My Hair is Stuck

If you asked me when I first felt attracted to my father, I couldn’t tell you. Honestly, I’m not entirely certain that I am attracted to him at all. At least physically. It’s more the idea that he’s my father that really gets me excited.

He and my mother married in college and lived a pretty normal life. They had me and, unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was about 3 years old. I remember very little about her, but I know that my father was devastated when he lost her. He has never dated and insists he won’t until I graduate high school and move away.

Let’s start with the obligatory information that everyone needs to know in order to play this out in their mind:

My father is in his mid-40s and is about as normal as they come. About 6’1” with brown hair and blue eyes. He usually has a bit of scruff on him that he will usually grow out into a nice, full beard in the winter. He is probably a few pounds “over weight” but he’s by no means fat or chubby. He’s a cute guy, but he definitely doesn’t have the ladies swooning after him.

I think I look more like my mom than I do my dad. I have her height and body shape for sure. I’m about 5’2” and weigh about 95 lbs. I have dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. I tan very well in the summer, but can get pretty pasty in the winter. I have a few light freckles on my nose that are more noticeable during my lighter season.

My boobs are way smaller than I would like them to be, on the bubble of an A and B cup, but I guess they fit my frame. I keep in good shape with sports and not eating like a fatty all the time. My defining feature is most definitely my butt though. It’s not fat at all. It’s just meaty. My hips pop out a decent amount and let’s just say that front to back matches side to side.

I am very well aware that this is my most potent weapon because it’s 2015 and I’m a senior in high school - I am reminded daily by staring eyes and dick pics crashing my Instagram inbox captioned “thinking of that sweet booty” or any number of things stupid boys consider endearing to a girl my age.

None of that is why I'm writing this though. Let's get to what you really want to know.

So, about a month ago I noticed that the history tab on the computer was still on when I went to type out a paper. My dad had just left to the store and apparently forgot to log out of his account. I was about to close it, but decided to snoop around a little.

As I scrolled through, I saw typical stuff like Facebook, our bank website and his email. Pretty boring stuff.

Just before I closed it out, I noticed a strange site at the bottom of the page. It looked like it was in Russian so I thought I would click on it and check it out.


Apparently my dad has a thing very young non-nude models! (That’s what I learned they were called later on) They weren’t super young. Some of them even looked a lot like me.

At first, I about fell out of my chair. This was insane! I had no idea my dad looked at porn. Well, I guess it makes sense. He didn’t go on dates and I’m 100% he wasn’t fucking anyone on the side. He has to get release some how. Obviously, jerking it to young, teenage girls did it for him.

I quickly deleted the history for what I had visited and logged out. When he got home, I pretended nothing had happened, but the mental image of him sitting in that same chair, playing with himself was really messing with my mind.

Fast forward a few weeks until yesterday. It was Friday morning and I was getting ready for school. I ran back into the bathroom (we only have one) to grab my hair tie that I had forgotten. I heard the shower running so I figured dad was in the shower and wouldn’t care.

I barged through the door and grabbed my hair tie. Obviously I didn’t barge very loud because as soon as I grabbed it off the counter, the water shut off and the curtain swooped open.

I was standing in the middle of the bathroom, fully clothed, facing my butt-naked father, in all his glory.

Talk about awkward.

I was frozen.

He didn’t see me at first. He was wiping the water off of his face. When he finally did see me, I was staring at his dick. I’m not going to be like all the fake stories in here where they talk about how huge it was.

It wasn’t huge. But it wasn’t small either.

By the time he jumped and pulled the curtain back over him, I had been busted.

“Oh God! Sorry dad! I didn’t think you were going to be done so quickly!”

“Jesus, Katie! You about gave me a heart attack! What are you doing in here?!” He panted with his head peaking out from behind the curtain.

“Sorry! I just had to grab my hair tie and I-. Sorry.”

