Wives of Africa part 2

Louise was tall with long dark red hair. She had been educated at a very expensive private school before Oxford. She had studied anthropology and considered herself an expert on many matters.

She admired her naked body in the mirror. 35 24 34 her breasts filled a c cup. She leant back her breasts pushed forward they were young and firm and didn’t sag at all. She teased her pink nipples loving the feeling.

She let her right hand slip down over her ribs past her slim strong stomach. Louise ran her fingers through her neatly trimmed but still luxuriant ginger triangle.

She spread her legs wide open glancing at her pretty pink lips glistening with her juices. Teasing her body she let a finger drift across her moist opening returning her finger to her mouth tasting her own sweetness.

She stopped enjoying the feeling of excitement of anticipation. David would be home soon ready to fuck her brains out. Her husband ten years older than her was everything she had ever wanted.

Blonde good-looking and clever he was extremely successful the head of his firm in this country. She imagined his tongue on her body licking her making her cum. She imagined him between her legs making love filling her with his spunk.

They made love not once or twice a week like most couples but four, five sometimes as many as six times in a night. Tonight was no different. She had always enjoyed sex but somehow here in Africa she needed it more than ever. Louise put it down to the climate.

The next morning they made love again before David left for work and she dressed in her bikini ready to swim in the pool and sunbathe. Adji brought her coffee.
“What are you doing today?” She asked him.

“I’m making some love potions for my cousin to make a woman fall in love with him and a secret recipe for a cure for a woman who hasn’t conceived yet.”

Louise had listened to these bullshit stories before from Adji. She looked at him considering her reply carefully. He was old probably seventy or eighty years old, his mouth filled with only one or two teeth he was wrinkled and not even when he was younger would he have been attractive. She thought he had done enough damage with his stupid spells and potions.

“Don’t be ridiculous. That’s just nonsense and you know it.”

Adji had heard such words before from Europeans. When he had studied medicine in France he was amazed at the closed minds of his fellow students. It had been good fun using his black arts to seduce many white women. He smiled at her a condescending smile that irritated the hell out of Louise just as it was meant to.

“You’ll do far more harm than good and you know it. It’s unscientific based on superstition without one shred of evidence to support it. The only effect it could have is a placebo effect.”

“A placebo effect?”
He feigned ignorance. He knew more about placebo effects, autosuggestion and hypnosis than she could have imagined. He also knew the values of the old ways plants and animals that yielded powerful potions, trances that could let you see into the future or into someone’s thoughts.
“Yes where someone believes something will make them better or worse because they believe it.”
“So it only works because someone believes it will?”
“Yes I’ve told you it’s absolute nonsense, total rubbish nothing but superstitious claptrap. You shouldn’t be encouraging people to believe such garbage.”
“You do not believe in it?” Her words had annoyed him. She was the beneficiary of his drugs her sex life satisfied through his intervention in her diet.
“No it’s bollocks total bollocks.”

He cleared away her dishes.
“You do not like me? You find me ugly?”
He sensed her hostility to him. She was young but proud and profoundly ignorant. He could see her distaste for him the way she looked down her nose at him. She blushed bright red.
“Of course I like you.” She lied not answering his other question.
He licked his lips in a disgusting fashion eying her pretty young body.
“You would not want to make love to me.”
“Never.” She said too vehemently she realised.
Adji decided that at some stage he would teach this arrogant white woman a lesson. He would humiliate her make her beg him for sex.
“I could never betray my husband with anyone not you not any man.”
“A woman then?”
“You are a pervert. Now leave me alone while I go for a swim.”

Arrogant white woman Adji thought to himself. David believed him. He had brought him much success both at work and with the ladies. The potions he gave him made him more virile than ever. It was time she was taught a lesson.

He watched from her bedroom window as she sunbathed topless. This she never did in front of him. A pity he thought she had nice breasts and a nice arse for a white woman. He went through her brushes finding lots of strands of her hair. He found her razor and removed her short curly red pubes.

He found one of her broken nails beside the sink. Quickly he made a doll that looked just like her attaching her nail, her hair and then her pubes.

He dressed the doll in some rags and put her in his drawer. It took him the next four days to make up the correct potion. He fed it to her with her morning coffee for the next three days and placed a couple of drops on his doll.

She went swimming. Louise for some reason was more wary of him. It might have been the way he looked at her with a mixture of contempt and was that lust. He seemed to be staring at her breasts. She had felt her nipples harden under his gaze.

Adji watched her sunbathing even though she could not see him she had kept her top on. He knew he was unsettling her. He also knew that she would be feeling particularly sexy. He removed the top from his doll and put it in his pocket.

