My First Boyfriend 7

I’ve gone back and re-read everything I’ve written so far and I realize that there is more I want you to know. I can’t believe how good it feels to put all this down on paper. And I want you to know everything, which is why I’ve tried to be as detailed as I possibly can. I hope you might be able to understand the things I’ve done. Why I am the way I am. Why I did the things I did that night. And to reach that end, I feel the need to continue my story. I’m not going to hide anything from you anymore, if you’ll let me, that is. I want you to know everything. I need you to know everything. I don’t ever want to feel this way again. I need you to know it all. And then, if you’ll still have me, I’ll know that you love the real me, and not just some facade I put on for you. And there’s more to what molded and shaped me than my first time. My relationship with my step-brother started when I was thirteen and continued until just after I graduated from high-school. Sam was seventeen when it all started, and was just about to celebrate his twenty-second birthday when it ended. For nearly five years, I was Sam’s girlfriend. And there were many people who I met at that time, who only knew me as Tammy. People who never knew that I was male. When I was with my boyfriend, I was his girlfriend. Now like I said, I never wanted to be a girl. Never felt like a boy trapped I a girl’s body. But I did like the way wearing girl’s clothes felt against my body. And once Sam caught me in panties and a bra, a slip and high-heels, and decided I was going to be his girl, well, I had it so bad for him, that’s what I became. But there’s more to it than that. I did everything I could to please him. And I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. However, I regret nothing. I wouldn’t be who I am today, the good and the bad, if I hadn’t had the experiences I did. That’s why I need you to know about those experiences, so you can maybe begin to understand it all.

After we’d finished eating breakfast that morning and I was cleaning the dirty dishes from the table, Sam interrupted his father, who was reading the morning paper. “Dad, I have a huge favor to ask,” he said and my step-father looked over the top of the paper at his son. “The weekend after next is Halloween, and there’s this party I want to go to, but I’m supposed to be here then.”
His father replied something like, “No problem, son, stay at your mother’s and we’ll make it up some other time.”
But that wasn’t what Sam wanted. “Well, I was thinking that maybe Riley could bring me up here and stay the weekend with me. He could drive me back to town for the party Saturday night, then we’d come back here for the rest of the weekend. I don’t expect the party’s gonna go really late, I mean, there ain’t gonna be beer, or stuff there. In fact, it’s probably gonna be really lame.”

“That sound’s all right, I suppose,” said his father, his eyes back on the news.
“And well, it’s really Riley’s little sister’s party, we’re kind of, chaperoning, you know, and she’s just about Tommy’s age, so it’s mostly gonna kids there.” Then he looked at me, and I was taken quite by shock, “You wanna come too?” Then he looked at my mom, “I mean, if it’s all right?”
Within an hour I excused myself as Sam and his father watched the football game on tv and Mom was reading a book, saying I was going to go take a bath. Mom felt my forehead, saying that a bath was probably a good idea, and how she didn’t think I was quite back to normal yet from being sick the day before. While I soaked, I remembered what Sam had asked of me, so I got my mother’s razor and shaved the fuzz from my pits and the tiny patch of pubes between my hips. Then, having to stand crouch in an strange position, I shaved down below my balls and down by my butthole, just as my boyfriend had said I should. When I returned to the livingroom an hour or so later, the only place to sit was a tiny patch of the couch next to where Sam was sprawled.
When his dad got up to go to the bathroom, and with my mom’s nose buried in her book, Sam shoved a hand into my pants and, under the pink panties I had on, and felt the bare skin at the base of my dick. “Good girl,” he whispered in my ear, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then slumped back as though I weren’t even there.
Later that afternoon, our parents went out shopping, leaving Sam and I home alone. As soon as they were gone, my step-brother ordered me to change my clothes, and I soon was wearing a bra and nylons, and a sun-dress I’d found in the box in the basement (again, the bra-straps with a spaghetti-strap bothered me). And I chose a tall pair of cork-wedge high-heels from another of the boxes. After Sam told me how hot I looked, and we kissed for a bit, I sucked his cock until he was just about to come. Then he pulled it from my mouth, turned me around, pulled my skirt up to my waist and pulled my panties and nylons to my ankles, and using only spit to grease the way, he shoved his long cock up my butt and fucked me until he came. It was quick and rough, and even though my dick was throbbing, I didn’t get close enough to need to come myself. After he shot, and pulled his cock from my hole, he slapped my butt and told me what a good fuck I was. Then, after making me lick our fuck-juices from his wilting cock, he told me I better change back to my boy-clothes before our parents returned.

