The Champion's Companion 25

The preparations for the coronation went off without a hitch. The new King came down the canal with Lady Aurelia, his bride to be. The princes also came on a royal barge with a large group of other nobles. The party was greeted on the grounds of the palace as they stepped out into the clear bright winter’s day. The little snow the had city received was nearly gone, and already talk of spring was buzzing in the tower.

“Welcome to Mavvus, Brothers.” Queen Mensillin said curtsying graciously.

Flanking her were the three princesses, Marcos, Kaarthen, General Creighton, and the Hjordis.

The tall blonde handsome King answered holding his beautiful raven-haired bride to be. Both wore rich heavy robes lined in ermine. “I am honored Sister.” He responded magnanimously.

Behind him formed a train of nobles and friends of court headed by his brothers. The shorter yet identical Prince Luthero headed the group. He was wearing a suit of dark steel armor with a black striped white silk coif around his neck. Marcos though it made him look too fashionable but didn’t speak.

Next was the slightly darker haired Prince Billile who was the King’s height of six feet. He was a notorious ‘man of women’ and his cheery smile seemed infectious to those around him. He was clad in only a chest plate and wore dark linen clothes underneath. He had a red and yellow sash about his waist for gaiety and leather knee-high boots a pirate would wear.

Prince Neasar the quiet came next and nodded to the Queen and kissed her hand. He was her only male child and as rules stated, he was also raised to be King. He was blonder than the others and very similar to the Queen’s delicate features of thin eyebrows and pink puckered lips. Despite his pretty boy appearance, he was as ruthless as anyone, and just as capable.

The last was the Prince Sidwell. He was taller than Prince Neasar, and pale with dark hair that didn’t match anyone. He eschewed mixing into the crowd and nodded to Marcos and the Queen before backing away. Kaarthen noted the looks he gave Marcos. The two had an obviously unpleasant history.

The assembled group paraded into the Citadel talking in loud joyous voices. That night the city celebrated the eve of a new King with wild festivals. Menthino held banquets and feasts in every town from the chaos lands to the Moxle.

The next morning, after a late breakfast, Marcos, Kaarthen, Janis, and the royals were all in the Queen’s lounge. The normally shuttered windows were open. The usually dark wood paneled room decorated in black and purple felt crowded, though everyone was seated comfortably. Marcos began the meeting with several questions.

“I understand you wish to marry while in Mavvus?” He asked the King quietly.

“Yes it is my hope to be married while we are here. Aurelia has asked that you do it.” He gestured to his dark haired fiancée who nodded.

Marcos nodded back and grinned slightly. “Has she now? I will accept.” He paused. “Have you thought of the day?”

The two set a day and had the wedding planned for the next day in the Citadel. The Coronation was to be done that night however, and Marcos was careful to meet with everyone to deal with any problems.

“Well then, all orders of business are concluded.” Marcos sighed.

“Actually Lord Panthi, there is something.” Prince Neasar started to say.

Marcos was growing weary of the slowness after the already long meeting over the planned nuptials. “Well, what?”

The prince inhaled and finally blurted. “The principalities want a marriage. Our close allies of the region, the Scorrs I believe, are looking for a cemented relationship since the last Mistress-wife Hurickia passed. However, the diplomats tell us that all the Princes are expressing interest in that region.”

“Oh?” Marcos mused.

Prince Neasar blushed looking away. “Yes lord, the principalities seem to all have daughters they are willing to marry off.”

Quietly everyone turned in their seats and looked at Princess Ruegin and Princess Saliss for any objection. The Prince’s marriage was that would affect their early reign much more that Queen Mensillin’s ongoing diplomatic relationships.

“Ridiculous.” Marcos snorted loudly. “I would have you on the frozen throne in Astrokos before doing that. Your line is above that silliness especially since the principalities have nothing to offer. Did you intend to go out there? Perhaps you want to make a proper kingdom out of the fools.”