He walked out to where she was and asked if there was anything he could do for her.
“No.” She replied at the same time handing him her bikini top. He admired her naked breasts firm white compared to her golden tan. He stared at her nipples standing erect almost saluting him.

He returned to the house smiling. A placebo eh! You need to believe ha. She was his now completely.

Hannah played with her long honey blonde hair as she calculated her share of the bill. A trained accountant married to Peter she was in her second year in Africa.

Six months ago her life was perfect. Peter worked for a local firm supplying equipment and services to the government. Hannah had managed to get a job with the government procuring services and equipment. She had kept her maiden name. Peter was a gambler and Hannah loved to shop. They had run up debts.

James was infatuated by the tall Englishwoman. Hannah looked at him with contempt. He was a creep always trying to stare down her top and when he wasn’t doing that he kept asking her out for a drink. Some black men she found quite sexy but not James.

She found him ugly his face pock marked. He had a large flat nose and thick lips. He was short and bow legged. He was overweight and clearly unfit.

At a party to celebrate the President’s birthday she had drunk too much and for a dare had danced with James. He was like an octopus his hands everywhere trying to touch her breasts and her bum. Afterwards she had reported it to her superiors and James had been reprimanded.

Hannah had the misfortune to need a small operation and she returned to England. James took over her cases. It was while dealing with these that he noticed that all three bids for stationary seemed excessive.

He delved further ringing round and enquiring. He could have bought the paper for forty percent less. He visited the sight of the lowest offer a firm called Owanga and Nickama He had only seen Peter once before but he was certain that the man leaving the building was a friend of Hannah. He followed him home. It did not take him long to find out the truth. Hannah was married to Peter. He wondered why she had never mentioned it to anyone, a few seconds later the reason was obvious. The fact that she was married did not make her any less desirable if anything more so and now perhaps he had the means of having her.

He knew that one incident like this could be brushed off as a genuine mistake especially as he knew their boss didn’t like him and clearly fancied Hannah. So for the next six weeks he worked late every night spying on Hannah. In at least five cases she had awarded a contract to Peter’s firm or one of their many associates. He had rung round and had got quotes much less than the price paid.

“Hannah could I see you after work tonight?” He asked her innocently.
“Look if you continue to pester me I’m going to have to report you again.”
“That would be most unfortunate.”
“Yes you would probably get the sack for harassment.”
“I might not be the only one getting the sack. I recently visited what was the firm oh yes Owanga and Nickama. They seem to be a very successful business making lots of money. Doesn’t Peter work for them? Or should I say your husband?”

He watched her go bright red and squirm.
“You see I think it might be in both of our best interests if you saw me after work.”

Hannah sat opposite him in the bar. He bought her a drink. She had regained her composure and felt he had nothing to accuse her off.

James studied her closely, his eyes wandering up and down her body taking in every inch of her figure. They were sat in a secluded area of the bar, Hannah’s choice she had not wanted to be seen with James. Hannah was aware of his licentious gaze the sooner she could leave the better.

“That is a very pretty white blouse you are wearing.”
James could make out her white bra underneath her blouse. The pretty young woman was perspiring slightly which made her blouse almost transparent.

“Thank you.” His tone made her flesh creep.
“I think perhaps it would look better if you undid a couple of buttons.”
Hannah got up to leave.

“I wouldn’t do that.” James then recited several dates with amounts of money and the different companies it was paid to.
“I believe you were involved in all of these deals.”
Hannah nodded.
“And your husband too.”
“I did a little research and I was able to procure goods and services in all cases without trying for much less than you got the government to pay.”
Hannah looked down at her drink desperately thinking of a way out there seemed to be none.

“I imagine you know that such offences are very serious. Corruption is a major problem for us one the government would like to stamp out. You could both be sent to prison for a long time. A pretty white woman like you in prison.”

He shook his head.
“Even in a female prison there are many male officers. I think you would be a target for them, possibly for the female officers too. Our prisons are not the most salubrious and people will do anything to make their life a little better.”

James leant forward.
“Can I assist you with these?”
Hannah wanted to gag as she watched him undo three of her buttons on her blouse her bra clearly visible her blouse undone to the waist. The horrible little man grinned at her. He sat beside her.

“That wasn’t too difficult now was it?”
As he posed the question he leant over his hands were cupping her breasts. The horrible ugly little man reached inside her bra feeling her naked breasts. He twisted her nipples smiling as she winced. She hated him but despite her dislike her breasts responded to his untutored groping her nipples erect under his cruel fingers.