He gave me that look all parents give you when they are upset with you, but they can’t be mad because it was their fault. You know what I’m talking about.

To this day, I have no idea where it came from, but before I spun around and headed to school, I winked at him.

I winked! What the hell??

Anyways, that was last night. I spent the entire day thinking about my dad’s dick.

Holy shit! Why am I thinking about him??

I wasn’t about to tell anyone about this. That would be crazy awkward and weird. Besides, who wants to hear about that? (Besides you pervs)

We didn’t say anything after school and work. Everything was back to normal and he obviously had gotten over it. After going to bed, I couldn’t get his dick out of my head. I realized I was super wet and turned on by the fact there was a dick in my house. It had always been there, but I never thought about it!

I started feeling bad too, because I knew that my poor dad must have a serious case of blue balls. Poor guy.

Poor me! I was still a virgin! I mean, I didn’t still have my hymen or anything. I had shoved many a cucumber up my pussy in the past. But I had never been with a guy before. Recipe for sadness in our house! Geez. We are pathetic.

So this morning, I wake up and head to the kitchen. Dad was in his pjs making breakfast, as he always does, and I sat down at the table to enjoy.

Shit, my underwear is all cold and damp still! And I’m still turned on. I realize that I’m imagining the 6 inch piece of meat under the pj bottoms right in front of me.

God, I’m a total horn dog!

I eat my eggs and then tell my dad I’m going to take a shower.

“Hurry up sweetie. I need to jump in too. I have a lot of stuff to do around the house. The sooner we get done, the sooner we can get be lazy.” His famous line.

In the shower, I get myself washed. I run the razor over my pubes really quick. I always keep it bare and a little stubble can make for a miserable weekend!

My pussy is on fire. I can’t handle this anymore! Just a quick rub and I’ll be ok.

I start rubbing and I can feel myself getting close. All of the sudden, the image of my dad standing naked in the very spot flies into my mind.

Oh God! I’m about to cum!

Bang bang bang! “Katie! Hurry up. I wasn’t kidding!”

Dammit! Well, I’ll just finish in my room.

I climb out and dry myself off. Wrap the towel around me and go into my room across the hall. I hear my dad shut the door to the bathroom not 2 seconds after I leave. Guess he’s in a hurry!

I walk into my room and throw down my towel. Wait. I have an idea.

This is a terrible idea. I’m going to hell.

No, it’s a great one! I need this!

Fine, dammit. I’ll do it!

I hear the water turn on. I know he’s about to get in.

Alright, it’s now or never. Here goes nothing!

I go to the side of my bed where there’s maybe a foot and a half between my dresser and my bed. I kneel down by the bed and stick my head a little bit underneath. I grab my wet hair, lift the box spring juuuust a little, and get my hair “stuck” on the bed frame.

Here goes…

“Ahhh! Daddy! Oooouucchhh! Daddy! Help!”

I hear the curtain fly open and a moment later footsteps pounding closer. The bathroom door flies open and I hear him.

“Katie?! What’s the matter swe-”

There it is. No turning back now. He’s seen me.

I know exactly what my dad is looking at and I know what caught his breath.

His young, teenage daughter i completely naked, half dry and her naked ass and bald pussy are up in the air, staring him in the eye. In his defense, I'm sure come face to face with an 18 year old pussy would kind of throw you off.

“Ugh, Katie? What’s… what’s going up sweetie?”

“Dad. I know this is weird. I know. I’m sorry. I dropped my underwear under my bed and when I went to get it, my hair got stuck somehow on the bed frame. I can’t move my head and I’m pretty sure I’m stuck. Can you help me?”

Like I said, this side of the bed has 0 space to move around on. The only way he can get to my hair is to reach over me. I look between my legs, and I can see he’s soaking wet and wearing a towel that he barely had time to throw on.


He hesitantly approaches and I can tell he isn’t sure what to do.

“Dad! Hurry! Please! It hurts so bad. I can’t believe this is happening to me…” as I act like I’m on the verge of tears.