“Ah…yes lord.” The prince forced a smile quickly.

“Interesting,” Marcos thought for a moment. “It will have to wait.”

“Excuse me?” Prince Neasar seemed forlorn.

“Before you get to play warlord, I will go west to Munklin. Dar Delis is behind a request for the princess to take the throne there. They want a Queen to unite the clans. Princess Ruegin could be perfect for it they say. She would be the one to do it by hook or by crook.”

Princess Ruegin shuffled hearing her name. “Excuse me?”

“By any, and all, means necessary.” Marcos corrected and gave her a smile.

She seemed satisfied with the assessment.

“I see.” The prince quietly muttered.

“You seem vested in this Prince Neasar.” Marcos half asked curiously.

The prince wagged his head. “I…I have met the princess they spoke of once.”

Princess Nossin spoke up. “That wasn’t a princess. She was a courtesan.”

Marcos cringed and tried not to chuckle as the prince blanched.

The prince hardened himself and turned red in anger. His delicate brows dropped as his lips tightened. “I will go, and when I get there I will purge the fools from my sight. They will learn my displeasure.”

“I can see that, when dealing with those small states, we have much to be on top of.” Queen Mensillin said diplomatically. “Perhaps you can stay here with us, and accept the offer so long as you are married in the holy Red Temple. That should give the silly princes pause.”

“That’s good.” Marcos mused thinking further on it. “Queen Mensillin will be very diligent to insure a proper bride is sent. In fact, we might as well have them all send the women of their family so we may have a ball. Perhaps I should stay for that…” Marcos added thoughtfully.

Prince Billile snickered. “I shall be here in your stead. If they do send a dandy whore I’ll…”

King Carsol sat up. “Prince Billile! You will speak civilly in front of theses ladies.” He fairly shouted.

The Queen and the princesses hid a smile but didn’t undermine him.

Prince Billile nodded. “Yes highness.”


Marcos’ planned departure was scheduled for the spring. By then Kaarthen had given birth and was back in fighting shape. She had given birth to twin daughters. One had the looks of a drow with black wavy hair and clear white blue eyes. The other was very pale with white hair and much darker eyes that glittered wetly like polished obsidian.

Marcos assembled the group again for their journey outside the tower. He was given authority over the princess and her corps of Battle maidens for the journey. The royal detachment would be mounted and ride fast bringing the princess up quickly. If Marcos was lucky, the journey back would avoid Dar Dellis.


Merris sat in her alley enjoying the sun on her face eating a pom. Things had gotten better with the change in season. Everyone felt awake and alive. The morning had been good. A new girl had came over to try her luck. She was just an innocent simple girl with no idea what to do, and appeared to be just a friendly girl next door. Her story was common, winter had been harsh, and some of her younger sibling almost didn’t make it. Now she wanted to help the family and there wasn’t enough work in the city for a girl to make an honest coin.

She was pretty enough, and was innocent enough to look her age. Even at eighteen, she was too old in appearance to play at being young like Merris. With black shiny hair, ample breasts, wide strong hips, and shoulders she was very womanly in appearance though a quick look at her face revealed her youth. The girl quickly became ignored as she stood aloof toward the back of the alley. To Merris’ annoyance, Heppi befriended the girl and they spoke for hours. Finally, Merris thought of something to scare her off, or get her to wise up.

“Come here. Whenever I’m done making money you gotta lick it so I can get ready again.” Merris said sitting up on a barrel for the girl to see her hairless dripping pussy. She was given an askance look from Heppi and the girl. “Look we had another girl here who did it before she left and it makes things work out good. You lick me and I’ll lick you, okay. I’ll even give you some coin so you don’t go back with only a few coins.”

Merris sat back and let the girl decide. She’d seen her dither with men but eventually she always got down and used her mouth how they wanted. After a moment, she dropped in and gave her a quick lick.