That night, Sam came into my room after everyone was sleeping, and I sucked two loads out of him. After I’d swallowed all I could of his first load, he told me that since I’d been such a good girlfriend, and since I hadn’t come when he’d fucked me earlier, “you can pound your little pud and shoot a wad before you go to sleep.” Without any thought of embarrassment or shame, I reached in and pulled my hard dick from inside the pink panties, and as he watched me, I jacked-off. After I sprayed my watery load all over my stomach and chest, Sam scooped it all up with his finger and fed it to me, saving only the last couple drops to rub onto his now-once-again-hard cock. With the flavor of my cum on his cock, I sucked his second load out, and swallowed it all. We didn’t have any time on Sunday to be alone, but right before he got ready to leave, Sam got me into my room for a couple minutes and we kissed ferociously, both of us groping the crotch of the other.
“I know I’m gonna be thinking about you just about every minute for the next two weeks,” he said between wet kisses, “I’m gonna jack-off every night thinking about fucking your tight pussy, and every time I get myself off I’m gonna be imagining I’m shooting it right down your fucking throat.” I groped him harder and sucked his tongue into my mouth, wishing it were something else. “And don’t worry about getting a costume for the party next Saturday. Don’t worry about anything except making sure your pussy and pits are smooth, and, yeah, I want you to wear that garter and those slutty fishnets Saturday, so put them on under your pants.”
Then, with his father waiting in the car, Sam said he’d forgotten something and ran back into the house. I was in the kitchen and mom was in the living room. She couldn’t see us, though the two rooms were right beside each other. My boyfriend grabbed me and kissed me hard, “I love you baby,” he said, then kissed me even harder. “And I don’t want you to jack-off until I see you again, ok?”
“Ok, Sam,” I agreed, even though I’d just been waiting for him to leave so I could go upstairs, ‘for a nap’ and I’d planned to beat my meat senseless. I did go up and take a nap. And I did play with my hard dick. But I didn’t make myself cum. And it was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. Every night for the next week I fought the urge. Some nights I never thought I’d be able to sleep. But my boyfriend had told me not to, so I never made myself come.

The following Saturday, a week after what had happened between Sam and I, and a week before the Halloween party my boyfriend was taking me to (my first date!), my mom and I were just sitting around when the phone rang. Mom answered it, and it took me a minute to figure-out who it was, though when my mom said, “your dad isn’t here right now, dear,” I knew it was Sam. But then she said, “Oh sure, he’s right here,” and she handed the phone to me.

I said, “Hello,” and heard Sam’s voice on the other end of the line. “Hey, baby, how’s my girlfriend?”
“Fine,” I said, trying to keep my voice from showing how I was really feeling, considering my mom was right there.
“What color panties are you wearing?”
“Black,” I said simply. He chuckled.
“And you have been wearing panties all week?” I grunted in the positive (although I did go into the boys-room right before gym-class and changed into a pair of boys underwear and as soon as I could after gym, I changed back to a pair of panties).
“So, have you gotten-off since I told you not to.”
“Huh-uh,” I grunted with a negative tone voice, praying that my mother wasn’t paying too much attention.
“Not even once?” he asked.
“Nope,” I said, trying to put a bit of confidence in my voice so he’d believe me, but not so much my mom would start wondering.
“That’s a good girl,” he said, and by his voice, I knew he believed me. “Since you’ve been so good, you can jack-off tonight. But just tonight. After that, I don’t even want you to touch yourself until you see me again.”
“Ok,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant, but feeling my dick starting to get hard.
“And put on a bra and some nylons before you do it. And right before you shoot, stick a finger in your ass and think about my big cock up there. And don’t waste any of your cum. I want you to eat it all after you shoot it.”
“Ok, Sam,” I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking, and trying to keep everything I really wanted to say to him from spouting-out. “I will.”
“Good girl,” he cooed. Then he went on for a bit, telling me how much he’d been thinking about me in the last week, and that he’d relived every moment we had together over and over in his mind, and every time he thought about me his cock got hard, and how he couldn’t wait for me to suck him off again, and how badly he wanted to fuck my “pussy” again. I don’t think my dick went soft all afternoon. As evening wore-on, I waited as long as I could, not wanting to arouse any suspicion at going to bed too early, before turning in for the night. I smacked four loads out of my dick that night (Sam had said I could jack-off, but he didn’t tell me that I only could do it once) And three of those times, right before I shot, I shoved a finger up my butt and thought about Sam (not that I wasn’t already thinking about him), and the fourth time I shoved two fingers inside myself as I shot. I scooped each load from my belly and chest and even though it tasted disgusting, I swallowed every last drop. Exactly like my boyfriend told me to.

