Sister Tease

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Jillian is my girlfriend’s younger sister. She has lived with us for two years, ever since the tragic death of their parents, who were killed in a car crash. Jillian is three years younger than her sister, Jennifer, who is twenty-two.
Jillian came into the kitchen, wearing only a long, white T-shirt that barely covered the tops of her thighs. When she reached up into the cupboard for a cereal bowl, it rode up a little, and I could clearly see that she was not wearing any panties. Her legs were spread just a little, and I could detect her clit peeking out from between her naked labia. I had to adjust myself under the table at the sight.
When she turned around to face me, she had a secret smile playing at the corners of her mouth, and I knew that she knew the effect she’d had on me.
“You know,” I remarked mildly. “One of these days, you’re going to tease me, and I’m not going to take it sitting still, anymore.”
She turned to me and laughed. “Oh, Uncle Dave, you’re not ever going to do anything about it.” she said, flipping her shirt-tail up and letting me see the front of her bare pussy. “And the more you see, the less you can sit still!”
It was true. I had a tremendous boner under the table, and we both knew it.
“Jillian, you know better than that!” said my wife’s voice, from the kitchen doorway. “I’ve told you a million times not to tease him like that!”
“Oh, c’mon, sis, it’s harmless!” Jillian laughed. “Besides, you’re right here to take care of him!”
“Well, I guess that’s true.” Jenny laughed, catching my hand. She pulled me to my feet, and I followed her to our bedroom.
“I’m serious about her teasing me like that.” I told her as she pushed me onto my back on the bed. She tugged my boxers down and tossed them carelessly over her shoulder. “One of these days, I’m going to just… Ohh, Jesus, honey, that feels…” Words failed me as she took my whole member into her mouth, knowing that I wasn’t really serious about ravishing her sister, no matter how bad she flirted with me. I’m not a small man, by any system of measurement, and Jenny is the only woman I’ve ever been with that could take the whole thing on the first go, without having to work her way down a little at a time.
“You’re just going to what?” she said with a smile, looking up at me as she let the tip of my cock play over her lips and nose. “We both know you’re not going to do anything with her. Besides, she’s just playing. It’s a game to her, nothing more.”
“Yeah, I know.” I sighed. “Fun for her, not so fun for me, though. What you don’t see is how bad I get when she does it. I mean, yeah, you’re here to take care of me now… Ohh, JESUS, honey, you know how that drives me wild! But what about when you’re not here? She teases twice as bad when you’re NOT home…”
“Well, she still doesn’t mean anything by it, mffphmf, numffph.” I couldn’t hold back anymore and burst my load right down Jennifer’s throat, and she swallowed repeatedly, not missing a drop.
She left me flopped back on our bed and proceeded to get dressed, then sailed off to work after blowing me a kiss. I nodded off to sleep again, waking up about half an hour later.

I wandered into the living room, and there was Jillian, still in her oversize T-shirt, sitting on the couch with her knees drawn up and her bare pussy right out in the open for everyone to see. She saw me glance in that direction and opened her thighs with a secret little smile.
“Good morning, Jillian.” I said, not giving it a second glance as I went by on my way back into the kitchen. I wanted more coffee.
“What does Jen do for you in your bedroom when she “takes care of you?” she asked, following closely behind me.
“You don’t want to know.” I replied, tossing out the half cup I’d left before, because it was cold.
“If I didn’t want to know, then I wouldn’t have asked.” Jillian said, watching me pour a fresh cup.
“Oh, sorry, I was trying to be polite.” I said. “It’s none of your business.” I told her bluntly.
“Well, if I guess, will you tell me?” she asked, looking up at me and making eyes.
“No, because it’s none of your business.” I repeated tonelessly.
“Uncle Dave…” she said plaintively. “Well, I’m going to start guessing, and I’ll know when I’ve gotten it right by the look on your face.”
“Jillian, I’m not playing this game with you.” I warned her. “In fact, I’m all done playing any games with you.