“You gotta do better than that. Get it good and wet. It’ll hurt if it’s not real wet.” Merris prodded.

She closed her eyes and grabbed onto the girl’s head when she felt another tentative lick. Merris got her in the right place and moved her hips around the girl’s slow licks. “Just like that…” She moaned.

Merris writhed around as the girl was forced deeper into her. She seemed to get into it. Slowly the pleasant feelings made Merris coil around the source of pleasure as she tightened her grip with her thighs and hands unwilling to let her free.

With a building wail it all released, and Merris pushed the girl away as her body trembled and grew sensitive. It was worth money she thought, even she would pay for it but nobody needed to know that. Opening her eyes, she found new customers.

Two large women stood before them. One was black haired and dressed as an Amazon Warrioress the other was a huge drow in black with flowing white hair. They held the girl still between them like a prisoner.

Merris hopped down onto her feet, and saw the third woman behind her. She was familiar somehow. Her white hair, pale skin, and enormous breasts made her a treat to be hold. Her thick purple grey lips, and glinting silvery eyes caught her attention too. She looked hard and strong, and yet so soft and plush. Merris wanted to jump into her in an embrace. Suddenly she noticed the woman’s haughty untouchable expression that reminded her of…

The girl between Mara and Metacari watched Merris flee the alley with Heppi in tow as they held her still. They looked her over and seemed to decide something. “We’ll call you Aimili okay?” The one with black hair said.

“Umm, yes but I--!” A quick hand from the Drow darted in to slapped her hard and shut her up.

“Shut the fuck up whore.” Mara hissed and dragged her up the street with Metacari.

The other woman followed as ‘Aimili’ was hauled along up the street. Mara got them all the way up to a familiar inn and kicked open the door after snapping a chain on it. Inside was the inn’s sleep room closed for the day.

It had been prepared for tonight, and a fresh layer of straw was strewn about.

Metacari sloughed off Aimili and let her crash into one of the posts in the center of the room. Mara and Kaarthen came up behind her and shut the door as best they could. Metacari opened her robe and cloak to reveal her ready swollen cock dripping from its purple head. Metacari had chosen to be only slightly merciful for this young lost soul and had opted for a smaller cock then what she could have used. This one was not as thick but still almost a foot long with a round blunt head. She wasted no time in coming over to stand atop the girl and clubbed her with the cock repeatedly.

“Open up…” Metacari said dropping her weighty meat into Aimili’s face. “Open…” She said warningly and lined herself up with the girl’s small mouth.

Reluctantly, Aimili opened her eyes and mouth just as Metacari shoved forward the purple head of her cock. She made it into the throat in one heave and started pulling the girl’s head along the pale length harshly. Kaarthen noticed she was over her earlier tepidness, and wanted to relive that night as another participant. Her first run in with Aimili she had only slacked her lust, now the cruelty was being shed.

Mara stepped over and joined in. They tugged the girl up onto her hands and knees between them and skewered her. Aimili bounced and cried as they used her. Metacari pistoned her face as Mara filled her pussy. Mara’s cock size was big enough to be unpleasant at first but like the first Aimili, this girl eventually came too. The young maiden got into a series of orgasms as she was taken by the women’s huge veiny cocks. Amid them, she felt Mara swell and fire her gouts, and gobs of sperm into her. The warm weight moved forward into her abdomen and settled ominously. Mara pulled free and the vacuum created sucked out only a little bit of the load to run down her pale thigh.

Metacari spun Aimili around and her cloak fell over the girl as they merged to create a two headed monster. The girl’s head and shoulders poked out but were gripped hard as Metacari held her head back by the hair. From over her, Metacari’s heavy breasts burst forth as they swung in the rhythm of her fast rut. She looked down upon her charge with distant coldness. Again, Aimili felt the swell of the meat between her legs.

