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The first time I layed eyes on Barbara she was wearing a dress that looked as if it had been sliced down the front with razor blades, looking like she was wearing venetian blinds. When she moved, the slices of material would fall away and reveal that she was wearing no underwear.
The bar was crowded and I was half amused and half turned on watching the group of men literally salivating over her.
She was a stunning, dark skinned, dark haired woman of 32. Occassionally a man would attempt to slip his hand beneath the material of her dress and she would laugh and remove his hand. One by one the rejected men left. She saw me laughing at the scene before me and asked me
"You think it's funny?"
"I do," I replied.
She smiled back.
"But you don't try."
"No, I don't want to get shot down."
With that she turned her body toward me and her legs opened as the material slipped away. She saw my gaze, as welll as the gaze of several other men at the bar, fall between her legs where her neatly trimmed pubic hair framed her glistening pussy lips.
I attempted to act nonchalent.
"Want a drink?" I asked.
"Sure," she said, continuing to allow her legs to remain open.
The bulge in my pants gave me away and she smiled when she saw it.
We had a drink together, then another. We had moved our bar stools together and her leg rubbed up against mine. I could see the twinkle in her eye that she was enjoying teasing me. I finally decided, with the help of my fifth drink, to go for it. I "accidently" moved my hand between her legs as I swiveled around on my stool. My fingers brushed her moist pussy lips and I pulled away but she did not flinch. I moved my hand there again but this time let my hand drop on her upper thigh. When I saw she was not going to remove my hand I moved my hand higher until the knuckle of my thumb was pressed against the very wet opening of her pussy lips. I looked down and saw that the material had slipped aside and everyone around could see that my thumb was slipping into her pussy. I looked at her face and she had closed her eyes. I ignored the men surrounding us and began pushing my thumb in and out of her vagina. One man reached over and started rubbing her right breast as she began breathing harder.
"I think we should leave," she said as she pulled away.
I could hear the disappointed sigh come from the group of men as my thumb made an audible popping sound when I removed it.
We left the club and drove in silence in my car. The only sounds she made were instructions on how to get to her house.
When we entered the front door to her house we were immediately on the floor kissing and groping. I removed my straining erection and placed it at the entrance to her vagina.
"My ass," she said.
With that she took her hand and moved my hard cock to her tight nether hold. With her other hand she pressed down on the small of my back as she slowly moved her ass toward me. The juices from her wet pussy had trickled down between the cheeks of her ass so that she was well lubricated. I slipped in with litle difficulty as she pulled her knees up to her chest.
I fucked her hard as I used my thumb to finger her clitoris. When she started screaming that she was cumming it was more than I could handle and I came deep inside her bowels.
"Eat me,," she said as she pushed my shoulders, pushiing me lower.
Since cunnilingus is something I enjoy, I didn't have to be told twice.
Her pussy was sopping wet and I licked her and fingered her for ten minutes. Finally she rolled over onto her stomach.
"Eat m ass," she said, panting.
I had never done this before but I was so turned on that I didn't hesitate. As she got onto her knees and pulled her ass cheeks apart, stuck my tongue into her warm hole that was wet with my cum. The idea of eating my own spunk turned me on even more and I fucked her with my tongue even harder. I felt her move her hand between her legs as she masturbated herself. I heard her cry as her body shook and she collapsed onto the floor.
Without a word I inserted my cock into her ass that was wet with my saliva and I started pumping into her. I lasted only a few minutes before having the most intense orgasm of my life. I fell on top of her.
We laid there panting for five minutes.
"You have to go," she said finally.
I didn't want to sound disappointed or beg to stay, so I got up.
"Can I have your phone number?" I asked.
"I'd rather not give it to you," she said.
As elated as I had been five minutes earlier, I was that dejected at that moment.
I left and drove away.
I went back to that bar every night for a month but did not see her. Finally I resorted to driving by her house to see if her car was there. Next I resorted to sitting outside her house in the evening to see where she went. But she seldom went anywhere but the store.
