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.We are an average couple….except at night we become sex animals. Nina has a great body, long reddish brown hair and nice 34 C tits. My close buddies said she was hot looking. Me, Mark, I am tall, blondish and Nina’s close friends said I looked hot. We were both 22, and living together, we have no kids and plenty of time to have great sex.
Slowly I noticed a trait of hers. If we were in the mall, sitting on a bench and people watching, she would comment on the women having nice hot looking hips, ass and tits. She was eyeballing all the women who walked by. I noted this and chimed in feeding her comments. I would say how I would like to see that girl naked. Nina would quietly gasp, and say how hot that would be. On TV she would do the same. She would comment on how a girl had hot legs, or nice tits or lusty eyes. I decided to see just how maybe bi curious she was. I felt she might be ‘bi desire’ instead of just ‘bi curious‘, which was fine with me. (I pictured 3 somes in the future.)

I started off one night when we were laying in bed naked and I started telling a hot story.
She loved these and the stories always got her hot, only this time I made it a bi story.

I told a story of a maid, I called her Lacy, similar to Gracie. (* That was her girlfriends name who I felt she might have had a one time affair with, when they got drunk one night. She did tell me once that they ended up in bed together naked, but wouldn’t tell me any more.).

I described the maid like her girlfriend looks, as I knew it was to her liking.
The maid ask if she could give lady a massage due to a sore back the lady had. (Nina started to breathing heavy.) I went into detail about how the maid Lacy, ask the lady to go take all her clothes off and lay down on the bed, face down. Lacy watched her get undressed as the lady blushed a little.

Lacy smiled real sexy at her. She started out massaging her back, then neck, then legs and then turned her over. (By now I heard Nina’s breathing increase, and she squirmed a few times.) As the maid massaged and got closer to her boobs, the lady didn’t move, and just let her do it. The maid started slowly brushing against her boobs. She slowly did her tummy and all around her pubic hair. The maid opened the lady’s legs wide and the lady just let her do it.
The maid stopped.
There was a pause.
The lady opened her eyes and the maid was smiling at her. The maid leaned over and whispered:….(“…you look so content, did you want me to keep going and make you feel even better?”)
The lady thought…..
(‘….oh god, don’t stop now!…I’ve never been this wet and turned on since my girlfriend in school, keep going. I better let her know what I want right now.’)
The lady slowly reached out with her trembling hand and took the maids hand and put it on her damp pubic hair. She whispered back:
(“Lacy,…. (gasp) why don’t you get in bed with me, and we can both ‘feel’ real good?“).

The lady thought….
(I cant believe the words that just came out of my mouth. I just got a hot feeling in the pit of my stomach. Did I actually just say that? I can’t believe I am so hot over a woman since that girl in school.)


The lady watched the maid smile and slowly start to undress. She unbuttoned the front of the maid’s uniform. She laid it on a chair. She unhooked her bra and in slow-motion let the straps down. She had a real nice set of tits and squeezed her arms together forming a great cleavage. The lady squirmed watching her. Lacy let her bra straps slowly slide off her arms, putting a sexy strip show for the lady

. Lacy inched down her little panties showing her dark bush, matching her long wavy black hair. She got up on the bed and got between the lady’s legs. As the lady watched, Lacy began to feel her own tits and massage them slowly while rolling her nipples with her fingers. The lady eyes went wide having never seen a live woman do a ‘feel up’ show.
Lacy teased the lady by rubbing the lady’s inner thighs and letting her finger just slide across the lady’s pubic hair. The lady wanted to suck on Lacy’s hot looking tits so bad, her lips tingled.

(I looked over at Nina, as she had her eyes closed, breathing deep and licking her lips. Her hand was between her legs moving slightly.)

The maid Lacy continued. She fingered and massaged her own pussy as the lady watched and took a gasping breath. Then she lowered her mouth down to the lady’s pussy. The lady could feel Lacy’s hot breath on her pussy.
I stopped the story and said more tomorrow night.
Nina said: “NO!, your just getting to the best part!” I noticed Nina had been fingering her own slit and she was very wet. I started in saying that a woman would know,….. just the right places to massage. Nina eyes were closed and whispered:…. ’yes, I know a woman would’. I asked her if she had ever had a woman give her ‘that kind’ of a massage.

