My cousin_(2)

So here I was. On my way to a boring family reunion. The only people I knew who were going to be there were my uncle and his 2 sons. His 2 sons were about my age and we were like brothers. Anyway, to ease your curiosity, neither of these boys are the ones who I will end up being intimate with.
After a 3 hour trip we arrived. I saw numerous elderly people, and about 10 kids. I looked at them and couldn't believe how much of the family we didn't see.
But then I saw him. He was my cousin, Aaron. I remembered him from about 2 years ago at a Christmas gathering. He was pretty cool then, but seeing as we hadn't seen each other in ages our friendship had to be started all over again. But yes he had changed. He was taller, about 5'10, skinny, and had short brown hair.
I stared for a minute. Unexpectedly he looked over at me. I felt embarrassed. I was trying not to show that I was "interested" in him. He simply smiled and looked away again. I don't know if it was a "hello" smile, or a "I want to be friends" smile. But I simply brushed it off and went to find my close cousins. We were on a beach so of course everyone wanted to swim. After we had all changed, we headed for the water. I kept my eye on Aaron. He looked amazing shirtless. His amazing somewhat muscular chest, his chiseled Abbs, and thick arms. I thought to myself, I wish that boy could hold me!
About 15 minutes after swimming and having splash wars, I decided to splash Aaron. For me this seemed like a big move. So I did. He laughed and splashed me back. He looked at me and just stared for a moment. I smiled and chucked a bit. Than he spoke.
"You could never get away with splashing me", he said loudly so I would hear him over the other sounds.
"I could get away even if I had no legs", was my corny reply.
So I splashed him again and swam quickly to an empty part of the ocean. It wasn't deep so I could stand. No one would have seen me over there due to the fact that this spot was out of the way. I thought I was safe until I felt water hit me from behind. I laughed when I spun around to see Aaron.
He said,"I told you I could catch you"
"Fine. But if I dunk you underwater you could never catch me", I said jokingly.
He moved quickly and I flinched. We both laughed at my babyish flinching.
I dove forward and grabbed him in hopes of getting him under the water. He was strong though. I managed to grab his lower back and attempted to try to turn him over. But I needed a better grasp. I lowered my hands, becauuse I thought I could get a better hold on his back. But I eneded up grabbing his ass. My hands cupped his firm buttcheeks. I quickly removed them and stopped. I don't think he noticed, because he was still laughing and trying to get me under. Eventually he did. But he didn't swim away when I came back up.
"So you like my ass", he said with a grin on his face.
"Um no, I didn't mean to feel, I mean grab them, but no", I stammered out like a fool.
What had I done?. I looked at him with a concerned look. He smiled and said,"Well I for one, enjoyed it"
He winked and swam off. I couldn't believe my ears. I had started to develop a boner by now. So I swam around alone for a bit until it went limp. Eventually it dis and I swam to shore where the others were building a sandcastle.
So now you can probably imagine that I wanted more of Aaron. But you can't do much with a guy, when everyone thinks you are straight and everyone can see you. There was a patch of woods in the distance. So I suggested the myself and someone else should go and look around. Aaron immediately said he would go. He moved swiftly, my guess was that he didn't want someone to say, "lets all go!" So we put on sandals and a t-shirt and started for the wooded area. It was very sort, but dense. Aaron and I got to talking about alot of things, like school and siblings, and just junk like that. Then Aaron stopped and sat down on a log and I joined him. We looked at the sky for a bit, then I felt eyes on me. So I looked over to see Aaron looking at me. Not just any look, a look of passion, a look of caring, a look of love.
He put his hand on me and leaned in for a kiss. Before he did kiss me I stopped him. "Aaron, are you sure you want to do this?", I said with concern in my voice.
"Lucas, I have never been more sure than anything. I love you", he said warmly.
He pulled me in and pushed his lips to mine. About 10 seconds into that kiss, I felt his tounge begging for entry. I let his tounge in and he started to explore my tounge and the inside of my mouth.
Eventually he broke the kiss, and I moaned in complaint.
"Lucas, lets get really intimate. I really want to try some things", said Aaron.
"Aaron, I am not sure. I really don't want to move this fast", I said timidly.
I was scared that he was going to want to fuck me, and I was sure not ready. I had never been fucked before and I wasn't going to do it now.
He just smiled and started to rub my body. I was ok with this. I now realized that I shouldn't be scared. I should at least do oral. So I went along. I pulled of my shirt. He leaned in and started to suck and nibble on my right nipple. The feeling was amazing and I started to moan like crazy. He licked down my stomach and pulled down my swim trunks. He obviously couldn't wait to get to my cock. By now my 6.5 inch cock was raging hard. It sprung out and he immediately stuck it into his mouth. He twirled his tounge around the swollen head.
"Oh yes Aaron suck me!", I yelled in complete pleasure.
A few seconds later I started to explode. I came hard. I shot 5 ropes of cum into his mouth and he slurped it all up. I felt as if all my energy had been drained, and I felt ready to pass out. He sucked me clean and looked up at me and smiled.
"Your cum tastes great", he moaned.
Then he stood up, and pulled down his swim shorts.
He grinned and said,"My turn".
His cock was bigger than I expected. It was 7.5 inches. Not as thick as I hoped, but I could deal with it. I wrapped my lips around it and played with the head. He had been oozing with precum and I loved the taste. I then started to play with his balls. They were nice and firm, so I took them in my mouth. He moaned and stuck his cock back to my lips. I opened up and he stuck his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged but I really loved it. He began to face fuck me very fast. He was moaning very loud and I reached to feel its tight asscheeks. The felt firm ans amazing. I started to feel his tight hole. He cried out," Yes!".
I was hard again and started to finger his hole. I felt him thrust in again, very hard and let loose all his cum down my throat. He started to moan and cum was flowing into my mouth. Some leaked out and flowed down his chin. He sat down next to me and wiped the cum off my chin. He licked it of his fingers and then turned to me and said,"Lets go back". I smiled and nodded my head. I was completley in love and I knew we could be together. I promised myself silently, that next time, I would let him fuck me.

I hope you enjoyed. Another will come out and it will tell about these two fucking.

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