What A Summer

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What A Summer

My friend Jimmy and I were riding our bikes out of town to a creek where we liked to fish. We were finally out of school for the summer and all of our parents worked, giving us all the time in the world to fish.

When we got there we were disappointed to see someone else there fishing already. As we approached we realized that it was a lady and that she was wearing a pair of cut off blue jean shorts that showed the bottom of her butt cheeks and a cut off T-shirt. As we got closer she heard us and turned around to look at us. Her T-shirt was so short that we could see the under part of her hanging breasts. She wasn’t very old either, in fact she didn’t look much older than us. She was really pretty and she had nice brown hair in a ponytail hanging down her back to her waist.

She kept an eye on us as we grabbed our fishing poles and equipment and then let our bikes fall to the ground. We went downstream a bit but not far enough where we couldn’t keep an eye on her.

She sure was a lucky fisherman. She kept catching fish and releasing them while we didn’t catch anything. Eventually we went back to her and asked her what she was using for bate. She said that it was a secret. We begged her to tell us but she said that she would have to know us a lot better before she shared her secret with us.

So Jimmy told her who he was and where he lived. She asked his age and he said fourteen. I told her my name, where I lived, and that I was also fourteen years old. Then she asked us our grade in school and we told her that in the fall we would be in the eighth grade. She asked us what our parents did for a living and why we were running around without a chaperon. We told her that our parents trusted us, not alone, but when we were together they felt more comfortable about us. She liked that.

After about an hour of talking she decided that she could share her secret with us as long as we swore never to tell another living soul. We sore on our life, crossed our hearts, and hoped to die if we ever told another person. She laughed and said okay.

Jimmy and I watched as Amanda stood up and lowered her little shorts to her ankles. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her hairy pussy was the nicest thing that either one of us had ever seen. She squatted down and took a worm out of her can, she held it between her legs, and then she peed on it and rubbed it into her pussy before handing it to Jimmy. I just looked at her and she took out another worm and peed on that one too and handed it to me. Amanda then told us to put them on our hooks and go fishing. In no time at all we both caught a fish, only we didn’t throw ours back like she had.

We asked her if our pee would work and she told us to try. In fact she asked us if she could hold the worm for us. Sure! We both pulled out our cocks but she told us to pull down our pants like she had. Then our underwear too. Finally she held out two worms in front of our cocks and waited. It wasn’t easy trying to pee on command especially with a girl watching us. Jimmy got some out and washed the worm off before she rubbed the worm all over his cock. He had his worm on his hook and was fishing while I was stilly trying to pee. Amanda asked if she could help and then she leaned in and sucked on the head of my cock. I had heard about blowjobs before but I never thought that girls really did it. I didn’t pee but I started to cum. Some went in Amanda’s mouth but the rest got on my worm.

Neither of us caught a fish so eventually we asked Amanda what the problem was. She told us that apparently it was just her. As a little girl she found out quite by accident that if she masturbated just before going fishing, peed on her worm, and them rubbed it on her clit that she could catch a fish every time.

We had run out of time for the day but we thanked her, made a date for the next day, and took our fish home to our mothers to cook.

Sure enough the next day Amanda was waiting for us to arrive. That day she was wearing a bikini that our mother’s wouldn’t be caught dead in. It hardly covered anything. Amanda said that there wasn’t anything left to hide from us. Then we told her that we hadn’t seen her nipples yet. She laughed and took her top off then asked us if we were happy then. We sure were.

Amanda told us that she hadn’t had time to masturbate before she came and that we could watch her if we wanted too. She told us that we could masturbate with her if we want. Okay! So Amanda removed her bottom while Jimmy and I dropped our pants and underwear to our ankles. Amanda sat on the grass, leaned back, and opened up her legs for us. Jimmy and I watched as she soaked her finger in her hole and then rubbed her clit like crazy. She had at least three orgasms before Jimmy or I shot our loads. When we did she was right there with her mouth sucking it in. Wow!

Amanda put her scent on our worms and we caught fish. When we got to three each she told us to stop because our families could eat just so many fish and that she didn’t want us to waste any.

That first week we all masturbated together and caught fish. Amanda caught all of our cum in her mouth too.

The second week she let us shoot it in her pussy at the end of jerking off. The third week we were just fucking her right from the start and we hardly fished at all.

That summer Amanda taught us everything that we ever needed to know about sex. Jimmy and I even got good enough where she would let us both fuck her at the same time. We took turns fucking her in the pussy and in her asshole. She always sucked our cocks clean afterwards.

That last day before school started we were there fucking Amanda for all we were worth. We had school everyday and Amanda said that she had to work everyday. So we made a date to meet on the following Saturday.

The next day we reported to school. Jimmy and I were finally in the eighth grade. We dawdled too long in the hallway and ran when we heard the bell. We both had Miss Amore for our homeroom teacher. We were in for the shock of our lives when we entered the room and saw the teacher. Amanda turned out to be Miss Amanda Amore our new teacher. She smiled at us both, pointed to two seats in the front row, and handed us detention slips. Jimmy and I looked at each other and smiled. It was going to be a great year.

The End
What A Summer

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