One Friday night she came out to her car dressed in as revealing an outfit as she had worn that first night I had seen her. She got in her car and I followed her. She drove for a half hour and finally turned into the parking lot of a small bar. I waited for five minutes then entered the establishment.
The bar was a very dark and somewhat dirty place. Barbara was overdressed to say the least and the men in the bar all stared at her. There were ten or twelve men and no women.
I went to a booth in the corner and waited to watch the show. I was jealous even though I had only been with this woman once. Deep inside I wondered if I had not satisfied her that night and that is why she had not given me her number.
The first man that went over to talk to her was dressed in jeans and wore a baseball cap. He was tall and had a beer gut. I thought for sure that she would reject him but he kept talking and she started laughing. Before long he had his arm around her and was leaning into her.
I had been sitting in the booth for over fifteen minutes without getting served so I decided to go to the bar to get a beer. I stood right next to Barbara but didn't look at her.
"Why, hello," I heard her say.
"Hi," I said, looking at her and trying to not show the jealousy in my eyes.
I could tell that the tall man next to her did not like my intrustion. He was giving me the look that could kill.
"I wanted to thank you for the other night," she said as she reached over and held my hand.
The tall man's face turned red and I was suddenly worried if I would get out of there alive.
"I had a wonderful time," she said.
I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.
I got my beer and started to go back to my booth.
"Oh, don't go," Barbara said to me as I turned to leave.
I saw the tall man look down the end of the bar to where two other men were watching the action. He nodded his head and the two grabbed their beers and walked toward our end of the bar. I knew I was in trouble.
"Uh, maybe I should leave you two alone," I said.
This made the tall man smile and he nodded his head.
Barbara frowned but then looked over her shoulder and saw the other two men standing there staring at me.
"Now you aren't going to go and get all possessive on me, are you?" she asked the tall man.
He just looked at her.
"I wouldn't like that," she said seriously.
He kept staring at her.
She turned and looked at the two other men.
"Don't you believe in sharing with your friends?" she said.
The three men looked each other then at her. At first there was a look of shock on their face then a broad grin appeared.
"Why, sure honey," the tall man said, "I sure do."
With that the tall one looked at me with a big grin on his face which relieved me to no end.
"What say we move this party to my house," the tall one said.
"Is that okay wth you?" Barbara asked, looking at me.
"Sure, sure," I said.
"Sure," the tall one said, "you follow us in your car."
The bill was paid in a flash and the four of them were out the door. I fumbled with my wallet and finally threw a ten dollar bill on the bar, not waiting for the change. By the time I got out the door I could see the dust of the pick up truck as it roared down the road.
I jumped in my car and quickly followed them. They were raciing down the two lane road at 80 mph but I managed to catch up with them. When they saw me behind them they slowed to a speed approaching the legal limit and after another ten minutes of dirt roads we pulled up in front of a mobile home.
They were laughing and grabbing at Barbara as we entered the house.
Once inside, Barbara sat on the couch with two of the men on either side of her.
The third man sat in front of her on the floor after he brought four beers, purposely leaving me out.
Since there were no other chairs, I sat in the corner and watched as the four of them talked and laughed. As Barbara would laugh, her legs would open and it was obvious that she was not wearing any underwear.
The man sitting in front of her on the floor was aware of this also.
"Man, oh man," he said as he pulled her legs apart, "looky here, she ain't wearing no underwear."
Barbara did not say a word and made no gesture to stop the man from holding her legs open, but I could see that her breathing was labored.
"You come out tonight to want to get fucked, huh?" he asked her, looking her in the eyes.
The other two men looked at her for her reaction. Her breathing was bard but she said nothing.
"You can tell us," the man said as he moved his hand up her short skirt.
Barbara closed her eyes and allowed the man to slip his hand up her thighs. It looked as if she pushed her legs even further apart. There was not a sound except for the sound of heavy breathing and the squishy sound of the man moving his fingers in and out of Barbar'a's pussy.
The tall man undid his pants and released his large erection. He put it to Barbara's lips but she shook her head. This annoyed the tall man and he started to push it between her lips, but she shook her head again. The other man on the couch shook his head as if to tell him to stop and the tall one stopped. Barbara closed her eyes again and allowed the man on the floor to continue fingering her wet pussy.
