Brother and Sister Bonding

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Meg had just gotten back from school and as she climbed the stairs she heard a noise coming from her brother Chris' room. His bedroom door was ajar so she pushed it open just a little bit more. Meg's eyes widened as she beheld the sight of her brother Chris who was lying on his bed with his massive 12 inch cock in his hand masturbating and mumbling her name.

It had only been recently that they had discovered the desire to share their bodies with one another. Meg had held back her incestuous thoughts for fear of offending her bother who she'd loved only to find out that he was interested in her as well. Meg stood at the end of Chris' bed and felt the wetness growing between her legs in her young cunt. A warm flush started in meg's belly and spread through her whole body to her young tight wet hairless cunt. Chris' eyes were closed while his hand stroked his 12 inch long monster cock.

Meg heard him again " meg, meg, meg" he whispered to himself.

"Oh yes meg I want you! Oh yeah that's it meg! Stroke it for me meg harder faster!" he whispered to himself getting just a little bit louder each time he said it. She watched the way he rolled his fingers as he stroked up and then pulled the foreskin of his thick 12 inch cock back as his hand drew near the base of his monster cock. His other hand cupped his large plum sized balls and rolled them gently in his hand. Meg watched as his fat finger pressed the soft area just between his balls and his arse.

Never had meg witnessed a boy do that to themselves before. She had only ever saw Brian their pet dog humping her mother's leg and had let him hump her leg on purpose so that she could see his massive dog prick. She stepped closer to her bother's bed and inhaled the musky aroma of his body as he came closer to releasing his hot white sticky spunk. The musk of his sweat and her arousal combined to a sultry sweet smell. Meg saw the clear precum seeping from Chris' pee hole in the tip of the swollen purple cock head at the tip of his massive cock.

Meg's hand slipped down her belly into her short school skirt that she was wearing and down over her hairless mound. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned and lowered her short skirt so that she could touch herself easily. Meg felt the warmth of her flesh as she probed her soft hairless mound and found her dripping wet tight young cunt. Her long fingers slid over her erect clitoris making her jump at her touch and making her hunch her hips up let her finger go down into the moist folds of her tight wet cunt and up into her tight cunt opening. She slowly inserted her long middle finger in too her tight wet cunt as deeply as she could making her moan softly.

Her soft moans caused her brother to open his eyes making him freeze his movements when he saw his sister meg standing over him. Not until he realized that she had her finger buried deep in her tight wet cunt did he relax and resume his efforts. Chris startled meg by speaking to her.

"Are you hot as well meg?" he asked.

"Oh! Damn you Chris you scared me! Uh Yeah. I .. um .. heard you and looked in to see what was going on and you were .. you know..?"


"Yeah and you where calling out MY name!"

"Well of course meg. Who else has got me so hot lately?"

"Um Can I watch you squirt your spunk?" meg asked hesitantly.

"Sure! Of course meg i might get off sooner if I could see what you're doing down there to your cunt." He replied looking directly at her hand in her white cotton school pants buried deep in her tight wet cunt. Meg had for a moment forgotten that her finger was still buried deep inside her tight wet young cunt inside her white cotton school pants. She removed her finger then slowly peeled her white cotton school pants off. Her tight cunt was soaking wet with her sweet nectar which left a damp patch on her white cotton pants. She sat down next to her brother and spread her long slim smooth legs. Her labia were parted her wrinkled inner folds glistened with the moisture from her finger probing and her clitoris was in full bloom.

Her brother looked on while she re-inserted her finger up in to her tight wet cunt as far as she could get it to go. The soft moans that she let escape from her lips told Chris she was deep inside her hot wet tight cunt touching her 'magical spot'. The pre-cum was running in a stream from Chris' bulbs cock head now. He reached up and pulled meg's school top off to expose his sister's well endowed breasts on which sat her hard red nipples like cherry's on top of two cakes. Her nipples were stiff in the center of her large silver dollar sized areolas.

Meg was breathing deeply now and was staring at her brother's massive cock as it was bobbing with each stroke of his hand. Meg watched while he began to work the slick pre-cum around his bulbs purple cock head. Meg really wanted to taste Chris' hot sticky white cum but wanted more to see how he made it happen. Chris used long slow sweeping strokes the full length of his massive thick 12 inch long shaft. Chris was fascinated by the way meg worked her finger in and out of her tight wet cunt and then touched her clit each time. Meg then added a second finger and pushed both of them way up inside her tight young cunt.

