Life story 3

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Life story 3 -Original lemon by MISTER BIG T
Readers love these, probably since they are light hearted and quick jerk off material. Besides, it's not like there are that many hermaphrodite characters.

A horrible thing happened awhile ago. My mother broke up with my father… After he had cheated on her.

Honestly though, I was nearly going to throw in a party, since I think he is an asshole. But…. Mom, seemed heart broken.

"You are now all I have." she said as she hugged me close.


Days had passed, since father had been at home last time. I kinda had gotten used to the fact that it was just me and my mother.

One day however, I got off college earlier. I decided to suprise mom by cleaning the house, before she'd come back from work.

As I was ordering stuff around, a small tape dropped down from between several books.

Pondering why mom would hide a tape, I inserted it into VHS player.

It was a porn movie and not just anykind of usual stuff with porn actors.

It was my mom as a star, being fucked by various guys.

I gasped, because she was with three guys at once. I regonized each one, one of them was her brother, one was my father and one was my uncle.

I wasn't even that shocked, because of this as I was more shocked because I could feel my body to react to this. I could feel myself harden and my pussy getting moist.

I reached for remote controller, but just when I was about to stop it, I gave a gulp as I realized I really wanted to see more.

As embarassing as it is to admit, I moved my hand slowly down my school uniform towards my wet cunt and rock hard cock, slowly pulling skirt a little up and my panties all the way down to my ankles. I grabbed hold of my erect member and began to stroke it, watching my mom being sucking off two cock's in the video.

I slowly moved my other hand downwards towards my cunt and rubbed the pussy lips with my index finger. I blushed like a tomatoe, when I realized just how much it turned me on seeing my mom in this state.

I squeezed my eyes close as I pulled my left hand back from my pussy and reached up towards my blouse, rubbing my hardened nipples. I breathed hard as I felt myself about to burst already.

Just then, I heard the door slam behind. I spun around in an instant and saw my mother. I had completely forgotten the time.

She stood there, not saying one word. She knew what I was doing and what had turned me on so much.

Still, not saying a word, she moved behind my back and much to my shock, rolled her fingers around my erect cock.

"So…You like seeing your mom fucked?" she whispered into my ear.
"Yes, I love it…." I moaned, as she jerked me in very professional manner.

I couldn't take it anymore, I cried out as I ejaculated, sending my sperm across her hand.

She brought the hand up towards her mouth and licked it clean. I knew, what would happen soon and I'm not gonna complain.


She laid on sofa and parted her legs a little.

"My turn." she said.

I gave a nod and walked towards her and gave her a sweet, tender kiss on lips, which she returned gladly, as I moved my hand down to her pants, unbuttoning them and finally, dropping them down. I moved my hand into her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head and removed it completely, as I kissed her collar bone.

The sight of her body was so erotic, it made my cock stiffen again.

I lowered my head and kissed her throat, her chest, her belly as I moved my head lower and lower. Finally, I kissed her inner thigh and moved her panties down with my teeth. She smiled at me, as I gave a kiss to her pussy and as I probed my tongue in a little.

Her smile changed to expression of passion, as I began to track my tongue in her cunt, licking and sucking her clitoris. She reached her hand over my head and gently caressed my hair.

I could feel her pussy lips tighten around my mouth, as she was getting close. I continued to lap at her pussy, even harder than before.

Soon, she moaned in passion as her pussy juice flowed out of her cunt straight into my mouth. I drank as much as I could and swallowed each and every last of drop.

My cock was so hard at this point. And my mom knew it.

"Are you in mood of quitting?" she asked, as if I'd say yes.

I answered by crawling on top of her, rubbing my erect dick against her pussy lips. She gasped a little, as her still sensitive pussy was about to get penetrated.

"I like it hard and fast." she whispered into my ear.

I moved my hips forward, inserting my member into her wet cunt. She cried out a little in pleasure, as I began to move myself back and worth, hammering into her.

"Oh yes, oooh… It's been so long…" she murmured, as I continued to piston her.

She suddenly leaned forward and she licked my nipples and took the left one in her mouth, sucking and dancing her tongue over it. I slowed down a little to focus on the pleasure she was giving to me now, still humping her slow though.

She pulled away from my boobs and raised her head to same level as me and gave me a passionate tongue kiss and then leaned back again. I took this as a signal and I began to fuck her again even harder and faster than before.

"Oh mom… You're the best…" I heard myself moan. This confession made me blush, and I knew she noticed it.

Despite this, I kept ramming into her hard, yet slow as she had requested me. I moved my hands to rub her sides, while I was fucking her comissionary style.

"Cum into me… Fill my pussy with your hot cum…" she whispered into my ear.

That was all I could take. I came with a passionate moan, sending my cum all the way into her womb, which triggered her orgasm aswell.


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