Last one to know, Chapter seven

Sorry but there is not a lot of sex in this chapter but it does explain the dark past of our Dad and Mom and their strong feelings about some thing. There was quite a bit of sex involved during this time but I didn’t go into detail as much as I usually do.

Last One To Know, Chapter Seven

The action started the minute Dad walked in the door. We were winding down from an ass to ass to ass hook-up. I was just finding out that Dad was giving Beth a piss enema on top of the load of cum he had just pumped in her ass

Tammy told Beth to pucker her ass and move forward to pull Dads cock out . Tammy moved her face next to Beth’s ass cheeks. As Beth moved forward and Dad’s cock popped out Tammy was there to put her mouth over Beth’s ass. Beth relaxed a little and we could hear Tammy’s “MMMMMMMM” as she captured the mixed of fluid from Beth’s asshole.

We watched as Tammy pulled her mouth away for Beth’s ass, placed her fingers over her hole to hold the fluids in. She turned to face us, tilted her head back and gargled the juice in her mouth. Then she leaned over to Dad and kissed him, sharing the juice with him. Dad hungrily sucked it in and swallowed every drop.

Mom moved her face down next to Dad’s ass and told me to pull out slow and easy. I did as I was told , as my cock head popped out of his ass a big glob of cum followed it out. It was running down the crack of his ass and onto his balls. Mom’s tongue licked out and caught the cum then sucked it into her mouth.

She placed her fingers over Dad’s ass to stop the flow of cum. She turn to me, stuck her cum coated tongue out at me. I moved quickly over, pulled her tongue into my mouth and sucked the cum in and swallowed. I like the taste of my own cum and I wondered what it would be like to have someone else cum in my mouth and how it would taste.

Tammy ask Mom if I could come help her with Beth while Mom finished with Dad. Mom nodded as her mouth went back to Dad’s ass as I moved up to the other side of Beth. Tammy told me to take her place when she moved back for Beth’s ass. She moved her fingers and placed her mouth over Beth’s ass again.

As soon as she moved back I moved in. I could see a small trickle of cum and piss leaking out of Beth’s ass as I placed my mouth over it. I sucked a nice wad of cum mixed with piss out of her ass. I raised up just in time to see Tammy kissing Beth, sharing the mixture with her.

I swallowed and started back to her ass. Beth told me she was going to push now because she was about to run out of goodies. Just as my mouth covered her little rosebud I felt her push out. One last squirt shot into my mouth. I swallowed then started licking around her ass and the bottom part of her pussy to be sure I had her nice and clean.

While I was on my knees licking away at Beth I felt a tongue lick up across my balls then push into my asshole. I knew it was Dad by the slight growth of beard. It felt so good I starting wiggling my ass and pushing back against his tongue. I felt another tongue licking my cock clean. I knew it had to be Mom and I could feel my cock getting hard again. Mom licked up and down the shaft a little then took my hard cock ball deep in her mouth.

I could feel hair touching my chin as I was still licking and tongue fucking Beth‘s ass.. I quickly looked down to see the top of Tammy’s head as she was devouring Beth’s pussy. I didn’t last long with Dad tongue fucking my ass and Mom sliding my cock in and out of her throat. I didn’t cum a lot this time but the sensation was mind-blowing. My arms and legs give way and I fell over on my side.

The other four family members gathered their hot, sweaty bodies around me. We were cuddling and holding each other as we tried to relax and catch our breath. As I calmed down I eased off into a peaceful sleep full of presents dreams.

When I open my eyes to room was filled with sunlight coming through the window. I looked around and realized I was still in the king-size bed in the master bedroom. Tammy and Beth was asleep on either side of me but Mom and Dad was not there. I could smell bacon cooking and assumed Mom and Dad were in the kitchen. I eased out of bed and headed that way.

When I entered the kitchen Mom was at the stove cooking breakfast. Dad was standing behind her slowly stroking her ass and talking to her in a very low voice. As I started across the kitchen I heard Mom tell Dad that she would do the best she could but it was still very hard for her to talk about it.

Good morning you two. They both jumped a little as I spoke. Both of them smiled and Dad moved back a little and held out his arm to me. I walked over and placed my arm around Mom’s waste as Dad put his arm around my shoulder then give them both a soft kiss on the lips

Mom smiled at me and said “YUCK, you smell like dried cum and stale piss, you need a shower“. I laughed and told her I was on my way and if the girls were awake I would take them with me. “No fucking around in the shower, breakfast is about ready” Dad told me as I walked out. I met the girls as they were coming out of the bedroom. The three of us took a shower together, soaping and washing each other with only a little fondling and playing.