"What's that you're doing inside your cunt meg?" Chris asked when he saw her hand wiggle but not really moving.

A little breathless meg said "I'm uhh .. Touching the place that makes oh my god me cum!"

Meg's body began to shake with excitement as her climax got nearer and nearer. Meg's thumb rubbed quickly over her little clit while her fingers were busy deep inside her tight wet cunt. She slowed her finger movements a little and asked Chris "Try to cum oh my god cum with MEEEEE!" her voice went higher as her young body got ready to exploded.

Chris rapidly resumed his quick hand stroking of his massive twelve inch rock hard cock and he too started to breathe quicker and harder.

"Yesss Okay Meg fuck your cunt with your fingers.yeah ..I'm almost there..OH YEAH MEG HERE I COME OH yes. YESSSSSSSSSSSS MMEEEGGGG!"

Meg watched as thick white streaming globs of her brother's hot seed flew out of the tiny hole on the tip of his bulbous purple cock head. Globs of sticky white spunk shot high into the air and then landed on Chris' chest and belly and his hand was covered in it as well. Chris was covered in the warm white sticky fluid as it oozed from his massive rock hard cock. It seemed to meg that Chris' monster cock had gotten larger just before he shot his sticky white load and his balls had drawn up tight to his body.

"Me . AHHHHH! .. TOOOOO! OH CCHHHRRRRIIIISSSSSSSS!" Meg screamed from deep down inside of her inerbeing.

Then the fluid that gushed from her tight wet young cunt surprised Chris as he'd never thought that girls had such a discharge when they came during sex. Meg's fingers and hand as well as Chris' bed sheets were soaked with the juicy nectar that came from inside her cunt and the sweet aroma filled the room with the heavy musky scent of young sex.

Meg finally pulled her wet fingers out of her tight cunt and brought them to her brother's lips. Chris could not wait to licked them clean as she took his hand and put it in her mouth to do the same for him. Meg loved the taste of her brother's hot white sticky globs of cum. Not just for the flavor but because it was from her brother massive organ. Meg kept licking and eventually lapped all of his sticky white seed from his belly and chest as well. She lingered at his nipples and sucked them stiff just like he had done to her nipples.

"Meg! That was so HOT! I've never seen a girl masturbate before!"

"Yours was pretty cool as well Chris! That stuff shoots way farther than I had thought it would! she said.

They fell together and kissed passionately neither one of them wanting their contact to end. Meg felt around for her brothers still rock hard massive cock and found it still firm and sticky so stuck it in her mouth to lick clean. She then moved on top and straddled her brother teasing his monster rock hard cock by rubbing it across her tight wet cunt. Then she slid her body down on to his body to capture her brothers hot thick monster cock which was now between her hungry tight wet young cunt. Chris and meg both moaned as she impaled her hot wet tight cunt opening on to her brother's twelve inch long cock which was now buried deep inside her tight wet cunt.

Meg still couldn't believe how wonderful it was to have her brother's massive monster cock deep inside her body and the ecstasy she was feeling. It was better sex than she'd ever had with her boyfriend Kevin or her father. The warmth and love that accompanied the full feeling made it so very special for meg just like when she had fucked her father the other night when her mother had caught them.

Chris was totally amazed at how hot, tight and how wet his sister's cunt was with his rock hard cock stuck deep inside of her cunt. Even Susie Swanson's tight cunt who he'd had sex with just the other day didn't feel as tight and as wet as his sisters cunt that his massive cock was impaled on at that moment. The passion with which meg shared with Chris was incredible. Chris felt meg's cervix at the top of his massive cock as she rocked her hips up and down gently on his monster cock.

"AH CHRIS! You feel so good inside my cunt!" Meg groaned to him.

"You're so tight and wet meg! OH MEG! Feels so tight and wet meg and so good for me as well!" he moaned.

Meg fell forward and resumed kissing her brother with hot passionate kisses, with her brother still buried deep inside her tight wet young cunt. Hunching her hips against his Chris started rolling his rock hard throbbing monster cock around inside of meg's tight wet cunt hole. Then they started to rub and twist their bodies together and whimpering in one another's mouth. Meg broke her hot passionate kiss and asked, "Will you do me from the back Chris?"