“It’s ok sweetie. I’ll get it. Let me… here- let me just…”

I feel him kneel down behind my ass. He’s reaching over me me and trying to get to my hair. He has to push up against my bare pussy just to reach my head. As he does, I jump into action.

With each attempt to free me from my snare, I start wiggling and grinding my butt into his crotch. Subtle at first, but more and more aggressive with each try.

Fortunately, I tangle it really well, so after about 30 seconds, he’s really struggling and I’m really starting to feel his reaction to my grinding. I feel his dick starting to get harder. I can tell he is trying to go faster because he’s probably completely embarrassed.

Then, it happens. Exactly what I hoped would happen. I’ve wiggled and moved my butt around so much, I managed to get his towel to fall off.

Instantly, I feel a warm, hard rod slap up against my ass and slides perfectly between my spread cheeks.

Oh my God! His dick is hard as a rock and right up against me. This is amazing!

I could feel him move away and I know he wants to stand up or at least cover himself. I have to act fast.

“No! Daddy! You almost got it! Don’t leave me now. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Katie! I’m naked!”

“Yeah, and I’m stuck down here in pain. Hurry!”

I swear I can hear the gears turning inside his head. I peek between my legs and that’s when I know that he just lost the internal battle with his conscience.

“Just get up here and get me out!” I yell at him, staring at his rock hard dick right behind my sopping wet pussy.

He learns over me again and helping with my hair again. I start rubbing on him again and I can feel fluids start to cover the underside of his cock and down onto his balls.

This is the closest he has been to sex in over a decade. This is the closest I have ever been to sex in my life! Oh my God, this is hot!

I can feel him about to get me loose so I reach down between my legs and in one quick motion, I grab his dick, line it up, and slam my ass backwards right onto his dick.

“OH FUCK!” I hear him scream.

“UGGGHHHHHHH!” A huge moan escapes my lips but it’s coming from deep inside me. It must have been pushed out of my by the enormous penis that just filled up half my body.


“Oh my God daddy. Oh my Goooooddd…”

My hair falls free from the bed frame, but I keep my head down on the ground and I see the base of his dick but the rest of it is still deep inside me. He isn’t moving. I’m pretty sure he is in total shock.

His young, naked, teenaged daughter is bent over in front of him and just slammed her wet pussy onto his sex-deprived dick. And she’s moaning.

“Daddy. I’m sorry, but…”

“Sweetie. What the hell are you doing?” The tone in his voice doesn’t match with the words he is speaking. I hear something that… I hear lust.

“Uggghh….” I let another moan escapes me and I start to move back and forth on his dick.
Just then, I feel him reluctantly place his hands on my hips.

Game on.

“Fuck me daddy. Oh my God, I need you to fuck me now!”

I keep slamming onto his dick and all at once, I feel his finger dig into the meaty hips my mother gave me.

All that rubbing I did in the shower is now coming back to haunt me. In an instant, I feel the bubble of passion inside me burst and I’m cumming. Hard!

“Ugh! Daddy! I’m cumming! I’m cuuuuuummmmmmmiinnnggg!”

No more than 30 seconds inside of me and my father starts convulsing and spewing load after load into my bald, wet young pussy. I look back and into his eyes. They are glued on my ass. It’s like he’s hypnotized. Was he thinking of me, or those girls he jerked to? Doesn't matter. He's inside of me now.

When his eyes roll back into his head, I start to feel the warm fluid as it fills me up. Damn! This is amazing.

I crawl forward and his cock slides out of my pussy with a slimy “schlop!” sound. I stand up, turn around and hug my daddy’s head. He’s still on his knees and in shock. I just hold his face between my boobs.

“Thank you daddy. We are going to be doing a lot more of that from now on.”

I step back, give him a wink, and slide past him back into the bathroom to step back into the shower. His shower.

I think this is the start of something nice.

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