Soccer Mom's Big Discovery

My name was Josh, I was a normal 17 year old lad who lived in a quiet village with this parents. One Sunday morning I awoke as mom entered my room. She walked towards my bed in her normal morning attire, a shortish robe that looked a little worse for wear held together by a tie round the middle. My mom leant over as she was leaving a cup of coffee by the side of my bed. As she leant over her robe splayed open a little at the top allowing me to get a quick glimpse of her big tits hanging free in her robe. Now don’t get me wrong my mom isn’t a model or anything, actually she is in her early 40’s, 5’ 4, long dark hair, an attractive face, not slim but has curves in all the right places. I don’t think of her in a sexual way but at 17 an eyeful of female flesh is not something you ever complain about.

“you’ll need to get up soon” she said “remember dad’s not here this week to take you to Soccer so I’ve got the short straw”.

“I know” I replied “thanks mom”

“Ok, Darling” she said “what do you want for breakfast?”
“just some eggs would be good mom please” I replied.

I know I was spoilt by my mom but I was an only child so kind of made the most of it. She turned and started to leave the room, as she walked I could see her round ass move from side to side in her robe. She stopped on her way to the door to pick up some of my washing, as she leant down her short robe started to creep up her leg, it was rising up to the bottom of her ass, I leaned closer, but at that point she finished collecting the laundry and stood up and walked towards the door. Gutted! I thought. Just as mom left the room she turned and glanced at my duvet. That’s when it struck me, I looked down at my duvet it had a lump in it by my crotch, I couldn’t work out whether I had awoke with morning glory or gotten hard by seeing my mom’s tits. Shit, either way mom had just seen my duvet with my hard on poking up in it. I felt embarrassed but at the same time very horny.
I wasn’t embarrassed about my cock, just a little shy. I was constantly teased in the showers after soccer for having a ‘donkey cock’ and as I looked under the duvet you could see why. It was rock hard, 9.5 inches in length and very thick that you could only just fit your hand all the way round. No women had ever seen it in this state, as no women had seen it since I was a young boy and mom used to walk in while I was in the bath. I was nervous about what they would say, if lads mocked me then what would they do?

I wanted to play with it there it and then but knew I didn’t have time. I tried to ignore it and get changed. Putting on my boxers for soccer wasn’t easy though, everything has to be secured for all that running around which meant I usually wore a tight pair of white trunk style briefs. I put them over my feet and pulled them up over my slowly deflating cock. It was strapped in at such an angle from front on it looked like I had a growth on the side of my leg.
I put on my baggy joggers to cover it and headed off downstairs.

I arrived in the kitchen and mom was washing up with her back to me,
“Now eat your breakfast while I go get changed” she said. She turned and smiled as she walked through the kitchen.

Not a mention of my duvet incident so hopefully she hadn’t noticed I thought. I scoffed down my breakfast and mom joined me as we walked to the car. Mom was now wearing a long flimsy dress that was pulled tight against her top half and then it sort of flowed at the bottom half so you could not see too much shape (I think that’s the way she liked it as she knew she had big boobs but wasn’t a fan of her round ass). It looked as though she had tights or stockings on and her boots.

“looks not too nice out there son today” she said “its been stormy all night and its still wet and windy”.
“I know” I replied “but I’m sure we’ll still be playing”

We got to the sports ground, I stood in the car park briefly with the other lads and mom went off to the clubhouse, “see you after the game and good luck” she said. Just as she was about to open the clubhouse door a big gust of wind came through the car park and her flimsy dress blew up to reveal her whole bottom half. I stood there shocked as underneath her dress she had the boots going up to just short of the knee, stockings that went two thirds up her thighs and then a suspender belt holding up the stockings with a sexy pair of knickers that was almost a thong. She was only 30 yards away from me and the lads, I was stood motionless and embarrassed. My mom made a quick entrance into the clubhouse to cheers from my mates.

“your mom’s a milf Josh” one yelled
“she can come into the showers after if she wants” said another
“what a hot ass” the comments kept coming.
“alright” I said, “stop the yelling, you wouldn’t like it if it was your mom, lets go play some soccer”.

The game finished and we had won comfortably, however due to the storm over night the showers did not have any hot water and so we all decided to go home in our kit and get changed there.