She excused herself to go to the toilet.
“When you return do so without your bra. I want to feel your titties. I want to be able to suck them to lick your pretty pink nipples.”
She returned and sat down beside him. He had been surprised at how easy it had all been so far.
“You have done up your buttons. Undo them please.”
Meekly she undid all her buttons.
“Good very good. I see you have obeyed my instructions.”
She turned to face him her back to the room. He pulled her blouse open, greedily fondling both her now bra-less breasts. She was powerless to stop him yet afraid that someone would see her yet strangely she found it erotic. She was excited and dismayed at the same time.
He stroked her thigh. She shivered with disgust but even as she felt revulsion almost involuntarily her thighs parted. This disgusting ugly man was touching her. He was close to her sex her most private parts. He pushed his hand further up her skirt finding her knickers. She was damp.

“I see you are excited.”
Hannah wanted to say no fuck off you perv but all she could do was sit there being fondled by a man she detested. She obeyed him as he told her to spread her legs further. She felt his fingers inside her knickers oh no inside her.
“Take those off.” He ordered her drunk on the power he was now yielding.

She reached inside her skirt easing her damp thongs down. She pulled them over her shoes and went to put them in her bag.
“No give them to me.”
She was disgusted as she watched him smell her knickers licking them telling her that he would like to lick her where they had been. She wanted to gag.
Hannah could barely control her breathing. A short stubby finger had been inserted into her cunt. It had met no resistance. She was moist excited. He leant forward and kissed her nipples. He bit them pulling them in their engorged state.

She wanted to scream. It hurt but it was a delicious sort of pain. What if someone came? It was too embarrassing. He looked at her his hand under her skirt his fingers playing with her cunt.

He looked at her closed eyes the flush of her skin. He knew she was close to coming.
“I am excited too.”

James pulled her hand down onto his trousers. He helped her undo his zip. She reached inside and found his cock. It was not a difficult task. James was huge much bigger than
Peter. His cock was long and ever so thick. Hannah ran her hand along its length. She couldn’t help exclaiming.
“You’re huge that’s twice the size of Peter.” Immediately regretting her outburst.

“Good. Now use your mouth.”
He pulled the honey blonde woman down onto his cock. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took his cock inside. He pushed her head up and down.

This was glorious his first white woman in fact his first woman. He did not last long as the pretty Englishwoman stroked his shaft and cupped his large balls. He fired his cum deep into her throat. He watched delightedly as she sat up his spunk, yes his spunk dribbling from her mouth.

“That makes us even now I think.”
James smiled at her stupidity.
“Think of it as a down payment or if you’ll pardon the pun a first deposit.”

For the next two weeks Hannah made sure she had an appointment at the end of the day or was meeting friends. She could not avoid James in the office. As she stood by the photocopier he pressed his body against her.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel that big dick inside you instead of your husband’s mini cock?”

In truth Hannah had wondered what it would be like but she could not betray Peter any more than she had already done.

He pressed hard against her. She could feel his huge erection between her buttocks. He had one hand inside her blouse feeling her tits kneading them, pleased as her nipples grew large.

He stroked her knee with his left hand. His hand moved slowly upwards towards the naked flesh above her stockings. She gasped as his fingers found her clit under her thongs.

“You want me don’t you bitch. You want to feel my big fat cock inside you. You want to be fucked by me by big long black cock.”

“No.” Hannah lied.
She pressed against his invading fingers secretly hoping that he would make her come again as he had the other week. She wondered for what seemed like the millionth time what it would be like to have that huge cock inside her.

She found him repulsive even grotesque. He was ugly. He was crude. Yet she found him desirable she wanted him. She wanted him to fuck her she wanted to be debased by him.

He let her go. He wanted her but not for a quick screw. He wanted to take possession of her body, to own every centimetre of it. He wanted her to worship his body to do exactly as he said. He had laid the plan.

Hannah was worried when her boss called her into his office.
“Sit down.”
“Thank you.” Hannah smiled her best smile at him.
“It’s about James.”

Hannah’s heart sank. Had he dropped her in it? Should she confess now and get it over with?

“James has been to see me with an interesting proposition. We need to set up a new office in Kinyana. I see you haven’t heard of it well it’s about 200 k. inland.”

Hannah nodded not having a clue where the conversation was heading.

“I was concerned earlier about you and your attitude. I thought you might be racist in some of your views and opinions. This was particularly true when you complained about James.
James came to see me the other day.”
What had he said? Hannah was getting more and more worried.

“I confess that when he came to see me I was worried about your future with us however James told me that you two were getting along much better is that true?”

Hannah nodded. Why would he not get to the point?

“Good it’s settled then?”
“I thought I made that clear that you and James will go to Kinyana and set up the office. I think that the pair of you make an excellent team intelligent and hardworking free from corruption.
Anyway while you’re there I expect you to recruit staff find accommodation report back to me. So are you quite happy with that? I know you haven’t any ties here.”