“Who says I’m playing games?” Jillian pouted. “None of this has ever been a game.”
“Really.” I said blandly. “So when you flipped up the front of you shirt this morning, that was no game?”
“Not really.” she said. “I just like making your thing hard.”
“I see.” I said. “And that’s fun for you?”
“Sure!” she laughed. “You get the funniest look on your face when it happens!”
“And do you know what I have to do after it gets hard like that?” I asked her, turning to face her directly. She took a step back at the look on my face.
“No, that’s the part I’m asking about.” she whispered. “Just what is it my sister does to take care of you?”
“Hasn’t anyone ever told you about the birds and the bees?” I asked her, incredulously. “You mean you honestly don’t know?”
“Birds and bees? What has that got to do with anything my sister does in your bedroom? We don’t have a bird, and Jen’s allergic to bees.”
“I’m talking about the reproductive process.” I said, patiently. “You know, how babies are made?”
“You go into your bedroom to make a baby?” Jillian asked, confused. “That only takes 9 months, and you’ve been doing it for a couple of years. Why haven’t you made a baby yet?”
Now I was blushing. “Well, you see, not all of it is the part that makes babies.” I explained, stammering a little. “Why don’t you wait until Jen gets home and ask her to explain it.
“Because I want to know right now.” she said. “In fact, I can see that it’s hard right now, and I’m willing to “take care of you” the same way my sister does. She won’t be home for hours and hours, and you can’t stay like that all day.”
“Jillian, that is such a bad idea…” I said weakly, but she was slowly lifting up her nightshirt again, this time not stopping until it was all the way off. I was surprised how similar her body was to her sister’s. Nearly identical, in fact, same tiny pink nipples on the same size breasts, and the exact same strip of hair between her legs. “Come on, put that back on. This really isn’t fair.”
“What’s not fair about it? I told you, tell me what my sister does for you, and I’ll do it, too.” she said, coming closer. Her hand went out and rubbed my cock through my boxers.
“Oh, God, this is so wrong…” I muttered, not stopping her.
“Tell me, Dave.” she whispered, pressing her naked body against me. I could feel her nipples pressing into my bare chest like twin beads of fire.
“Kiss me.” she said. “I’ve seen you two kissing first, so I know that’s the first step. Kiss me like you kiss her.” Every stroke of her hand lowered my resistance, and I lowered my face to hers and kissed her. God help me, I kissed her, my girlfrind’s little sister. My hands were on her back, sliding up and down on her bare skin. They slid lower and cupped her ass, pulling her tight up against my throbbing cock as her arms went up around my neck.
As we broke the kiss, I bent a little and picked her up, then carried her to the bedroom and lay her upon it. She looked up at me, her eyes full of love and trust.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “I can take care of myself, you know. You don’t have to go any further.” She shook her head and opened her legs.
“It goes in here, right?” she asked. “That’s what I heard, once. And it has to hurt the first time.”
I chuckled. “Well, if we wanted to make a baby, then yeah. I thought we came in here so you can do what Jen does for me.”
“What does she do?” Jillian said, her face wrinkling in confusion. “I thought you guys just came in here and fucked.”
“Sometimes, but mostly not.” I told her. “Are you sure you want to go through with this? It’s really not too late to back out.” God, I hoped she said `no.` My cock had never been harder, threatening to burst my boxers right down the seam.
“No, if she does it, then I’ll do it.” she said confidently. “But what does she do? You still haven’t told me.”
Slowly, I pushed my boxers to the floor and stepped out of them, getting on the bed next to her. Her eyes never left my dick, the first one she ever seen, I’m sure.
“Go down next to it, get a closer look.” I suggested. I pulled her head down into my lap, stroking her hair gently. She bent over into my lap, not resisting at all as her face neared my raging erection. “Give it a kiss, honey.”
“Is this what she does for you?” Jillian whispered, looking up at me.
“It sure is, and she does it better than anyone I’ve ever met.” I told her. “I’m sure you’ll do fine, though. Go on, give it a kiss, then open your mouth and take it inside.”