The cock within her burrowed deep as it began to release wave after wave of searing ooze. Each wave built upon the next, and before too long Aimili was completely inundated with the stuff. Her belly swelled under the pressure and her pussy choked out what it could around the thick spewing pipe lodged deeply within her. Finally, Metacari pulled off of her and let her fall. Her swollen belly looked several months due. The sight of instant impregnation made Kaarthen swoon and the other women’s cock twitch sympathetically.

Four more hours of sex later ‘Aimili’ was dropped out on the crates of the alley just after the sun set. She spent the night laying covered in the women’s cum with her legs and hips too numb to move. Twice, she fought off men who crept up on her in the dark. A dozen more times the shadowy men won and they used her anyway. For hours, they ravaged her limp sore body until she lost any reason to resist. As the night went by, she was pushed and pulled over the crates and barrels in that alley until well after the sun came up.


Marcos found his own mark for the evening. Out past the lumberyards he followed his senses and found a long black haired woman in voluminous black petticoats standing on the edge of town. She stood near a stable abandoned at night. Her paleness lit with moon light was a beacon to him. Very little traffic was around as Marcos walked past her innocently.

Finally, he looked around and ventured over to her. She stood among the fencing of the corrals under a roofed area for the Ferrier and black smith.

“Hi,” He whispered quietly as he approached. Her features were almost noble with delicate brows and cheekbones. Her eyes glittered as they studied each other.

“It’s been so long since I spoke to woman so beautiful.” Marcos’ mouth was ash dry but not because of her looks.

She started to smile, and dipped her head to nod demurely. She looked at him cattily lifting a fan to uncover her pale cleavage and cover her mouth as she spoke. “I need company to get me home. Are you a gentle man? I am so hungry for a man of strength.”

Marcos noted the garbled rolling of words, and the almost sibilant hiss her accent made. “Well then I am just the man.” He moved to hook her arm, and put an arm around her waist so he was slightly behind her.

As they turned together towards the road, Marcos noted another. This one was a man, youthful in appearance, and shorter. His hair was bleached white with an unnatural type of aging. Standing only a few yards away, he had apparently stopped on his way into town for a snack and noticed them.

He was staring at the two and Marcos noticed his mouth moving as he stared intensely at the woman. They both leaned forward to read the secret message on his lips as he frantically spoke.

Marcos made out the word just as she did. “…Danger, get away from the man in bla…” Next to him, the woman tensed and jerked her arm away. Marcos kept a hold on her waist and she drew her fangs and hissed at him like a cornered cat.

She didn’t even see the two punches to the face he gave her. She dropped to her knees as he caught her. “That’s right, get mad pretty.” He growled.

Marcos fearlessly shoved a naked hand into her mouth gripping her jaw like a fish, then spun and shoved her back. His clawed gauntlet easily pushed three fingers through her hand into the wood on the fencing behind her as he drew his straight sword. Like an architect, he slid her along the railing to a place strong enough to hold her. At a post that went all the way up to the roof, he raised her off her feet and impaled her with the sword. His practiced hand shoved the sword in at a steep angle so she couldn’t pull it out, and deep so it wouldn’t come loose. After inspecting it, he turned and saw the man facing him, and slowly backing up into the shadows.

He bolted as Marcos took a step for him and Marcos followed with a grin. The vampire silently ran through the woods into the deep area of trees that blocked out the moon light. Marcos felt movement ahead and stopped to listen to the vampire clearly as he streaked blindly into another monster’s territory.

After a second, he heard a shout of surprise as the vampire found himself trapped. Marcos moved forward silently and crept up to a tree to watch. A clearing with several werewolves was illuminated by the nearly full moon. The vampire had streaked in and upset their primitive nature ceremony. The vampire was picking himself off the ground after tripping across their alter, and scattering a pile of dead rodents they were sacrificing, or going to eat afterwards.

Marcos turned back as things got loud back there. Even though they likely couldn’t kill a vampire as old as that man, they would work him over pretty good. Knowing the irate werewolves wouldn’t be tender, or merciful was enough for him.

