Tom's parallel world - 3

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After their meal Sarah licked the dishes, utensils and pot clean she turned “Normally I would suggest an evening walk, but then normally the kittens would be reading or doing homework and I would be working in the pub but its best we keep you hidden for now.” Sarah said giving Tom a wicked smile.

Then with a questioning look at Tom, with a nod & glance up the stairs, “if you’re up to it?” she purred

Tom didn’t need asking twice, he was now full and during dinner they had chatted, getting to know each other more, although once more that sweet aroma had worked it’s magic and had crept back and was tugging at his penis, like a cartoon character being pulled along by the smell of a pie.

Whilst eating he had found himself watching her intently, loving the curves, the grace with which she moved, feeling that invisible magnetic force pull at him.

Jeez, if cats did this to humans at home, there would be anarchy.

Tom got up and started the all fours climb up the stairs, trying not to scamper too excitedly, until a paw hit him across the cheeks of his arse, giggling.

Sarah purred “I like the shiny shorts, those need to come off, so I don’t tear those off you like the last ones, you know you have a lovely arse Tom” and slapped him across the buttocks again, this time with a nice resounding clap, that stung the scratches from earlier.

Once in the bedroom, Tom slipped out of his Tee and Lycra shorts, not wanting those teeth too close to his only spare pair of under crackers.

As soon as he was free from his shorts Sarah jumped on him behind, piggy back, causing them to fall on the bed

“It’s not fair, you’re naked already “said Tom,

“Ha, would you rather me clothed? bound up tight in cloth, breasts and treasures hidden?, you do like my breast don’t you ?, I’ve seen you straining to see all of me,

I’ve never known a human to pay so much attention to a cat “ said Sarah smugly, half giggling.

Tom, face down on the bed her front paws wrapped round his chest, breasts pushing into his back whilst also keeping him down, her rear paws coming round his front to his hard penis holding it hard, giving a slow stroke, her teeth nibbling his neck and sucking, very lightly.

Tom was sure those teeth could easily rip his jugular open

“You are such a vixen - I’m not complaining mind you” said Tom, enjoying this play” in answer to your questions, yes, yes and more yes, you are beautiful and I am very lucky you have chosen to share those breasts with me”

“ha ha, oh I wish I had a penis and could pleasure you in the same way” Said Sarah, as she pressed her hips and pelvis into his rear, stroking his dick slow and hard with her one rear paw, whilst the other crept back round behind him to his anus and tickled the rim and slowly scratching her front paws down his chest.

Tom was relieved her claws weren’t fully out, remembering the gouges in the roof timber above.

“ ha ha, don’t worry, you pleasure me all right, Sarah, no penis needed, your breasts, vagina, your legs, paws, fur, how I managed not to masturbate all over you yesterday I’ll never know.

you are a wonder to behold and your purring, that goes through you, the way you move you are just sex on legs, beautiful” responded Tom, not sure that had she been a tom cat that he would have had the same fun, not being that way inclined

Sarah purred, “So what now, how do humans make love? Cats & dogs joke that you do it face to face, not mounted from behind” She relaxed, releasing Tom, rolled over onto her back, all 4 paws in the air, with a face of mock disapproval.

If Tom had any doubts that the swooning, drug like desire generated from her being on heat had gone, or even worse, he was building up an immunity to it – disappeared in an instant, nope strong as ever as lust took hold again, his vision started to tunnel in on her sex.

Tom dropped to his knees, on the floor, pushed his hands through her lower inner rear legs, using his elbows to spread her legs further apart, felt for her lower hip erogenous zone she had shown him, felt that magnetic drug, drag his head down to her now glistening lips.

Lowering his head, her hormones were as strong as ever, his penis was once again expanded to full growth, the pressure building up pulsing it, feeling as if it would burst, if he didn’t penetrate this furry beauty.

But first he just had to do this, tongue out he reached to her vulva, nuzzled his lips to hers, feeling her juices ooz onto his lips, he started to lap her, slowly, teasing her lips with his tongue

Sarah purred in approval and accented it with a low whispering “MMmmmmm just like that Tom, just like that”. Her paws stroked his head and pushed him deeper.

