Brandy's First Sub Experience Day 2

Hi, I’m Brandy. I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a shaved pussy. I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while. I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom. Hopefully you’ve read my first post about my first Sub experience and why I’m writing about it. The experience really took place over two days, so the first post was day 1 and this one is about day 2.

To briefly recap day 1, while on vacation at a lake house I took a walk and accidentally came across a group of guys that were masturbating. One thing led to another and I wound up having my first experience performing oral sex and getting fucked by every one of them. I found out I had a need to please them and in the process learned a lot about sex in a very short period of time. At the end we agreed to meet back at the same place on the far side of the lake the next day. This post is about my day 2 experience which brought me even a greater understanding of how far I would go to please and pleasure them.

After day 1 I didn’t want to show up this time with just plain cotton panties, so that night I went to the mall and after carefully checking to see no one who knew me was around I bought a black sheer bra and a black g-string panties. I went home and hid them carefully. When I left the house I wore what I usually wear, and headed down the remote path that led to where we agreed to meet. Just before I got to the spot where we were going to meet I took my sundress and cotton panties off and put on the bra and g-string I had just bought. I left my other clothes on a branch of a tree and then walked down to the place we agreed to meet wearing only my bra and g-string.

They were already there when I arrived, but not as many as the first day because some of them had already left their lake houses and gone home. I felt myself getting aroused as I walked toward them smiling and watching them stare at me almost naked. One guy said “we weren’t sure if you’d come back.” Another guy said “by the way she’s dressed it looks like she wants us as much as we want her” and he was right about that.

I saw that two guys were holding ropes. They must have gone down to the dock on the other side of the lake and scavenged them from one of the boat houses. One guy stepped forward and ran his hand over my bra and tugged at my erect nipples. He walked around behind me, pressed his body against mine and squeezed my breasts with both hands. He told me I looked very sexy and I could feel his cock get hard inside his pants as he pressed against me. I had goose bumps as he unhooked the clasp on my bra and I let it slide off my shoulders onto the ground. He walked back in front of me and nodded to a couple of the other guys who were holding the ropes.

The guys with the ropes walked over to me and asked me if it was OK to tie my hands with them. They already knew I liked being restrained from the day before, but this was taking it to a new level. I nodded and said “yes”. They tied my wrists together then walked me over to the edge of the tree line near where we were standing. They threw the other end of the rope over a tree branch, pulled until my arms were straight over my head, then tied off the other end of the rope. This was better than yesterday. I liked being held down in the grass, but it made me itch. This way I was just as helpless and aroused but without the grass scratching me.

The guy that had taken off my bra stood in front of me and ran his hands through my hair, down my face to my body, stopping at my breasts. As he massaged my breasts and played with my nipples I could feel my pussy start to get moist. He ran his hands down my body and then put his right hand between my legs rubbing the full length of my pussy from the back to my clit. When he pulled on my g-string and it slid between the lips of my pussy I couldn’t help myself and moaned softly. There was so little material to my g-string it was instantly soaked through. He looked at me and said “you want to leave this on?” and I replied “no”. He pulled my g-string down to my ankles and I stepped out of it. The two guys with the ropes started to tie one each around my ankles and told me to spread my legs apart. This was different somehow, they had always asked before but now they were telling me what to do. They tied the other ends of the ropes to trees on either side of me so I could now only move my arms which were tied at the wrists and legs tied at the ankles a little in any direction. I was helpless and at their mercy which made me very aroused.

They stood in front of me and while looking at my naked body, they took their clothes off. Ah, those cocks looked wonderful just like I remembered from yesterday. Most of them were already partly hard and they hadn’t even touched me yet. But then things got weird. One of the guys went over to a willow tree nearby and broke off 5 thin branches. He walked back over to where I was strung up, but he was behind me so I couldn’t see him. I heard a swishing sound and immediately felt the sting of the branches as he whipped my butt. I cried out, more in surprise than pain because he really hadn’t whipped my very hard. He told me he was going to do it again so this time I was prepared, but he whipped me harder so I could barely hold back the sound as I whimpered. I wanted to please him and the other guys who were watching appeared to be turned on by it, so I moved my feet back a little and grabbed the rope my wrists were tied to leaning forward and pushing my butt out for him. He whipped me again but now the pain was becoming pleasurable. He whipped me some more and my pussy was getting really wet, I was so turned on by the sting each time. This was an important lesson for me.