Chris rolled over and dislodged his twelve inch erection from inside her tight cunt and moved behind her. Meg got around onto her hands and knees with her butt high in the air. Her tight wet young cunt spread wide and still open from her brother's recent departure her wet cunt accepted his monster cock re-entry smoothly and easily. Chris watched as his nectar covered thick cock split his little sister's cunt and disappear into her tight wet cunt. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen as this was the first time he had fucked a girl from behind. He could feel her tight muscles inside her cunt walls gripping every inch, every ripple and vein of his monster thick cock as he impaled her small body once more.

Meg's moan was muffled by the pillow while she concentrated on the invading monster 12 inch cock. Chris' bulbs purple cockhead bulge spread her tight cunt open and filled her wet cunt up. She could sense each variation in the texture of her brother's monster cock as it occupied her tight wet cunt. It seemed he was even deeper than he had been before and his cock all so felt longer and thicker. She was so full!

"Oh, yes Chris! Do it to me! Fuck me! harder faster!" she moaned into the pillow.

Chris responded by saying "Yeah meg! oh . I'm oh yeah .. I'M FUCKING MY BIG SISTER AND SHE LOVES IT!"

His powerful body thrust hard and deep into his sisters shaking body which was beneath him. His fat belly was now slapping against her small butt with each plunge of his massive cock deep inside her tight wet cunt. Chris heard her grunt as he hit the entrance of her womb repeatedly harder and harder. She started pushing back to meet her brother's thrusts from his twelve inch rock hard cock.

"Oh Yeah" her brother said "Your so wet and tight meg.

Meg tried to concentrate on the long deep thrusts of Chris' massive length and thick girth and the rock hardness of his monster cock as it drove in and out of her tight wet young cunt as she began to move rhythmically backwards to meet his powerful manly and breathtaking thrusting strokes! Meg was thrusting backwards onto the ever thickening monster cock that was skewering deeper and deeper into her tight wet cunt sending waves of ecstasy up into her from behind. Her brothers body battered and thudded resoundingly against her wide-spread white ass cheeks and his massive long thick shaft was sinking to its full length deep into her tightly clinging wet cunt!

With whimpering moans Meg rotated her rounded buttocks back at him with her tight hot wet clinging cunt walls moving back over the length of his hardened piercing monster rock hard cock with wanton passion and screaming.

"Oh God fuck me Chris!" she cried " yes Chris yes right there! I'm yours CHRIS yours forever Oooohhhh God Oooohhhh!"

Meg raised her face from the soft pillow to whimper out a groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed blue eyes unseeing filled with tears of joy.

"Ooohhh ooohhhh CHRIS I can't stand it! I'm going madddd! Do it to me harder CHRIS please Chris do it to me harder! Oooohhhh yes that's it just there stay there!"

Meg's voice died in a sob and sigh her head tossing insanely from side to side her hair wildly flailing as she began the first convulsions of her climax with a wantonness that she had never even imagined she was capable of.

Meg could tell that Chris was getting into their coupling as he began to push harder and faster and deeper in to her tight wet cunt. Her clitoris was being pounded by his big balls which where slamming into her outer cunt driving her closer to orgasm. Chris felt his sisters cunt muscles contract around his massive cock with each and every thrust of his rock hard cock and he could tell that she was getting near to climaxing as her tight wet cunt got tighter. Then his thick member started to spit forth it thick white sticky seed as their bodies started coming together.

The first spasm struck her then and she moaned loudly slamming her small rounded white virgin ass cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking thick monster cock with a desperate frantic lunge backwards motion. Simultaneously her brother responded with a huge forward thrust of his thick cum soaked coated monster cock and growled a deep moan from deep with in his throat his massive twelve inch rock hard dick beginning to spew its heated sticky white globs of sperm deep up into his sisters soft wet wildly constricting tight cunt with long hard spurts of his sticky white cum hitting the back of megs womb.

Again, she cried out from deep with in her inerbeing and her jerking small white buttocks start to contract convulsively to the eruption exploding deep inside her tight young cunt in throws of ecstasy like a wild animal in heat! Meg threw her head from side to side in a unknown, erotic bliss the tight wet area just inside her young cunt entrance was being rubbed harder and harder by her bothers long thick veined covered twleve inch monster cock.