“Uncle Dave, I don’t know…” she whispered, suddenly hesitant.
“I knew it.” I said, disgustedly. “Nothing but a little cockteaser.” I reached down for my shorts and began to pull them up. “Just do me a favor and don’t tell your sister about this.”
“Uncle Dave…” she said, anguish obvious in her voice. “Wait, Uncle Dave, I… I’ll do it.” she sniffled. Her hand went out and grasped me at the base, and she gave the head of my cock a tentative lick.
“Oh, yeah, that’s it, baby.” I moaned. I had to resist the temptation to grab her head and pull her mouth onto me. I was the hardest temptation I’d ever resisted, hands down. She licked me again, like a lollypop. “Oh yeah, now take it in your mouth and suck on it.” I told her. She did as I asked, sucking on the head of it. I put my hand on the back of her head and stroked her hair, gently encouraging her to take a little more of it. She complied, letting me guide her mouth further down onto my shaft, until she had about half of my 11 inches. She pulled back and let it pull out of her lips with a small “pop” and looked up at me.
“How was that, Uncle Dave?” she asked. “Was that good?”
“Oh, honey, it was great!” I said truthfully. “Now, just keep doing that, and this time, don’t stop until I come.”
“Are you going to come in my mouth?” she asked, doubtfully?
“That’s the idea.” I told her. “I come in your sister’s mouth every time, and she swallows every drop.”
“Even her first time?” she whispered.
“Well, I don’t know about that.” I told her truthfully. “Her first time wasn’t with me. It was with someone else.”
“Is it okay if… if I don’t… If you don’t do it in my mouth?”
“Baby, I can’t make any promises.” I said, truthfully. “I’ll try to warn you in time, but when I get real close, I kinda lose the ability to speak.
“Well, how about if I do it for a little while, and when you get near, but not REALLY near, I can stop and we can do… something else.” she offered.
“I’m down with whatever you want to do, honey.” I said. “Like I said before, all this is a bad idea, and we shouldn’t be doing any of it, but I’ll do whatever you want, and if you don’t want to finish, well, I can take care of that myself.”
“Well, no, I said I’ll take care of you, and I mean to.” Jillian looked determined. “Once I say I’ll do a thing, I’m not a liar. Now, what else do you and my sister do that’s not going all the way?”
“Well, sometimes, she let’s me fuck her tits, but only as a special treat.” I said, smiling a little. Jen’s tits were kinda off limits to me; she said they were quite sensitive, but I really knew she was self conscious about them, wishing in her deepest heart that they were bigger.
“I’ll let you do that.” Jillian said. “What do I do?”
“Get up on the bed and hold your breasts together, to deepen your cleavage.” I said, rubbing my hands together gleefully. “I’m going to put my cock between them and fuck your tits.”
“Ooh, that sounds sexy.” Jillian said, doing as I said. She squeezed them together, and I got astride her belly.
I thrust my cock between her pillowy mounds, becoming more and more excited by the sight of my cock sliding between the girl’s tits like that. With every forward thrust, the head of it poked out the tops of them, pointed straight at her rosebud mouth.
“Open you mouth, honey, here it comes!” I shouted, and just as her lips parted, my first wad blasted out and shot right into her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she turned her head to the side as I kept thrusting back and forth. Most of it smeared on her tits, but some more shot out and covered her cheek in my stickiness. It was even in her silky blonde hair.
“Gah, yuck!” she said, letting the come in her mouth drool out onto the pillow.”
“Don’t do that! You’re making a mess!” I said, heatedly. “Now Jen’s going to know!”
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” she said, tears springing to her eyes. “I’ll… I’ll clean it up.”
“Never mind.” I said. “There was no way to keep this a secret from her anyway.” I took another look at her, covered with my spunk, and woody gave another twitch, letting me know he wasn’t done with this youngster just yet.
She saw it move, and her eyes bugged out. “My God, how many times do you have to do it before you’re done?” she asked.