As I walked back to the car, mom was standing there looking puzzled, “why haven’t you changed? Youre filthy”

“no hot water because of the storm” I replied “we are all taking our kit home this week and getting cleaned up there”

“OK” She said “let me put a rug on the seat though as you will ruin the car”

We both got into the car and started to drive home, I was hoping mom wouldn’t talk too much after what happened before the game, then she said it.

“I’m really sorry honey about the dress incident, I hope I didn’t embarrass us” she apologised. “I heard some cheers from the lads, I hope they weren’t offensive about me and offended you” she looked worried

“No mom, they were just saying other things which I’d rather not talk about” I replied sheepishly.
“what did they say darling? It cant have been that bad” she continued to almost interrogate.
“you don’t want to know mom!” I argued
“Josh, tell your mother, she has got a right to know what people are saying about her and especially if it offends her baby!” she looked a little cross.
“Mom, I’m not a baby!, I’m 17! And if you really want to know they said you were a milf, had a sexy ass and they wanted you to join them in the shower!” I shouted and then started to sulk.”you happy now?”

Mom looked taken aback by the comments, then a wry smile came across her face, she hadn’t heard flattering comments for over 10 years, even if they were a little sexist and focused on her lower half. Mom was usually quite a quiet and shy person but it was almost as if those comments switched a switch in her mood and she oozed more confidence and was a bit more forward.

“oh, I see” she said “sorry honey, at least they weren’t bad comments then, is it a bad thing to have an attractive mom?”
“Moom!, they’re my mates” I pushed back “Why are you wearing that stuff to football anyway?” I asked.
“What stuff?” Mom asked
“You know!” I waited, it was evident by the pause that she didn’t “your stockings, suspenders and knickers”
Mom looked a little smug, “well darling, women like to dress in a way that makes them feel good, especially if they are going out of their comfort zone and I haven’t been up to the sports club for a number of years now” she explained. “so when I was getting changed this morning I wanted to feel good about myself and so just opted for those rather normal tights, I hope you don’t mind”
“no mom, I guess not” I shrugged “I agree with the comments, just wish it wasn’t my mom I was looking at” I joked.
“Josh!” she exclaimed “you shouldn’t say things like that about your mother” she then smiled, put her hand on my leg and said “thanks though, maybe I should do it every week as everybody said you were man of the match” she joked.
“mom!, now whos being wrong!” I replied.

We arrived back at the house and walked from the car to the back door into the kitchen.
“If you think youre walking through the house like that you have another thing coming!” Mum warned “Stand on the rug indoors and pass me your dirty kit”
“Ok mom” I reluctantly agreed and passed her my shirt and then took off my muddy socks and handed them to my mom. “there you go” I said as I walked off towards the door into hall.
“where do you think youre going young man” Mom pulled me back
“”For a bath mom to get cleaned up” I answered
“I said hand me your dirty kit, I’m not doing 2 washes so pass me your shorts” she said sternly.
“b…but mom, I only have my tight soccer briefs on” I said as I tried to avoid stripping in my kitchen “cant I throw them down to you?” I asked
“stop being silly honey, they cant be that revealing, now pass me your shorts” she looked meaningfully at me.
I knew I wasn’t going to win this one, however the talk in the car and the thought of being in just some tight pants along with being forced to strip had started those feelings you know as a 17 yo lad will mean a full on boner in about a minute. I went for the get it over with approach and slipped my shorts off quickly I handed them to mom and stood there.
“wasn’t that hard was it?” mom said knowingly
As mom put the shorts in the machine I looked down, I was in a state of shock. The rain during the game had drenched my briefs, so not only were they ridiculously tight but now were almost completely transparent. Shit! I thought, the feelings had started to make my cock grow, it was now a semi and my hard on and semi on were about the same size, just that semi was nowhere near as hard. So I now had a 9.5 inch semi hard cock trapped inside my very tight boxers, the fact they were wet mean they clung to every vein and you could see almost everything.
That was the point my mom turned back round from the machine, there I was stood with my arms by my side and a cock the size of a babys arm trying to break out of my boxers.

Mom’s jaw dropped “Oh my god!” she exclaimed “look at that, I guess they are revealing”.
I looked embarrassed and tried to cover up.
“Well you may as well get them off as they are drenched and they’re not hiding much now are they?” Mom said.
“b..but mom” I pleaded “ at least I’m not naked”
“look young man, I’ve told you I’m doing 1 wash and I need them in it” she said forcefully “Now are you going to hand them here or do I need to get them myself?”