Mom was putting breakfast on the table just as we walked in the kitchen. We all had quite an appetite so the food disappeared very fast. Dad told us we were going to have our long awaited talk after we eat. I had a lot of questions running through my mind and as I looking around the table I knew the same applied to the girls.

After breakfast we all pitched in and cleaned the kitchen then made our way to the den. My sisters and I set on the couch , Mom set in chairs on either side of the fireplace. We were all very quite for a few minutes. Dad finally spoke up asking where we would like to start. Tammy was the first to speak. I would like to know where you were born and raised as kids, about your families and most of all what is the dark secret that you never wanted to talk to us about.

Mom and Dad looked at each other, Mom looked like she was going to be sick. She started crying and run over to Dad. He held her in his arms to comfort her. I ask if we should wait but Dad said “No, this needs to be handled, it is long over due“.

Dad look at the three of us for a few minutes as though he were getting his thoughts together. Then he told us he was going to do the best he could to cover any questions we might have about his and Mom‘s childhood and families. Tammy said “Dad, why don’t you just tell us as best you can and if we have any other questions we can ask then.

He agreed and started by telling us where they lived as kids. It was a rural community in the upper mid-west. He told us of two cities not far from the area so we would know where he was talking about. The area had been settled many years before by their Great, great grand parents and about twelve other families. They were farmers and dairy people with some timber. They were a very close knit community and what we call the family secret now was not much of a secret back then.

No one knows when or how it started but boys and girls were allowed to ask questions about sex or any thing else they may be curious about. Most learn the art and skills of good sex from other family members and friends. It continued this way for many years but little by little it started turning to a dark side. Dad told us he didn’t remember much about his older sister, Shellie or his cousin Mary (his uncle’s daughter) but he did know both of them had run away for home when they were about fifteen or sixteen because of the abuse from his uncle, Buck and his two boys Tim, Jeff and Dads two older brothers Mack and Jerry.

We already knew about Mom’s sister Kim but that was all we did know abut her family. Dad told us that her dad, Jessie was killed in a farm accident when Mom was about twelve and Kim was about ten. Dad and his parents, Will and Margret , became very close to Mom’s family during this time and became good friends. They openly discussed many things including sex.

It was over a year before Kathy’s mom Kate, felt like having sex outside the family. That was the first time Dad had sex with Mom. The families started spending more time together with the exception of Dad’s two older brothers. They experienced many first time events together, experimenting and sharing each others bodies.

Things really turned dark when Dad’s uncle, his two boys and Dad’s two brothers gang raped his mother while he and his dad were out in the field working. When they arrived home they found her tied to the bed naked, with blood, cum and piss coming from her ass, pussy and mouth. She was covered from head to foot in shit. The two of them cleaned her up, cleaned up the bedroom and put her to bed. Our grandfather made Dad stay at home while he took his pistol and headed to the local bar looking for his brother and the boys.

Grandfather didn’t come home that night, Dad stayed up all night caring for his mother and watching for his dad. Just after sunrise a deputy sheriff come to the house to tell Dad there had been an accident. He told Dad that grandfather had wrecked his truck on the way to town. The truck caught fire and grandfather was dead. Dad was devastated, he was sure he knew the truth but had no was to prove it.

He feared for mother, he was afraid his brother, uncle and cousins may return home and do more harm to her and he would not be ale to stop them. At this time in his life he was not yet the 6’4” tower of a warrior that sit before us now and he knew he was no match for the bully boys.

He wrapped his mother in a warm blanket and placed her in their old car. His heart was filled with angry, hurt and it was all he could do to hold himself together. He drove his mother over to Kathy’s house. The women met him as he drove up and helped get his mother to bed.

As soon as he knew his mother was okay everything just seem to fall apart. He started crying uncontrollable, cursing and raging until he was totally exhausted. The three women held him and tried to comfort him. Finally they manager to get him to the bathroom where they removed his cloths and then theirs.

They fill the large bathtub with warm water and all four climbed in the warm, southing water. The women lathered and gently washed his body from top to bottom. They massaged and gently kissed him as they washed. This was not at all about sex. It was all about love and Dad knew it.