One of the guys in front of me put his left hand on my hip and reached down with his right hand spreading my pussy open wide. By this time everyone could see how aroused I was as my juices started to drip down my leg. He slid three fingers into my pussy and started to rub it making me moan. The guy behind me whipped me again and the other guy started to rub faster. Together they kept doing this until I managed to stammer out “I’m … cumming … now!” I felt the three fingers push deep into my pussy and one hard last whip as I cried out in ecstasy. I was panting when they guy came around from behind me, grabbed my face with his hand and asked “you liked that, didn’t you?” I was breathless, but managed to reply weakly “yes”. This also was a very important lesson for me.

I shuffled my feet forward and loosened my grip on the rope because it was starting to hurt. They guy with the branches dropped them and slid three fingers easily into my soaking wet pussy. He rubbed it a few times which felt really good, but what I really wanted was to have them fuck me so I could pleasure them. He left two fingers in my pussy but took the middle one and slid it up to my ass and started to push it slowly inside. I clenched and pulled back but the ropes held me in place. He told me to relax and it would feel good. I wasn’t sure about this but if he wanted this then I would comply. I regained my composure and relaxed my muscles as he slowly slid his finger in my ass. He started slowly but then moving a little faster each time he pushed his fingers back and forth in my pussy and ass at the same time. I wasn’t going to say anything but he was right it did feel exquisite and I couldn’t believe how much more I wanted it now. But he stopped before I could cum and slid his fingers out of me.

He walked around behind me and spread the lips of my pussy wide as he slid his cock inside of me. Now we were back to where I thought we should have been all along. I moved my hips and pushed against him as he grabbed my breasts and pushed his cock deep inside me which made me moan loudly again. He fucked me slowly for a little while, but before either of us could cum he pulled his cock out of me. He spread my butt cheeks wide apart and pressed his cock which was soaked with my pussy juices against my ass. I panicked and said “wait”, but he spanked my butt really hard with his hand four times. He said “remember what I told you, just relax” spread my butt cheeks wide apart again and slowly started to slide his cock into my ass. Still stinging from being spanked I tried to relax as best I could but it hurt so much at first as his cock pushed farther inside my ass I started to cry softly. After he managed to slide his cock all the way into my ass I was able to relax and as he started to fuck my ass slowly which now felt good.

A guy in front of me with a large rock hard cock spread the lips of my pussy and pushed his cock inside me. When he slid his cock across my clit it made my ass clench and I heard the guy behind me moan. The guy behind me was still fucking my ass but he was moving faster now. The guy in front of me was fucking me, pushing deeper into my pussy with each stroke. I was moaning loudly with waves of pleasure flowing through my body. This whole scene was surreal and it was an intense turn on. They weren’t fucking me with any rhythm; each was doing his own thing which made the pleasure continuous. They were both fucking me fast and hard now. I was moaning loudly and I could feel an intense orgasm building inside me. The more I moaned the harder and faster they fucked me. My head rolled back and I could feel my body start to shake. I let out a scream as I started to cum and when I did they both pushed their cocks so far into me they literally lifted me off the ground. My body convulsed with a pleasure so intense I could not believe it, cumming over and over again. When I stopped cumming I drifted off into another world and I hung limply from the rope with my head hanging down.

I don’t know how long I drifted off, but as I started to become more aware I realized they were both still fucking me. The guy behind me was breathing hard and fucking me really fast. I waited until he thrust forward and clenched my ass briefly which made him moan. Every time he thrust forward I would clench briefly and it was driving him wild. I felt him grab my hips and dig his fingers into my flesh as he thrust one more time deep into my ass. I could not only feel his cock pulse like when I felt a guy cum in my pussy I could actually feel his cum shooting inside of me. Each time I felt that I clenched down really hard and milked every drop out of his cock into my ass. I felt his hands relax and he slid his cock slowly out of my ass.

The guy in front of me moved closer underneath me so that his cock was going straight up my pussy and when he pushed all the way in I could rub my clit against his body. We found a rhythm and after a while I could feel myself ready to cum. He was breathing hard and fucking me faster so I knew he was going to cum soon. I let up rubbing my clit a bit so as to time it just right. His cock was really large and felt so good in my tight little pussy. He started to groan and I rubbed my clit against his body quickly. He thrust upward really hard and moaning loudly I let myself cum as I felt his cock pulsing inside me, filling my pussy with cum. When he was done he slid his cock out of me.

