The virus pt1

~For two years I have been working on his shelter in case the disease decided to become deadly~

" Scientists beleive that the disease has been turned completely inncent and should no longer cause any infections, for all those" John turned off the tv and yelled "Liers" to the open space. He looked toward my sisters, even though they were 16 and him 17 they have been able to handle themselves fine. "Im going out to the clearing to get the cans then go fill them up, k? The twins looked at him and said "k" in perfect unison. He walked to his truck and loaded it with wood and boards then climbed in the cab and hit the gas speeding up the path. When he reached the clearing I looked at all of my work. Three houses, a wood shed, a meat smoke house, and a full stable in the back with 4 stables with a full pature of cows and bulls in the back of the clearing. "I better hurry before they get worried".

After an hour or so John loaded all the gas tanks he drove into town, every house he had passed was filled with people having parties "Fools" he muttered under his breath. He quickly filled all 15 tanks 7 with oil and 8 with gas. he went inside to pay and the cashier looked up at him. "Stocking up for anything special "? He quickly answered "Better safe then sorry" "True" as he paid he walked out and jumped in the truck and took off. When he got back to his home he heard loud music and thought "Ugh teenage girls gods true torment". When he walked inside his sisters were kissing on the couch. "Wha what are yal doin" he stammered. "Nothing" as they pulled apart quickly. "Mhm sure, well i have finished our places each of us will have a house after awhile, i stiill have to fill the other houses with furniture." "Ok bro when we gonna go up there ?" He sat down and started to think. "We can started moving now start getting packed quickly." He walked outside and drove back up to the empty clearing he went to the wood shed and put the chainsaw and the gas inside. When he got back to the house his sisters had all there clothes packed and ready. He went inside and grabbed his bags and loaded everything into the truck and told his sisters come on. Noone talked as they drove up to the clearing. Finnaly John spoke up " So jessi who kissed who?" Jessi who had blonde hair a little longer than her sister Krissy she also wore a size 38C while her sister wore a 36C. Other than that they were perfectly identical. Krissy was the 1st to speak up "I kissed her." As John put the truck in park and opened the door he said "Interesting come on and bring your stuff inside. Its the house over there in the center" All of a sudden a loud siren went off from the town down in the valley. They had barely heard it.
They all ran inside and turned on the tv. "Dead bodies found everywhere around the world the virus has become deadly if anyone is left to see this try to stay there and hope the virus does not find its way to you. In some cases the bodies are not staying dead. This is a time for family, prayer and love. We are going off air now. Good luck and God bless us." The screen went black. John looked at the girls their faces were blank he could tell that they were afraid. He held out his arms and they ran into them crying and he held them close feeling bad. " Its fine girls im here for you maybe there are some humans still out there after a week or so ill go down a ways and look around. Ok?" They looked up at him tears still rolling. He wiped them off and kissed each of them on there foreheads. "I love yall girls" he said as he hugged them tight "I have 4 bedrooms in this house we will stay together a bit longer than i thought we would but its fine yal can go choose yals room" He slouched onto the couch thinking hard about everything he had seen that day. People were so happy how could it all go wrong. As the girls came back i could hear them whispering something but when the came in they said nothing at all. John got up and walked to the closet beside the door and grabbed two of the rifles he had in there and layed them on the couch and pulled down the steps up to the attic. He went up the stairs with the rifles and lined them up on two windows on opposite sides of the house one towards the path and on to the trees in the back. Thats when he saw something russleing in the trees as he looked threw the scope he saw a bird. He said "Whew'' and when he turned around there was a human figure coming up the path who was it they looked familar. He grabbed the gun and lined it up with the head of the figure coming up the path it was the cashier. He was bleeding but at a second look john saw it wasnt blood coming from him there was blood around his face and dripping down onto him he must have attacked someone. As John cocked the gun he whispered "God be his freedom" and all throughout the house you could hear the loud bang the girls were afraid and ran up to see what happened but had seen when they arrived the body laying in the middle of the clearing. This had scared them even more when they told there brother what they saw on the news.

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