There was a long silence, then she slowly began to tell about her girlfriend Millie when they were young girls in school.
She still had her eyes closed and fingering her pussy as she told this never before told, true story.

Nina did a slept over at Millie’s house and started comparing bodies that night in bed. The room was pretty dark and they decided to feel and compare each others boobs. Nina said they both got turned on doing this. The excitement made them to go further. Then on to feeling and comparing their little slits. Millie said she had found her clit, and it felt good when she rubbed it,

and took Nina’s finger and showed her the spot on Nina’s own little pussy. Nina got a hot pleasure jolt when Millie did this. Millie’s hand guiding Nina’s finger made her really hot. She remembers trembling in her tummy. She wanted more of this. Nina, trying to hide her hyper breathing and suggested they might…. rub “each others” clits.

Millie turned around to a 69 position laying on her side as they raised one leg and rubbed each other clits. Nina and Millie got really excited as it was the first time Nina had done this. Millie put her finger in Nina’s vagina and felt it all around, so, Nina did the same to her. They did this till they both were wet. She said they kept it up and up, then faster until Nina had her very first orgasm. They were exhausted and stopped, the girl kissed Nina’s clit,

……Nina gasp!, and they went on to sleep. Nina said she never forgot that kiss as it sent waves of pleasure thru her pussy.

Nina stopped and realized what she had just told me.
This answered my question about bi, as she had an experience she liked and it lingered in her mind.

I got down and kissed Nina’s clit and she bucked and shivered. I had her rub her own clit as I opened her legs wide and put my dick in her very wet pussy. Nina held me tight and I knew she was thinking about a woman. I placed her hands on my chest. She started feeling my tits and twisting my nipples. She started to peak with a big moan. She had a squirming moaning yelling climax, bucking as she kept rubbing her own clit fast. She started lifting her hips up and shaking violently….she started to yelled out “Oh Gra….”
I let go with a big load of cum in her that took my breath away. As I kept shooting in her,
she had a squirt for the very first time. She shuddered and shook as she moaned. She was way hotter and more excited this time then we could ever remember, and I think I knew why. What was it she started to yell?

The next day she said how great last night was, as she grabbed my dick and squeezed it and said that she couldn’t wait to hear more of the story. Nina was extra horny all day, and she fondled me every chance she got.

I was mean, and made her wait 2 days till Saturday night. I felt there was more to her bi adventures and I wanted to hear all about them. On purpose I had told the maid story so she could relate it to her girlfriend Gracie. Every time her girlfriend Gracie’s name came up, she would always smile and stare into the distance. She had told me many times of how hot Gracie was, long black wavy hair, big tits, her curvy figure and long legs. I had a plan to see if her and Gracie ever had a bi affair.

Saturday night came, and back we went to the story that night. She was already wet and started fingering herself right away. I had earlier started in letting her know I felt turned on watching two women making out, in fact it made me hot just thinking about two women having sex. She would smile but only say it would have to be the right woman for her to do something like that with.
I continued with the story.
The maid was just about to lick the lady’s pussy. She smelled the aroma the lady’s perfume mixed with her sex between her legs and it made the maid’s own pussy start to get wetter. She started licking around her pubic hair, causing the lady to twitch and jump as her tongue hit certain areas. (I then turned out all the lights so Nina could concentrate on the story.)
I got down and acted out each description I told. I ran my tongue around her pussy hair like Lacy the maid did in the story.

“Lacy used the tip of her tongue to go up and down the lady’s slit“….. (I did the same to Nina. I removed Nina’s finger from her clit and sucked on her finger then licked her clit and got it very wet. I placed her finger back.)
“Lacy then took her lips and nibbled on the lady’s clit. Her long hair brushing the lady’s legs. She then slowly put three fingers in the lady’s pussy and found her G spot and massaged it.” (Nina moaned as I did it to her.) “Lacy lifted up the lady’s legs at the knee, and push them wide open.”

(Nina did it without me touching her.) “Lacy licked the lady’s clit firmer, and speeded up her G spot massage. The lady bucked her hips up in pleasure.” (Nina moaned steady now, and did the same.) “The lady held Lacy’s head and humped her face steady now. Lacy now speeded up and teased the lady by taking her finger and just touching her butt hole. (Nina’s butt went up for me to finger her butt hole. I ran my finger around it, teasing it as she jumped and moan loud. She took my finger now and led it to the entrance and darted it in and out slightly, teasing herself. I continued )

“Lacy could take no more, and reached over and put an vibrator in the lady’s pussy and pumped it in and out, while pushing the tip of her finger in the lady’s butt hole. The lady yelled in pleasure.”

