Mom's new job

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When I was 16 dad up and left us for another woman, it devastated mom to say the least and she was wondering if she had lost her womanly charms to a certain point, hell she even went as far as teasing me to test if I got a hard on and of course I would.
That was a year ago and now she’s gotten a job but she says it’s only temporary and that she works from 11pm to 7am Monday thru Friday which gives us the weekend but when she gets home Saturday morning she’s whipped and sleeps the entire day or almost, it’s then that I started peeking in on her and she would be totally out, I’ve even fingered her pussy and all she would do was moan saying oh yes, deeper damn it, deeper and of course I would.
One morning as she was sleeping I didn’t have school, a teachers day of course and so when she came home seeing me she inquired, I told her and she said well try to be quite and she went and it was then that I saw her take a sleeping pill and that’s why she was out so solid is my guess.
So after an hour I went in as always and played with her nude body, she seemed to be now sleeping that way which was much easier on me to say the least.
Well today when I fingered her and I slid my finger into her pussy it was full of cum, I mean dripping full, she moaned saying umm, yes, fill me up guys, don’t stop and that’s when I slid two fingers in and then three sending her into an orgasm which I thought would surely wake her but it didn’t.
It was then that I had the idea of hell, since she was full already why not do her myself so I took off my shorts and shirt, climbed atop her and spreading her legs with mine slid my cock into her and she purred saying umm, oh yeah big boy, fill this old pussy up and that’s what I did.
I fucked my mother three times that morning and once more that afternoon so much so that I had to put a towel under us to catch all the cum flowing out of her pussy. I did this for about two weeks and everytime she was more than willing to let me fuck her.
This went on for nearly three weeks and finally I followed her to her new job, she went into this building, the floor she got off on there was only three offices on that floor, one was a legal office and then there was a marketing place then the last one was party accessories inc.
I wondered so I waited in the car and when she came down maybe an hour later with another woman and they were dresses as nurses in these cheesy costumes I knew it was the later one.
Now mom is not a bad looking woman, she’s got blonde natural hair, nice tits and a tight ass.
The other woman was a brunette about the same age as mom and she has the same figure as mom maybe a bit bigger in the chest but not much.
They were giggling and laughing about this gig as they called it and the other said hell’s bells Kathryn, I thought the other night you’d be sore after all those guys fucked you.
Mom laughed saying well I might have if any of them had cocks big enough to make me sore and they laughed as they piled into mom’s car and drove off.
I followed them to the other side of town and when they got out they put on a stethoscope and a corny hat that said something but I couldn’t read it.
They knocked and when the guy opened the door they posed and said something and he invited them in.
Went around the house looking in quietly and when I found the window that had the party in it I watched outside and there is when I saw mom and the other woman stripping for the guys and letting them touch her and fuck her after a bit.
She must have sucked off three of them as the other woman sucked off three also, then the main guy, I’m not sure if he was a bachelor or birthday guy but they both teamed up on him and the other one fucked him a mom let him finger her ass and played with her tits.
I had seen enough, I went back home and went to my room to plan my party and getting mom to do it with six of my friends to fuck her good and hard.
That next morning while she was sleeping I called the place, they were even in the phone book so when I called I told them I was at a party last night at such and such an address and now my friend is getting married and I was hoping to get maybe a couple of female cops to come and arrest him for being unfaithful, the woman assured me that they had some cops and I insisted that it be the same ones and she assured me it would be.
She took down my credit card number, well ok dads, he sent me one for things with the understanding I had to use it only for emergencies and this was one of them I thought.
I got with a few close guys and asked them if they wanted to come over for a night of real fun but wouldn’t tell them exactly what the fun was but I did tell them not to jerk off that day, they’d need all of it that evening and their eyes grew huge and their smiles as large as their eyes.
As the night came closer they all tried their damndest to get me to spill, all I would say is just wait for it, it’s worth the wait.
Well that night mom went to work, she was going in early she says for a special project, I said wow, seems like you love your work, she smiled saying yeah I do, it’s fun and I don’t mind the hours, I said well good for you mom as she kissed me bye and off she went.