Friday finally arrived. About half an hour before I expected my mother got home from work, Sam arrived, driven by his friend, Riley. Now, my step-brother was tall, but he was nothing compared to his buddy. Riley stood quite a few inches taller than Sam, who was at least six-something himself. He had fire-red-hair that hung just to his shoulders and framed a long, thin face full of pimples and freckles, and bearing a beady pair of icy-green eyes. His clothes were just hanging off him, and when he saw me, he got a grin on his long face that looked much more menacing than any expression I’d seen on my boyfriend’s face.
I met them at the front door. Sam didn’t look all too happy. Riley looked, well, hungry. Sam made quick introductions as he pushed pass me (calling his friend Renee and introducing me as Tammy) and went into the house. Riley followed, his eyes looking me up and down and never leaving me as he came inside. I closed the door behind us. And as soon as the door clicked, Sam turned on me.
“You fucking, little cunt!” he yelled at me. I was shocked and, turning my eyes from him, I looked quickly at the taller, redhead boy. He looked just as scared as I felt, and was staring at Sam, who continued yelling, “Why the fuck aren’t you dressed?”
“I was, I’m sorry,” I said quickly, realizing why he was pissed-off. “I just changed, right before you got here. I swear.” I was telling the truth. Just like I did every night, those past two weeks, I changed into girl’s clothing as soon as I got home from school. Then around four-thirty, I changed back into my regular clothes. I felt my hand go to my belly and I pulled my t-shirt up a bit and the waist of my jeans down a bit, showing the strange belt and the satiny pink below. “But I an wearing panties and the garter-thing, like you said.,” I said, hoping that somehow that would make it all better.
“Well” Sam said, surely seeing how sorry I was feeling. Then he looked at Riley, who was once again grinning, the scared-look completely gone from his long, freckled face. “I suppose I might forgive you this time, you hot little slut.” He moved closer to me and held his arms out.
Now, I thought it was really strange, all this happening in front of Sam’s friend. I mean, we were talking about things that I never imagined anyone but me and my boyfriend knew about. I bared the girl’s undergarments in front of this other boy. And, I never imagined I’d ever want to hug Sam in front of anyone, or, well, I kind of thought he might kiss me, once our arms were around each other. But at that moment I didn’t care about Riley standing there. I wanted to feel my boyfriend’s arms around me and his lips against mine.

