Brianna and Nicki

It began in my freshman year of highschool. My parents sent me to live with relatives in California so I could get an education there, and so they could get me out of the house. Originally, I'm from Texas, where football is a religion and George W. Bush is loved like a hero. Though I didn't have an accent, the other kids made fun of me for being from Texas, and I just took it. I was on the football team that hadn't won a game in 4 years, and I hated it. I got picked on everyday. The highlight of my day was seeing Nicki. A natural brunette with dyed blond hair, 5' 4'' with piercing blue eyes and pert B cups that she tried to show off with tight, white button down shorts and colored bras. I sat next to her in 2 classes and she was one of the only people who was nice to me.

Weeks passed and Nicki and I became friends, though she'd gone through one boyfriend already, I knew we were never meant to have a relationship. The next semester I met Brianna. Tall, about 5' 8'' or 5' 9'', long brunette hair and a smile to die for. Though you couldn't really tell because of the conservative way she dressed, she had Gs. Yes people, this is not a lie, I couldn't believe it myself until I saw them, but she had G sized breasts. She was by no means fat, she ran track and went running every morning for an hour. Slender, maybe 140-150 lbs (She's tall, remember) and she was also nice to me.

In March, I found out she'd lost her virginity with her boyfriend over Spring Break. Then he broke up with her a few weeks later on her birthday. I made my move. I wasn't "sexy" but I wasn't ugly either. Athletic, 6' 2'', dirty blond hair that I always kept short, and a toned body but without a 6 pack, I wasn't shy with the opposite sex. Though I'd yet to have a relationship at my new school, I knew I wanted Brianna. I made my move and she said yes. I now had a girlfriend.

A few weeks later we were at her house studying for finals that were in a week, he parents were out of town and her brother was at a friend's house for a few days. Up until this point we'd done nothing more than makeout. She'd been hurt by her previous boyfriend and didn't want that to happen again. "Jake, I'm going to go call a friend over to study with us" she said. I just nodded. Much to my surprise, half an hour later Nicki was at the door. She came in, helped herself to some soda and snacks and sat down next to me. After another hour of studying, Brianna took Nicki upstairs and told me to stay in the living room until I was called. Though I seriously doubted anything 'fun' was going to go down, my mind raced at the possibilities. 15 minutes later I heard my name being called, though I couldn't tell which girl it was. I went upstairs to Brianna's room and immediately got a hard on. There was Brianna in a red laced and very seductive bra with matching panties sitting on her bed with Nicki right next to her in a black laced bra and panties.

"Jake, don't you look excited" giggled Nicki. "We've never done more than just kiss so I'm sure he's very excited right now" said Brianna. Brianna explained to me that I was so much more special to her than her other boyfriend, and I'd respected her so much these past weeks, she decided to give me a special treat. Nicki was there because she also liked me and the 2 girls had done almost everything together since kindergarten. Though it was made clear that I could do anything I wanted with them, I knew I had to pay the most attention to my girlfriend.

I went over to the bed and began kissing Brianna, Nicki took my shirt off. I took Brianna's bra off to reveal her G sized breasts with very large areola surrounding very tiny eraser sized nipples. I grabbed them and just started gently squeezing and rubbing. I wasn't too experienced at that time. Nicki took off her bra revealing B cups with small areola the size of a quarter and dark colored nipples. I backed away and the lunged towards Brianna, pushing her down onto the bed, taking her nipples into my mouth, swirling my tongue around one, then the other, while she was moaning in pleasure. She had quite sensitive breasts, there was already a wet spot on her panties. "I'm not the only one here you know, we're doing this for you, give Nicki some attention" whispered Brianna. So I went over to Nicki, kissed her, held her smaller breasts in my hands, kissed down her neck and down her breasts until I reached a nipple, I took it into my mouth and sucked on it very hard, she screamed in pleasure. I knew she was a virgin, but I didn't know if she'd ever done anything like this before. She hadn't. I took her other nipple into my mouth for the same treatment, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and i lifted her off the bed. She was very light.

