A Night Together

Our night starts out really nice for us as the children go to bed early, and you start to wash the dishes as I sneak away to the bedroom to ignite some surprises and cover up with some others. I hear you washing the dishes as I light candles and strip buck naked eager to please you. I replace my birthday suit with a nice pair of Adonis underwear, a man’s thong with a pouch on the front to rest my ball sack and drooping penis.
I light some incense and put on some playful music but I’ve got the mute on so you aren’t aware of what I’m up to. I continue for our surprising romance by placing some flavored lubricant next to the bed, ‘cause we’re going to need it for what I have in mind.
I place our new bed protector sheet on the bed to catch up your orgasms mixed with my fluids. I hear you nearing the end of your dishes so I rush a little more preparing the bed by clearing the sheets and placing our sex pillow on the bed, it’ll come in handy for me when I need you in certain positions tonight.
Too bad I won’t really have a chance to use it for what comes next. You suspected something all evening with my behavior a little different, my little push for you to do the dishes before bed.
As I’m leaning over the bed you surprise me by coming in the door and saying “Oh really now?” I smile sheepishly and then I see it, the lust in your eyes, a flame ignited and burning bright and then you just take over. You pull me into you for a kiss by my balls. Your kiss is passionate and lustful as you rub your hands on my body, my hands caressing your back and head.
You start to slip my pouch off and I’m left breathless by your hand cupping my testicles. Your thumb tickling the head of my penis in your grasp. The goose bumps build between us as I slip a hand under your shirt and begin to pull it off. Our kiss of passion only broken by the removal of your shirt, my other hand freeing your breasts from your bra.
Your horniness apparent to me now you have a surprise for me as you grab one of my hands and pull it underneath your pants and let my fingers graze against your bare pussy with no underwear meeting me as a barrier. Your smooth hairless twat is already dripping wet and I slide a finger along your slit and you whisper into my ear, “I’m going to suck your cock until you’re ready to cum, then we’ll stop and you can pleasure me until you’re ready to go again!”
I nod my approval and I’m excited to be here with you in our room with kids fast asleep. You push me down on the bed and then leave me there telling me not to move so you can go shut off the water in the kitchen. I hear it go off and my penis twitches at the thought of your return into our bedroom to my bare body.
You return and say, something’s wrong with this picture, you smile wickedly as you slip out of your pants and expose your beautiful sexy body to me and climb onto the bed. Your wickedness continues as you grab the lube and apply it to my pulsing penis eager for your touch. Your other hand massaging my balls ever so gently making me squirm and moan at the pleasure I’m under.
Your devilish smile takes me back to that moment when we first had sex with your words, “Fuck Me!” So horny for you now as I was then I watch the devil in you light up as you lean down and give my balls a good lick and I watch the enjoyment on your face at them having just been shaved for you, only for you. You can see my enjoyment as my head tilts back and a moan escapes my normally quiet lips.
Your pleasure teasing me, and I bring my head back down to watch you work on those lovely testicles I enjoy so much, but you rob me of that pleasure as your lust brings you to my perfect sized penis, as if it were made for you, filling you up just right every time, rubbing all the right spots.
Your mouth engulfs my manhood and my head goes back again in ecstasy as your tongue begins to dance on the bottom of my penis. You pull your mouth off only long enough to lick up and down my shaft on both bottom and top and the sides, when you reach the head you pay close attention to the glans ring ridge which makes me convulse in tickled pleasure.
You enjoy my reaction and you once more engulf my penis in your mouth and let me see it in your cheek since you’re such a cheeky temptress. My pleasure and enjoyment building more and more as you use every trick you’ve learned against me. You abandon my rock hard member once again and reattach your mouth to my ball sack pulling it in with a lite sucking that leaves in heaven as you play with the smooth skin inside your mouth with your tongue.
My pleasure climbing and climbing yet not getting fully all the way there for my explosion I desire to have inside you, anywhere I can put it, within your mouth gliding down your throat to become a part of you, in your pussy seeking those eggs which will become my children, in your ass just because it is plain erotic to think of blowing my wad inside your pulsing asshole.
I gather my strength and pure will and I push you over quickly and in your stunned moment I dive in at your pussy with my tongue just grazing your pussy lips with my whole tongue, the tip flicking at your clit.
You surrender immediately to me as I begin my assault on your soaking twat. I open your lips and gaze at your stunningly beautiful pussy, the home of my penis, our temple of desire, lust and sexuality, our unity of souls.
You hear my voice from down below as I give you some of my hot breathe of desire, “Your pussy is beautiful, as are you my lover! My wife! My Woman!” You squirt a little bit as you blush with happiness. And then the moment is lost as I dive into your open pussy with my shaved face just for this occasion.
As I spread your lips open your pee hole is exposed and I stick my tongue into as much as I can and I listen and feel you writhe under my power as my tongue does its job bringing you the pleasure you so desire and deserve. I can feel your pussy heating up and the natural lubrication increase as your desire to be fucked begins to build. But not right now, my assault continues on your exposed pussy and now the real fun begins as my tongue glides up and over and around your clit and then speeds back down without ever having left touching you.
You wonder where I’m going as I pass your vagina and once I reach the bottom of your vagina I suck at your perineum just between your asshole and your vagina. I tongue it and then move back up and then dive my tongue inside of your wet vagina.
You can feel my tongue reaching inside you as it twists, curls and explores as deep as it can inside you licking up all your sweet tastes, and all of it without one drop of lube for the moment.