Walking back, he found the woman had escaped. She had gotten down by taking the extreme rout of cutting the sword out through her chest. Marcos had gone up into her ribcage to avoid that but apparently she was desperate enough, and got enough leverage.

Marcos followed her trail to the back end of the stable. She sat weakened by her wounds at the edge of the forest unwilling, or unable to go further. There was a clear path nearby from the workers who skipped off into the woods during work. She could have made it if she didn’t mind getting fucked with by whatever else found her in there.

“You were going to kill me…” She half asked.

“Yes child,” Marcos said walking along side her.

“I always thought the man in black was just a nightmare…” She sobbed hugging herself. Marcos figured she had twisted her body around to push the sword out her side. Right now, she would fall apart if she put her hands down.

“I…I never wanted this… I was young once, and beautiful. Waiting for my carriage, a man came for me. He wore black too. He was so beautiful…” She lurched in pain.

She continued with a smile of fond memories. “I was so stupid, but he picked me up and pulled me in with him. He tossed my dress up before I even sat down, and had me in the back of the carriage. He was so big…so big I have never had another…” She stopped and spat up blood. That was never a good sign for a vampire.

“He took me as I climaxed…bit me deep.” She ventured a hand up and felt her neck. The gore from her wound fell away from her as she swooned. “He told me then I was his…He was my master…” She coughed again and blood shot out of her wound as a gout spewed out her lips making a deep wet sound. “When he left, he said ‘never go east, and beware the man in black…’”

She sagged now as her lifeblood and fuel retreated from her. “I…I…I…Never…” As she struggled, her voice changed to a deeper tone not of a young woman.

Unable to hide its nature behind the former mortal’s beautiful form and voice, the vampire’s true monstrous nature was exposed. Her once pale skin darkened to look like rough leather. Under it, the bones of her face and hands grew to protrude in gnarled knots.

She watched at her hands grow claws as her body urged her to fight, and ‘live’. “I never…wanted this…” She said gruffly and fell back to lie still.

Marcos turned away. She could only live now if something cut itself open and bled in her mouth. In her weakened state when the sun came up it would finish her off quickly yet extremely painfully. He walked out and found Ein and Rinis standing on the road waiting for him. He noted both girls’ blank expressions, Ein’s sword was drawn, and Rinis was holding a bundle of stakes.

They were fixated and ignored him as they moved quickly to the shadows where the woman rested. “Going to see her off then?” He said as he walked past.

Moments later, they came back. Not much was heard just several taps and a short scream. Marcos held them close as they walked back to their inn.

In the inn Kaarthen stayed up for him. Laying back nude in the light, her long curvy body invited him to bed. As usual, her heavy naked breasts hypnotized him into serenity as she moved him to lay back comfortably against her.

After relaxing a bit, she moved over and straddled him, then undressed him silently. She was more aware than most would guess about what had happened out in the dark. Naked, she leaned in and pulled him to her teats that had started to drip in anticipation. Marcos drank the sweet thick milk that she produced now with relish.

Mara appeared from nowhere and curled up onto the bed as the two enjoyed each other. For once, she wasn’t sexual as she stripped and balled up between them in her original small rounded body.
The other women came in later. Kaarthen spoke for them as they laid on the bed around him. Only Metacari seemed unaffected but she carried the mood of the others, and let them have space.

“That woman was a terror for the girls.” Kaarthen started. “You did well by taking her in. You did even better letting them finish her. Seeing her broken body robbed of its bewitching illusion, and bled out was more healing than actually finishing her. It had shown them the fragility of the creatures that held so much sway over them. These women let go of something old and cruel today. They are better…we are better because of it.” She leaned forward and kissed him softly.