“Usually, just once more, before I’m all the way taken care of.” I told her. “I have an idea. It’s your turn, this time.” I said. I got off her belly, moving down and pulling her legs to either side of me.
“No, Uncle Dave, wait! I don’t want to go all the way!” she said, alarmed.
“Relax.” I said. “I have something completely different in mind.” With that, I lifted her thighs to my shoulders and bent down, putting my whole mouth over her sex.
She bucked her hips up, driving her crotch even harder against my mouth. I ran my tongue straight into her as far as I could get it, then swirled it around on her clit. She was writhing in ecstasy on the bed at I ate her down, and soon she was cumming as hard as I’ve ever made a woman come. I let her settle down a bit, still kissing the insides of her thighs, then moved up along her body to kiss her breasts and nipples.
“Uncle Dave, that was… that was… intense!” she gasped, as I finished moving upward and lay on top of her. I’m sure she could feel my cock laying hotly on her belly, but she didn’t say a word of protest about it. She was still coming down from the most intense orgasm of her life.
I stroked her face, caressing it tenderly before kissing her on the lips. She returned it with not a little passion of her own.
“Are you ready for what comes next?” I asked her. She just bit her lip and looked into my eyes. I could see a bit of worry there, but she nodded slowly and hesitantly.
“Try not to hurt me.” she whispered. “I know it has to hurt my first time, but… just try not to, okay?”
“Oh, Jillian, I’m not talking about this.” I said, letting my cock slip down her belly as I rocked my hips back some. My cockhead slipped down and rode along her slit as I pumped it on the outside of her body. She shuddered as it pressed onto her clit, rocking her hips up into each of my thrusts.
“You… what do you mean?” she asked. I reached down and pulled her knees up with both hands, moving down just a little further. My cock slipped even further down through her slit, and I could feel the softness of her opening. I was sorely tempted to put it in, but that’s not what I had in mind. I let it go just a little further down, and then felt the opening of her asshole under my cockhead.
Her eyes opened in shock as she finally grasped what I meant to do. She shook her head from side to side in negation as I pressed it firmly up against her backdoor.
“No, no, wait!” she gasped. “Not there, you can’t do it there!”
“Jillian, I need to come again.” I explained to her, patiently. “Eating you out has gotten my all horny again, as you can probably tell, and I need to do it like this, since you won’t suck me off or let me do it in your cunt.”
“You can… you can do it… in my… in my cunt.” she whispered. “That’s what I meant when I asked you to be gentle and try not to hurt me too much.”
“Are you sure, sweetie?” I asked. “Your sister really likes it this way sometimes.” She looked me straight in the eye.
“I’m sure.” she whispered. “Put it in me the right way.”
“Okay.” I said, moving back up slightly. I rubbed my cock through her slit once more, gathering her copious moisture on my cockhead, then letting it find her vulnerable soft spot once more. She grunted in surprise as I immediately sank the head of it inside, biting her lip at the feel of my intrusion.
“Are you still sure you want me to do this?” I asked. She nodded, her eyes closed. “Okay, then, I’m going to do it right… NOW!”
As I said the word now, I drove myself into her as hard as I could, taking her cherry with one quick shove and burying my cock balls deep into her virginal opening.
She gasped at the pain of her hymen tearing away and the sensation of having a foreign object suddenly inside her, a small tear forming at the corner of her eye. I kissed it away, holding myself still inside her as I let the pain fade away for her.
“Are you ready?” I asked, gently. “I’m going to start fucking you now.” She looked up at me and nodded, so I pulled it almost all the way out and immediately sank it back in.
She grabbed my ass as I pulled it out once more, eager for me to repeat the motion. I wasted no time obliging her, and began thrusting in and out at a rapid pace, knowing her older sister loved it like this. The vast difference was that I was fucking Jillian bareback, and Jennifer always made me wear a condom.