Why oh why had she lied about Peter saying they were just good friends and that it was nothing serious. She had no option but to nod.

Louise lay on her towel on her stomach. Why had she just done that? She returned to the house and he returned her bikini top. The look on his face was smug suggesting to the lovely redhead that he had made her do it. No that was impossible she hadn’t been feeling herself recently. God she was horny that must be it she had been distracted.

She lay in bed swallowing her husband’s salty cum enjoying his fingers on her clit. He had told her earlier that he would be away for a couple of weeks.
“Darling I think I could manage the house without Adji.”
“No that’s impossible darling I owe him a huge favour. He saved my life on a couple of occasions.”

He saw the look on her face.
“Listen if it really worries you we talk this over when I return.”
He kissed her. He was hard again. He fucked her hard and quickly making her moan loudly as she had the most intense orgasm of her life.

Get rid of Adji? Was the woman mad? Adji had helped him with his business getting rid of rivals, helped him seduce women even now his incredible sexual stamina was due to Adji and his potions. Adji had enjoyed some of his conquests too. It was part of their deal. He had even helped Louise fall in love with him after he sent Adji the photographs and the hair.

He listened as Adji told him what Louise had said and done. He could feel the sleight that the elderly African had felt and agreed that he could teach his wife a lesson. Adji promised to keep him informed.

Louise drank her coffee. She was sure she heard Adji mutter something in fact for the last few days she was sure he kept speaking but it was not words that came out. She almost questioned her own sanity.
She felt randier than ever how would she last a fortnight without David. She rang round her friends they were all out playing golf or tennis. She wore a one-piece swimsuit not at all revealing. She swam length after length in her swimming pool at last getting out exhausted on to her towel.

Adji watched her. He breathed on the doll. He warmed the doll. He removed the doll’s clothes placing them in his pocket.
He bent her arms so that the doll had a hand between her legs. Adji moved the hand backwards and forwards. The thought planted he knew it would take effect in a few minutes time.

He stood beside her watching her. She wanted to scream get away from me you pervert. He could read her thoughts.
“Do not call me a pervert.” She was sure he said.

Louise got up and removed her costume handing it to the old African he smiled a toothless grin at her. She could not help it. She reached between her legs and began to stroke her clitoris. She pushed her fingers inside her vagina stroking her clit all the most furiously. She came squirting liquid down her leg.

“You call me a pervert.” Adji turned on his heel and left.
Louise was sure she saw a doll in his hand, a doll with red hair, a naked doll, a doll with a hand between its legs. No that was impossible.

Louise had eaten her evening meal. She was frightened now did Adji really have that power? She rang her friends but got no reply from any of them.

She got into bed wearing her clothes frightened to get undressed. Adji closed the eyes on his doll and instantly Louise fell asleep despite her desire to stay as wide awake as she could.

He watched her lying on the bed fully clothed. He led the doll from the bedroom to the lounge and made it dance dropping its clothes one after the other. He made it dance in front of his doll spreading her legs in front of him. Adji smiled his toothless grin as the doll bent in front of his doll its mouth bobbing up and down on his cock.

He sat in the lounge and waited. He had the cameras running just as he had promised David hidden cameras that they had used in the old days when David had seduced many a young woman.

Louise came in her eyes open but not awake. She danced slowly her hips gyrating in front of her old black servant. Slowly button by button, she undid her blouse. Louise could see herself as though in a dream part of her watched. That part was shocked disgusted and ashamed but it was powerless to intervene.

Seductively she let her blouse fall to the ground revealing her red and black bra that pushed her breasts up her nipples just above the lacy material. She pushed her breasts together making them look larger.

The gorgeous young redhead undid the buttons on her skirt before letting it fall to the ground. Adji smiled she was truly sexy standing there in her red and black knickers, her suspenders and nylons and her bra.

He loved it as she removed her nylons and suspenders rubbing them against her crotch passing them to him letting him smell her sex. He was hard now. She unclasped her bra covering her breasts with her hands.

Louise presented her tits to him letting him suck on them covering them with his saliva as he sucked hard on her nipples. He slapped her arse hard and she continued her dance for him.

Teasing the witchdoctor she removed her knickers but turned so that all he could see was her cute bottom then turning covering her mound with her hand. She moved her hips forward so that her cunt lips were in front of his mouth. He snaked out his long tongue and licked her pink lips. She tasted good.

She knelt in front of him and unzipped his fly. He stood up letting her help him out of his trousers. He sat back down as she stroked his thick hard long cock. He could barely contain himself as she licked its length gently kissing and sucking the end of it.

