Lee, Our Friend

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Part 1: A near true story !!

My lady likes -- actually loves big cocks. She can accommodate most any cock existing since her surgeon provided her a "very, very nice play pen", in fact the bigger the cock the better she enjoys it filling her pussy.

Recently an old friend from our nudist days arrived for a visit. We haven't seen Lee for years but it took no time for use to get reacquainted. I should mention that Lee is a tall, handsome, well built black man. As always with nudist friends, we invite Lee to get "comfortable" which is an invitation to get naked. We suggest that he use our guest room where he can undressed. In the meantime, we get him a beer and make drinks for ourselves.

Returning to the living room, we find Lee relaxing in a comfortable chair. We had forgotten how really handsome he is and .. also how well endowed he is.

I soon notice that my lady is more and more intently gazing at his gorgeous cock. She begins a discussion about how much we enjoy sex and how long it has been since we'd seen Lee. This conversation obviously excites Lee as his beautiful black cock begins to grow. My lady's excitement begins to grow also, to the point that she gets up and slowly moves over to Lee's chair. He stands giving her a hug. She obviously enjoys his hug and the feeling of his growing cock against her belly. Being unable to resist any longer, my lady slowly takes his growing cock in her hands and slides them along his marvelous organ. My lady looks at this beautiful cock longingly, looks at me and of course, I nod "yes".

That's all the approval she needs as she quickly kneels and brings Lee's huge black cock to her mouth. But . the cock head is much too big for her to get into her mouth so she decides to run her tongue up and down its length and around and around its head. By now Lee has gotten fully excited himself and that black cock grows larger and larger and becoming the biggest cock we have ever seen. It is 3 inches in diameter, bigger around than my forearm and so big around that my lady could not reach her fingers all the way around this gorgeous hunk of man meat, and at least 12 inches long. What a gorgeous huge black cock it is!!

My lady is visibly taken back by its immensity and I must also add it this point that so am I. We had obviously forgotten what a handsome huge black cock Lee had. I must also add that my lady has one of the most beautiful receptive pussies on earth. Since the surgeon left her such a nice accommodating "play pen", she is ready to test all and any cocks especially this beauty.

I turned to see my lady still holding on to her prize. She lays herself on the living room floor and gently invites Lee to join her. I must say that my lady's pussy it not only beautiful but it is perfect for eating. She and Lee comfortably lay in a "69" position and begin to feast on one another. I doesn't take long for my lady to get hot, wet and ready to try this beautiful black monster cock in her ever ready "play pen".

They turn around and my lady, holding onto the monster black cock, moves its black head up and down her pussy concentrating on her clit. She can no longer resist. She slowly starts to slides this grand prize into her now stretching pussy. It takes her considerable time and much effort to stretch her pussy to accommodate this monster but slowly, ever so slowly it disappears into that beautiful lusty now hot and wet pussy. Slowly ever so slowly, this gigantic black cock disappears, all 12 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. They lay quietly allowing this monster to adjust to its new home. It isn't long, however, before this to changes. Now slowly this gorgeous huge black monster cock begins to reappear and and than it disappears again. This happens over and over for what seems like forever while both my lady and Lee enjoy every moment. Lee would begin to pull his cock out of my lady's pussy but my lady would grasp Lee's hips and draw him back into her.

I have never seen such a huge monstrous black cock inside such a stretched hot, wet, loving pussy. What a gorgeous sight. Soon their motion increases with my lady slamming her pussy on to Lee's huge black cock and the huge monster black cock slamming into my lady's wanting stretched pussy. Than . they both erupt. My lady cumming and cumming and cumming. She did no want to stop and of course, that huge black cock erupts inside my lady's ever so wanting pussy. White cum oozes out around that still embedded black cock, smoothly lubricating my lady's reddening pussy. What a magnificent sight to see and act to witness.

We invite Lee to stay over night, he accepts and after a short rest, the huge monster black cock reenters the pink very wet and hot pussy. What a wonderful visit.

Part Two

It's always enjoyable writing about our friend Lee and his magnificent black cock. Lee and his wife have been friends for a long time starting with getting acquainted at our favorite nudist resort. We are all retired now and therefore have a lot more free time for visits. In addition, Lee's wife died a few years ago and therefore our activities have been redirected somewhat.

I must mention Lee's wife. She was a beautiful black women with a tremendous sexual appetite. She was an excellent cock sucker and was ready and willing for sex at all times. Even though my cock is only 6 inches long hard compared to her husband's 12 inches, she would gladly fuck and suck mine every time we were together. We miss her dearly.

