1st time_(2)

George sat in his recliner after a long hard day at work thinking about how his life had gone over the past ten years.He was a good looking guy with his pitch black wavy hair and light blue (bedroom) eyes. 5' 10" and great muscles which resulted from his working out daily. George was hungry as hell but not for food. He was hungry for pussy. It had been a long time since he had been on a date. As he sat there trying to relax his mind was on his life and the lack of female companionship. He and Sarah had divorced almost a year after Crystal Lynn was born almost eight years ago now. George got full custody because of Sarah's drug additions and her failure to get herself clean. The Judge had given many opportunities to enter the rehab center and get the help she needed. All to no avail it seemed.
Sarah was the girl in school that every guy drooled over. She stood 5'8" with a 36,24,36 body and deep blue eyes highlighted by her natural blond hair. She could have had any guy she wanted but had picked George. She was only 16 when they met and he was only a month older then she was. It was lust at first sight for both of them. They had even slipped away from the crowd of friends to fuck after only knowing each other for a couple hours.
George could picture in his mind that first time he and Sarah had entered the tool shed behind the athletic field of the high school. They had started kissing and he was rubbing her ass as she was moving her body into him. After some heavy tongue actionhe started feeling her up and she started rubbing his 8" hard cock through his pants. They litterly fought to get each other's clothes off and when they had stripped Sarah grabbed his cock and went to her knees and started sucking his thick rod. He had pulled her face into his crotch and she took every inch of him into her mouth. He was loving her giving him the best blow job he had ever had but wanted to get to work on her pussy. He remembered how he had lowered her to her back and how she willingly spread her legs to allow him to get her pussy in his mouth. He ate her like he was a starving man with his first food in days. He was in heaven eating her sweet pussy until he had heard her demand he fuck her right then and there.
He could still feel how tight she had been that first time and how he had slid his meat into her and even could almost hear her moans as he fucked her harder then he ever had before with anyone. They were so hot that any kind of protection was the futherest thing from their minds. George still loved Sarah and as he was thinking about that first time. He remembered how hard he had cum in her and how hard she had cum almost throwing him off her as she bucked trying to get even more of him into heras reached her own climax at the same time as he had. The result of that first fuck section was they were both exhausted and could barely breath. Crystal Lynn was also a result of that first fuck section. George and Sarah married three months later mainly because both their parents had decided that was the right thing and insisted on their making their union a legal one.
Back then they had moved Sarah's things into his parents home and they lived their until Sarah was first arrested for possesion of a controled substance. 6 months pregnant and caught with three rocks of crack. His parents had kicked them out so they moved into her parents house and she was caught again only two months later. The Judge had given her probation the first time and ordered her into treatment. She had pasted her first two drug test and everyone thought she was staying clean. But she had dropped her purse at a rehab meeting and the bag of crack slid out onto the floor. Boy was the judge pissed. He had told her that he could sentence her and her baby would be born in prison and taken by the state social services for placement. But he decide to delay her sentence until after the baby was born. Then she would have to spend a year in jail.
George remembered how his and her parents had agreed to help him take care of the baby if the Judge would allow him to keep the baby. Two days after Crystal Lynn was born Sarah was picked up to serve her time. He had visited her a couple time and tryed to talk about when she would be back with him but she wouldn't listen to any of it.
The end was when he had started to tell her about their baby and she had told him to get the fuck out of her face and she didn't even care about any fucking kid. He had filed for divorce and the judge gave it to him and even said how he was doing the best thing for his daughter. He had not seen Sarah again but still had strong feeling for her. They had been together for a little over a year and his life had gone to hell as things had unfolded. He had to quit school and go to work full time for his uncle who paid him good but treated him like he was shit.
8 years later and he still had feeling for his ex wife even though he hadn't seen or heard from her since that last visit. Try as hard as he could he just kept thinking back to how great sex had been between him and Sarah.