As he slowly played within her vagina with his tongue, flicking, licking and penetrating, he felt a paw flow down to his now throbbing dick and grasp it lightly.

The pads on her paws were soft and felt like velvet on his member, then she applied more pressure, gripping him hard she returned to a slow stroking, her thumb, teased and flicked the tip , teasing his foreskin further down, exposing the tender head beneath

Her other rear paw stroked his butt cheek – “How can she do this? “ Thought Tom, trying to focus his drug like addled mind, Sarah’s heat possessing him again, “cats must be double jointed”

As the cheek teasing paw stroked down to his anus and a finger started teasing his ring – Tom was surprised at his enjoyment of this, then the finger pushed deeper.

Tom, despite the blood rushing through his own phallus, blood pressure beyond boiling, was relaxed enough in his euphoric state, for Sarah’s probing finger to breach the muscles and pop inside.

Tom twitched in reaction, again strangely aroused by what would have disgusted him previously back “home”

Toms tongue found Sarah’s clitoris, each time he passed and flicked this hard flap of skin / lip, Sarah shuddered, so he focused on it, sucking on it as it hardened with his lips and teasing its base with his tongue.

Sarah started to slowly writhing on her back on the bed, whilst still gripped tightly to his dick, stroking up and down it slow and strong, thumb stroking the tender tip, whilst pushing back on his cheek and her finger probing his anus, in unison with her strokes.

Tom felt a little pre-cum ooz out, “careful now Tom, this has to last” he thought.

Tom opened his eyes, struggled to focus through a drug like haze, “sexy as fuck” he thought, looking up through her underbelly fur, to see her looking down at him, with her luminescent green eyes, licking and lapping at her most private entrance, she smiling with enjoyment and pleasure beaming from her.

“Enter me now Tom, on top, face to face, like humans, I want you inside me.” Sarah quietly whispered.

Her paw on his dick relaxed and withdrew, her finger pulled out of his rear and that paw dropped away too.

Tom pulled away from her lips, raised off his knees standing up and she shuffled backwards up the bed, giving room for Tom on the bed.

Tom walked forwards on his knees to return to his position back between her legs.

He was still transfixed by those eyes with everything else just blurred.

Tom dropped onto his hands onto the bed, just above her lower hip, leant down & forward to kiss Sarah, lowering his torso onto her, unbelievably her underbelly was much softer than her back, her breasts touching his chest.

As soon as their lips touched, Sarah started licking the juices around his lips, sucked his tongue in and purred

The tip of Tom’s penis felt wetness, with its naked sensitivity feeding back each flap or lip, he was able to guide it passed her lips, into that smooth wet funnel and slowly slip in deeper, nicely lubricated, pulling his foreskin smoothly back further.

Sarah shivered and purred, Tom slid his hands back, to her hip so he had some grip, feeling her pelvic bone beneath, lowering his weight fully onto her and slowly penetrated deeper, enjoying that warm tunnel caress him, he felt her clitoris slide along his shaft.

He began to pump long and slow in & out of her, prolonging each one to enjoy them more.

He lowered his head to her breasts, definitely the best part of any female.

Back “home” he loved women’s tight pert arses, having a spank fetish with one girl friend, nothing too kinky.

But here, breasts, definitely his lips found her nipple worked around the little fur that was there and teased it with his lips.

This kicked in a new lust, her chemistry was truly taking over, a desire he had never had before, he timed it to match his next slow stroke outward of his penis, he sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked, initially nothing, then a little dribble.

He opened his lips a little more, sucked her nipple further in with part of her breast, catching onto a bit of technique, initially another squirt then improving his technique with more lip pressure on her breast, a huge squirt of cat’s milk came into his mouth.

Sarah shuddered and arched her back, pushing her breast up, purring she whispered “oh Tom, no one has suckled me since the kittens”.

Tom swallowed his first mouthful, it was sweet, rich and warm, his penis leapt as if notching up a gear, he could swear it grew, its girth now pushing at her clitoris! Sarah twitched again, slowly writhing on her back on the bed, purring deeper now.

Tom kept his long slow strokes.