With that I crawled up and slipped my hard dick in Nina’s pussy and started pumping. I reached around and put a finger slightly in her butt hole, and moved it in and out. She was moaning loud, bucking and squirming now saying, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh my god!, oh my god!” She lifted her pussy up as high as she could and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick as she began to climax and yell, “OH BABY, YESSSSSSSSSSSS” as she climaxed hard, shaking and bucking, her butt clamped down tight on my finger.

I let go with a huge load of cum, making me yell with her. We pumped and pumped it deep in her pussy as we both now shook and gasp for air. I’d never seen Nina so hot, ever. She shook and moaned for a long time, squeezing my dick with her pussy.

She knew she had exposed herself as getting turn on real hot by thinking about being with a woman. Her bi curious had moved to ‘bi desire’.

I wanted her to admit it to herself. She was resistant. She knew by now I liked the two women thing, but I had to find the right woman for her to really go ahead and have sex with a woman.
Yes,…. I fantasized about a great threesome and I wanted that to happen. I thought how can I do this. Gracie had moved to the next town, so she was out.
As I thought….it hit me…
Where was she today? I tracked her down to where she worked in town, at a little store. I went in and asked where was Millie? A woman pointed her out. She was a tall redhead with green eyes. I was stunned. She was a hot looking girl. Long red hair, very white skin and green eyes. She had great tits and hot legs. She was putting stuff away as I approached. “Millie?”…”Yes”….”I know you Millie.”

I told her who I was and slowly we blended real cool. I told her Nina had feelings for her beyond just girlfriends She caught on quick and smiled at me and winked. She whispered: (“…do you mean ’girl’ feelings?”) I said: (“you catch on quick Millie. She yeans inside for you, but resists the bi thing.”) She smiled a sexy smile said: (“ I can fix that, just let me visit her.”) We arranged it and I quick hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She pulled me to her and looked all around and kissed me quick with a slip of her tongue. She held my hand and squeezed it as I left.

I was excited now, Millie was a very hot girl and she was game to go bi with Nina. I had mental pictures of a great 3 some with those two. I talked to Millie on the phone and we started talking a lot. We got into hot discussions and that led to phone sex. She was bi sexual and liked to make me hot, I loved making her hot. We decided to have Millie call her first and get together for old time sake. Nina jumped at the chance. I would leave them alone for her first visit and Millie would try and get her into bed with her. It took two visits and then it happened.

Millie told me Nina was so hot for her finally, a few glasses of wine and she let Millie lick her pussy into a climax. The next visit, they both went all the way with the licking and feeling of everything. Nina was worried what I would think, so Millie said not to worry that she’d have a talk with me. Of course it was a done deal already for Millie and I.
Now, I looked forward to our first 3some.
Millie suggested she come over Saturday night for a visit. Nina was all for it. Millie brought a big bottle of Nina’s favorite wine. I put on a 3some porn video and we all settled in. I was in my easy chair while they sat on the couch. The more Nina drank, the more she sat closer to Millie as they whispered.

They were off to my right and behind me. There was picture with a mirror around it on the wall in front of me, so I would see Millie and Nina both. As the video got hotter and hotter I could see Millie talking in Nina’s ear, then she kissed her neck. Nina smiled and closed her eyes. Nina was now pretty drunk, and began to giggle with Millie. I could see her hand was rubbing Millie’s leg. When the video ended. I went and sat on the couch, Nina in the middle between Millie and I. Millie and I went to work to make Nina hot and excited. It didn’t take much. Millie and I got our faces up close to Nina and both whispered about the video’s hot parts.