She took the first inch of into her mouth. He held her by her long hair pushing her further down onto him. Inch by inch he pushed into her mouth and down her throat. He let her bob up and down on his cock and just as he was about to come he whispered in her ear. She awoke from her dream aware of a smelly black cock deep in her throat.

She wanted to gag. Then jet after jet of his thick gelatinous cum shot down her throat and as she tried to remove his cock all over her face and hair. He whispered a second word in her ear and she was once more awake but asleep.

She woke the next morning. After a shower she had her coffee. She was not sure whether she dreamt the previous evening or had it actually happened. Adji smiled at her.
“I see you are lonely and all your friends are away. I have invited Tili a relative of mine over.”

Tili was eighteen year’s old. She was tall for her tribe five foot seven, slim except for her large firm breasts. She had visited her great-great uncle on several occasions and he had seen the lust in her eyes for Louise. Well he would please his niece and teach the stupid white bitch a lesson too.

He watched as the two women swam together. He brought the two dolls back into the house. He had Louise’s doll kiss then fondle the black doll. He got them to remove their clothes. He had a hard on as he made them do the most disgusting acts.

He waited in the room knowing that his presence would humiliate the white bitch even more. He would give her the mother of all fucking when the time was right but not yet.

He sat as the two women entered the room. He watched the look of confusion on Louise’s face as she held Tili in her arms. Louise kissed the young African girl on her lips. The kiss returned their tongues entwined.

Louise pulled down the top of Tili’s costume taking her breasts in her hands marvelling at their size and their firmness. She kissed the big brown nipples in front of her sucking on them. Tili could not believe that this was happening to her.

The white woman had always seemed so cool towards her so aloof so superior and here she was prostrate before fulfilling every wish she had. She did not resist as she found her costume completely removed.

The lovely red head knelt between her legs. The young white English woman ran her tongue up her thigh. Tili sighed with pleasure. Tili parted her thighs as the lovely soft tongue worked its way towards her black pussy.

Louise loved the feel of Tili’s thick wiry black bush. She tasted her cunt sweet as honey. She had never tasted anther woman before. She licked the juices that were starting to flow freely from the young African’s love hole.

Adji did not need the dolls now he could control Louise just by his thoughts. David had bought several large dildos and Adji had left two of them clearly visible.

Louise took one and fastened it round her waist. She knelt behind the beautiful young African and placed the plastic phallus between the dark vagina lips she had been so recently kissing and sucking.

Inch by inch she eased the large penis into Tili who groaned in pleasure. Louise had no idea why she was behaving this way but she was unable to stop. The lovely redhead was fucking her young black lover as hard as she could loving every second.

Tili groaned with pleasure as she came with this stuck up white woman panting and dripping in sweat. She squatted over Louise who lay beneath her and she lowered her cunt on to those pretty pink lips.

She ground her cunt hard against Louise’s mouth letting her juices flood out into her lover. Adji watched pleased with his control.

Tili strapped on a monster black dildo over three inches in diameter and over a foot long.
“That’s too big.”
“Shut up white bitch you can take it. You can take it all.”

Louise knelt on all four opening her cunt to the massive dildo scared it was so large but she was moist ready for sex. Tili positioned the huge black phallus next to the sweet pink lips and pushed hard. At first there was resistance but she pushed harder and the cunt in front of her opened up.

She fucked the white woman hard and fast. Adji watched smiling close to them.

“Oh fuck that feels so good.
Go on push it further.
I can take it all.
Yes please more.
Fuck me harder.”

Tili couldn’t fuck her much harder. She was pounding away into the willing white woman who moaned and groaned as well as shouting profanities. Tili collapsed exhausted on top of Louise.

Adji stood and looked at Louise.
“Slut I will have to tell David about this. You disgusting pervert.”
“Please don’t I’ll do anything.”

Adji smiled he could have used his powers to fuck this woman but this would be more fun. He would enjoy it knowing that she loathed him that she found his old wrinkled body disgusting.

Tili had left thanking him profusely. It was his turn to enjoy the redhead now. He called her and she came and stood in front of him her eyes unable to meet his. She stood there ashamed of her actions aware of his power over her. He ordered her to remove her clothes.

“Good bend down in front of me.
Take off my trousers.”

She wanted to gag as his long wrinkled black cock sprang forward in front of her eyes.

“Now lick me until I am hard.”
Louise took his cock in her mouth tasting his pre-cum. It slowly hardened as she stroked him. He drew his hand back and hit her hard on her bottom. She wanted to protest. Instead as he hit her again she sucked harder on his cock willing him to come.

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