I felt something wet on my thigh and when I looked down I could see that cum was dripping out of my ass and down my leg. After a few moments cum started dripping from my pussy down the other side of my thigh. I asked “would one of you please put some of that cum in my mouth?” I remembered the wonderful way it tasted from yesterday. One guy stepped toward me and ran the edge of his hand up my leg getting a large portion of it. I opened my mouth and tilted my head back as he let the cum drip off his hand into my mouth. I held it in my mouth and pushed my tongue toward his hand which he held in front of my mouth and let me lick it clean. Oh how I loved that taste. I savored it in my mouth for a while and then swallowed every drop, licking the few drops that had fallen on my lips.

My arms and wrists were really starting to hurt. I asked “would you please let my arms down?” There was no objection as they untied the other end of the rope. I immediately fell to the ground. I didn’t realize how long I’d been hanging there and my muscles were weak. I managed to prop myself up on my hands and knees. The guy that had untied me took the other end of the rope that bound my wrists and looped around my neck. He pulled on the rope until my head was in an upright position. A guy walked over in front of me and I could see his cock was already hard. I knew what he wanted and opened my mouth obediently.

The guy in front of me held my head and started to fuck my mouth, oh how I loved the taste of his cock in my mouth. The guy behind me was still tugging on the rope so my head remained in an upright position. My legs were still bound and spread wide as I knelt on the ground. The guy behind me thrust his cock into my swollen wet pussy; I started moaning but it was muffled by the cock in my mouth. Each of them moving faster and pushing deeper inside me, fucking my mouth and pussy at the same time. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth waiting for him to fill my mouth with his tasty cum. The guy behind me was holding my hips and fucking me fast now. My body trembled and I could feel an orgasm was only moments away. I felt him thrust his cock deep inside me and as I could feel him start to cum I came at the same time. My whole body was shaking. I moaned loudly and the guy in front of me came as well, filling my mouth with his cum. All three of us were frozen in place with their cocks still in my mouth and pussy. The guy behind me let go of the rope he was holding and I fell to the ground basking in the feeling of ecstasy.

A guy walked over unwrapped the rope from my neck. I obediently got back up on my hands and knees. He lay down on the ground in front of me and held his cock up pressing it against my mouth. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock inside. He wasn’t hard yet, but I quickly remedied that as I sucked his cock gently and rhythmically. Once his cock was fully erect he took it out of my mouth, grabbed my arms and pulled me upright so I was kneeling in front of him. He lay back down on the ground and slid his body between my legs. He positioned his cock directly under my pussy with one hand and grabbed my waist with his other hand pulling me down on top of him. His cock slid inside me so easily as my pussy was dripping with my juices mixed with cum. His cock was deep inside me with me sitting on top of it, I started to move my hips back and forth fucking him slowly. I could feel my clit swelling as it pressed with the full weight of my body against his pelvic bone. I fucked him slowly, each time pushing his cock all the way in and then sliding it all the way out until it was just the head was still in my pussy. I moaned softly as this slow steady pace was making me tingle all over. I lost my balance and fell forward landing with my forearms on his chest. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust his cock in and out of me really fast. My clit was still pressed hard against him and my body started to tremble; I was going to cum again. But he stopped and held me by my hips so I couldn’t move.

I didn’t understand why he had stopped, but then I felt a pair of hands behind me spread my butt cheeks wide apart and a guy pushed his cock slowly into my ass. It hurt as he pushed his cock further inside me, but I remembered if I relaxed the pain should stop once it was all the way in. The guy underneath me held my hips while the guy behind me slid the rest of his cock all the way in my ass. Once it was all the way in he started to fuck my ass slowly. I moved my hips back and forth slowly fucking both of them in unison, feeling their cocks fucking my pussy and ass felt so good. We fucked slowly for a long time. Eventually they took control grabbing my hips harder and fucking me faster. With their cocks all the way inside me I clenched my ass and pussy which made them moan. They were both fucking my ass much faster which felt really good because I was about to cum. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t and I came first crying out loudly as I could feel my ass and pussy clenching their cocks repeatedly while I came hard. This made them both let out a grunt and with two thrusts I felt cum shooting inside my ass and the other cock pulsing deep inside my pussy, all three of us moaning as we came together.