"Daddy what's that?" George bolted upright and realized he had his cock out and was stroking it. Oh shit his daughter had caught him jacking off. "What are you doing daddy? What is that white stuff? Are you okay Daddy?" Fuck how could he explain to his 9 year old daughter what was happening? Ugh baby I was ugh he was trying to think what to say. His 9 year old daughter was standing in front of him naked soaking wet from her bath and asking him about his jacking off. " Daddy when you didn't come to wash my hair I hollered for you and got scared when you didn't answer me. What's wrong daddy are you okay? "
Yes baby I'm fine. Go get a towel you are dripping water on the rug. He needed time to think but Crystal Lynn was scared and ran and jumped onto he daddy's lap. "Daddy please tell me what's wrong. I heard you making some sort of sound. Daddy I'm scared."
He had no choice he had to think fast. Hell she hadn't even given him time to stuff his cock bak into his pants before lunging onto him. His cock had gone limp when she startled him but the feel of bare flesh on it soon had him getting hard again.
He looked into his daughter's eyes and slowly tried to comfort her. He hugged her tight and assured her he was fine. She slid back into his arms and this caused his cock to slide against her ass. It became rock hard and there was no way to hide it from Crystal Lynn. " Daddy what is poking my butt?"
George took a second then he tried to explain as best as he could. Honey that is my ..ugh what I pee out of. It .ugh..gets like this some times when I have to go pee real bad. He was hoping this would answer her questions. "Daddy but what is that white sticky stuff? My pee isn't white are you ok?" George was not only having a serious problem finding a way to explain this to her but he was also trying to figure out why his fucking cock was rock hard with his daughter on his lap. Was it the wiskey he had at the bar? Or the couple beers he drank when he got home? "Daddy what are you doing to my pee-pee? It feels funny."
Oh Fuck he was rubbing his daughters pussy lips! What the fuck was wrong with him? Baby go to your room please and grab a towel to dry off, I have to use the bathroom. He placed her down and almost ran to the bathroom. As soon as the door was shut he sat down on the stool and started to cry into his hands. All he could do was think how she had caught him wacking his meat and then how he got hard by her body touching his cock. Then to top it all off he had been trying to finger her. What the hell was wrong with him? This was his daughter. She was his baby. He had to think of something to tell her that would satisfy her and get him off the hook.
He washed his face and used a wash colth to clean himself up. He walked to Crystal Lynn's room and slowly opened her door. She was in bed asleep. Good he had time to think how to explain all this to her in the morning. He leaned over and kissed her good night. His cock immediately responded by starting to harden.
He eased out of the room and went back to the living room. He sat there for hours thinking what to say to his daughter. Thats where he fell asleep, but his dreams would give him a restless night where he would wake several times before morning. It was the same dream each time. It started with his daughter running to him naked, jumping on his lap and then he would start sucking her undeveloped tits and fingering her virgin cunt. He woke up and found himself shaking but none the less he had a ragging hardon. He drifted back off to sleep and the dream returned waking him again. About four am he decided to just go get showered and stay up.
He went to his daughter's room to wake her at about six thirty. When he entered the room she was already awake and was getting dressed."Morning Daddy. Feeling better this morning?"
Morning baby I'm okay did you sleep good? George wasn't stupid if his daughter didn't mention last night he wouldn't either. Yea Right! Honey about what happened last night. You shouldn't have seen that. I guess I drank to much and wasn't acting right. I'm sorry did I hurt you? "No daddy you have never hurt me. I love you." Well I need to try and explain things to you. Men and women are different in their private areas. Your pee is.ugh well a opening and mine is what you saw last night. "Daddy I know boys have a penis and girls don't. We learned that in health class. But what was the white stuff?" Well honey it's a man's cuugh sperm. When a man and woman are in love the man gives it to the woman and it makes a baby for them. Crystal Lynn looked at her dad and laughed. "Daddy is that when they have sex? I've seen you watching those tapes with the man and woman having sex. Aunt Claire explained them to me when she caught me watching them. Are you mad at me for watching them? I'm sorry. Aunt Claire said not to tell you."