With hard and fast strokes, I quickly fucked the young girl under me into another mind-blowing orgasm, feeling myself also nearing that peak. This girl was incredibly hot and tight on my naked cock, and I wanted nothing more than to empty my balls into her, but I knew better. At the very last moment, I pulled out and squirted the biggest load of my life all over her belly, even splashing it up to the undersides of her firm little titties.
“Oh, oh, Uncle Dave…” she said, as I rolled off her. “That was incredible!”
“I thought so, too.” I said, sitting myself up to look at her on one elbow. She was trailing her fingers through my spunk, then brought one hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers.
“Hmm, it’s not so bad as all that.” she said. She got another dollop of it and ate that too. “I can see why Jenny likes it so much.”
“What the FUCK!” Jenny screeched, standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips. “DAVE! How could you! She’s my fucking SISTER!” She turned and fled out of the doorway, sobbing, before I had a chance to say anything.
“Oh, no.” Jillian whispered, her face white as a sheet.
“Stay here and get cleaned up.” I told her. “I’ll go take care of your sister.”
I got off the bed and hurried after Jennie, not bothering to get dressed.
“Jennifer, let me explain.” I said, finding my girl in the kitchen with her face buried in her hands, her shoulders shaking. “Please, honey, I warned both of you that I wasn’t going to be taking much more of her teasing without doing something about it. Well, this morning was way worse than usual, and she offered to do what you do for me.” I went over and put my hand on her still shaking shoulder. “I’m so sorry, honey, I was thinking with the wrong head this morning. Can you ever forgive me?”
Jenny let out a loud wail and pulled her shoulder out from under my hand. She sounded really, really distraught.
“Oh, honey, please don’t let this ruin what we have between us!” I begged. Her shoulders shook even harder at that. “I promise, I’ll never touch her again. Please, Jenny, I love you! Please, will you please forgive me?” She didn’t answer, she just put her head on the table, still buried in her arms. “Oh, hell, oh, shit, I was saving this for a more special time, but…” I left the room, going back into our bedroom and opening the closet. I could hear Jillian in the shower down the hall as I dug into the pile of discards that were going to go to Goodwill when one of had a chance to drop them off and remembered to do it.
There was a shoebox down there somewhere; it had been months since I had stashed it. Finally, I found it and got it out.
Inside was a jewelry box with a diamond solitaire I had bought several months before. I took it back into the kitchen and knelt down on one knee in front of Jennifer, who was still crying on the table, head hidden from me.
“Honey, please look at me.” I begged. She shook her head, refusing to pick it up.
“Okay, then, I’ll just do this the hard way.” I said bravely. “Jennifer Martin, I love you more than any other woman in the world, and no other woman has ever satisfied me wholly the way you do. You are truly the most special person I have ever met, and I would be honored if you would agree to marry me.”
At that, she stopped shaking, and slowly picked her head up and turned to look at me.
“David Brenner, how long have you been practicing that little speech?” she asked? “Just so you know, I wasn’t crying once I left the bedroom, I was trying not to laugh out loud at the joke we played on you!”
“Joke? What joke?” I asked, bewildered.
“My sister has been trying to get you to fuck her ever since we moved in together!” Jennie said. “I’m surprised you managed to hold out for these last two years! I know she’s been teasing you terribly after I leave every morning, and last night, I told her to not let up on you today until you took her cherry, no matter what.”
“You set me up?” I asked, confused. “Why would you do such a thing?”
“Because now I know that you won’t cheat on me, honey.” she said. “Oh, yes, of course I’ll marry you, but you have to know one thing first. Me and my sister are a package deal; now that you’ve had her, you have to keep her, and keep her as satisfied as you’ve kept me.”
“I think I can agree to that.” I said, slowly. “On one condition of my own, though.” Jenny looked at me, puzzled that I would have an issue with what she just offered. Jillian came into the kitchen wearing just a towel wrapped around her body and another wrapped around her hair.
“What condition? Jillian asked. I looked her older sister straight in the eye as I grabbed Jill’s hand and pulled her closer. She came over with no complaint whatever.
“That Jillian learns how to suck my cock properly.” I told them both. “Right now.”

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