We each took one of Nina’s hands and began to hold it. Then rubbed it, kissed it and licked between her fingers. Nina was melting fast. Her breathing was heavy and she wanted to join in but just sat and enjoyed for now. Finally I winked at Millie and started kissing the side of Nina’s face, Millie took the other side and we started increasing our kisses and we got to Nina’s lips and all three began to kiss. Nina watched as I kissed Millie and then…….
Millie kissed Nina.
Nina could take no more and kissed us both panting and letting her tongue go wild in both our mouths. We all got so hot, finally I stood up and Millie stood and we kissed and felt Nina all the way to our bedroom. We all undressed each other, fondling and kissing all the way. Nina was the most turned on and was dizzy with excitement. She attacked us both, kissing us and feeling my dick and Millie’s tits. We started doing the same to her.
Now I had two hot women to play with and they both had a girl and a guy to feel up. Millie and I wanted to fuck bad, but so did Nina, so….we both did.
Millie and I laid Nina down and started kissing her and fingering her sweet pussy. She thrashed her body with excitement. I whispered to Millie: (“…go 69 with her first..”) She tongue kissed me deep and then turned and I finally got to watch Millie eat Nina’s pussy.

Nina made little pleasure noises as she pulled Millie’s pussy to her. In went her tongue in Millie’s wet pussy. Now Millie made those same moaning sounds. I just laid to the side and Millie reach over and jacked me as she ate Nina’s pussy, and sucking some on her clit.

I’ll never forget the sight and sounds of pleasure, those two made. Hands feeling each others tits, legs, butts, and body’s. Millie sat up panting for air and whispered: (“…she hotter than ever! Put your dick in her now!”) I turned and put my knees under Nina’s wide open legs and rubbed her clit with my dick. Millie quick turned and slowly, her shaking arms lowered her pussy right over Nina’s face. Millie squeezed Nina’s tits firm and whispered to Nina: (“lick my clit Nina baby, lick it!”)

Then she reached up to me and tongue kissed me with her wet face. I tongue kissed her back as she ran my tongue over her wet face, I tasted Nina’s juices on her face. Millie was so hot looking, We felt each other and I ran my hand through her hair, long red hair like silk. She was all turned on by me and felt me all over. Her clit tingled and I was adding to her impending climax. She whispered to me: (“oh god I have to have you in me next!…I want your cum in me so bad.”)

We kissed hotter and hotter as I pumped Nina’s pussy and she licked Millie‘s clit. What a turn on fucking Nina and feeling and kissing Millie. Millie and I were getting very hot for each other, and she whispered: (“..mark, baby I’m want you so bad, the phone sex we had made me so wet for you, we have to fuck soon!, or I’ll explode.”) I felt her tits and pushed my tongue deep in her mouth. She shuddered and licked my lips so hot and moaned in my ear.

Now we all moaned sounds I can’t describe. I have to guess that Nina climaxed first as I touched bottom in her pussy and she shook beneath Millie and I. Millie and I licked our faces as I shot a massive load in Nina, as Millie began to yell loud in my mouth and climaxed on Nina’s face, humping her tongue. Now we all shook and moaned as Millie and I locked together with a dripping wet kiss.

Millie reached down and felt my cum overflowing out of Nina’s pussy and filled her fingers with it. She brought them up to her mouth, and sucked them. When Millie did that….. she squirted all over Nina as she licked her lips. This made Nina squirt and yell and shudder till she went weak with the tension shaking her body. Millie and I kept kissing our wet kisses and gasping for air. She moaned to me….“oh god I want you in me so bad“…and started deep kissing me with her tongue. She pulled at me and we rolled off a passed out smiling wet faced Nina. Millie pushed me on my back and rammed my dick in her pussy. She leaned over on me and started fucking me faster and faster. Her tongue went deep in my mouth. It turned me on so high to where I felt another load cuming up for Millie.

She fucked me like a machine while working her tongue in my mouth. When my load came up and I yelled: “Oh Jezzzzzz!,” and shot a huge steam of cum in her, she shook hard and then started thrashing on top of me as she yelled: “OOhhhhhhhhh Baby,….I….I’m…. I‘m Cuming!” She climaxed so hard, she shook violently and squirted all over us.
I held her butt cheeks tight as her body jumped around on top of me, still squirting, moaning loud and tongue kissing me.

The last things I remember were running my fingers through her beautiful red hair, as she kissed every spot on my face, over and over.

She let her spasms take over the squeezing of my dick as I let the pumping of my cum keep going in her as we drifted away…
Millie move in with us the next day,

A few weeks later, Nina got a call.

It was Gracie….saying she was coming to town for a visit. Nina and her whispered in the phone for a while.

Nina shivered. and just smiled after Gracie hung up.

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