I stammered slightly and tried to find some reason not to, but by then mom had had enough. “come on, nothing to be embarrassed about by the looks of it” she got to her knees and started to tug at my briefs, I was holding them as I could feel that I was now almost fully hard, the thought of being naked and stripped was making it worse. At that point mom won the struggle the briefs came sliding down my thighs, my cock had got caught in them and at the last point before they were off was pointing straight down with the urge for it to be bolt upright and rock hard held back only by the waistband of my briefs. Then it happened my mom yanked one final time and the briefs came down, this released my springy cock and it shot upwards with great speed. That’s when I heard it, “slap” my big cock had slapped my mom right in the face.
“jesus” mom shouted and sat back onto her knees “that things bloody massive and it hurts!” she joked. At that point my cock was bouncing in front of me, right in front of my moms face. You could see the lust in her eyes. She went to grab it and then pulled back. “you ought to go have that bath” she said.

I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. I so needed my cock played with but at the same time… it was my mom.

I went and got into the bath, loads of thoughts running through my head, cock bouncing as I ran up the stairs. During the next 5 minutes the whole house was quiet. Our bathroom is right above the kitchen and you can hear everything being said in the kitchen, I often used to lie in the bath and listen to mom’s conversations to try and get the gossip. This time it was different, I heard mom talking to her sister, they talked about everything to each other, I overheard their conversation once about not being satisfied in bed and ways to make it better and also times when they were just leering at younger men and joking about what they would do. But surely mom wouldn’t mention what just happened to her sister would she? I thought.
Then I heard it, “you would not believe it Dawn” my mom said “it was incredible, it must have been 10 inches long and I cant tell you how thick, I’ve never seen anything like it”
It all went quiet as I assume auntie Dawn was talking, but the thought of them talking about my cock had made it hard again.
“but I cant, he’s my son” I heard mom reply “its wrong”
A further silence
“of course I’m intrigued” she said “wouldn’t you be, I cant imagine what it would feel like”
A brief pause was followed by
“No Dawn, you cant, it would be strange if you just turned up, leave it with me, I’ll call you later”
A long silence sounded like Dawn was talking for ages and then mom said “Will do, bye sis”.

It was like I was in a dream world, lying in a bath with my mom and aunt talking about the size of my cock. I’d never seen it so hard, it looked even bigger than normal, or maybe it was the confidence of hearing them talk like that.

Then the silence was broken again, “Do you want a coffee?” mom asked from the bottom of the stairs
“Yes please” I shouted down.
“Ok it’ll be right up” she replied

I was a bit confused, mom never came into the bathroom while I was in the bath, even though we only had one bathroom we would always wait until the other person had finished. But then there was a knock at the door, “I have your coffee darling” mom said “Can I bring it in?” she asked.

“But I’m in the bath?” I replied.
“But I need the loo” mom pleaded.
“Ok, 2 seconds” I replied, I then leant forward, put my hard cock between my thighs and leant further forward to cover myself from view.
Mom then opened the door slowly and entered the room. Placed the coffee on the side of the bath and had the phone with her from downstairs and placed it on the floor, “There you are” she said “that’ll warm you up after the cold 90 minutes, you deserve it after your game today” as she hitched up her dress and sat on the loo.

There was an awkward silence as my mom was sat there and I was continuing to cover myself. Then she broke the silence “not sure you need to worry about hiding yourself honey” she smiled “not sure theres much more to see after this morning”
I looked a little embarrassed and said “sorry mom, I didn’t mean it to happen”
“Don’t be silly Josh, these things happen, but no need to be shy about it now is there?”
“b..but, its in a similar state now” I said shyly and apologetically
“oh, I see” mom laughed “not too surprising at your age though I suppose” she smiled knowingly “make the most of it, it doesn’t remain that easy when you get older, most women will tell you that” she said almost with a sigh.
“but I feel a little uncomfortable mom…you know…when its..erm…. hard in front of you” I resisted
“no need to be darling” she pleaded “its perfectly natural for men to get excited, especially at your age, anything can get you into that state” she laughed “now stop hiding and enjoy your bath and coffee”