However, back to this visit. Since the weather has turned cooler, we have restarted our hot tub. This adds another element of fun to our sex life with Lee. I've also failed to mention in the past that not only does my lady get to enjoy Lee's 12 inches but so do I. I get to suck his giant cock, not all 12 inches of course, but I do get its magnificent head down in my mouth and get to taste his sweet cum.

Anyway, this visit with Lee began with a nice leisurely soak in our hot tub. It is so much fun to just lay back in the hot water and relax. Lee usually sits between my lady and me so that we can both play with his magnificent member not to mention to be able to fondle his huge set of balls. These I also enjoy sucking into my mouth but again they are too huge to entirely encompass but its fun to try.

It doesn't take long before we have Lee where we want him, that is nice and hard with his gorgeous 12 inches at full glory. My lady especially enjoys wiggling her ass around so that she can sit on Lee's lap with Lee's wonderful cock between her legs. Soon she has repositioned Lee's cock so that she can slide his 3 inch diameter monster all the way to its hilt and now just sits there wiggling this wonderful monster around in her pussy. Lee messages her breasts and fingers her clit making her cum again and again. He than turns her around and leans her over the edge of the hot tub so that he can have full access to her lush pussy, ramming his monstrous cock in and out until he and she cum and cum. This is usually where I get my turn at this gorgeous cock by licking all of both their sweet cum from his cock and her pussy. This makes her cum again and keeps his wonderful member hard and ready for more action. My lady really isn't into sucking cock but she likes cock buried deep in her pussy. The bigger the cock the better. However, Lee's is the finest.

A session like this usually makes us tired so all three of us climb into our king sized bed for a nap. We all fall right to sleep with both of our hands wrapped around Lee's prized black cock. We don't want it to get away. Most of the time, it is not unusual for one of us to wake up and find the other attacking Lee again. He doesn't seem to mind at all. It's especially nice to wake, reach over to play with my lady's pussy and find it filled with Lee's stupendous member. It really turns me on to stick my fingers along side this monstrous cock while it's already lodged in my lady's hot, wet pussy. I often succeed. But now its time to nap. My lady's pussy is a little sore .. but it won't be sore for long.

We waken, stretch and both of us begin to search for Lee and his wondrous member. He's not in bed but we'll find him. However, I am able to find my lady and I move my hand over her body until I find her pussy. Wonder, wonder - its already hot and wet. My lady, in turn, reaches over and slowly brings my cock alive. She slides over me and slowly lowers her luscious pussy onto my now rock hard cock. There's plenty of room in her pussy due to Lee's magnificent black cock but still hot and juicy for me. It doesn't take long for both of us to climax, our cum mixing with the remains of Lee's sweet nectar.

We hear the shower and realize that Lee has decided to freshen up. I proceed to the kitchen where I begin making breakfast. My lady decides that she should also freshen up so she joins Lee. She steps into our nice large shower to find Lee soaped up and decides to help him. Her hands run up and down his body, resting on his broad back. She runs her soapy hands up and down, concentrating on his buttocks and his strong legs. Slowly, she moves her hands around his body until she finds his waiting fully erect cock. It has obviously been anticipating her hands arrival as it was already at its full 12 by 3 inches. My lady slowly turns lee around facing her and with her soapy hands, runs her hands up and down, up and down the gorgeous length of Lee's black cock. She slowly turns, leans over at the waist and with her hand firmly holding Lee's huge member, slides it up and down, up and down and around and around her waiting pussy. Slowly, ever so slowly, she guides this wondrous soapy huge black cock into her hot, wet wanting pussy. Gently it again stretches her pussy open and she pushes back letting her prized present enter her hot, wet place of pleasure. Lee's cock slides deeper and deeper for what seems like forever and finally reaches the bottom of her wondrous "play pen". She moans, wiggles her now totally filled pussy around and around and than gasping Lee's hips, guides him to slide in and out, in and out. She doesn't allow him to slide all the way out but just far enough for his huge cock head to lodge at the opening of her pussy and than slams back, impaling herself on his full 12 inches. Over and over, she repeats this process until neither my lady nor Lee can any longer hold off their impending orgasms. Cum gushes out of my lady's pussy and runs down her legs. She pushed back so as to keep her prize lodged as deep as possible in her stretched wet pussy. Lee holds her hips in position and again slowly begins to slide his wondrous cock out its full length and than back in its full length. Again and again Lee slides his slightly softening black cock in and out, his huge black cock hardening, stretching my lady's stretched pussy further and than . Lee again explodes. This load of cum added to the cum already lubing my lady's inflamed pleasure box. Lee slow slides his cum covered cock from my lady's dripping pussy. He then slowly drops to his knees, placing his lips over my lady's gushing pussy hole and slowly, so slowly sucks all of her and his cum from her well used but happy pussy.