That’s not what happened, though. As soon as we were close enough for Sam to reach me, he grabbed me and pushed me toward his friend. I felt the taller, skinnier boy’s arms go around me, to keep me from falling. I’d been expecting the potent scent of Sam, which, even though it had been two weeks since I’d smelled him, I could still recall his masculine odor easily. Riley also smelled like man. Only, it wasn’t the musky, virile smell, like Sam’s body emanated. The redhead had a stale, rank odor, like a nasty locker-room, or the smell of really bad feet.
Riley pulled me tight, and I felt his sharp, bony hip press at my stomach. Then I heard Sam say, “Hey, Renee,” and I felt the gangling redhead turn his body toward Sam. “Reach down that slut’s panties and let me know if you feel even one little stubble of pussy-hair.” And that’s what happened. No sooner were the words out of Sam’s mouth, when I felt Riley’s cold and rough hand forcing down my pants and inside my panties, coming to rest at the base of my slightly puffed-up dick. Now, if it had been Sam’s hands reaching down my pants, that would have been one thing. After all, he was my boyfriend. But I didn’t even know this Riley. I didn’t think I liked him too much. And I definitely didn’t want his clammy hand feeling around inside my pants.
“Not a lick,” the redhead said, breathing down on me as he spoke. His breath smelled even worse than his body-odor did, and all I wanted was to get away from him. But with one of his hands pressing me against him, the other down my panties, searching everywhere for a hair I’d missed while shaving, there was nothing I could do. At least I knew that he wouldn’t find what he was looking for. The night before I’d shaved myself (for the fourth time in two weeks, and I was getting pretty good at it, if I do say-so myself). I even shaved the soft, blond peach-fuzz that was growing on my lower legs. I knew that there was not one hair on my body, below my neck.
“Is he hard?” Sam asked. I felt Riley’s cold, bony fingers quit search searching for hair and take a firm hold on my dick.
“It ain’t yet, but it’s gettin’ there,” he said, almost in a drawl. And as I felt him fingering my dick, I could tell that it was getting hard. Quickly. “Shit, man,” the redhead said, groping my dick even more, “It’s really gettin’ stiff.”
“Good,” Sam said, and this time, he sounded close. Then I felt his body against my back. I was sandwiched between the tall, skinny redhead and my beefy, dark-haired boyfriend, who’s breath I felt against my ear as he spoke, “My slutty little girlfriend is excited to see her boyfriend, isn’t she?”
“Yes I am,” I said softly, hoping my words weren’t too muffled by Riely’s shirt. With the taller redhead’s hand still down my pants, I felt one of Sam’s hands(I knew it was Sam’s, it was stronger and much warmer than Riley’s) slip between his front and my backside, into my pants, and he started groping my butt over the sheer panties I wore.

“Such a nice pussy,” my boyfriend moaned in my ear, as I felt him push my panties aside and his fingertips delved between my buns.
“He’s got a purty nice dick, too,” Riley said, his voice (and the smell of his breath) making me uncomfortable.
“Fuck that,” Sam said, pushing his finger at my hole roughly, then just as roughly, he pulled his hand from my pants. “Tammy here’s a girl, she’s got a pussy not a dick.”
“Oh yeah,” Riley said, his hand still groping my now fully-hard dick, which I supposedly didn’t have. “I forgot,.” Even though Sam had stepped away, I stayed right where I was, still in the tight embrace of the smelly, lanky redhead, his hand now stroking my dick.
“She’s a great kisser,” I heard Sam say, and a moment later, Riley was bending over, his face in mine and his smelly mouth open and his tongue lolling out, and he kissed me. It wasn’t good. Even when he’d been kissing me hard and rough, Sam was a much better kisser than his buddy. But, as Riley’s hand was still down my pants, and even though everything about the lanky boy had so far disgusted me, I was becoming more and more horny. And, well, you have to remember that I’d only gotten off four times in the past two weeks, and those four orgasms happened all in the same night, a day shy of a week before.
Then we heard the garage-door opener. And as turned-on as I was feeling, it was the perfect excuse to jump away from the tall, scrawny older boy.
“Oh shit,” Sam said and I felt him pulling me away from Riley. “Go to your room and wait for us there,” he said as he pushed me toward the kitchen.
A few minutes later, I heard my step-father come in, he and Sam and Riley talking, then a bit later, my mom got home.
“Yeah,” I heard Sam say downstairs. “We saw him for a little bit when we first got here, then he went upstairs and we’ve just been hanging.”
“I’ll go check on him,” my mother said, and within moments, she was gently knocking on my partially-open door.
Pretending to read a book, I assured her that I was all right, “I’ve just been reading since I got home from school, well, I did go down and say, ‘Hi,” to Sam and his friend.”
Then she said, “You two seem to be getting along pretty well,” to which I could only mumble something about her being right, then something about how I’d always wondered what it would be like to have a