I reluctantly agreed and in one motion, opened my thighs that were holding my hard cock and leant back into the bath. My cock sprang back towards my midriff and made a wet ‘thwack’ as it slapped my stomach.
A gasp came from my mom’s mouth as she saw it again. She leaned forward from the loo seat to get a closer look. “that is enormous and magnificent” she exclaimed, then looked a little embarrassed at what she had said. “sorry, darling, I didn’t mean that to come out, I’ve just never seen anything like it before” she apologised.
“it’s ok mom” I said, slightly raising my butt out of the water to make it rise further up my chest. It’s a trick I used in the mirror to make it reach way past belly button and really made it look huge.
“its just so thick darling, its gorgeous” she drooled “how big is it exactly?”
“I don’t know mom” I lied “cant say I’ve ever measured it” full well knowing I had measured almost every month since I was 15 when it suddenly grew. I thought that if I said no then mom would want to measure it, and that would mean her having to touch it. My cock was now so hard it was pulsating and screaming out for attention, the fact that it was my mom had been pushed out of my thoughts, I just wanted a womans touch on my eager dick.
“oh dear, we’ll have to sort that out I need to know how big that thing is” she enthused. “you don’t mind do you sweetie?” she asked
“I suppose not” I mumbled “be good to know I guess”
“fantastic” mom couldn’t hide her excitement “let me go grab a tape measure, I want to see the girth too, plus not sure a ruler would be big enough” she laughed and winked at me.

At that point mom got up from the loo, turned slightly away from me and hitched up her dress to pull up her knickers. She leaned forward slightly and held onto her knickers for just a second or 2. I t was a sign she wanted me to see, but I wasn’t complaining, I got a close up view of what we had seen in the car park. Her knickers looked shiny and satiny, and hugged the contours of her round ass and then made its way in between her cheeks and under between her legs. Her ass was much more pert than I expected at her age, I was tempted to try and grab it but restrained myself. I leaned forward to try and get a glimpse of her panty clad pussy but the dress then dropped back down to normal and left me gutted. She then looked me in the eye and said she’d be back as soon as she had a tape measure.

I waited in the bath trying to ensure my boner wouldn’t die while I heard my mom rifling through drawers next door. “Where are you, you bloody thing” she exasperated “I just want an f’in tape measure”. Then she said it “Yes! There you are” and she came bounding into the bathroom catching me with my hand round my cock, gently massaging it to keep it big and hard. “oh, sorry darling, shall I leave you alone?” I could tell in her voice it was a pointless question as she carried on walking towards me with the tape measure.
“its ok mom, just didn’t want it to go down if you wanted to measure it” I explained.
“that’s great thanks honey, very thoughtful” she smiled “now do you mind if your mom touches you to get this done do you?” she asked
Again, another pointless question
“good” she said before I even had a chance to answer “Now lean back and let your mom measure you big boy” she said forcefully as she put her hand on my chest and pushed me so I leant back on the back of the bath.

