An Evening With My StepDaughter

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My wife was out of town for the weekend and I was just hanging around the house.

My 18 year old step daughter was home and we both had a couple of drinks. I was sitting

in the recliner, and since it was a hot day just wearing loose fitting shorts and a

t shirt Watching TV.

Nikki came up from her room wearing a sheer spaghetti strap top and little

shorts. She asked if she could watch the movie with me. Then laid down on the


Nikki has long brown hair, is about 5 foot tall, Maybe weighs 90 pounds. A tight

little body, with small firm titties .

I glanced over and one of her tits had slipped from her shirt. My cock was

immediately hard. I slowly started stroking it while looking at her.

So intent on her firm young boob and hard nipple I didn't notice she was

watching me stroke my hard on.

When I realized I had been caught, I was embarrased.

She just smiled at me, stood up, removed her top and asked if I liked what I

was seeing. I stuttered yes.

She then slid her shorts down and that was the first time I had seen her neatly

trimmed pussy. She did a half turn, grabbed her ass and asked me what I thought

now. She then turned back, facing me and started rubbing a finger between

her cute little pussy lips, and asked if I liked it, and if I'd like to lick it.

I nodded yes and told her I had fantasized about this.

Nikki then knelt down in front of me, pulled off my shorts, freeing

My hard cock. She gently kissed the head before taking me deep in her mouth.

I could see her rubbing her pussy while she was doing this. I was loving this

because it was a fantasy cum true.

Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I was stroking her long hair

watching my hard on while she was sucking me.

Little Nikki then started kissing my stomach and chest, pushing my shirt up as

she did. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing my thigh as she moved up to sit on

my lap.

Sitting on my lap she pulled off my shirt. When she kissed me, it was electric.

I think the facts that it was a fantasy cumming true and the taboo that she was my

stepdaughter really turned me on.

She was kissing me, rubbing her wet cunt against my leg and cock. She

raised up slightly, then slid down onto my hard dick. My God she was tight.

Pulling off my shirt, she is kissing my face and neck. Riding me she leans back

a little, so I could suck on her hard little nipples. I reach down and start rubbing

Her soft pussy lips, then bring my wet fingers to my mouth and taste her for the

first time.

She starts riding me faster, making little noises as she starts to cum. I thrust

harder. I feel her start to tense as she nears orgasm.

With a loud "Fuck Me Daddy" she cums, and cums. Drenching my lap with her

juices. she shakes with each thrust of my cock. She leans down biting my neck,

pushing me deeper into the chair. She begs me to stop so she can catch her


I let her up and get off the chair. I lay down on the floor on my back, and

have her sit on my face. Then begin kissing the inside of her thighs, teasing her

pussy with my tongue. She is so wet, my face gets covered as I slide my tongue

in her. She tastes so good.

Nikki starts fucking my face as my tongue goes deep into her. She reaches

back and gives my cock a squeeze. It doesn't take long and I can tell she is ready

to cum again. I hold her tight on my tongue, licking and sucking her clit.

She cums in waves, this time flooding my face. She tastes so sweet and I

tongue her faster. She jumps up shaking, saying she can't take anymore.

She kneels down,catching her breath, stroking my wet cock and balls. She the

gets down on all fours with her ass facing me. She asks me to fuck her hard.

I get behind her and slide my hard cock deep in her wet box. She meets each

thrust with one of her own. She asks me to pull her hair while I fuck her. Not one

to disappoint I pull her hair. I then spank her ass, telling her what a naughty

daughter she is. Nikki is yelling for me to fuck her faster and to cum in her.

Her little cunt is so wet and tight. I love it. Reaching back with a hand she is

playing with my balls and her pussy with each stroke.

I am almost there and incredibly she says she is cumming again. I can feel her

rubbing her cunt and as she starts to cum I pull out and shove my cock, deep in

her ass. She pushes back as my cock goes balls deep into her.

She is cumming and with a groan, I push again filling her ass with my cum.

With each stroke I pump more into her.

We collapse on the floor, me on top of her and my cock still in her ass. We are

both hot, wet and sticky, and finally able to catch our breaths.

Finally I roll off her and lay next to her my fingers lightly tracing over her body.

She leans over, kisses me and says " I Love You, Daddy, but we're not done yet".

Laying there catching our breath, my fingers are lightly tracing over her body.

She shivers as my fingers touch her nipples.

Nikki gets up, my cum dripping from her ass, she takes my hand and has me

stand up. She leads me into the bathroom and into the shower.

We lather each other up, I'm caressing Nikki's firm young titties, pinching her

nipples. Moving my hand down, rubbing her ass, sliding my fingers between her

ass cheeks. With the other hand massaging the mound of her pussy.

Nikki is gently soaping my balls and cock. I feel myself growing hard again to

her touch. She Is stroking my cock, rinsing it off. She gets on her knees and

begins licking me. She is squeezing my hard shaft while she is licking and

sucking my balls.

She then takes my cock deep in her mouth, moving her head back and forth.

I grab her head and start fucking her mouth and throat. With one hand she is

caressing my balls. Reaching around she slides a wet, soapy finger in my ass.

Looking up and me, with my cock in her mouth, I can tell she is loving it as

much as I am. My God, she is good.

She is fucking my ass with her finger, and giving me one of the best blowjobs

of my life and I start to cum. As the first of my cum fills her mouth she sucks


Swallowing my cum as fast as she can she cannot keep up and it is leaking

from her mouth and down her chin , onto her titties. I am shivering from the

intensity of my orgasm.

She stands up and rinses off, then turns and gives me a deep kiss, sticking her

tongue in my mouth I can taste my cum as she sticks her tongue deep in my


We rinse off, then dry each other off. Hand in hand we head off to bed. Nikki

said she wanted to watch a movie and as I watched her cute, bare little ass walk

watching away, I couldn't wait to see what we would be watching

she asked if I would like to see one of her favorites.

She put the movie in and as it began I could tell that it was homemade and

girl in it was one of her friends, Misty, a petite blonde with long flowing hair.

Misty began doing a slow striptease, then Nikki appeared and they slowly

undress each other. I couldn't help myself and slowly started stroking my cock.

Soon they are both naked and kissing and caressing each other. I watch as

they move into a beautiful 69.

I am stroking my cock when I feel Nikki 's hand joining me. This is incredible

Watching her lick Misty's sweet pussy while she is jerking me off.

Nikki slides down, taking my hard dick into her mouth. I feel her cup my balls

as she swallows me deep into her throat. I am watching as the two of them lick

and finger fuck each others ass. When they start cumming so do i , once again in

a nerve shaking orgasm.

Curled up in each others arms she tells me that Misty is cumming over tomorrow

night and wants to play and maybe if I am lucky, make a video with me.

We drift off to sleep, knowing we have a couple more nights before her

mother comes home.

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