Part 3

Yes, Lee is expected again this weekend. My lady is already excited and is getting her pussy ready for hours of huge black cock fucking. She just showered and has taken our largest (also black and 12 by 3 inch) dildo from the closet, lubed it up and has placed it against her pussy lips and is slowly sliding its huge head into her already hot, wet pussy. She slowly continues to push this monster into her pussy until it is tight against her pussy lips. Now she slides it in and out, in and out. She moans and cums .. now ready for that monster black cock soon to arrive.

Time passes but soon Lee arrives. He gets "comfortable" and from the looks of his already engorged monstrous black cock is ready for a pussy filling weekend. With his cock slightly dangling due to its blood engorged weight, he saunters over to where my naked lady is setting and offers her his gorgeous huge cock. She is ready. She slowly reaches for this wonder, wrapping her fingers around the shaft, her finger tips unable to meet due to its girth. Her eyes become glazed and she licks her lips and than the head of Lee's monster black cock slowly drawing as much of its huge head as possible into her widely stretched mouth. My lady sucks and licks Lee's beautiful cock just waiting for the time when this prize will soon enter her hot, wet pussy.

Now is the time. My lady asks Lee to lay on his back in the middle of our living room floor, slowly massaging his magnificent 12 inch by 3 inch diameter black cock. She can wait no longer. My lady throws her lag over Lee, facing his feet. She grasps his giant cock and slowly, ever so slowly lowers herself onto Lee's monster cock. It is so big that she must again take her time stretching her pussy to accommodate her prize. The monster slowly inches its way into her hot, wet pussy until she has devoured every quarter of an inch of this wonderful cock. She rests, letting her pussy adjust to her gift. Slowly she begins to move up and down, up and down never lifting up far enough to loose this big black cock entirely but just enough to slide most of the 12 inches in and out of her now soaking wet pussy. Their excitement heightens and soon they both cum, his white cum oozing out of her pussy and down his now shinny black cock. With his cock still completely embedded in her pussy, they rest. In time my lady reluctantly raises herself off of Lee's grand big black cock and she lays quietly beside him.

They both rest for a short while but only a short while, my lady on her back with her legs stretched wide open exposing her dripping widely gaping used pussy. Lee stirs, rolls over and rises pulling my lady's hips in the air to meet his dangling giant cock which is still hard and wanting more action. With my lady's hips in the air, Lee's lowers his dangling still hard cock towards my lady's pussy lips. There Lee hesitates for a moment and than my lady reaches up, grabs the monster cock, slides it back and forth and around and around her still wet and hot gaping opening. What a magnificent site, watching this huge black cock again slowly disappear into my lady's ever waiting pussy. She moans loudly as Lee's 12 inch monster hits the bottom of her play pen resulting in an overwhelming climax. She cums again and again while Lee's cock also bursts, cum now running down my lady's belly onto her breasts.

Again Lee and my lady rest, Lee's cock still embedded in my lady's pulsing pussy. Are they done? No! Lee slowly withdraws his cum glistened cock from my lady's pussy, however, my lady just quickly rolls onto her knees and sticks her ass and reddened stretched pussy in the air and again reaches for Lee's still mostly hard black cock guiding it back into her cum soaked pussy. Again, all 12 inches of length and 3 inches of diameter of Lee's huge black cock sinks to the depths of my lady's wanting pussy. My lady rolls her pussy around and around expanding her already stretched pussy while Lee strokes in and out and in and out, pulling his 12 inches almost completely out of my lady's pussy but not entirely and than slamming all 12 inches cock to its hilt. In and out of her soaked hot pussy Lee's huge black monster goes time and time again until both Lee and my lady have an explosive climax, one after another until they both collapse on the floor, Lee's gorgeous huge black cock still embedded in my lady's ever so wanting soaked pussy.

This is just the start of another very special time with our special friend, Lee. Fortunately for my lady and me, there will be many more times like this to come.

Epilogue: This a near true story. Lee's cock is 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter and my lady does have a very unusual pussy. Due to her surgery and the removal of her uterus and thanks to a very special urologist, my lady does have a unusually deep vagina. She can take most of Lee's gorgeous cock most of he time. Usually 9 to 10 inches and when she is especially aroused , all 12 inches. She states that it feels as if Lee's cock is lodged in her throat. If you want to see what a 12 inch long, 3 inch diameter black cock looks and feels like, go to tla.com. That is where we bought our black monster cock dildo.

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