The two younger women took Dad to their bed placed him in the middle, Kay spooning in front and Mom spooning behind. Kay took Dad’s hand and placed it on her breast then placed her hand over his. Mom run her hand under his arm and placed her hand against his cheek. Dad could not stop the tears. There was just too much hurt but exhaustion and the loving touch of the girls finally won out and he finally fell asleep.

When he awoke the next morning he was still in the same position as when he went to sleep. Only difference was his cock was as hard as a rock and wedged between Kay’s ass cheeks. He tried to lay very sill but he must have moved a little. Kay giggled and said “Kathy, he has morning wood. Both girls giggling then and Kay tightened her cheeks which just added to Dads embarrassment.

Kathy said “Dan, just lay right here and we will be right back. Both girls got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom. They were only gone a few minutes. When they returned Their mother was with them. Kate told him his mother was still sleeping and the three of them would like to help him now. Dad told them he was very embarrassed because of the erection. All three laughed and told him not to be, that was a very natural thing. Kate told him this was something they could do for him and maybe help release some of the stress She reached out and gently wrapped her hand around my hard cock and told me to just leave it all up to them

The girls lay on either side of while Kate leaned in a licked around the head and shat of my cock. The girls were kissing him softly on the cheeks and lips. Suddenly Kate took his cock all the way into her through and held it. The girls started working their way down his body, sucking his nipples and licking a double line to his crouch and they lifted a leg apiece and as Kate pulled back a little . One of the girls started licking around his asshole and the other was licking my balls. Kate was bobbing up and down and applying more pressure each time.

Whoever was licking his ass pulled my cheeks apart and stuck her tongue up my ass. ‘that’s all it took. He started Cumming what seemed like buckets full. He couldn’t see that well but he knew the three of them were taking turns sucking me dry.. Kay caught me off guard when she raised up, open her mouth tt show me she has some of my cum in her mouth then ask me if he would like to have some. The other two set up and looked at him to see what his reply was going to be. At the time he had not tasted cum but had wondered what it would be like.

He nodded yes and Kim leaned forward and give him a kiss on the lips, slipping her cum coated tongue into her mouth. He sucked it all in and swallowed. Kay pulled back and their eyes meet. He could see the lust but there was more. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him close. He knew in that moment, if they never had sex again and no matter what might happen in the future they would be true friends for lie. Nest up was Mom, a mouth half full of his cum and a heart full of love;

When their lips it was like a spark of fire and though the were sharing something sexual he knew he was kissing the woman that would one day be his wife. They kissed, shared his cum and both felt their hearts bonding together.

Kathy was last and he could she wanted to be apart of this. As she leaned to kiss him he could see the tears rolling down her cheeks and the smile on her face. They shared his cum in a kiss then she put her arms around his shoulders and whispered hi his ear “ I love my son, we all do and we are so happy to have you hear with us. I guess you knot Kathy is in love with you. Yes, and I with her..

They heard a noise coming from the other bedroom and they all headed that way Grandmother was awake and seemed a little confused. She smiled when the saw the four naked bodies enter the room. Kate told her she had make a hearty broth for her. She left the room to and return with the bowl of broth.

Grandmother looked around the room the and ash where’s Will. Everyone’s eyes filled with tears and Dad told her there was a wreck, the truck caught fire and Dad didn’t make it. Grandmother started crying and said “it’s all my fault, I should have killed them all”. Dad ask if she remembered what happen to her. She told him she remembered most of it until she finally passed out. “My own family, how could they do this to me”

Kate told grandmother she has her a hot bath waiting and her and the girls was going to bath her and they would be there with her. Dad told his mother he had to go to town to see the sheriff and find out what he could about his dad. He picked her up and took her to the bath. He placed her gently in the tub, kissed all four women then headed to town.

On his way out of the house he noticed two shotguns laying across the kitchen table. He checked to be sure they were loaded then went on his way knowing the women would be safe. As Dad was driving down the drive to the main road he saw a State Trooper pulling in the drive. They both stopped and Dad got of the car and talked with the Trooper. He told Dad the Sheriff and called and ask for their help that thought there might foul play. He was Dad they were looking for his uncle and the four boys.