I almost said, “boyfriend,” but I caught myself at the last second and said, “brother.” Something must have showed in my face, because my mom started in, asking me if everything was all right. She could tell there was something different about me, but I was just sure that there was no way she knew what it was. She couldn’t have known that. No way. I took it in a different direction, telling her how excited I was that Sam was including me in his pland. I kept it sort-of flat, I couldn’t let her know just how excited I was about spending the evening with my boyfriend, even if his rake-thin redheaded friend was there. And that wasn’t anything to how excited I was feeling about going to the party with Sam the next night. So, with Mom I tried to keep my cool. It must have worked, as she stopped fussing over me. And I lay there, wondering what the weekend would bring and fighting the intense urge to grab my hard dick and even touch it, let alone get myself off. Then I must have dozed-off.
I woke hearing Sam’s voice hiss, “Close the door, Renee.” As I opened my eyes I watched the gangling redhead do as he was told. The instant the door was shut, Sam was on me. He pulled me to my feet and planted his lips to mine. Then I felt his hands on my butt and, as we kissed, he lifted me clear off the floor. He shoved his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it like it was a fat, little dick. His hands kneaded my buttcheeks, forcing our bodies tight together. I could feel his hard-on against my belly. And I was fairly sure he’d be able to feel mine against his hip.
“I’ve been waiting for that for two fucking weeks,” Sam said to me as our kiss broke and he lowered me to the floor. “I’ve really missed you, Tammy.”
“I missed you too, Sammy” I said, staring up into his deep, dark eyes. I stretched-up, wanting to kiss him again. I don’t know where ‘Sammy’ suddenly came from, but it felt right. I stopped moving closer to him when I saw his expression change. He looked angry. My eyes must have gone wide and I even wonder if tears didn’t start welling-up. Sam must have seen my reaction to his anger. After a moment I felt his hands start squeezing my butt, pulling our bodies tighter together. His look softened and he kissed me. I still cried, though my tears were of happiness, not fear. A moment later, both our mouths open and tongues dueling, I opened my eyes. Riley was standing there, his back against my bedroom door, staring at me and Sam. The gangling redhead had one of his hands pawing at the obscene bulge in the front of his pants and his buck-toothed mouth was hanging open, his tongue all-but lolling from inside. Though tightly held in Sam’s grip, I tried to pull away from him. I didn’t like the way his friend was ogling us. My big, dark-haired boyfriend looked me deep in the eyes, wondering why I’d pulled away from his kiss. I looked over his shoulder, to where Riley stood gawking at us, then back into Sam’s eyes. I hoped and prayed that he knew what I felt at that moment. He looked over his shoulder at his friend and when he looked back at me, that mischievous grin of his was plastered on his face.