His desire grew, so he milked her again, her warm liquid filling his mouth, he swallowed and felt it’s warmth run down his throat, his penis seemed to throb into growth, feeling tighter within her.

It definitely increased its sensitivity, especially with his foreskin pulled back exposing its head inside her, he felt every ripple and wave of juices within her, trickling past, coating his sliding member lubricating it, as he pushed forward again.

“The other Tom, suckle the other one as well” Sarah sighed out in pleasure, begging.

He responded, moving his head across, whilst pushing his cock back deeper into Sarah, he found the nipple, Sarah shuddered, just in anticipation.

Now he was deep in, Sarah was arching again presenting her breast to him, he wrapped his lips onto her nipple and her breast, as he slid his phallus slowly outwards, he sucked her and squeezed, a deep squirt of mother’s milk came out , warm and comforting.

Sarah’s body tensed, twisting in pleasure, letting out a muffled “mmmph” increasing her purring, vibrating his now pulsing dick to its core, he was positive he could feel her clitoris vibrating on his dick also

He didn’t stop suckling until he had a mouthful.

This time he held onto it in his mouth, with a devilment on his mind, he withdrew his lips from her breast but kept them sealed, not spilling a drop, as he drove forward once more into her depths.

His hands pushed against her hips, sliding himself up over her damp breasts, rising up to meet her mouth, placed his closed lips to hers, as she opened her mouth to kiss, he allowed a small flow of milk to pour into her mouth, as he closed his lips airtight over hers he released the remaining mouthful, kissing her passionately.

Sarah’s purred as the warm liquid poured in, she swallowed and immediately her upper legs wrapped around his back, claws out, gripping his shoulder blades, squeezing him closer.

Her lower paws slapped onto his rear, claws out, holding him in, lifting her hips into him, whilst pulling his cheeks apart.

Her whole body vibrated as her climax built, Sarah and Tom ground their hips together furiously, Tom ensuring he was crossing her clitoris G ‘spot with each grind, gripping her hips, Sarah’s paws squeezing him closer in, almost crushing the air out of him.

Tom unusually felt proudly rewarded for his efforts as he felt sting of the scratching claws dragging across his cheeks and back, focusing and adding a new dimension to the pleasure, but thankful her claws were not fully extended.

Yet another rodeo of climax ensued for a few short thrust, holding the last big drive with hips locked together, with his penis deep inside her Sarah let out a huge meaoooow, had they still not been mouth to mouth it would have woken the dead.

They held that final thrust with a little grinding to finish, until finally Tom felt her claws retract and Sarah relaxed her grip, her face aglow from such intensity.

Tom now knew better than to withdraw, he was still swollen hard and throbbing, his vision blurred, he knew he had more to give.

Hands still on Sarah’s hips, Tom rose up, kneeling upright on the bed, giving long slow cycling strokes of his still hard member, although feeling as though the strokes seemed longer now..

He slid his knees and thighs under her rump, raising her up, so he was pushing slightly up as well as forwards, his elbows spreading her thighs apart, pushing and pulling on her pelvic bone, her tail still tucked away to one side on the bed.

Sarah lead out before him, breasts exposed, nipples poking through the fur, her front paws tucked behind her head, elbows out, resting with a low purr, looking back up at Tom eyeing her human sex toy ?

Tom watched her breasts flow up and down with each cycle, her fur barely moving. He stroked her hip skin and fur, knowing now that this was teasing her.

Her eyes fixed on him.

Both of them enjoying the lull with the long slow stokes of his penis,

Tom trying to remember more sex positions, he had almost exhausted his normal quota of missionary, knee trembler and doggie, but this was a whole new ball game, by far his new favourite was rodeo.

Then something crossed his mind, a real buzz kill, worse than thinking of your grandmother during sex

“Errr ahem, um ..Sarah?” faltered Tom

“I can’t get you pregnant, can I?, unless you’re using some form of birth control ?”

“Ha ha ha, no Tom, don’t worry, we eradicated casual inter-species breeding generations ago, it’s not terribly common but not taboo either.

