had some fun we can at least take our shower together OK? We can play some more in the shower and maybe you can get hard again and I can show you how I can masturbate with the portable showerhead”

The warm water on our bodies felt very soothing as my cock began to stiffen again. Standing behind Nan, I began to massage her breasts and squeezed her nipples. They immediately reacted and became hard and stuck out at least an inch. She turned to me and my stiff cock got between her legs as I began to suck on those hard nipples that were the center of her darkened areola.
She threw her head back and moaned softly “suck them hard, Jim it feels so good. I can feel it all the way to my pussy” She turned away and said “let me show you how I can come” She took the showerhead down and turned the water to a small stream and aimed it straight at her clit. “Help me spread my lips apart, Jim” I reached down and with my thumbs I spread her lips and she aimed the water spray right at the clit. It wasn’t long till her body stiffened and she let out a yelp and collapsed into my arms. “I love to do that when I shower - it must feel the same as getting fucked.”

She turned the shower on soft and massaged my balls with the warm water that made my balls tingle as I was standing there whacking off.

“Please don’t come, Jim – lets get out of here and get on the bed and have some real fun”
My balls were aching but I was able to calm myself enough to grant her wishes.

“Jim, I want you to fuck me!” she said in a very innocent manner.

“For God’s sake, Nan, you are my sister!”

“So?? Don’t you want to keep it in the family?”

We dried off and went to her room. I wasn’t to sure about this but she pulled me on the bed on my back and climbed on top. Facing me she slowly lowered her wet pussy on top of my throbbing cock soaked with pre cum and plunged herself down to my balls. She started a slow pumping on my rod and I met her thrust each time. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them – god were they luscious! She lowered her breasts to my mouth so I could suck and bite the hard nipples. I had the feeling that she had been fucked before but I really wasn’t sure since this was my first time. As she smiled and pumped my cock, she let out low moans.
“Be sure you tell me when you think you are going to cum. I don’t want you getting me pregnant”.
She continued to fondle her clit as her strokes became faster and faster. She rolled off and pulled me on top and guided my throbbing cock into her cunt.
“Fuck me hard, Jim, hard – hard”
“Nan, I can’t hold back much more,” I told her. “I’m going to come. What should I do?”
“Pull out, shit head, and let me finish you off”
I pulled out and slid my pecker to her face and she took my whole load. Shot after shot of my white cum she took and swallowed, licking her lips. She grabbed hold of my shrinking member and sucked it dry.
“Kiss me Jim and taste your cum.
I kissed her hard and she still had some of my cum in her mouth and gave it to me,
“ Jim, that was the greatest orgasm I have ever had”
“ Nan, I want to suck your pussy. I want to see where my cock has been” Nan lay back and opened her legs and spread her cunt.
“Jim, you can do anything you want – suck it. Stick your fingers in and feel inside. I would love you to nibble on my clit- that’s the hard knob at the top and the thing that could make me cum again”.
I buried my tongue and lips on her wet cunt and nibbled on her clit. As I did, she began to moan again and pulled my lips tighter to her. My cock was rubbing hard against the sheets as I sucked her and it began to get hard again. I began to rub my hardening shaft and balls as my tongue flicked in and out of her pussy. I licked her as she arched her back to meet my tongue and with a very soft moan she came again. I continued to lick her cum wet pussy as I jerked off again. Nancy still wanted more loving and pulled me beside her and held her nipples to my ever-sucking mouth.
We hugged and Nan said, “ Jim, I hope that nobody ever hears about us. Someday we can invite our friends over and have a real orgy like Mom and Dad had” This was living and I knew that we had done something very special!

We continued doing it as many times as we got the opportunity. Our favorite thing was taking a shower together where we could feel every part of each other’s body. The warm water and soap in all our areas made my cock stand out straight and Nan was very ready to have it in her pussy. Nan was now up to fucking her boyfriend but I didn’t care. I didn’t have a girl yet so Nan was my sexual outlet during the school year and into the summer.

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