Opening her eyes and looking down her body and past her well endowed tits she could see her bothers hot white sticky cum oozing from her tightly clenching wet cunt and dropping on to the bed sheets and it was also running down her thighs whilst her hungry wet cunt was still milking her bothers slowly deflating thick cock. Thick sticky white fluids ran down the smooth white columns of her inner thighs and when she could no longer watch she fell forward on her breasts gasping a sigh of relief.

Fill me up Chris! Cum in me! .. OH Chris I love you!" she screamed.

Chris collapsed on her back sending both of them flat to the bed breathing hard.

"meg i love you, too." He whispered.

Her brother rolled off her panting body and lay beside her while they recovered from the sharing of their bodies and fluids. Meg lay unmoving for a long time thinking only of the beautiful arousing orgasms she had just had. Then all of a sudden Meg felt her brother's movements behind and over her as his monster cock started to stir once more. Suddenly she felt his hot wet tongue licking the smooth sensitive flesh of her spread open buttocks as his tongue lapped up the evidence of their unlawful act.

"MMMMMM so good and tasty" he said as his tongue dipped deep into her juicy tight wet young cunt.

Meg tried to slip out from under him but she only succeeded in ending up face down her small body lying on the bed with her brother on top of her. Before she could push herself up and get from under him she felt Chris's hot breath on her back.

"Where do you think your going" he asked her. "We've only just started meg and now it's time i think you had your sweet virgin arse fucked". "Mum and dad will not be back for another hour so we have lots more time for some extra fun." His over weight body had his sister pinned down on the bed.

"Please Chris let me up" "i don't think your cock will fit in my ass" she said.

Suddenly meg felt her brothers twelve inch cock growing hard again between her young virgin ass cheeks probing at her cum covered ass hole. Her screams only seemed to further inflame her bother as she desperately tried to get herself free.

"Your mine now!" " I've fucked you and i want to fuck you again." He said.

His rigid monster cock kept probing into megs rear getting nearer and nearer to her sopping wet spunk cover asshole. Her wiggling under neath him to get free only succeeded in positioning her cum drenched asshole in line with her bothers massive searching rock hard cock. Meg found that fact out just then as his searching thick cum covered cock found and entered her tight young virgin asshole making her gasp in pain. But she couldn't stop herself from instinctively pushing back in an attempt to get away from him only to push her arse on to his lubricated thick cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh meg" he moaned. "If that's what you want I'm just the one to give it to you hard and deep up the ass!"

Chris never missed a stroke as his sister gathered herself up to push herself back further on to his thick long cock. He quickly pulled it back a short distance but not enough to extract himself though and then with his own huge surge forward drove his massive cock deeper into his sisters tight virgin little asshole. Just as meg pushed back against him trying to get as much of his thick wet sliding cock deep inside her tight small young asshole.

Her movements backwards where only assisting her brother in driving his massive monster cock deep up her ass as she screamed in sheer ecstasy at her bothers unnatural entry. She gasped again as he moved forward and reestablished his position. His long thick hardness seemed to fill up her whole asshole as it pushed its way slowly through her throbbing wet softly resisting nether passage. The pleasurable shock of having her arsehole filled up with Chris' large thick pulsating monster cock was like nothing she had ever experienced in her life before.

Her asshole wanted instinctively to swallow it all up until it disappeared up inside her with Chris' fat stomach bouncing against the soft smoothness of her white bum cheeks as he drove his twelve inch massive rock hard cock all the way up her ass to the hilt. He was relentless as he hammered his rigid rock hard cock forward into her tight young virgin passage just one more inch.

Now that the thicker part of his enormous monster thick hard shaft had entered her asshole the feeling was not near as good as it had been at start. There was some pain as he spread her tender asshole with his gradually expanding cock making her asshole sting. As moist and slick as it was it was still throbbing with the hard ridges of his swollen blue veined thick cock and she could feel every last inch of her bothers monster cock and the pulsing pressure inside her young tight asshole.

She groaned once more as her brother rammed his massive cock forward still further in to her tight asshole. Now it seemed as if her brother would split her tight asshole right down the center. Her belly felt as if it were on fire she could feel every surge of her brothers monster cock and every overlapping agony of her asshole being ripped apart. Meg had now convinced herself that she wanted this and at the same time she didn't want it. She couldn't make up her mind as it was agonizing and yet within that agony was a fierce sort of pleasure that could not be denied.