I got into my car, went to my friends house where the party was going to happen, I couldn’t have it at my house, mom would realize the address and nix it before it even happened.
When I got there Luke was all excited, I said look dude, here’s the drill, I saw these two ladies last week take on five guys and they were fucking awesome, so, I booked them for the night but, you’ve got to tell them that Jason is getting married and he’s the man of the hour, ok, that way they’ll be working him over when I come in and after that, it’s every man for himself, and from what I saw, all holes are open for business, his eyes lit up and about that time Tim came in and he filled him in on the plan.
Well the ladies showed up on time, they were dressed as lady cops in these little shorts with toy squirt guns and some really tight shirts that were busting at the buttons holding their tits in, damn, I bet half the guys there creamed their jeans before the party even started.
As the party was in full swing I came in from the bedroom, mom and her friend Brenda were totally nude by now and the guys were fucking them silly.
When I came over Jason had just pulled out of mom, she was smiling saying don’t go too far stud, I want some more of that, I came over saying what about me, can I have some and she hadn’t looked up yet and when she did she froze, then she calmed down and a smile came over her face, she says sure thing, want the front of the back, I know you’ve had the front so many times, wondering if you want the back now.
I looked at her while I slid my cock into her pussy, as I slowly fucked her for the first time awake body she told me that after the second or third time she knew she’d cleaned up some but when she woke up she was full again and then she thought that either she had mistaken and not cleaned up or someone was coming in after she took her pill and was having some fun with her so she didn’t take the pill as normal and waited and that’s when I came in, stripped and when she saw me, she laid there and allowed me to have her all I wanted.
About that time Tim came over and stuffed his cock into her mouth and as she sucked him off I fucked her pussy cumming in her and staying there until Tim came and mom drank down his load. She says why not go and fuck Brenda and as I pulled out she whispered, she loves it in here ass, have fun I am and I slid out of mom and went to Brenda, flipped her over and sliding my shaft deep into her ass I fucked her good and hard with another bro fucking her mouth.
We fucked the two ladies for over five hours straight until we teenagers were drained, and as they left I called the party line and put a three hundred each tip on dad of course on the bill and the woman says wow, so you liked them I’m taking it, I said my friend was elated with them, so, when we have another party, put these two ladies on the top of my list, she laughed saying I’m entering it now into my computer, there, you’re all set Mr. Nobel, anytime you need us, please don’t hesitate in calling us, I said you can count on it.
As the party wound down and the guys were all getting dressed and leaving mom and Brenda were sitting there leaking from their pussies and asses, Tim shows them to the bathrooms where they clean themselves out and when they come back out mom says Brenda I’d like you to meet someone very special to me, Brenda this is my son Michael, Mike, this is Brenda, she’s my best friend and helper.
Brenda’s eyes grew huge, she says and he knows and he also is doing you, girlfriend you’ve got some strange ways about you.
They talked and Brenda wound up coming home with us that morning, I told mom about the tip, she says oh that’s going to bring a huge shouting match from your father, I laughed saying so, he deserves it, she giggles saying I know, but he’ll still yell and shout, I shrugged my shoulders saying who cares.
As we sat there sipping coffee and eating some pie that was left over from the other night mom told me that when after the third time I came in and fucked her she hadn’t taken the pill to see and when she actually saw me nude and how big my cock was, she was so excited she actually had an orgasm before I even entered her and when I did and was fucking her hard and fast she came several times before I did.
She caressed my face saying so youngman, from this time on, I’m yours to have anytime you need me, in any hole you want to take me, and if Brenda is here, she’ll let you too, right girlfriend?
Brenda is eating the pie and pipes in, right, whatever she said, right and we both laughed.
I guess living in Nevada has it’s perks where prostitution is legal and what mom was doing was ok with the law but it took me sometime to accept it but now that I’m able to fuck her in any hole I want too and we sleep together, well that makes it ok with me.
She still works for the party service and when she comes home full she’ll douche herself out, and we fuck for a little bit, but mostly we cuddle and I listen as she tells me all about her evening and what kind of guys she was being serviced by.

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