Shit! Claire had caught her neice watching fuck flicks and hadn't told him. That stupid fucking cunt. Was he mad at Crystal Lynn? No but he could beat the hell out of Claire the fucking bitch! All he said was no baby daddy's not mad at you. How much has aunt Claire told you about sex?
" Promise you won't be mad at me. Aunt Claire said men and women like sex with each other and that men have a penis and women have a vir.ginia. She said that the man puts his penis into the woman's Virginia when they have sex."
George sat listening to his 9 year old daughter explain what her aunt had told her about sex. Apparently she had not explain anything about how a man cums and the cum makes the woman pregnant or anything about that part. It's ok honey I am the one that is sorry you saw those tapes. You are too young to understand all of it. I should have put them where you wouldn't get them.
"Daddy can I ask you something else?" Sure baby anything. "Well aunt Claire said a man's penis gets hard when he want's sex with a woman he loves. Is that right?" Without thinking George said yes honey that's right. why?
"Well I love you daddy. Do you love me too?" Of course I love you baby why would you ask that? Don't I always tell you how much I love you? I love you more then anthing else in the world baby. You are daddy's girl aren't you? " Well daddy your penis got hard last night when I was setting on your lap. Do you love me enough to want to have sex with me? I hope you love me that much."
George had no idea how to answer her this time. She was his world and it seemed no matter which way he would answer her. So he avoided it completely. Baby I do love you more then anything in the world. I will explain the rest when I get home this evening okay? This seem to take care of it for now and George hurried Crystal Lynn off to school and then headed for work.
When he arrived the foreman told him Bob wanted him to deliver a load of lumber to a new site and then he would have the rest of the day off if he wanted too. He got the truck and headed for the job site but his mind wasn't on his job. All he could think of was what had happened since yesterday. Was he realy thinking about fucking his daughter? He couldn't deny he was turned on when she sat on his lap? Was it because he drank too much or was he just that horny? He arrived at the site and as he got out of the truck he realized his cock was hard again from thinking about if he wanted to fuck Crystal Lynn or what the hell was happening with him.
He unloaded the truck and headed for home. As he passed the Crystal Palace Bar and Grill he decided to stop and get something to eat. The waitress took his order and brought his food. Damn was she hot. She couldn't be more then twenty one or so and those tits could poke a man's eyes out. George ate his lunch and then ordered a pitcher of beer, then another. By the time he left he had a good buzz going. He stopped at the liqour store and got a fifth of vodka.
He got home about two hours before his daughter would be there. He started supper and fixed himself a drink. Of course one wasn't enough and by the time Crystal arrived home from school he was feeling no pain. She hugged him and headed for her room to change out of her school clothes.
George figured it was a good time to clear the air and get things straight with his baby so he headed for her room. As he entered her room all she had on were her panties and he noticed his dick starting to get hard. Baby we need to talk about what you asked me. "Okay daddy. She just plopped on the bed and drew herself to a setting position. This didn't help his situation any. Her panties were drawn tight into her pussy lips and one could make out the entrance line clear. George sat down beside her and wrapped his arms around her. Honey I love you more then anything in this world you know that don't you? " Yes daddy and I love you just as much." Honey please let me finish without you cutting in. As I said you are my world and I would never want to do anything to hurt you. "Daddy your penis is hard again! Did I make it do that?" Crystal said this like it was the best thing that she could ever do to her dad. Baby don't interupt me again. George looked down at his cock then at his daughter's crotch. It was then that he knew that even though it was wrong and he shouldn't be feeling this way he not only did want to fuck his daughter, but here was the perfect time to do it. Honey yes you did make my penis hard. Do you want to see it hard again? Crystal shook her head up and down and stared at her dad's crotch. George stood, unbuckled his pants and slid them down past his knees. "Can I touch it please daddy?" He was far beyond right or wrong thoughts now. He wasn't even thinking about this being his daughter. The only thought was that this girl was going to do more then touch it. Baby I have some other things to tell you. What you are touching is daddy's penis, cock, dick, and it has many other names also.