Meanwhile Chris' spunk from their first fuck was dripping over her naked backside flowing down onto her buttocks and some of it managed to lubricate his pulsating monster cock and trickling down his thick shaft as it found its wet way into the mouth of her asshole. As Chris drew back his thick cock slightly in her squirming hot tight asshole the pain seemed to let up and her backside became somewhat lubricated. Then with one more powerful thrust of his monster cock he savagely rammed his long hard thick cock up into her tightly resisting asshole burying his massive cock up too the hilt in her warm tight arse.

"Aarrgggggh," meg screamed as her brothers enormous monster blood engorged cock pushed forward into her softly yielding body. Chris was now entirely inside his sister as he drove his monster slippery organ inside her asshole to little cries of ecstasy from meg's passion-filled lips.

"Ohh Meg" Chris said as he looked down at her small white heart shaped rear as she was completely skewered on his huge monster thick cock.

"Your ass is so tight meg and it feels so good. I should have done this a long time ago. Admit it meg you love this don't you now your my horny little cock lover."

His long merciless cock seemed to be growing within her fire filled belly and for a moment meg thought it was going to plunge all the way in and come out her gasping mouth! The resilient flesh of her well endowed firm young breasts rippled and swung back and forth from each jarring impact of Chris's thrusting cock and their rock-hard nipples where rubbing excitingly across the white cotton sheets of her brothers bed.

She couldn't ignore the erotic sensations that where going off in her horny young aroused brain at the forbidden union of insets between her and her brother even more so because he was fucking her up her arse. Overcome now with a lewd desire meg found herself helplessly pushing backwards with a mindless lust that was pushing the wide-stretched cheeks of her upthrusting ass cheeks back onto her brothers massive cock with its pleasure bringing hardness and thickness that was skewering wildly up into her passion inflamed arse hole.

Chris' massive cock slid in and out of his sisters arsehole easily now as she willingly pushed her body back onto his ridged monster cock and she was now acting like a total slut. Despite the fact that she was a little worried about what was going on inside her arsehole but she still had the thrill and heady excitement that she just couldn't seem to fight. It was pure instinct that made her white buttocks squirm lewdly backwards on to her brothers ridged cock which was sliding into her tight wet arsehole and the incredible thickness of his huge cock felt wonderful inside of her. The swollen mounds of her well endowed breasts were by now throbbing with desire and her nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire body was aflame with obscene desire to push herself back and forth onto her brothers huge cock.

"Ahhhhhh ooohhhh ooooooooooh. Fuck me" Meg groaned and gasped as she was straining sluttishly beneath her brother.

Chris' massive 12 inch cock was sliding up into her asshole then coming out again with her puckering asshole lips clutching it like a babies' lips around a lollipop as he thrust his throbbing hardness up into her tight wet little opening again and again bringing sharp cries of ecstasy from his sisters open mouth.

Meg groaned "Oh YES!" as his long hard cock aggressively slipped deep into her ass again and again. Meg's eyes had gotten as big as saucers as she felt her brothers hard thick cock pounded her up the ass.

"Oh God! Chris you feel so good in side my ass Oh God!" Meg moaned as she worked her ass over his thick shaft.

Meg had to admit that now she knew that her brother was the perfect male to have an illicit affair with. Who would believe that she was fucking her over wight brother. She was in heaven kneeling there bent forward on her brothers bed with her well endowed tits pressed into his bed with her brother behind her who was humping the living shit out of her asshole. Meg wasn't in any pain now as she reached down to enhance her pleasure by playing with her clit. It felt so good to be fucked and still be able to finger her clitoris and she finger fucked herself in rhythm with Chris' huge thick shaft.

Then meg's glazed lust filled eyes saw the reflection of their position in the mirror and she groaned happily at the vision of her brother fucking her like mad in her ass. Meg gasped as she glimpsed at the breath taking sight of his long thick cock emerging from between her white ass cheeks then plunging back inside her arse again and again. With a low moan of surrender meg ground her hungrily asshole backwards over his punishing monster cock and her newly found passion driving her wild for her brothers massive member!

"Fuck me Chris! Oh! Yes Chris! Fuck me up the ass!" she wailed.