I continue pleasuring you for a little while and then decide it’s time for some lubrication applied to you in preparation for the next assault to enter your body. As my tongue continues and you writhe and moan out my name as I expertly lick and suck and nibble at you I grab a bottle of flavored lube and squirt some down onto my tongue and I begin applying it to you this way.
You hear the bottle, you feel the new sensation and then you feel my hands added to the mix as I start rubbing, pinching gently, pulling, pushing and then slowly entering and tickling your ridges within your body, all the while my tongue never leaving you as you continue to get more and more wet.
Your orgasm is looming, I rub your g spot with precision, I lick like I’ve done it all my life, moan and move as you do keeping my face glued inside your twat. And then I can feel it, your muscles starting to tighten in orgasm, your pleasure bringing you to a scream and then I move in for the final flicking to send you over the edge.
You hear the words escape my mouth “Cum all over your husband’s face and in his mouth as he tongues your piss hole!” And then that final tongue hits your hole and you lose control, your ability to control your body lost to the pleasure at the last thought of your orgasm now squirting all over my tongue, all over my face, dripping down between us soaking your pussy and ass and my upper half.
Your moaning continues as you feel me rubbing your ass with my hands and as your orgasm subsides you think your running on empty until my tongue dives back into your pussy and points straight down to meet my finger that just pierced your through your asshole and now they’re rubbing together through your flesh.
It’s almost too much and your pleasure comes again and you start squirting again blasting that hot liquid all over my face and you hear me gasping for breath and you hear me say, “More my queen! MORE! Feel my tongue against your stream!” And my face back down tonguing your piss hole again making your squirting go every which direction.
Your pleasure now becomes lust, and your only thought is of that rock hard dick still waiting for you, to fill your holy temple with its holiness. Its rock hard pleasure bumps and its perfect size.
As your squirting comes down you push me with force to knock me back onto my back and you jump on me in my look of bewilderment you go straight for a hot passionate kiss, lust now taking us both.
You reach behind you fingering your twat and rubbing your asshole, you long for them both to be filled, as your lust takes you, you lean down to my ear and whisper “After a shower, fuck me in the ass please?” I nod my head as I moan at your pussy massaging my cock with your slit.
Satisfied with yourself you grab my dick and with nothing but pure lost you put it right against your waiting vagina as it craves to devour my penis. As it starts to enter we both moan in pure ecstasy once more as my dick slowly enters your body filling your vagina with its horny manhood.
You slide it all the way until my balls beg to follow, and your lust overcomes your mind and you begin pounding my cock into your fuck hole, all inhibition now gone to the wind as lust and pleasure wraps us both under its blanket of pure joy and bliss.
My hands on your hips guiding you up and down, your pussy eating my cock with no remorse, slamming my head into your cervix again and again, slowly its opening again getting ready to eat my head and suck on it as you pulse in orgasm at it breaks into your temple of children.
But this thought is lost in the moment as another perfect orgasm is building with in you and you know the fluid is there. And suddenly you are overcome with a new lust, a desire, a primal need to mark me as yours, your man, your husband, your fuck mate, the father of your children, your protector, provider and as the last thought of this string hits your mind you leap forward, your lover, and now the squirting of your life begins, the most powerful you have ever squirt.
The pressure of it hurts me at first a little and you squirt my asshole with my legs pulled back, you move up to my balls squirting them for a few good seconds and my legs come down and you squirt my penis and then move up again to my stomach and you aim your pussy at my face so I can see your cum cumming out of your pee hole.
Our moaning drives us both back to lust of fucking, our primal urges take over again and you go to remount my pole and I assist you in sliding it in. Our primal human urges take us and you crave my pumping cock shooting my sperm within your body, you desire the feeling of it pumping within you. The thought hits you of watching it pump as you jacked it off and now that shooting stream of cum will be inside you.
You lean down and kiss me with such a deep passion and your lust brings your voice deep and commanding, “Cum in me! Shoot your seed into my body! Let me have it! Let my pussy eat it! Tyler shoot it in me!”
I oblige you and shout, “OH MY GOD! I’mmmmm CUMMMMMMMMING!” My hips begin to buck wildly as I strive to get every single centimeter of my dick into your gripping vagina. I can feel its heat against my penis, I can feel its tight grip sucking at my shaft, trapping my head in place as it slides forward right against your cervix shooting it with my white goo.
We both moan in pure pleasure as my dick twitches inside you letting out every last drop it has to offer. And yet your pleasure is not yet done.
I command you just before the last twitching, “Bring our cum to my face now!” You oblige and bring your pussy clamped shut to my face. And before you squat I tell you “I’ll suck it out so we can share it.” You nod your head in approval as you lower your pussy to my face.
Your pleasure takes off again as my tongue seeks every bit of my sperm from your body. Our juices mixing together in a pleasurable scent and flavor. I suck and lick my sperm freshly pumped into from my penis garnishing your pussy with its flavors out into my mouth, not swallowing, waiting for the next moment.
As I finish your cleansing you whimper a little bit as my tongue leaves you and I push for you to come back to my mouth. I sit up and show you my mouth full of semen and pussy juice, you reach out your tongue and we embrace in the French tradition and we split the load half and half but before we swallow we let our tongues dance in the fluid.
You break away and swallow, I show you what’s still in my mouth and without closing it I open my throat and swallow your essence taking it within my body to be devoured, digested and turned into building blocks for my body’s cells.
We hug, we kiss and then we lay down to cuddle together as we gently rub each other in bed enjoying these moments.

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