“right!” she smiled “where do I start?” she said to herself. She then leant over the edge of the bath and placed her right hand on the base of my cock. The sensation from the touch was unbelievable, not sure if it was because it was the first woman to touch it or it was the fact it was my mom! Either way my cock started to buck and pulsate until it was the biggest it had ever seemed. I could sense my mom squeezing, she was trying to get her hand round it and squeezing it has hard as possible “Grrrr, I’ve not felt anything this hard in years, and its so thick, I cant reach my hand round it” she said.
“now for the tape measure”. She placed it around the base of my cock and brought it round to meet the other side “Holy jesus” she looked surprised “Its nearly 7 inches all the way round, that’s huge” she smiled and looked up at me “now for your length”.
Now most people know youre supposed to measure across the top of a penis to get the correct length, obviously not my mom. Her left hand reached out and flattened my cock against my stomach, placing her hand near the tip holding one end of the measure, she then extended the tape down towards my balls and was slowly feeling down my cock until she could feel my muscle stopped and my sack started. Her hands sliding down my shaft felt incredible, I was struggling not to come at this point. She then stopped, both hands left the tape measure and she fell back onto her knees, open jawed she looked at me and said “oh my god young man, you have a fucking 11.5 inch cock” I looked a little embarrassed because I knew it was only 9.5, she had just measured it wrong but I wasn’t about to tell her. “its beautiful” she said “I don’t know where it came from as your dad is quite small, he’s only about 5” he says, I thought these things were hereditry”.
I then glanced down from her eyes to her chest, “maybe it came from them” I joked.
Mom looked down and grabbed her tits, “oh, I didn’t think of that, but theyre nothing compared to that thing, cos you have huge balls too, theyre like golf balls” she leant forward and cupped my balls, it felt unbelievable.
“Can I try something please baby?” mom asked
“mom! I’m not a baby, but ok” I replied
“Don’t worry honey, I can certainly see youre fully grown in more than every way” she then placed one hand at the base of my dick and then the other placed directly above it.
“I was right” mom said “you could get about 4 hands on this thing”
“very funny, or a few hands and a mouth” I laughed, half hoping she might try.
“good theory honey, but I shouldn’t…..” you could see her thoughts fighting in her mind “Can i?” she looked at me with puppy dog eyes
“if you must mom, sure” I couldn’t wait I’ve never had a mouth round my cock before.
She leant forward tentatively, “I cant believe this will fit in anyones mouth babe” but she was determined to find out, she sank her mouth round the tip of my cock and started to slide down my cock. I started to groan, “oh that feels good” I said.
Mom stopped herself “youre not kidding big boy, never had my mouth stretched like that before, its an incredible cock, but I shouldn’t take it nay further, its wrong”
“but mom, you can see how hard it is now, it has been teased and it needs to cum” I pleaded.
“I can see that darling, but I shouldn’t… as much as I’d like to help you, my god do I want to see that thing cum, but I cant do it, its wrong, I’m your mother”
She stood up to leave, “ok mom I understand, but I need to finish myself off now, can you help me in another way?” I asked
She turned round and asked “How darling?, I’ve told you I cant play with you?”
“well you’ve seen mine now, can you show me yours please?” I asked as staring at her tits
“you want to see mom’s tits darling?, that’s naughty” she tried to reflect the request, but she could see I meant it “ok, just quickly baby” She unbuttoned the front of her dress and pulled it open to reveal her bra. “That ok hon?”
I looked upset, “but I wanted to see them properly” I moaned, as my right hand started to stroke my cock up and down. Her gaze moved from my eyes to my cock and she almost looked transfixed, and without saying a word she undid her bra and exposed her nice big breasts.
“very nice mom, can I see your ass again please” I knew I was pushing my luck but she was so transfixed she turned round lifted up her dress and bent over to make sure I could see it properly. “without the knickers please” I said forcefully, it was like she was under my spell, willing to do anything, she reached behind and slipped her knickers slowly over her round ass, exposing her bare sexy ass and as it peeled down I could just see her pussy in between her legs, you could see she was wet as the knickers peeled very slowly from her lips as if they were stuck and then you could see them glistening. At that point I tested my power over her too much, I reached out to touch her ass. She bolted upright, pulled her knickers up and said “Ok young man, that’s enough, I’m your mom, now finish yourself off if you need to and I’ll see you downstairs” she said as she walked out.

I waited for a few moments and then heard her go next door to her room, I heard her open a drawer and then a low humming start. She must have been using her vibrator, she was really horny. I heard the phone ring “Hi Dawn” mom said. Her sister must have rung her to get an update. “I’m not saying Dawn” mom protested. “OK… OK, I’ll tell you” she caved in quite quickly. “I walked in on him in the bath” she boasted “he tried to hide it but I talked him round and let me tell you it looked even bigger this time” the humming got louder. Her voice was getting more breathy and broken, “it was 7 inches thick and 11.5 inches long” she sounded like she was showing off “I know, I couldn’t believe it, its bloody gorgeous”
There was a bit of a silence “no dawn, I cant, I touched it and put it in my mouth, that has to be enough, he’s my son” she pleaded. At this point I saw the phone on the floor, I was intrigued, reached over, turned it on and put it to my ear.
“Janice, listen to me” it was my auntie dawns voice “you don’t get many chances like this, if you don’t then I’ll bloody come round and ride that thing for both of us!” she shouted, I couldn’t believe it, I knew my auntie looked like a bit of a dirty milf but I had never heard her be so filthy. “put it this way, if my son had a 12 inch cock, I’d not be out of the house much I can tell you”. I was more and more shocked as the conversation went on.

