Me and Mike in the Tree House

First off I need to say that this is my first time trying this and I'm not a pro writer and I'm just doing this for fun. I don't need you guys picking my story apart like one of my teachers. I just wanna know if you liked it or if it turned you on. Thanx :-)

My name is let's say Emily. I'm 16 now but my story takes place a couple of years ago when I was only 14. I was small maybe 5' tall and only 90 pounds. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a row of freckles that cross from one cheek, across my nose to the other cheek. I have really small boobs so I don't need to wear a bra BUT I have kinda big nipples that makes wearing a bra more acceptable in public. But most of the time when I'm home I just run around in a tank top and shorts.

During the summer in question my best friend in the whole world was Mike. We grew up together and had been like brother and sister until this happened. Mike lives thru the woods, behind my house and it's in these woods that we played alot. Our dads got together and built a tree house for us a few years ago. We had taken some stuff up there to make it a little more nicer and thats where it all happened.

As a routine on hot days we took some spare clothes and some food/drinks to the treehouse and left them there. Then we went down to the pond where we swam. We did the usual swimming, splashing and talking. Just me and Mike being me and Mike. Then soaking wet we made our way back to the treehouse. We had changed in front of each other before and never really thought anything about it. We would turn our backs to each other and just change it was never a really big deal. But today, several times I saw him staring at my chest. My shirt was wet and after getting out of the pond my nipples were sticking out big time. My shirt clung to me and my little bumps were more than obvious.

We started to change and I peeled off my shirt while he dropped his trunks. We were still talking and I looked over my shoulder to say something when I caught a glimpse of his thing sticking out all stiff. I had seen his thing a few times but it was always kinda small and limp. But now it was like 4 or 5 times the size and sticking out like a hotdog. I kinda laughed.

"What" he asked.
"Nothing - I just never seen your thing like that."
He smiled and said, "Well its your fault that its like this." We always tried giving each other a hard time and blaming things on each other.
"My fault?" I asked. "No way!"

He turned to face me and started yelling (friendly with a smile) about how looking at me made his thing hard so it was my fault. I turned and yelled back that I didn't do anything so it's not.

"And quit sticking that thing at me." as I pointed to his hard thing.
"You got TWO things sticking at me!" He pointed to my chest and my nipples were still as big as ever. All puffy and hard.

I studied his more intently and asked "Does it hurt when its like that?"
He said no - "wanna touch it?"
I was more than eager. It was kinda like Mike had a new toy that I had never seen before and I wanted to play with it too. I got down on my knees in front of him and he showed me how to hold it and how the skin moved back and forth on it. It was kinda gross at first but then it kinda got to be fun. I would scrunch it up around the tip and then stretch it all back down by his balls. He said I could suck on it if I wanted to and I said no way! I played with his sack and balls a little too. Being careful like he told me too. And I played with what he called his cock alot. He just stood there with his head back and his eyes closed while I played. Then I noticed some white cream on the tip of his cock.

"Mike whats that? Is that supposed to happen?"
"Thats my sperm. You can taste it if you like. It's supposed to be creamy and women taste it all the time for the guys they like." I know thats true - I've heard stories about it. So I stuck out my tongue and got just a little bit of it. I tasted it and it was ok. So I licked the tip of his cock to get the rest of it and Mike inhaled really fast.

"You ok?"
"Yeah - That felt GREAT!"
"Oh yeah - Better than anything else I ever felt."

Remember Mike's my best friend and if I can give him that kinda feelings than I want to. So I stuck out my tongue and did some more. I ran my tongue along the tip again and then up and down his cock. He started to do these little shakes and breathing all kinda of funny.

"Put the whole thing in your mouth." So I put some of it in , then a little more and a little more. Mike took my head in his hands and said like this and he showed me how to go up and down with his cock in my mouth. He started to move his hips and push his thing into my mouth more and more. He took my hand and said do this too. He had me move his skin back and forth in the same rythem as my mouth. It was about a minute when I realized that I was giving my first blow job.

Mike grabbed fist fulls of my hair and was really pushing his cock into my mouth harder and harder. Then he kinda grunted and started yelling for me to move. I moved out of the way really quick and he grabbed his cock and really started pulling on it. Streams of white sperm sprayed from his cock as he kinda yelled. It flew into the air and landed all over our floor. More and more kept coming out as he kept pulling on it and grunting. After about 3 good streams it slowed down and then just kinda dribbled out.

When he was done he collapsed onto the old couch we have up there and was breathing like he just ran a mile. I went over and sat down next to him. We talked about what had happened and I learned alot about boy stuff, how it works and what feels good. I said that maybe some day I could teach him about my stuff and what makes me feel good. He smiled and agreed.

Eventually I got dressed and headed down the ladder. "Don't forget to clean up your mess" I said pointed to the white stuff on the floor.
"I'm not cleaning that up - It was your fault!"
"Bullshit" I yelled and we both smiled.

That's my story and I hoped you liked it. I don't mind you guys telling me how to make the next one better just don't be mean about it. If you wanna hear more let me know. I know it's not as good as some of these other stories.

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