Kacey's sleep-over

Kacey's sleep-over

Three weeks had past since Kacey, Lauren, Laura and Ashley had slept at Lauren’s. It was becoming a routine thing to have a sleep over every 3 weeks. Even though they were 17 years old, they didn’t think it was slightly childish. It was just a get together of 4 best friends.

Tonight was Kacey's turn to host the sleep over; she had already bought all the food and alcohol which meant they didn’t have to go shopping for it.

The girls met up in the gym at 6 pm as usual on a Friday for their workout. Not that they needed to work out, they were in perfect shape, not to thin, just right to sport some of the best curves you have ever seen. Kacey was 5.9 with blonde hair that just went past her shoulders. She was a 34C and had the most beautiful round curvy ass.
Lauren was slightly taller at 5’11; she too had blonde hair to her shoulders but had size D breasts. Her ass wasn’t as curvy as Kacey's but it was still nice and round.
Laura was the smallest of the four, she was only 5’4 but made up for it with her C cup breasts and nice round ass, which was equally as nice as the other two’s.
And last but not least, Ashley. She was 5’7 with red hair down to the middle of her back; her breasts were smaller than the others, a B cup, they were still in proportion with her body and her ass more than made up for them.

At 7:30 they had quickly got changed into their normal clothes, not taking a shower, and headed off to Kacey's house.

Kacey lived in a rather large 5 bedroom home with plenty of land surrounding it. All 4 girls went in and followed Kacey to her room.

“My parent will be leaving at 8 so we will have the house to our selves, well apart from Will, but he will be in his room all night.”

Will was Kacey's younger brother who had only just turned 16. He had fancied Laura ever since her first laid eyes on her.

“When they go can we get a quick shower” the other three girls asked Kacey.
“Yeah sure, I could do with one myself”

They sat in the bedroom chatting about their day until Kacey's parents went out.

Ashley was the first in the shower; she arrived back in the bedroom wearing a pair of hot pants and a vest. Her long, slightly pale legs looked sleek and smooth and her vest hugged her breasts tightly.

Lauren was next; she too arrived back in the bedroom 10 minutes later wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt, her long tanned legs glimmered in the light and her huge D cup breasts bulged firm and proud from her chest

Kacey let Laura go next, who also returned 10 minutes later wearing shorts and a baggy t-shier. Her short tanned legs looked as smooth as the others and the baggy t-shirt did a good job of hiding her breasts.

Kacey was the last in the shower. She stood under the hot water and let it run down her sleek body. She lathered her self up and continued to get washed. 10 minutes later she returned to her room wearing the same as the others.

“Shall we go into the living room” Kacey asked the others.
They all got up and made their way to the living room.

On their way across the hall way, Kacey's younger brother Will opened his door and watched as the girls walked past him,
Laura, knowing that Will fancied her, looked at him and gave him a wink, then continued on downstairs with the girls.

They all went into the living room and sat on the sofas. Kacey brought in the food and alcohol she had bought and they all tucked into it.

About an hour later Will appeared at the doorway
“Can I have some please” he asked
“NO” Kacey quickly told him.

“Oh just let him” Laura said
Will got slightly embarrassed at the thought of a girl sticking up for him, especially the one he fancied so much.

“Well……ok…..but not a lot……..we want some” Kacey said and started laughing.

They all sat and chatted about this and that whilst drinking, all of them slightly drunk, and as usual, the conversation turned to sex, boyfriends and girlfriends (for the sake of will)

“Well then Will” Ashley asked “have you got a girlfriend”
Will hesitated and said yes. The four girls burst out laughing,
“Sure you have” they said sarcastically
“I bet I’ve had more girlfriends than you” Lauren said, and the girls continued to laugh.

Will had had enough and stormed out the room and went to his bedroom.

The girls got back to their conversation about boyfriends.
“I don’t believe John asked you if you would have a three-some” Kacey said to Laura.
“Neither can I” she replied. “I might have if it was with another boy, but he wanted me to have lesbian sex”
“I probably would have ended up trying it too if he wasn’t such a bastard” Laura continued.
The girls laughed even more.
“Do you recon getting licked out of a girl would be different from a boy” Ashley asked
“I imagine it would be the same” Kacey said
“Not really, a girl knows what a girl likes, so it would probably be better” Lauren said.