The other two men started removing her blouse and Barbara did not stop them. The man on the floor used his free hand to undo the buttons of her black skirt and started pulling it down. I watched as Barbara lifted her hips to help him in his maneuveurs.
When she was totally naked on the couch the man removed his finger from her and unzipped his pants. As he positioned himself at the opening of her vagina, she shook her head again. This enraged the man.
"Fuck you," he said, "you ain't gonna prick tease us"
"No," she said, "my ass. Do my ass."
The man's eyes grew large and he smiled.
"Yes, ma'am," he said.
He lifted her legs up and put them on his shoulders as he slowly entered her. I could see her grimace as the large cock slowly entered her ass. When he was toally in her he began to move slowly in and out and then pick up the pace. Within two minutes I heard him grunt as he emptied hmself into her.
"Fuck," the man said as he stood up, "what a tight ass."
The tall man quickly scurried to be next.
"Wait," Barbara said through labored breath.
The tall man looked angered until Barbara rolled over onto all fours.
"I like this position better," she said.
He smiled and with little hesitation drove his cock, which looked to be about nine inches, into her. She yelped but he wasted no time in fucking her hard. I could hear the slapping sounds as he pounded into her. Barbara had her hand between her legs as she fingered herself but there was no sounds coming from her lips. Finally in less than two minutes the tall man pushed into her and I heard him grunt as he emptied himself into her bowels.
The third man got in position to enter her ass.
"Wait," Barbara said.
The man stopped, thinking perhaps that she wanted to shift positions.
"I want him to eat my ass," she said looking in my direction.
I was apalled.
"No," I said.
"Get over here, boy," the tall one said grinning.
"You enjoy doing that," she said.
"No," I lied.
The tall one came over and picked me up by the shirt. I knew there was no arguing to be done.
"Take off your pants," Barbara said.
I was embarrassed, but wanted to get this over with quickly. I dropped my pants and since I wore no underwear, was standing there with my six inch erection poking out.
Barbara slid off the couch and got on all fours on the floor. She spread her ass cheeks apart as she had the night a month before. I saw the globs of cum leaking from her hole but knew there was little I could do.
"Do it," she said, panting.
I stuck my tongue into the hole reluctantly at first, but then I became extremelly excidted and started eating at her hungrily. I could hear her panting as I felt her fingers working at her pussy. I heard her scream and her body shuttered but I continued to slurp away.
"Man," I heard one man say.
"Fuck my ass," I heard her say.
Before anyone could object, I slipped my erection into her loose hole and started pumping into her.
"Fuck him," I heard her yell.
It did not register what she had said but suddenly I felt someone spread the cheeks of my ass apart and a slippery finger entered my ass. I wanted to protest but the sensation was overwhelming. A second later I felt a larger object start to enter me and I knew that I was being fucked by one of the men. I could not stop although I wanted to try.
The man started pounding into me as I pounded into Barbara's ass. Suddenly I felt the man start cumming in me and I could hold out no longer. I started to cum in Barbara's ass and it was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced. I liteally saw stars. When the man behind me was through I was continuing to cum. By the tremendous amount of cum that I felt leaking from my ass I knew that it must have been the third man that had fucked me.
Suddenly I felt another cock probing at my ass. I knew better than to protest as I felt it slide into me. There was silence as I felt him pumping into me, then suddenly I felt myself ready to cum again. I was still buried in Barbara's ass and I started pumping into her.
Barbara pushed back against me and the sensation was incredible. The man stiffened and I knew that he had cum. I felt him slip out and I waited, knowing that the third one would want to know what he was missing. Sure enough another cock slipped into me and I resumed my fucking of Barbara's ass. Before the third man had finished, I had cum again. I stayed hard and buried in Barbara's ass as the man in my ass continued to pound into me and finally came.
As exciting as it had been, when the four of them had slipped into sleep on the floor, I gathered my clothes and quietly slipped out the door.

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