First time at, at the health club

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This was my first gay encounter. I happened last summer at the local health club I am a member at.
I was in my late teens, 6 feet tall, 150#s, with a slender build and in good shape. I was out sunning myself on the deck chairs.

It was one of those hot summer days and I needed to come inside to cool off. After taking a cool shower I decided to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes. That’s where I first saw him.

He was in his late teens, hard body, slender, blond and good looking. He was sitting on the ledge of the hot tub with a towel loosely wrapped around his body. I noticed his body was completely shaved, without a lick of hair anywhere to be seen except for his head. He seemed to be enjoying exposing his penis to me as I sat across from him in the hot tub. He would reposition how he was sitting, trying to act casually while the towel would open up exposing his shaved penis. It was interesting. Then I started to get aroused.

I was sitting directly across from him so had a good look and he was taking advantage me being the only other person in the hot tub at the time.

It was obvious to me that he was flirting, but never having done this before with a guy I wasn't sure what to do. He could tell I was watching and wasn’t turned off by what he was doing. I was curious but not sure what to do next.
I finally got up and headed to the steam room. It wasn’t too long before he followed me in. We were the only ones there. I was sitting naked enjoying the warm steam; he was sitting off to the side still with the towel loosely wrapped around his slim hips.

Since we were alone in the steam room he became a little bolder. We exchanged glances. He stood up and turned his back to me and slowly started to do some stretching, touching his toes, with his back turned toward me… again another sure sign that he was flirting with me. I was starting to get aroused and hard. He glanced back again and noticed I was responding to his advances. He smiled and I responded with a shy smile.

He sat down and our eyes met again. I smiled in acknowledgement. He smiled back. He then slid over closer to me so we were sitting next to each other. This was starting to get exciting. Here we were in a public steam room where someone could walk in on us at any moment yet we were just allowing it to happen.

He put his hand on my leg. I was nervous; glancing at the steep room door, hoping no one was coming in. He moved his hand up my thigh toward my groin. I was hard now and totally exposed to what ever might happen. I just let it happen.

He brushed his hand against my cock, which was starting to throb by now. I jumped a little. H maintained eye contact. I was watching him and glancing at the door… afraid yet excited at the same time.

He took ahold of my cock in his hand and gently started to rub up and down while still looking in my eyes. I was so hard by now I was aching. It felt so good. I wanted more but was afraid of where we were, sitting in a steam room where anyone could walk in on us at any moment. It was very exciting.

I tentatively let my hand touch his leg. Then I moved my hand up toward his crotch. His shaved cock was as hard as mine by this time. I had never touched another cock before. I grasped his thick, smooth shaft and just held it for a few moments, savoring the feeling while he continued to slowly stroke my erect cock.
I was becoming more excited, more afraid someone would see us, more aroused…
We were both starting to breathe a little heavier, enjoying the sensations, the thrill, the excitement.
Then we heard a noise outside the door. Someone had come into the hot tub/steam room area from outside.

He let go of my cock and quickly slid away covering himself up with his towel. I was sitting on my towel so I got up, turned around and pretended to be adjusting it around my waist (and erect penis) when someone opened the door and came in to the steam room.
Adjusting my towel I turned to head out of the door when I caught his eyes.
He nodded his head out toward the door as I passed in front of him so the newcomer did not see his gesture.

I knew what he meant.

I headed out of the steam room and entered the nearby private restroom just outside. It wasn't long before I saw the door being pushed slightly open. It happened a second time and I held it open.

He came in and quietly locked the door. Our eyes met. He quietly asked me what I wanted to do.

Not sure myself, and noticing his smooth, large cock (long and very thick), I whispered I wanted to suck his cock. We stood facing each other. He grasped my cock again and sent a chill up my spine. I reciprocated and felt his raging hard on as well. We both strokeked each other a short while.

He leaned in ever further and gently kissed my lips. This was a whole new experience for me. Being kissed for the first time, holding another guys cock in my hand for the first time, my head was starting to swim. He inserted his tongue. I responded as we began to slowly explore each other’s mouths, taking our time, savoring the moment, tasting each other for the first time.

He backed away. Smiled again and backed up against the rail. I came over, put my hands on his chest, slowly ran them down his torso and got on my knees. I took ahold of his cock again, this time with my face just inches away from its moist tip. I noticed there was some moisture coming out of the end and thought how enticing this was. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of his cock. I licked the moistness and tasted what it was like. I was getting even more excited by now and became even bolder.

I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and started to slowly suck on it. I was taking in more and more of it each time. I started to suck the thick tip further into my mouth it was wonderful, exciting, exhilarating. I continued to move my mouth over his cock, back and forth, slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace.

I had imagined this many times in the past… what I would do? Would I be any good? Would I really enjoy it? What does it taste like? Am I really doing this?

I continued to suck his smooth shaven, thick cock… I took the head deeper inside my mouth. I licked the tip, the shaft and back again. I was slowly sucking on this smoothly shaved cock… this wonderful cock tentatively at first… then with more enthusiasm as I was getting more excite about what I was doing. I was slowly taking more in, stretching my mouth wide with its girth. Back and forth; I could tell he was getting harder and more aroused the more I sucked him… deeper and deeper into my mouth. Finally I was able to deep throat him, taking all of his thick, smooth cock deep into my throat.

I felt his cock touch the back of my throat. I withdrew a little and tried it again.

I fought back the natural gag reflex and felt his cock settle deep into the back of my mouth, sinking even deeper into my throat. It was wonderful… just what I had imagined. I was taking it slow at first, sliding in and out… and then slowly picking up speed… in and out… deep into my throat each time. He was becoming even more aroused as I continued sucking and licking and sucking even more.

I could feel his body start to tense. Something was starting to happen I had not experienced before. I was becoming even more aroused at was about to happen.

He said, “I’m coming.” I continued. He tensed up. I sucked even harder and deeper. He began to spasm; his body began to shake and he started to come in my mouth. Stream after stream of warm fluid shot into my mouth, down the back of my throat… his throbbing cock pulsating with each thrust.
I kept at it, taking it all in. He kept pumping my mouth, jerking his body even more. I continued sucking every last ounce of his cum into my mouth. I was relishing the sensations. He was enjoying the release.

When he was done, my mouth was filled with his cum. I swallowed some to taste it and realized it wasn’t bad at all. I stood up and slowly planted a kiss on his lips. I stuck my tongue into his mouth… along with his cum and we just stood there for what seemed like the longest time… savoring the taste and sensation of his cum being pushed back and forth from my mouth to his. It was a most wonderful moment, surreal, time seemed to stand still.

It was unbelievable.

It was delouses.

I was exciting.

He seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.

Part 2 to follow.

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