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time was going so slow after school. when i got home at about 4 i decided to go for a swim in our pool. i swam for about 20 mintues before i got tired. i laid in the shallow end of the pool so i could get my energy back. my cell began to ring so i grabbed hold of it and answered it. the caller was britney (brit) i said "hey brit whats up" "nothing much im totally bord wanna hang out maybe go to see a film or somethink" i replyed "sure how about we go watch the school football match it starts in 10 minutes" (secretly i wanted to see harvey play somethink other than me.) "sounds like fun have u seen that dean guy omg he is so hot. come pick me up " she said "sure i will get dressed and meet you out side your house in 20 minutes"

when i arrived at brits house she was waiting for me smoking one of her ciggarette. she came over to the car and got in. "hey leon" "hey brit" i started driving down the street. brit offered me a cigarette. i asked her to put in in my mouth and light it for me so i wouldnt have to look away from the road.

when we got to school we found some seat in the stands. i couldnt believe how many people follow the school's sport. there must have been about a thousand people here. after we had taken are seat the game was aready ongoing. out of nowhere brit shouts "there dean" pointing to the this hunky 6 foot blue eyes black haired guy to play it cool i said "yeah he's okay i guess" i was more intrested in looking at harvey's bubble butt. suddenly some woman came and sat next to me it was harveys mom she said "hi leon" "hey" after 20 minutes of the match i was getting bord so i told brit i was going to have a ciggarette and drive to starbuck she said "okay see ya back here then"

when i got to starbucks i asked for my usal coffee with non fat milk and 2 honey shot. i also asked for two more and a holder to put them in i paid the 12 bucks for the drinks and left when i got back to the game i handed brit a coffee and also one to harvey mom they both said thank you. harvey mom took a drink and asked what in this?. i told her that it was coffee with non fat milk and honey she said it was nice

the game finally finished and we all started walking back to the parking lot harvey shouted "leon" i walked over and he continued im really looking forward to tomorrow " i smiled and said "i am too" after i said that i smiled a little wider

when i got home i asked my lady maid if my clothes was packed for tomorrow and she said they was. the next morning at 8 harvey came round but i was still in bed my mom invited harvey to come wake me up. harvey walked into my room to find me in bed completely naked and my cock was hard he started jacking me off until i opened my eyes i said to him "what a great way to wake up in the morning keep going" i closed my eyes and started moaning at how fast harvey was jacking me off he was going so fast in 5 minutes i was ready too cum. i told harvey to put his mouth over my cock and keep jacking me off i cummed in his mouth and i was having so much pleasure i started screaming but harvey didnt stop he wanted more cum from me so after about 3 more minutes of him jacking me off even faster i cummed in his mouth again and harvey swallowed it all in one he started lick my balls clean i was so hot for him i wanted to fuck it so much when i went to undo his shirt he told me to wait till we get to the hotel and he will be worth the wait if what just happened was an example i was more than willing to wait the hour drive. when i finally got out of bed about 8.45 harvey slapped my butt i turned round and pinned him to the wall i started kissing him so deeply i thought i was going to lose my touge as i had him pinned i began rubbing his crouch area feeling his soft dick get harder and harder was the big turn on ive ever had i started lowering my self down harveys body looking into his deep brown eyes as i unzipped his trousers with my teeth and pulled his cock out he told me to wait till we get to the hotel but i was done listening i wanted his cock so badly i took the head of his cock and licked it like it was a popsical i took all his cock in my mouth and started moving my head up and down. his cock was so nice 20 minutes later he shot in my mouth and i drank all of it i put harvey's cock away and got dresses as we was leaving my house my mom handed me a square package i opened it and it i a new shirt to take with me also the pocket had $200 in it she said have a nice time boys

as me and harvey was leaving in his car we both took turns at driving there. when harvey was driving i was rubbing his crouch when i was driving he was rubbing mine i could tell this was going to be one big horny weekend away with the football captian half way there i asked harvey what this hotel like he said it was nice and he hopes i will have fun i turned around and said "i will do becuase im with you for 2 hole days" he smiled at me and carried on driving

to be continued

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