“Don’t worry none about Renee,” he said, tenderly caressing my face with the fingertips of one hand, while his other hand remained tight around one of my butt-cheeks. “She won’t do anything I don’t tell her too,” then his voice changed, though the softness remained in his face, “ in fact, she shouldn’t be petting her pussy right now, since I haven’t told the slutty little cunt she could.” He sounded pissed, but his grin was bright as ever. He even winked at me, as he caressed my face with his tender fingers.
“Sorry, Sam,” I heard the redhead’s voice croak and I looked beyond my boyfriend to Riley. His hand was no longer in his crotch and without it hiding the lump, it looked even bigger and more pronounced than before. His mouth and eyes were still wide-open and both looking hungry. Then Sam kissed me again, soft and lightly, then he slowly took his arms away from me, giving me plenty of time to get my balance, once he no longer supported me.
With a quick wink at me, he looked over his shoulder at Riley and said, “You stay here with her. I’ll be right back.” Sam started for the door, leaving me alone with Riley. But just before he opened it, he looked back and said, “Don’t fucking touch her,” to Riley, who shook his head and said he wouldn’t. “I mean it. She’s mine!” Then Sam looked at me and said, “You’ll tell me if he does, right?”
“Sure, Sammy,” I responded. My boyfriend gave me a strange look, an almost scary look, then left my room, closing the door behind him.
Well, Riley did touch me. Sam wasn’t gone more than fifteen seconds before the tall redhead sat on my bed beside me, with one arm around me (which gave me a strong sniff of his stinking pits) and his other hand went right to my crotch. “So, Sammy tells me you fuck real good.” His voice softened a bit and he said, “He hates being called Sammy, by the way. He told me he decked his dad once for callin’ him that.” That was good to know, remembering the look that flashed across Sam’s eyes when I’d called him that. Then the redhead’s face changed and I could tell he was really checking me out. “I sure am hopin’ Sam lets me have a go at ya. You’re a cute little fucker, just like he said. I know he’s gonna make you blow me. He told me that he always wanted to watch some bitch he’s fucking, suck-off another dude. Like a fuckin’ pig roastin’ on a spit. But I really hope he lets me at your ass once he’s done with it.” Then he pulled his hand out of my crotch, up my stomach and over my chest, till he reached my chin. He turned my head and forced a kiss on me. But when he tried to shove his tongue in my mouth, I bit-down. He jumped away, yelling, “You fucking bit me!”
Knowing my mom and step-father were just downstairs, I hissed, “Shut-up!” And immediately, Riley did. Well, he got a whole hell of a lot quieter, but he kept mumbling things like, “If I’m bleedin’ you’re fucking dead-meat.”

“I said, shut-up,” I couldn’t believe the confidence I was feeling. “I didn’t bite you that fucking hard. So shut-up about it. If my mom walks in here.” I didn’t know where I was going, so I took a left and said, “Besides, Sam told you not to touch me.”
“You’re not gonna tell him?” Riley’s whole demeanor changed. “Are you, Tommy?”
Now, if Riley had called me Tom, I might have considered lying to Sam and not telling him about what Riley had done. Maybe even if he’d called me Tammy. But Tommy
The moment Sam walked in the door, he looked at me.
“Renee touched me,” I said, remembering what Sam had called Riley. “He grabbed my crotch and tried to kiss me.” We both looked at Riley, who was sitting across the room, a finger still in his mouth rubbing his tongue.
He pulled his finger out of his mouth and a thick strand of spit connected them, until Riley noticed it and wiped his finger on his shirt.
“Renee?” Sam sounded disapointed.
“I didn’t mean to,” the redhead said, his head drooping. But as it drooped, he looked right at me and gave me a quick, evil stare. “He’s just so cute, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, you let me get my hand down his pants, and all I did was kiss him. But then the little bitch bit me!”
A perplexed expression came over Sam’s face and he looked at me. I nodded. He looked back to his friend. “Where’d he bit you?”
“My tongue.”
Sam looked back at me and there was a smile on his face. I felt a bit bold, so I said, “I don’t like how he kisses. I like it better when you kiss me. And his breath stinks.”