The laughter dies slightly and Lauren remembered that she hadn’t shown the girls her new tattoo.
“Hey I haven’t shown you my new tattoo yet” she said to the girls
“Is that them paw prints on your tits” Laura asked
“Well get them out, we want to see” Ashley said
“Yeah give us a look” Kacey added

Lauren drunkenly pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her bare breasts to the girls, on which was 2 small paw prints on the inside of each breast.
“Wow, that is a good tattoo” Kacey said
“Yeah, no bra either” Laura added and the girls laughed some more.
“Does it hurt” Ashley asked
“No” she replied

By now the cold breeze in the room had made Lauren’s nipples hard
“Oh, my nipples have gone hard” Lauren said
If there was one thing about these girls it was they were not shy towards each other.
“Hey take a photo of this on your phone Kacey” Laura told her.
Kacey grabbed her phone off the table and got the camera ready.
Laura grabbed Lauren’s right breast and licked the rock solid nipple. Kacey took the photo.
“watch this” Laura said, grabbing Kacey's phone, he ran up the stairs and the other girls followed, swaying slightly off the alcohol, Lauren ran up last, still with no top on.
Laura stopped outside Wills door and pressed to send the picture by Bluetooth to his phone.
His phone beeped when he received it and moments later the girls heard
“Fuck off you bitches” from his room
They ran back down stairs, laughing their heads off.
“Hey you don’t mind me sitting with my top off do you” Lauren asked the girls as they all sat in a circle on the floor. “Just it's really comfortable”.
“Nope” the girls replied
“I think I’ll join you” Ashley said pulling her vest over her head and unclipping her pink bra to reveal her firm B cup breasts.
Kacey and Laura looked at each other then followed suit, taking their tops and bras off to reveal their breasts to the other girls.

“I wish I had breasts that big” Ashley said to Lauren “at least you have something to feel, mine are just flat” she said grasping her own breasts in each hand.
“Don’t be silly, you have perfect boobs” Kacey said to Ashley
“Yeah” Laura said, backing Kacey up
“Whatever, you feel her boobs then feel mine, and then you will see” Ashley said. Lauren pushed her breasts forward for Laura and Kacey to feel, they each took a breast in their hand and caressed it gently
“Wow that feels great” Kacey said “yeah that’s what I was thinking” Laura said
“Ok now feel mine” Ashley said, pushing her chest forward. Laura and Kacey took one of her breasts each and caressed it gently.
“There’s nothing wrong with those honey” Laura said
After each girl had had a feel of the others breasts Lauren stood up and out of nowhere pulled down her shorts.
“Sorry but they are wet off all this boob feeling, I never thought it would get me feeling horny” she said when the other 3 girls were looking at her shocked. Lauren stepped out of her shorts and sat back down showing the girls the wet patch.
The sent of her pussy juice filled the air, the other three girls were getting horny at the smell and sight of their friends pussy.
“Fuck this” Kacey said, standing up and pulling her shorts down to her ankles “it's not harming anybody is it”
Ashley and Laura quickly followed suit and all four of them were sitting there naked.
“I don’t mean to sound dirty or like a lesbian here Lauren, but your shorts smell fucking lovely” Laura said. Kacey and Ashley nodded their heads.
“Oh…thank you….I guess” Lauren said, quite flattered by the remark.
“I wonder what it tastes like” Lauren said, looking at her own damp patch. “Do you think it will be different from boy cum?”
In any other circumstances all four of them would have probably been disgusted by this but tonight they were too drunk to care
“Try it” Ashley said
“Urgh no” Lauren replied, but she was giving it a thought
“I dare you” Laura said to her
“Well I can’t back out of a dare can I” Lauren said
“And this will stay between us 4” Kacey quickly added.
Lauren slowly raised the short to her tongue and tasted a tiny bit of her own juice, the musky smell filled her nose and a sweet taste raced across her tongue.
“Mmm” she said “that’s quite nice” and took another lick, scooping up more juice this time.
“Give me a taste” Kacey blurted out. Lauren looked at her and handed her the shorts. Kacey inhaled the sweet, musky smell and placed her tongue on the wet patch, scooping her friend’s pussy juice into her mouth. The taste suddenly burst to life on her tongue but before she could get another taste the shorts were snatched out her hand by Laura, who took a big lick of the juice and passed them onto Ashley
“Oh I don’t know” Ashley said as she looked at the shorts. As soon as the sweet sent hit her nose though she ran her tongue along the wet patch and tasted her friend. Which she liked a lot.
All three of them complimented Lauren on how nice she tasted. Of course all four of them were horny by now.