Take your panties off now so I can tell you about your pussy baby. Crystal laid back and slid her panties completely off, then sat back up with her legs crossed giving George open access to her. George wet his fingers and slid them over his daughter's pussy. This baby is your pussy, cunt, love cannel, of course it has other names too. Crystal cooed at her father's touch and spread her legs even more. Now in the movie you saw did the woman put the man's cock in her mouth. "I don't know daddy Aunt Claire made me turn it off so I didn't see much of it." Thats ok baby Daddy will teach you everything if that is what you want. Wrap your hand around my cock now baby and slowly move it up and down it. Crystal did as she was told and after George got her hand in the right position he let het stroke his cock. He moaned and then explained he was going to suck on her tities like a man does a woman he loves. Her tities were just barely bumps on her chest but ot him they were the finest in the world. He sucked one then the other and kept rubbing her pussy with his fingers trying to get her wet enough to slide a finger inside her. Baby now lean over into daddys lap so I can put my cock in your mouth. Then you need to close just your lips around it and suck it like you would a sucker. Crystal had a little trouble getting his cock into her mouth but after streaching her mouth as wide as she could he got the head in. She started sucking on it and George knew he couldn't take much of that before he would shoot his load. Baby stop, that is called sucking cock. Now I want to show you what a man does for a woman he loves. He lowered his head and licked her pussy for the first time. He was gentle and went real slow. After a couple minutes of licking around her opening and barely at her clit he stuck his tongue into her opening causing her to moan. This little 9 year old was getting into having her pussy ate. George next wet his middle finger and slowly spread her pussy lips with his other hand. Baby I am going to finger fuck you now which is the next thing a man loves to do for his woman. He eased his finger in about half way then withdrew it til only the tip was in his daughter. With each trust in he went a little deeper until he had his whole finger plunging in and out of her. Does this feel good baby? George was dying to get his cock burried in her but knew he had to take his time. " Yes daddy that feels real good. Did you mean it when you said that you were doing it for your woman?" Oh yes baby and you will be my woman real soon, but we need to make your pussy wetter first so I can get my cock in you. That is what you want isn't it? "Yes Daddy I want to be your woman so you will always love me." George couldn't find anything to grease her opening except for the kitchen grease so he used it. He grabbed a hand full and worked it all around and then rubbed it all over his cock. Now baby we are ready to make you a woman, MY WOMAN RIGHT! He said it loud enough to make sure his daughter knew he meant it. You need to spread your legs as much as you can babay so daddy can get his big fuck stick in you. It will hurt when it first goes in but after a little bit it will be the best feeling you can have. Crystal grabbed her thighs and pulled them as far apart as she could. George placed the head of his cock at her opening and rubbed it up and down a few times. Ready baby? Daddy is going to give you your first fuck and make you his woman. He had to struggle to get the head past her lips but when it popped inside he inched it forward until he met her barrier. Okay baby this will be were it hurts a little. He eased back then shoved forward with every ounce of being he had. "STOP DADDY IT HURTS TOO MUCH, TAKE IT OUT DADDY! DADDY PLEASE QUIT! DADDY NO, STOP YOUR HURTING ME! Crystal was sceaming for him to quit but there was no way he would quit now. Just hold on baby it will quit hurting in a minute, I promise. And it did quit hurting after a little while. Now honey when can start making love. I can make love to my woman. Each time we make love it will feel better and better. George pumped in and out of his daughter's pussy. After several minutes she started to move also raising to meet his forward thrust. George was now pounding her little pussy. He didn't last long, but he knew he wouldn't, but that didn't matter to him, what did matter was busting his nut in this young pussy. As his balls tightened he told his daughter he was getting ready to give her his love juice. Then he shot rope after rope of cum deep in her. When he finished he kissed his daughter not like a daughter but like a lover. She returned his passion with a new passion of her own. Then George pulled his limp cock out of her and instructed her on how to clean his cock with her mouth. She wasn't sure if she liked the taste or not but she did love her father and this was for him. No regrets on her part but what about George? He was too exhausted and to drunk to even think right now. But Tomorrow he would have to face what had just happened. George and Crystal fell asleep holding eachother.

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