If you can provide a valid reason and the authorities concur, then it’s just a simple genetic modification, plus I can control when I want to breed in the same way, it’s all genetic control, it’s how we keep the population to reasonable levels, I chose to have triplets with the kittens.”

Sarah looked a bit phased, “you don’t want kittens or human children do you? I have no plans.”

“ no , no , noo, er Oh blimey no plans, I’m not the type, too young, I’m just enjoying sex Especially with you that is, this is just too bloody marvelous “Tom responded, realising that his focus was dropping..

“Have you noticed anything Tom?” questioned Sarah as she sat up.

“er, no” he answered, Oh bugger was he suppose to notice something, the room was much darker now it was a lot later, the sun must be going down and maybe he was missing something.

“You must have felt it, I did.? Your penis, didn’t you feel it grow? Don’t you feel more toned?” Sarah questioned “pull it out and see “.

Shocked, Tom pulled his still reasonably hard penis out of her, coated with and spilling out her previous cum and still dripping..

She was right, he hadn’t mistaken it, it was no monster, but definitely a little thicker and a bit longer only by an inch or so, but he wouldn’t want it too big..

“Whaaaat” Exclaimed Tom.

“We’ve been swapping genetic material all day, suckling me was the last part of the puzzle.

In the dark ages we had so many problems, population growth, disease, pollution, so we all got together and slowly solved the issues together, genetic modification was one of those solutions..” explained Sarah.

“My daughter Lucy is going to be a geneticist so will be able to explain it better. We have genetic size biological nano robots in us from birth, nano-bots, inherited from our parents, working alongside our immune systems, they look for cross species contamination, illness, disabilities, mutations, even sexually transmitted diseases, not just in genes but throughout your body and they fix it.

Your sperm inside me is probably now just useless goop with the nano-bots working hard, even though in heat, which is just a less common side effect of sexual activity in female cats, again something I elected to continue to happen, because I like sex too.

I just elected to not be fertile any longer, I am happy with my kittens.

BUT some genes and hormones aren’t species specific, being a mother I also produce growth hormones, which it seems have worked their magic on you, don’t worry, your body will find it’s level, you won’t become a giant.

I would suggest some of my nano-bots are now inside you, but they will see not see cat or female specific markers on your genes and not make changes, so you won’t be growing fur or tits just yet.

Although with a slight genetic modification they could be yours?” Sarah raised her eyebrows questioningly..

“It’s helped eradicate difficult surgical procedures, our life expectancy, death rates and causes of death are all natural, the United Nations makes sure all countries abide by the rules.

We may need to keep an eye on you though, being without your own nano-bots or human markers on your genes from birth, who knows what may happen ? my growth hormones have worked incredibly fast on you.

Definitely my sexual hormones shouldn’t have worked on you, to any extent, let alone drive you the way it has - Not that I’m complaining.” She smiled.

Sarah let that sink in,

Tom was now completely knocked for six, this is no fishing cove back water set in the pre-industrial times, this world was high tech to know and achieve these things, there is a lot more to learn about this world, but they don’t seem to have computers, he hadn’t even seen a TV, certainly not heard any aircraft

“Right come on Tom, forget that, you’re losing the plot and I can’t have that soft flaccid member on my bed knowing your balls are still full and anyway.I want more” Sarah wickedly smiled..

She held his poor flaccid penis in her paws, bent over double and took it into her mouth to slowly work it, it didn’t take Tom to focus back to his main job, he stroked her ears, pushing her head down onto his penis base as it slowly refilled with blood and her lips worked their own magic.

Tom very quickly flipped his focus back onto the job at hand, oddly enough his vision blurred quickly, with Sarah looking as if she almost glowed in the dark.

“Boy she can suck and suck deep” thought Tom, as his blood rose, his penis grew to its new found dimensions, but still Sarah could plunge it deep in, to tickle her tonsils and beyond, her lips around its base, tongue flicking his balls.

Sarah purred softly, vibrating his dick, which only encouraged it further, her paw, lips and tongue slipped his foreskin back and was passing her tongue over its tender head, then dropping to his balls, alternating between the two areas.

Tom was being washed over by that drug like chemical hormone induced high, looking down on her, enjoying the moment, stroking her ears, scratching and ruffling the places he now knew would tease her too.

