My daughter Is My Lover Fictional Story

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My Daughter My Lover
A Fictional Story

My wife my daughter and myself live in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts it's home we love it here. There's not many in our small town about fifteen hundred people that's all . It is a rural area lots of woods & farms around here. Spring was almost here In New England
school will getting out in June.

Our daughter will be eighteen in May wow does time fly by. shes is a bit on the plump side not fat like in obese just Pleasantly plump just like her mom almost a spitting Image of her.

Her mom's name was Becky I called her Becky she was Very Pretty about 5' 3" brunette hair a bit past her shoulders and round round firm breasts size 36c and a nice bottom not to big just right.

My wife died in a car crash in the winter of 2011 from a head on collision with a drunk driver when he crossed the road. it was a bad rainy night visibility was very low . His Vehicle slammed right into her small Toyota Rav four Broad side.
Killing her on impact her car was hit on the drivers side leaving no chance for survival.

My name is Roger I am 5' 9" slender I work out a bit I use to play basketball for highschool.
I was eighteen and Becky was sixteen when we met and fell in love. Becky was the light of my of my life in school. it was love at first sight we started dating with her parents approval.
I was in my last year there at the highschool and she would be out in two years. A couple years had passed as we dated.

the years passed as we dated no sex between us yes we did a lot of oral sex it was awesome she was a good little cocksucker.
were now in our twenty's Becky was twenty two and myself I was twenty four.

One day she says to me sweetheart how about we take in a movie . The drive in was open it is late September soon it will close for the winter OK i said. Gosh I hate the cold and the winter all that snow and the cold burr.

We loaded up the station wagon our Love mobile we called it cheeper than a motel room besides the man who owned the motel knew our parents.

It was very roomy you could lay down in with the seats folded down laying on your back looking out the rear window you can see the movie on the big screen.

I had made some curtains used black material on the side of the windows and made one to go across to cover the front to prevent anyone from looking in.

As an Old saying goes it the wagons rocking don't ya come a knocking. That evening we arrived at the drive in we waited till it was pitch dark. I pulled out the curtains blocking out all viewers and light from the outside in.

We got into the back seat she was hot and horny and ready
we first got naked then started kissing passionately.
our hands exploring each other like we always did. you did bring the condoms didn't you yes babe I did great thank you.

I cant wait I want to have my cherry popped tonight.
We do not want to get pregnant now do we no honey we don't your parents would kill us.
We been dating since high school and were not married yet. You just don't have sex before your married in our parents eyes it was all wrong.

I sucked on her nice breasts liking sucking her nipples her head tilted back her eyes rolled back. she always loved it when I sucked her breasts and slid two fingers in her pussy as my thumb worked her nub it drove her wild.

after that she sucked my dick for a while and well she layed on her back spread her legs wide open. I put the condom on and started pushing in slow feeling I hit her hymen.
Becky this is going to hurt a bit I know just Fuck me already.

Her legs in the air and i pushed deep into her depths as she bit her lip gently and let out a moan.

Oh my god it feels so good o baby yes your cock feels good in me you fill me up. Oh yes fuck me baby oh yea . I'm going to orgasm baby O god I'm cuming yes o fuck me harder make me cum O God yes. I continued with in fifteen munites I myself was ready to explode. she had already had orgasmed 5 times.

Baby I'm going to cum now well go you have the condom on go for it OK . O fuck baby Oh God ahh I'm cuming Oh baby I feel it oh it feels so good. she screams baby Please you have to got get off baby I think the condom broke . I'm feeling your hot sperm in my vagina.

Sure enough the condom did break and I had released all my load deep in her hot wet pussy. well we knew now we both be in deep shit if we said anything to our parents. so I said to her were old enough honey lets get married . Are you asking me to marry you yes I am asking. OK then Yes will marry you we can be a family me you and our future baby .

The next day was Monday After work went to the bank and I took out money. We went and purchased her a diamond engagement ring and wedding band set.
I had a good steady Job at the factory and at eight hundred a week after taxes was good money back then.

I worked for Becky's dad we got along great our family's were always at each others houses at many get together or just to visit anytime.
well Becky told me she missed her period it only ment one thing shes pregnant. we figured this might happen.

She was crying and worried what she may tell her parents I told her of my plan. well I told her do not to worry we took our parents to dinner heres and mine and we told them were getting married.

with an engagement ring on her finger our parents said it was about time well we got hitched. you kids were together since high school.
We were talking about it when it should be where etc. we just never said we were going to have a baby because she had just got pregnant a few weeks ago so no one knew anything.

well we got married had a honey moon purchased a nice three bedroom house just down the road.
It had a nice lot of land just in case I wanted to build another house on it.

Our daughter was born 9 months later may of that following year. We were Proud Parents of a happy healthy baby girl 7 pounds 9 oz
we named her Jennifer after her moms middle name Jennifer ann Roberts.

well we all was living happily the years went by we each of us much older now our daughter was turning 18 in may .

My wife and I are in our thirties our little angel baby was almost eighteen years old. Wow time does fly seems just like yesterday I was changing her diapers.
My wife worked at the hospital a nurse it was close to home where her mother worked as a nurse as well.

One eve my wife got a call to go into work at the local hospital they were short staffed and needed help. She said she will go help she was on her way I hugged her we kissed passionately and we said good night that was the last I saw of her on that faithful night. it was down pouring rain there was a hurricane outside and wind was blowing. It was a good thing we had a two car garage attached to the house. I get a call from the local police Sargent we knew each other.

Hello roger no this is Jennifer I will go get daddy hold please thank you. Hello Roger yes roger I am afraid I have some terrible news what's wrong john your wifes been in an automobile accident. Her car was hit by a drunk driver is she OK where is she now I am afraid she died on she's is at the hospital.

Did you get him yes he passed away as well at the hospital. Do you remember joe cooncan the town drunk yes i do we took his license away last year. I remember yes it seems his wife left him and he found the note and went on a drinking binge.

Dam on a night like tonight I did not want her to go. Her mom called her and said she needed extra help at the hospital they were short staffed because of the storm. I hung up the phone.

I went and sat in my big easy comfortable over stuffed favorite chair Jennifer ann Please come sit down honey.
She Knew something was wrong because I never call her by her first and middle name unless I was mad or something Bad had happened .

like the time when her grand dad had passed away at one hundred years old he was my father mom passed years eirler. what is it daddy I got terrible news it is about your mom, Then a we heard a Knock at the door. Jennifer opened it was Becky's Parents they came right in it was her gramma and grampa in tears .

Jennifer Knew then something really horribly wrong had happened to her mom. Did you tell her yet no I was just about to tell me what daddy. Mommy passed away this evening in a car accident she screamed No No Not mommy and ran to her room. I my self was devastated and in shock I must have passed out. When I had awoken I was in the hospital and well Jennifer was there with her Grand parents.

All I could think of is I want to see my wife Now dam it. I could not believe it that she was dead. They wheeled me down to the morgue there I saw her my pretty wife Just lying there dead. She had a bad cut on her face from where the seatbelt had cut her. All I could do is cry and wish she was here Jennifer came over also she was crying too.

I am here it is me daddy I am here we hugged each other and cried and cried we had to get out of there.
I ask how why the surgeon who looked my wife over good.
He said she broke her neck and was bleeding internally from a broken bones punched something they tried to save her but could not too injuries were too extensive. must have happened when the car was hit it was hit so hard it pushed her into the passenger seat.

The weeks and months ahead went by slowly as My daughter Jennifer and I trying to pick up the pieces.
we had the funeral a closed casket
I opened it and Jennifer kissed her mom Good by as i also did I will sure miss my woman.

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