“Have any of you ever kissed a girl” Ashley asked
They all looked at each other, each with the same answer “no”
“Why, do you want to see what it's like” Laura asked her
“Well………” but before she could finish Laura had moved her head in and planted her lips on Ashley’s. At first it was just a kiss, and then Laura and Ashley opened their lips and began exploring each others mouths with their tongues.
Kacey and Lauren looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and put their hands on each others face and slowly pressed their lips together.
They too turned their kiss into a passionate wet kiss, tasting each other as their tongues explored.

Laura and Ashley had broken their kiss and smiled at each other when they saw Lauren and Kacey kissing, before Laura began to kiss and suck Ashley’s nipples.
Kacey felt Lauren’s hand on her thigh and opened her legs to grant her friend access to her sweet shaven pussy.
Lauren’s hand gently explored the moist clit before her whilst she continued to kiss Kacey.
Ashley was now sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide and Laura’s head over her pussy, pushing her tongue into Ashley’s pussy as Ashleigh moaned loudly.
“Mmm…….OH Fuck Yes…….oh baby……..lick my pussy……yesssssssss”

Kacey lay back on the floor and opened her legs for Lauren who kissed each of Kacey's nipples, her belly button and pubic area before planting her lips over Kacey's hard clit and sucked on it.
Kacey began to moan as her clit got sucked. Lauren then inserted a finger as she sucked hard on her clit.
“Ahh fuck yes…..I can’t believe we never done this before……Mmm yes baby” Kacey moaned.

Laura inserted her index finger into Ashley’s juicy pussy, pulled it back out and slowly inserted it into her ass”
“Ahh fuck….. That feels so fucking nice……oh yes I'm going to cum” Ashley moaned
Laura began moving her finger in and out of her friend’s ass as she licked up and down her pussy. Ashley was soon bucking about, pushing her pussy hard into Laura’s face, ready to cum.
“Cum baby cum” Laura said as she continued to finger fuck Ashley’s ass and lick her cunt.
It didn’t take much longer for Ashley’s pussy to erupt with sweet juice. Laura made a good attempt to swallow most of it but it sprayed all over her tits and neck.
Ashley lay there panting for a moment before she sat up and kissed Laura, who still had a mouth full of pussy juice and was more than happy to share it. Ashley loved the taste of her own cum being swished about her mouth by her friends tongue.

Kacey was going to cum soon too. Moaning loudly as Lauren continued to finger fuck her and sucks her clit.
“Ahh baby I'm going to cum……ah fuck……YESSSSS” Kacey moaned as her pussy erupted and sent her into the best orgasm she had ever had.
Lauren immediately began swallowing the juice but was over come and had to sit up. She too kept some pussy juice in her mouth and passionately kissed Kacey, swapping cum and saliva.

Laura and Ashley were sitting on the sofa watching the show as they rubbed each others pussies.
Lauren and Kacey sat up on the floor then moved to the sofa. Kacey buried her head in Laura’s pussy and Lauren swapped places with Ashley and Ashley buried her face in Lauren’s cunt.
The 4 girls stayed like this for a while until Laura and Lauren had come, squirting their juice into their best friend’s mouths. Kacey and Ashley then kissed each other, mixing their 2 friends cum before sharing it with the girl they just licked out.
All 4 of them sat back on the floor, naked and admiring each other.
“Well, I think we had best go to bed” Kacey said, giving her friends a sexy smile. She didn’t have to say this again as the other 3 girls stood up and made their way to Kacey's room with her.
They crept past Will’s room and into Kacey's and all climbed into her bed naked, rubbing each others tits and pussies, preparing for another round of fun.

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