“dawn, that’s sick” mom said “he’s still my son”
“well youre obviously horny sis as I can hear you humming you dirty cow” said dawn
“erm.. bbut I needed to get the horniness away to avoid temptation” justified mom.
“you’ve felt it, tasted it, surely you want to know what It feels like deep inside you, don’t you?” she asked
“well,, I suppose so but I cant” mom still put the barriers up.
“so if he came in to your room now and put that monster cock in you, you would fight it?” Dawn asked
She didn’t let mom reply “I knew it, youre just as filthy as me, you would do anything he wanted just like you did when he told you to show him your tits and ass”
Mom still said nothing, you could just hear the humming get louder. I turned off the phone, I knew this was my chance, got quietly out of the bath and dried myself, maintaining my huge hard on. I crept up to moms door and looked through the crack in the door. There she was dress up around her waist knickers pulled to one side and her vibrator buried in her pussy.
I started to wank my cock slowly, and that’s when I heard it. My mom replied “ok ok dawn, I want that thing, its gorgeous and enormous and I want every inch of it, there are you happy!”
There it was, my moment to pounce, I wandered into the room, mom’s eyes were closed while the vibrator was slipping in and out easily of her wet pussy. I crept up beside her and gently placed the tip of my cock on her lips. Her eyes sprang open, startled like a rabbit in the head lights, she dropped the phone onto the bed, her sister still on the other end.
“Janice are you there?” the phone bellowed
I looked down at mom, “suck it” I said forcefully, grabbing her head in 1 hand and forcing my cock into her mouth.
Dawn must of overheard as she shouted “do it you lucky cow, do it”
Mom was like a different person, devouring my cock unbelievably. Got almost half way down my cock before gagging.
“take off your knickers” I said, she duly obliged, in seconds they were off and thrown across the other side of the room.
“Do her you young stud” came from the phone, Dawn was obviously getting off on hearing her sister and nephew getting dirty.
I took the advice, spread my moms legs and put my cock at the lips of her pussy. The heat coming from her juices and her lips were incredible, I slowly entered my big dick into her, inch by inch it got deeper and deeper, mom started to moan and groan, “Is it all in yet?” she asked
“Just stay quiet, there are a few more inches yet” I replied
“But I don’t think I can take anymore” she pleaded.
I listened but took no notice, my cock went in another inch and another inch until I was fully inside her. Mom let out an almighty scream “Jeesssuss! Its fucking huge”
Dawn screamed out from the phone “You lucky bitch, take it all, otherwise I’ll show you how”
Mom looked me in the eye and said “Fuck me honey, do me as you want, use that big cock on me” I slowly withdrew my cock and then started to pump in and out of my moms slippery hot pussy.
It was like she had just finished a vow of silence, everything involved a noise or a comment
“oh my god that’s so good”
“yes.. urghh, use your big cock”
“fuck my pussy, fuck me, fuck me”
“That’s so good baby”
I stopped, “how many times have I said I’m not a baby, you’ve done it now, now I’m going to make sure you don’t forget”
Mom looked worried, a voice from the phone shouted “oh god, youre going to get it now sis, do her good josh”

“stand up, take off your dress, now get on all fours on the bed” I yelled
I pushed her onto the bed, pulled her to the edge of the bed, spanked that big ass and then impaled her back onto my cock, she screamed with pleasure “oh that’s it”
I was standing behind her grabbing her bra as something to hold onto pulling her back onto my cock. Pounding her harder and deeper
“that’s it honey, do me proper, you fill me up so much”
“I haven’t been full since I had you 17 years ago”
“now you are the one filling me, fuuuck me” at that point mom came all over my cock, the juices flowing all over me.
I let out a scream, “I’m gonna cum, get on your knees to take it” mom wasted no time. She was on her knees in seconds, sucking my big balls and playing with my cock.
“cum for mommy, cum for me darling, all over my face” I let out a scream as I did it, covering her face with my cum, there was loads and it started dripping onto her tits, I grabbed her tit and said “lick it off my cock”
She just did exactly what I said, using my cock as a mop across her face and sucking every last drop from my deflating cock.
“youre good mom, you know how to suck cock”
“thanks darling, anytime you need me to I’d be more than happy to milk that for you, I’m all yours now” she said.
“well, you may not be as lucky next time mom, I have my eyes on that fine ass of yours, so be prepared” I told her.
Mom looked worried and then a voice came from the phone “what about me?” said Dawn “I want to be your big cock slut too, otherwise others will find out”
I looked at mom, she nodded, and so I picked up the phone “I can never have enough of them auntie, so next time you’ll get some, just make sure you dress like a whore, just like mom did for me today”

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