Sam’s smile brightened. Then he looked at Riley and it changed quickly. I’d have been a bit scared if Sam looked at me like that. And from the expression on the redhead’s pimply, freckled face, he was scared. “First off,” Sam hissed at Riley as he closed the distance between the two of them. “Never ever call my girlfriend a bitch.” Then he reached down and grabbed Riley by the crotch of his pants. I heard the redhead squeak something, but couldn’t understand any of it. “Second,” my boyfriend hissed, and surely by the redhead’s reaction, Sam tightened the squeeze he had between Riley’s legs, “you fucking know better than to fucking touch something that fucking belongs to me without me fucking saying-so.” Sam’s voice stayed quite soft as he talked, but by his hissing tone, his anger was quite clear. This time when Riley squealed, I was sure that it was because Sam was squeezing his balls, and not because he was trying to communicate anything. “And third, you fucking little girl,” and Riley’s squeals got even louder, “If you ever try to stick your tongue in Tammy’s mouth again, I’m giving her permission to bite it the fuck off.”
When Sam turned and looked at me he was all smiles and grins again. “Are you horny?” he asked and looked at his watch.
“Yeah?” I immediately told the truth, however I wondered what he was up to.
He walked to the door and opened it, looked up and down the hall, and gently closed it again. “Whip it out,” he said, looking down at the obvious bulge in my pants. “This fucking bitch is gonna suck you off.”
“Sam,” I started, not really knowing how I was about to finish. But I didn’t have to.
“No fucking way,” Riley hissed, and he was trying to keep his voice down and at the same time, trying to make Sam hear his point, though Sam did a much better job when he did it. “What’s he, nine, ten, I ain’t sucking some little boy’s dick.”
“You’ll do whatever the fuck I tell you to do,” Sam hissed. His words were soft, extremely soft, which made them sound that much more lethal. “Won’t you, Renee?”
Riley didn’t say anything, but his head nodded just a bit, voicelessly admitting defeat.
“Tom,” Sam said, startling me by using my real name, “go ahead an’ whip it out. That little faggot sucks a mean cock. Bet you don’t last more than a minute.”
Well, I hadn’t wanted Riley to even touch me, let alone suck my dick. But, seeing how much the pimply older boy was against doing it, I couldn’t help myself. With a big grin on my face I walked over to where the gangling redhead was sitting, slumped in a chair, and I unfastened my jeans. My hard dick had already pushed the slinky panties I wore halfway down my shaft. One of Riley’s bony, cold hands reached out and grabbed me and his other hand took me by the hip and pulled me right up against him, my whole dick was suddenly engulfed in a wet warmth.
Riley might have smelled bad and he was rather ugly, and he seemed like a whiny asshole, but Sam was right, the boy sure knew how to suck a dick. And considering I hadn’t come in a week, well, Sam was right. I might have shot off in less than a minute. But as Riley sucked my dick, I watched the clock beside my bed, and waited until I saw at least two numbers flip, before unloading and filling the older boy’s mouth with cum.

“Oh shit,” I heard Sam say behind me, as I watched my cum dripping from between my dick and the redhead’s lips. My boyfriend had moved right up behind me and was watching me come in his friend’s mouth. One of his hands came around my chest, the other over my mouth, reminding me that I had to keep quiet. Riley was grunting and gulping, making quite a bit of noise himself. I could tell he was trying to swallow all of it, but he couldn’t and soon there were two rivers of milky-white flowing down to his pointed chin, from the corners of his mouth. “Holy fuck,” Sam continued, “that cunt ain’t never spilt a drop of cum before.” (That took me by surprise, so Riley had sucked Sam’s dick before, and, well, it sort of made me jealous - Sam was my boyfriend, I was supposed to suck his cock, not the lanky, ugly redhead boy - Sam was mine!). By the way the redhead’s hands were twitching on my body, I could tell he wanted to push me away from him, but he didn’t. He kept slurping on my dick, trying to gulp down as much of my cum as he could. Sam kept-up his commentary about how much of a slut Riley was, and how he could always swallow his, Sam’s, loads of cum, and he told me that I must have shot a gallon or more down he buddies throat, and how now he knew I hadn’t been lying, that I really hadn’t jacked-off in a week. When I was done spewing, Sam told me to scoop-up all the cum “that slutty little redhead bitch let get away from her,” and feed it to Riley off my fingers. Then he made Riley lick my the bits of cum from my still-mostly-hard dick.
Then Sam grabbed my dick and used it to pull me close to him. He kissed me, as he tucked my slightly-faltering dick back into my panties, pulled my pants up, and told me how excited it made him, “watching that skinny faggot choke on your pussy-juice.” Then he too me by the wrist and put my hand on the front of his jeans. I could feel how hot and hard his cock was. “That’s just waiting for you, baby,” he said, pushing my hand tight against his groin, “and you want it, don’t you?”
Of course I said, “Yeah, I want it real bad,” the moment he asked.
“And you’re gonna get it too,” Sam said, looking me right in the eye. “But you’re gonna have to wait a bit. I don’t want to have to keep quiet when I’m shooting down your throat.”

I really want to hear what you think about my story. Leave a comment below, or drop me a PM. I'd love to hear from you.

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