I fell to the ground again panting and covered in sweat; their cocks slid out of me. A guy came over and and unbound my wrists. I rubbed my wrists a looked at the marks that were left behind. I would have to get very creative to explain where marks like these came from. I sat up on the ground and looked down between my legs seeing that I was covered in cum. The guy that untied my wrists lay me down with my back on the ground. He put his hands under my hips pulling me forward toward him, but my ankles were still tied to the trees so I wound up with my lower body hovering off the ground with my legs spread apart as far as they could go and my feet around the height of my chest. He rubbed his cock against my pussy until his cock was very wet and I was moaning, then he slid it inside me and started fucking me fast but not hard. He saw I was moving my head back and forth with my eyes closed as I moaned loudly and put his thumb on my clit pressing down hard. It was as if he pushed a magic button and a screamed as my body arched over and over with waves of ecstasy flowing through me. He paused to let me cum and when my body started to relax he resumed fucking me this time fast and hard. I couldn’t see his face but I heard him breathing really hard until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and rubbing it with his hand came all over my body.

They could definitely see I was really in a painful position … which is probably why I came so hard. They released the ropes from the trees and gently lowered my body and legs to the ground after which they untied my ankles. Free of the ropes I sat up and smelled that intoxicating scent of cum mixing with my sweat on my body. I ran my fingers over the cum on my belly and licked them. The sweat making the cum taste even more salty. I looked down and saw cum dripping from my pussy and used my fingers to pick some up and taste that too.

I realized it was starting to get late and I still had to clean off before I went home. So I said “I’m sorry, but I have to wash off and get home before it gets too late”. They were fine with that and said they understood. I stood up and was a little wobbly from being tied up so long. One guy grabbed my arm so I didn’t fall and unlike day 1 they all escorted me down the path to the lake. I waded in and they all did as well. The water was very cool but it felt so good, especially on my pussy which was now pretty sore from two days of being fucked over and over again.

They gathered close around me and started taking handfuls of water and washing me each covering a different part of my body. I washed my face with water and felt a sudden need to kiss the guy standing to my right. I pressed my lips against his and he kissed me back slipping his tongue in my mouth. I said “thank you for everything” and he laughed saying “it was a pleasure”. I kissed the guy who was standing next to him and then another, each time thanking them.

Lastly I put my hands on the shoulders in front of me and I kissed him hard; as I wrapped my legs around his waist as he tongue kissed me back. My hands slipped off his shoulders and I started to fall backwards into the water, but before my head went under someone put their hands under my arms and held me up. My legs were still wrapped around the guy in front of me and I could feel his cock was hard as it pressed against me. He spread my legs with his hands and slid his cock into my pussy as I floated there weightless. Two other guys started rubbing my breasts and sucking on my nipples; a third started to rub my clit as the guy in front of me continued to fuck me rhythmically pushing deep inside me. My hands were free and I reached out on either side of my body toward the guys sucking on my nipples. Each hand found a cock under the water and I started to rub them gently which made them immediately hard. My body tingled all over and without thinking I squeezed and pulled on the cocks of the guys beside me. Still sucking my breasts I felt one then the other cum as I squeezed their cocks with each pulse. I could feel my body starting to shake sending ripples of water around me. The guy in front of me started to moan and the guy next to him pressed down on my clit rubbing it faster. I felt one last thrust and then I could feel the pulsing cock deep inside me as the guy in front of me started to cum, my body responded repeatedly arching up out of the water then down again and pressing against him as I came really hard crying out loudly. I lay there motionless, floating in the water and smiled thinking to myself “best bath ever !”

Now it really was late and I still had to dry off. So we all got out of the lake and lay down on some flat rocks near the water’s edge. I spread my hair out to dry. The guys all disappeared for a few minutes and then came back fully dressed. They brought me my bra and g-string, but I said “you can keep them, they’re a gift”. Really I had to get rid of them anyway because we were leaving the lake house the next day and there would be no place to hide them. They seemed confused and asked “you’re going to go home naked ?” I played with them a little and coyly said “maybe I will”. They looked at each other quizzically and I told them the truth that I had left my other clothes just up the path. They seemed relieved.

I stood up and started to walk back to where my clothes were still naked. I turned around to see them all watching me and blew them a kiss goodbye. They called to me and asked “are you coming back tomorrow ?” I said “sadly no, I’m going home tomorrow but I’ll look for you right here next year when I’m back”. I walked up the path and found my clothes. While I was putting my clothes on, I began to wonder what I was going to do to satisfy these needs I didn’t even know I had when I got back home ? I thought about that a lot on trip back home. But even though this was the end of my first Sub experience, it was the first step on a wild and wonderful journey that’s taken me to who I am now.

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