Under him, his cock straightened and a soft hand pushed him toward Kaarthen’s core. The four women with him whimpered as he sank into Kaarthen’s hot moist interior. The Goddess within her seemed excited and began to move her body to grind herself over him. She forced her tit back into his mouth and sped up as he suckled her. Immersed in warmth on all sides, Marcos smelled only the women’s scents of arousal, and fresh cleaned skin heavily perfumed from the bath.

Her trick cervix opened wide for him and stroked his head and shaft as her pussy milked and squeezed him. When he shot out his cum, it didn’t stop for several minutes. His cock just bucked and twitched wildly as it vented its load in a thick stream. As he filled her, her body heat climbed until it felt like she was burning him. He couldn’t stop or move, he just kept pumping as her pussy suckled everything from him.

Finally, she stopped, and Mara moved over to ride him. Her small body took him eagerly though she had to lean back to seat him fully. She hopped and bounced as Kaarthen came over to the side and again shoved her tit into his face. In Mara’s pussy, his cock wasn’t manipulated, and worked over. Instead a firm hand like grip pumped him to a climax. With all the warmth and pleasure, he wasn’t aware he was cumming until the muscles at the base of his cock started pulsing rhythmically. Heavy long spurts went out into her with little breaks in between, Mara marveled as her womb swelled from the internal pressure. The forceful spattering of his load was an intense burning pleasure she never felt tired of, and would do anything to feel again. Finally, her moment passed and his spurts slowed and stopped. Kaarthen had to pull her off as she frantically tried to use her tricks to revive him for more.

Rolling over, Rinis pulled him over onto her and he thrust down into her as she marveled at his generosity. She was the most ordinary of any woman around him. He was gentle as he pushed along her tunnel and was careful not to push her too much. Her pussy was like a glove that caught him and wanted him to go further despite only able to go so far. Its grip felt like it was custom designed for him and ended intentionally half an inch before he did. He slid into the back of her embracing sleeve and when he came, she clung to him already sweating and curled under him to stay close. She mewled as the warm weight of his love seemed to threaten to burst out. Finally, she fell back and seemed to fall asleep panting lightly.

Ein finally moved forward and pulled him close to look face to face with her before she turned and climbed over Rinis. She raised her hips offering herself silently as Marcos came along behind her and slid in. He noticed how wet she was. Like Kaarthen, her cervix brushed open easily then clamped behind his cock head as he slid forward deeper. Just as he looked down wondering where it was all going in the apparently hollow girl, his cock kissed the back end of her womb. A textured knot kissed the pisshole of his cock as he slid in. Like a switch was thrown, he started cumming like a animal. The knot made him back up and kick off a spurt making her pussy clamp, which in turn made him push forward with a another thrust into the knot. The two were locked in the endless cycle of giving as Marcos lost his mind to the instinctive forced orgasms. Each short deep thrust into her seemed to kick off a new orgasm and an accompanied strong pulsing jet of cum. Like a multi-orgasmic woman, he was out of control as their bodies played off each other.

Metacari pulled him back and away and kissed him. To numb to move, he allowed himself to be pulled back to the foot of the bed where she mounted him. She rode him and a collage of thoughts went through his head. Kaarthen, Rinis, and Mara were asleep already and pregnant. Ein was reflecting on what she concluded was the most perfect and happy day in her life. She rubbed her belly affectionately.

Metacari was a mindless pit of lust wound up from watching him pour endless gobs and gouts of warm seed into the other women. Her pace was insistent and rewarded when he arched up under her and breached her womb. She froze and clamped the tightest he ever felt as they both rocketed away.

When Marcos woke up, the sun was shining. Metacari was on the ground with him next to the bed with her legs spayed open and a mess of cum everywhere. Rinis was gently feeding off his cum left in her exposed hole. He sat up and noticed Ein dressed. Kaarthen and Mara were lying back in bed against the headboard, naked, looking at him over their still bloated stomachs that they rubbed affectionately.

“It’ll be a late day today Ein. Tell the princess we wish to rest, then come back to bed.” he implored falling back.

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