Dad didn’t tell the Trooper about grandmother and what had happened to her. The Trooper told Dad they had the truck for further investigation but his daddy’s remains was at the local funeral home and the family could go ahead and make arrangements.

After grandfather‘s funeral they return to Kate‘s for the next two weeks. Dad kept a check on their house and the girls helped him keep thing clean. Grandmother Kate and the girls spent a lot of time with Grandmother Margret. Sometimes sexual and sometimes just consoling her

No one heard anything from Uncle Buck or any of the boys. Dad checked both houses and it looked like they had grabbed a few clothes and left in a hurry. Finally Dad and Grandmother Margret went home. Both families spent a lot of time together after that.

It was no secret that both our grandmothers enjoyed sex and especially oral sex. Grandmother Kate taught Dad the art of giving head using cucumbers and bananas. She and the other women would push it a little ways into their pussy then he would practice until he had learn to deep throat. Most of the time at night our grand mothers would sleep together and Dad would sleep with the girls. The more time he and Mom spent together the more they fell in love.

Things were going very well. School was about to start, Kay as sophomore, Mom a junior and Dad a senior. Dad hit a growth spurt and now stood at 6’2” and still growing. Dad had talked to the women about their future and told them he had talked with the Army recruiter. With is grades in school he should be able to not only get his military training but collage also. The recruiter told him that O.C.S. may very well be possible.

Everyone agreed with Dad that it would be a good idea to relocate. The life they had once known was changing fast. They were also afraid Uncle and the boys would return home. They had been gone for over a year and the other bullies in the area had not bothered them.

Dad signed all the necessary papers and was due to leave for basic training two weeks after graduation. By the time Mom graduated Dad would have enough time he could live off base and the four women would join him and Kay would finish her last year of school there.

Things seemed almost too good to be true. Dad had graduated with honors and had a little over a week to go before he had to leave. Mr. Garrison was the man that own most of the timber in the area and also the lumber mill. Dad was good friends with his youngest son and knew the family well. Dad left early one morning to talk with Mr. Garrison about the possibility of buying both homes and land when they were ready to move. Mr. Garrison readily agreed and assured Dad a good price for both places.

When Dad turned into the drove at home he knew there was a problem. Two Sheriff cars a state Trooper care and the local doctor’s car were all parked in the yard. He jumped out of the car and started toward the door. The doctor attempted to stop him at the door but he pushed his way through to the bedroom. What he saw on the bed hurt and make him more angry than he had ever been in his life.

He saw his mother laying in the middle of the bed, her wrist and ankles tied to the post at the head of the bed. She had a large bottle jammed in her pussy with blood out around it. There was a broken hoe handle jammed in her ass, her nose had been bleeding a twisted to the side. As he stepped closer he could see the gag covering her mouth and she was covered in shit from heat to foot. He could tell she was not breathing.

The Trooper was the same one he talked to when his dad was killed. The Trooper told Dad he was sorry, if they could found his two brothers in time this may not have happened. Dad ask if he was sure it was his brother. The Sheriff spoke and told Dad they were sure. When they were leaving here they run to Mr. Peters pick and messed up the front of their car. They abandoned it in town and stole another car. There were witnesses to the auto theft and a APB was put out and the hole state is looking for them. Mr. Peters made it to town and told the doctor about what he had found at the house.

The Trooper walked out to his patrol car and was talking on he radio. He return in a short while and told us he just got a report. Mack and Jerry must has split up for some reason. Jerry had attempted to rob a store in a town about fifty miles away and had shot and killed by an off-duty police officer but Mack was not with him.

Dad made all the arrangements for his mother and Mom and the family was there as his side the entire time. He talked to Mr. Garrison to see if he would be interested in buying the house and furniture. Mr. Garrison told him he would take it, he would have it surveyed, inventoried and give him a check for the full amount

Dad had to leave for basic training before everything could be completed so he told Mr. Garrison to deal with Mom and her family and they would take of everything. Dad stayed with Grandmother Kate, Kay and Mom until it was time for him to leave. Mom told him that her mom and sister would give them all the private time they wanted but Mom ask if he would mind spending all but the last night with the three of them. Dad agreed and for the next three days it was sex in the morning, sex in the evening and sex after suppertime .

End of chapter seven.

This will cover most of the dark past of Dan and Kathy and the things they had to endure in their younger years. There is still some darkness ahead that must be dealt with and it will be handled in a most appropriate manner.

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