Despite his tunneling vision focusing on Sarah beneath and the now dark room, Tom could see Sarah clearly, at first he thought there must be a full clear moon to illuminate the room like this.

But with his back to the window, she would be in his shadow

This light was different to daylight, she was semi-glowing, just slightly barely noticeable, as he looked around, items around the room were darker but their edges were outlined in light pencil like lines, he could even see the gouged scratch marks deep in the roof beam in the darkness above.

“Sarah, are there any lights on?” asked Tom, cottoning on to what might be happening.

She slurped and sucked as she withdrew his now throbbing member from deep within her mouth,

“no, there is no need for what we are doing, we can find each other enough to get on with what we need to” she replied, slightly annoyed at the interruption, she rolled his balls around in her one paw and stroked his dick with the other..

“So how come I can see you perfectly well in the dark?” asked Tom, now convinced he knew the answer..

“NO ?” exclaimed Sarah, as she released his dick, jumped up, pushed him aside as she rushed passed and quick as a flash went to the window and drew the curtains.

“Lights” she commanded and the room illuminated slowly to a nice glow, Tom not being able to see where the light was actually coming from.

She returned to Tom, paws up to his face and looked closely at his eyes, examining.

“Nope, human” she sighed relieved, “lights off” she commanded and the light dimmed and went.

She held his face and re-examined his eyes, holding him close, looking from eye to eye.

Despite the darkness Tom could see her in her glow, even her fur, her eyes still enthralling and deep

“Fucking hell NO !” exclaimed Sarah, “cats eyes !”..


The room illuminated once more. Tom just needed a bit of time to adjust from dark to light, blinked.

“Human” exclaimed Sarah when she glanced back to his eyes “FUCK !”

“Good fuck or bad fuck?” asked Tom, realizing he was right.

“Lights off” commanded Sarah,

Then to Tom in reply “How should I know? We have no idea of long term effects, especially with you being from another world.

Most intruders never live beyond the first day, however you’re not dead; no tits or fur as yet, on the positive side you have a bigger dick and can see in the dark, maybe you are going to become one hell of a sex toy!” replied Sarah with a wicked smile, as she leapt back on the bed and grabbed his dick.

“Come on my super sex toy! Let’s get back to it, I feel very aroused, look into my eyes again” asked Sarah as she returned to her previous position, pulling Tom back into his also , paws holding on his dick, looking into his eyes as she stroked him.

He looked back at her, into those deep luminescent green eyes, that seemed more emerald crystals now.

“wow, this is so sexy” said Sarah “Tom you have the deepest, glorious blue cats eyes, how did you say it, sex on legs?” her paw gripped hard onto his dick, bent her head down, released her paw and plunged her lips down onto his dick and redoubled her previous efforts.

Tom loved the idea of being a super sex toy, especially with this sexy creature, he looked down on her head and her body behind, seeing the curves from a different angle, in different light, through different eyes and he still loved what he saw, well his dick did too as it was throbbing again, his vision narrowed and that tipsy drunk feeling returned

She again rolled back his foreskin by her lips and tongue, as her lips delved deep to the base of his dick Tom felt her tonsils and the back of her throat with her spittle.

Her tongue lapping between his tip when she pulled back and his balls when she drove deep.

Her one paw rolled his balls between tongue laps, then it crept between his thighs, Tom knew where it was going, but he was excited by it now.

He was running his hands around her ears and her head, putting a little pressure on it to help her engorge herself onto his dick, the strokes were so much longer than this morning.

Her paw had found it’s mark and one finger was teasing his anus, which was more sensitive and this time it was exciting him, he found himself asking her “It’s ok, for you come inside me”. To which she slowly and expertly did, easing it in and matching his rising hips, to fuck her mouth, to push it further in and out.

Tom couldn’t believe he actually had said it, but it was brilliant, both his ass and his dick being excited then a little pre-cum spurted resulted.

Sarah whilst she pulled clear of his enlarged throbbing member coated in slimy spittle, she licked her lips with a smile “enter me now Tom, I need you inside me now, more than ever, mount me like a human again, or should I say, like a human super sex toy?”

