My Asian Domination pt. 4: no longer alone

It's been about four years since i left Erin and Chris's house. I have a beautiful daughter named Ana Lee and she is my life. We moved to Korea and we live in a small light blue house, with a white fence, flowers in the yard, and a dog named Harang. Ana goes to a school with a small number of kids so it's hard to make friends. Her best friend is the dog. In a neighborhood with mostly little girls of full Korean parents. Ana is Korean and Vietnamese. We somewhat stick out like a sore thumb. Until today Ana has never asked about her father. " mommy?" she said. I was in the kitchen making dinner. For years i have feared this day. " mom who's my father?"

" why do you ask?"
" Rebecca Caring at school said my father hates me"
" well Ana your father doesn't know you so how can he hate you?"
" i don't know"
" don't worry about it. You'll meet him someday" i said as i kissed her on the forehead. I don't know if she'll ever meet him.

Everyday Ana becomes more curious about her father. Even at the grocery store she'll go up to an Asian man and ask " are you my daddy?". It's quite funny. One October tweths we were shopping for groceries again and Ana was being her usual self. She asked a man that (she describes to this day) who stood as tall as a tree, with black hair, and green eyes. He smiled at her and said "where's your mommy little girl? I don't think you should be alone in this store". Ana led the man over to my cart with a big smile. " Mommy! I think he's the one!" she yelled. I looked over to see who she brought over. Ana was really excited. I could never forger his eyes. Chris was standing next to Ana who seemed to be a spitting image of him. " Chris " i said as i grabbed Ana and ran out of the store.

The drive home Ana didn't speak to me. She just sat in the back and looked like a sad little puppy. " mianhae" ( I'm sorry *Korean*) i said as tears begin to flood my eyes. She still sat there silently. I know I messed up her only chances of meeting him "araso" ( i understand) i said leaving her alone. When we got home she went up to her room. She has every right to be angry. The door bell rings. It must be one of the kids from he neighborhood. Usually no one comes to the house because we Ana can't speak very good English. "nuguseyo?" (who is it?) i said as i answered the door. It was Chris.

After a while of arguing I invited him in. He asked about Ana so i had no choice but to tell him. Those deep green eyes could crush your soul. He just stared at me. " Why did you leave?" he asked. Without an answer i led him to Ana's room. I could feel his eyes wondering my body. To be honest i loved how he watched me. " Ana?" he said as he knocked on the door. She answered it right away, not being used to a male voice in the house. They were almost completely the same. Her hair is long a black, deepening green eyes, tan skin, bright smile, and a glowing personality. She was just like him. " I'm your daddy" he said. She looked him over strangely. It took a wile for her to say something. " Appa?"( dad?) she said reaching out and hugging him.

They spent hours in her room. It was nearly ten o'clock when we sat down to eat. Chris joined us for his first and last meal with his daughter. They talked about school and work. I felt invisible at the table. He may be a bad husband but he's an amazing father. She has no idea that when she wakes up in the morning he will have already walked out of her life. It's something I've felt for years. Chris carried Ana up to bed and tucked her in while i cleaned up after dinner. Once again i felt his eyes watching me. His stare is like a fatal caress. I still love him and i think he still loves me. He stands behind me and puts his arms around my waist. Gently kissing my neck he begins to massage my breasts. I could feel him hardening against me. " Chris, this can't happen" i said pushing him away and going into the kitchen. He seemed disappointed as he walked to the living.

It's four in the morning and Chris hasn't left yet. I'm beginning to worry about my feelings. He sees me in the door way. I really want him to hold me in his arms and never let go. But if we spend this time together the way we want to it will be the last. I walk over to the couch and stand in front of him. He looks up at me and leans back in the couch. I know what he wants. He licks his lips to invite me. I straddle his lap so that we're facing each other. We start to kiss ferociously and groping bodies. He kisses my neck and bites it a little just to turn me on more. I begin to rotate my hips and grind my ass and pussy against his lap. He's grabbing and squeezing my ass hard. I can feel him hardening beneath me. I get up and lead him to my bedroom. A place i haven't showed any man. He pushes me on the bed and rips my jeans off of me. I tear his shirt to pieces trying to get it off properly. He kisses down my belly as his had begins to caress my mound making me so wet. He's playing with my clit threw my panties. I can barely take it. He rips my panties off to gain access to my sweet pussy. I know he wants to devour me and take me all in. He slides the tip of his tongue up and down my pussy lips. I want him so bad. He spreads my lips and flicks his tongue over my clit. Then he begins to rotate it and moving it in circles. My hips unconsciously begin to move. I reach down to pull him away. It's too much to handle. He reaches two fingers deep inside of my hot wet cunt. Moving them in and out faster than anything I've ever seen. I squirted all over his face and chest. He licked his lips and knelt by my face. " you know what's next" he says and without any further conversation i inhale his cock completely. I took it deep into the back of my throat. He kept shoving it down further. Thank god i had no gag reflex. " oh fuck yeah baby eat my cock. do you want me to fuck your tight pussy?" he whispered. He pulled out. I wanted to taste his cum running down my throat.

Once again he began to tease and finger fuck my pussy. Causing me to squirt my cum all over. I could barely keep quiet. If any ladies are reading this Asian men are all about pussy play. Their fingers are like magic tools. I can't stand it anymore i wanted him to fuck me. He positions himself at my hole. Probing and teasing. He shoves in deep and begins to pound my pussy like never before. I haven't had sex in over four years so it was pretty intense. He fucked me hard. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy. He pushed me over onto my stomach and began to fuck me like a dog. " you like that? you like me fucking you like a bitch?" he whispered in my ear as he pulled my hair. That drove me almost to the edge. He smacked my ass until it turned red. I felt him pull out again and started getting disappointed. But that's how they get you. He began eating my ass. Rolling his tongue around my hole and then tongue fucking it. I started gripping the sheets and pushing back against his tongue. He smacked my ass once more before shoving his cock deep in my ass. His full length was buried inside of me. I clenched tight and began to push back letting him know that i want it. He took the invitation and began to smash my ass raw. I felt every thrust like it was reaching for a goal. It was so deep and rough. He knew just how i liked it. When he pulled out i thought he was finished. I was wrong again. He laid on his back and had me sit down backwards on his cock. Then he lifted my legs and began to hard core smash his cock into my pussy. My juices were flowing everywhere. He hit the spot every time he pushed in. I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me once more. He turned me over so i was on top and facing him. He kissed me deeply as i began to ride and grind on his meat. I brought us both to a wet and intense orgasm. We collapsed on each other and fell asleep.

When i woke up he wasn't next to me. Just a note telling me that he understands my decision and he wishes me the best. Ana was upset for a wile but she soon forgot it. I'm still young. Going on twenty three and there are so many more sexual adventures to come.

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