"I lost my virginity with a virgin, you should get to do the same." said Brianna. Were my ears deceiving me?
Did my own girlfriend just say that I should have sex with her best friend before I had it with her? Nicki nodded and just said "Take me". I lowered her back onto the bed and removed her panties. She had a fully shaven pussy. I took off the rest of my clothes, I had a 7.5 inch cock at the time, not bad if I do say so myself. I asked Brianna if she was sure, she said yes, then I looked back down at Nicki and her pleading blue eyes. I was handed a condom, I put it on, and then I slowly guided my pulsing cock to her dripping pussy.

I slowly entered her, inch by inch until I felt a barrier, she nodded, and I shoved the rest of my cock into her, she screamed in pain, and started to bleed. I pulled out (I'm freaked out by blood) and the blood was wiped up, I cleaned off my cock, and then entered her awaiting pussy again. I started off slowly, only putting the first few inches of my rod into her, I started going deeper, she was breathing heavily, until I shoved my entire cock into her pussy "Yes, YES, fuck me, FUCK ME, HARDER!" were her words as I went back and forth, in and out, she orgasmed first, her pussy juice just giving me more lube until I came 30 seconds later. I pulled out and just lay next to her, realizing my girlfriend had watched the whole thing. Brianna came up to me, smiled, I sat up on the bed, she knelt, and then tok my cock into her mouth and began to clean her beast friend's pussy juice off my cock. It turns out that Brianna was very orally skilled, she took my entire cock down very easily, and her tongue was all around my shaft, I looked down and saw her beautiful eyes looking up at me, then I came again. She took my cock out of her mouth and let me cum all over her face and breasts. Then she got up and smiled, and went into to bathroom to get cleaned up.

Nicki came over to me, hugged me, and said "Thankyou, I couldn't have wished for a better guy to have sex with." Then she took my cock in her hand, it immediately stood up to its' full size, and she began to stroke it. She knelt and took it into her mouth. She wasn't at orally skilled at Brianna, it was probably her first blowjob. She only took my first 3 inches, but those big full lips around my cock and those gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me was making up for it. I didn't last long, and I came right in her mouth. She was quite surprised, 4 spurts of cum went into her mouth, she swallowed it all like a good girl, and then sat next to me as we waited for Brianna.

A few minutes Brianna called Nicki and I into the bathroom, she had the shower running and said we could have some fun. It was a big shower, with a door on one side, a window on another, and tile on the other two. It was probably 4 by 3 feet, so there was enough room for the 3 of us, but it was crowded. Brianna began to kiss me, and Nicki was behind me rubbing my back. I let my hands wander down to Brianna's ass, then I lefted her up, she got the message and lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. Nicki took my cock in her hand and pointed it towards Brianna's clean shaven pussy. I shoved into her, she reveled in pleasure as she bounced up and down on my cock with warm water splashing over us.

I took long, deep strokes in and out of her, slowly getting faster and harder, I wanted it to last as long as it could, after a couple minutes I couldn't stand it any longer. The warm water falling on us, watching her breasts bounce as she went up and down on my cock, I came inside of her. She was on the pill. I let her down and she sunk to the floor, leaning on the wall, panting. "Hehe, that looked like alot of fun. My turn now." giggled Nicki. I pulled her close to me, grabbed her ass, pulled her up as she wrapped her arms and legs around me and for the second time that night, I fucked her. My cock slid into her very tight pussy, I closed my eyes and started thrusting my cock into her, she was very tight, but from the expression of pure ecstasy on her face, I could tell she was in heaven. Suddenly I realized I didn't have a condom on and I stopped immediatly. She looked at me "No condom" I said. She gasped "Shit that was close". Then she fell to her knees and said very seducively "I'll make it up to you". Brianna crawled over to my cock as well. Nicki took it into her mouth, almost as if trying to suck the cum right out, Brianna started caressing my balls.

Then Nicki pulled off my cock and both the girls licked my shaft up and down. Brianna took my whole cock down her throat, and I came. She swallowed it this time, though there wasn't very much. The water was starting to get cold, we finished up in the shower, dried each other off, I had to be home in 30 minutes. I took Nicki's nipples into my mouth one more time, sucking on it, swirling my tongue around it, making her pant in pleasure, moving to the other one and doing the same. I kissed Brianna, thanked her for the amazing night, put my clothes on, and then Brianna came up to me and kissed my cheek and said "You're welcome, if you're a good boy, there might be a few more. She winked, and I left, hoping to God that there would be many more to come.

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