She led back, on her back, all 4 legs apart to welcome him, not mocking this time, but with a dirty grin on her face, tail tucked to one side, her vagina now calling to Tom with an unbreakable magnetic pull like no other.

He once more tucked his knees and thighs slightly under her rump, sliding his cock upwards and inwards into her very wet, slimy vagina, his night vision giving him the view of pleasure on her beaming face.

She looking up directly into his eyes, as he slid in deeper, placing his hands on her pelvic bone and began long slow strokes in & out, Sarah immediately matching his cycles with her hips pushing and pulling back, his tip teasing her lips before plunging deep back in.

Sarah was purring and breathing to match the thrusts,

Tom could see her chest rising and falling and her breasts flow up and down in slow motion.

After a few cycles Tom increased his tempo, just to see those breasts bounce and they did, he was high as a kite on pleasure, which Sarah was dripping all over his dick and escaping to his balls.

All the time their eyes kept returning to each other, locking together, whilst all their other senses fed information through.

Tom’s head even in a drugged like haze, could not just feel all their physical sexual contact but also he was sure he could feel her pleasure coming through to him, in telepathic like waves, as well as the smells. His senses were in overload.

He released his left hand and wrapped his left arm around the outside of her one leg, bringing it up onto his chest over his shoulder holding it vertical with his arm, he repeated with his other arm, with both her legs running up his chest passed his shoulders, paws high in the air, Tom squeezed her legs together forcing her vagina now into a super grip on his pumping shaft.

He could see and feel from Sarah that this was working, she was working up to an orgasm, it was just starting, her mouth opened but no sound came out, her eyes bore deeply into his and he felt her beg for more

He upped his tempo a notch to where he was now slapping off her arse, being on his knees still was hindering his more vigorous movements.

He held both legs with one arm & hand, his free hand drifted down to her soaked pussy, felt for and found her clitoris, her rubbed it as hard as he could, pressing his thumb hard onto it.

Sarah was now vibrating in her orgasm, Tom could feel waves of pleasure coming from her, her vagina being so tight, he wanted to pleasure her, he was her super sex toy and he wanted to prove it

He brought his legs round, stretched out being him, moving his weight from knees to toes, moving both hands now under her front leg pits, still trapping her rear legs together with his elbows, he leant forwards, forcing her legs doubled over, rolling her up until her rear paws were either side of her head.

Tom was now just above her face, nose to nose, eye to eye, whilst their crotches continued to bounce off each other unhindered, her free front legs wrapped around him to slap paws onto his backside, claws out, pulling on each cheek.

On his toes Tom could pound her vagina, thrusting deep and hard with faster tempo, with their eyes still locked Tom could feel her climax extending, he could feel even more of her juices flowing, he knew what he had to do, for them both

He lowered his eyes and saw his target, he dropped his head to the side of her neck, gathered that fold of skin and BIT.

He felt a huge wave of orgasm from Sarah, her body tensed, her claws pulled painfully across his bum and his balls exploded his own cum volcanically deep into her whilst he hung on.

As he felt her coming down to finish her climactic high, he held his deepest hardest thrust and ground his dick to squeeze out his last drop of fluid.

Tom released his bite, came up and kissed Sarah, she was still purring as they planted sloppy kiss after sloppy kiss, Sarah apologetically rubbing his very sore bum with the pads of her paws.

Tom slid off her, to let her stretch, he tried to pull his foreskin back in place, but she wrapped her mouth around it, her tongue cleansing it and pulled it back over the tip with her lips and tongue, keeping her teeth well clear.

She licked around his dick, still purring, excreting pleasure on all senses.

Tom fell back exhausted, what a day

He dropped off to sleep as Sarah cleaned herself and she accidently woke him up as she cleansed him.

They hugged, wrapping their 6 legs around each other face to face on the bed, Sarah nestled her head on his shoulder purring.

“So, you think you’ll like it here?” jokingly whispered Sarah

“I have to, not much call for a super sex toy back home.” replied Tom, they kissed and both dropped off into their own deep slumbers.

Continued on.

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