Chris grunted and in response humped forward hard and fast with his sperm filled balls slapping into her tight wet soaked cunt. His long thick hard massive cock moved deeply upwards into the hungrily squirming asshole. Meg's eyes bulged as she watched Chris' wild ass fucking in the mirror and watched his thick cock slide upward into her asshole burying itself to the hilt in her well stretched arse. She saw and felt his sperm laden balls in their taut sac bouncing against her quivering cunt and the sight almost drove her out of her mind with a desire that knew no limits.

Chris was now going incredible fast taking short hard strokes deep into her young tight asshole. His massive 12 inch hard cock was slipping in and out of his sisters ass like nothing she'd ever felt before. She moaned with pleasure each time he thrust his long thick hard cock into her tight asshole and she moved her buttocks over his powerful monster cock with uncontrollable moans. She was clenching and unclenching her hot tight clinging arsehole walls over the entire length of his thick ridged cock with a cry of wanton passion.

Chris was enjoying every minute as he fucked his sister meg as this had been his only fantasy for the last couple of years fucking his sister hard and deep up her ass. Meg was now fucking her brother every bit as much as he was fucking her and they were both enjoying every moment of their illegal coupling. Meg's hips where moving and twitching to meet each thrust that her brothers massive cock made. He was now picking up speed rapidly as he got closer to cumming.

Chris buried his long thick cock deep into her tight blood stained asshole and started making short thrusting moves not like the long slow strokes that he was making a few minutes ago but was now trying to get his massive cock even deeper into her arse hole. Meg was now moaning and groaning in ecstasy and urging her brother on. Then all of a sudden she started to moan louder.


Huge waves of orgasmic ecstasy rolled over and over her again and again as her wet cunt juices flowed over her fingers as she stuffed them in her tight wet cunt as far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to her brothers deep thrusts.

Chris showed his sister no mercy as he slammed her tight little asshole. Her body rocked and jerked under her brothers thrusts and her well endowed breasts where jugging and bouncing as she moaned. Chris' legs locked onto his sisters hips as he was pulling megs arsehole up and down the length of his massive rock hard cock as he pounded into her Over and over as she came hard.

Then Chris took one final long deep powerful thrust that drove his long thick massive rock hard cock as deeply as possible. Meg felt a forceful swelling in his monster cock that was now fully buried to the hilt inside her virgin asshole which was now filled with all 12 inches of his massive hard cock. Suddenly he exploded into her tight hot asshole as surge after powerful surge followed giving his sister exquisite pleasure.

Her arsehole clasped around his cum slicked rock hard cock as she felt spasms of unbelievable delight rippling through her body totally unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Megs asshole sucked and milked her brothers massive thick spurting 12 inch cock as she went through her own orgasmic climax uttering little cries of amazement and happiness as her asshole milked all of her brothers thick hot white globs of cum and then sucked on it to get more.

"OH! OH! OH! OOOOHHHHHHHH CCCHHHHHRRRRRIIIIISSSSSSS!" she wailed as her cunt and asshole where both gushing out their liquid juices all over her brothers hot pistoning thick rock hard cock and his rapidly emptying balls which where now flowing down the rounded white cheeks of her trembling ass and then down her inner thighs to fall onto the bed covers below.

Meg fell forward onto the bed with her brothers body on top of her. Chris stayed buried deep inside her tight asshole for several minutes then pulled his massive cock back out with a very very loud pop. She again felt his hot wet tongue licking the smooth sensitive area of her spread open buttocks as his long tongue lapped up the evidence of their incestuous mating then it he stopped and smiling at his sister he slowly rolled over. Meg lay their on her brothers bed and couldn't contain her happiness as she felt the heat from her brothers hot sperm that was still deep inside her asshole.

Then Meg wiped off her brothers now limp cock with her fingers and tasted the combined liquids of their passion filled romp. The mixture of both their juices had a salty tang taste. Her brother watched as she tasted 'them' and curiously scooped a sample from her dripping wet cunt and he too agreed that they tasted good together. Switching around on the bed into a sixty-nine position they both cleaned off each other's sexual organs as their tongues lapped and slurp at the juices on their bodies until it was gone. And meg had another orgasm while her brother licked the soft folds around her cunt.

Worried that they would be 'caught' they decided to shower and redress before the rest of the family got home. They were both engaged in dinner preparations when their mother got home.

"Did you kids have a nice day?" She asked.

Chris and Meg smiled at each another then answered together.

"We sure did Mom!"

"I'm so glad you two get along so well! " She mused as she went to her room upstairs.


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