Next doors not so little girl part 2

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At about 7pm 4 days later the doorbell went, I opened the door to Lizzy with the some of the books she had borrowed.

I just thought I had better bring these back she said as she walked past me. as I shut the door she turned had grabbed me I a clinch, giving me a wet kiss.
“Shit I feel so horney, I can’t be long, but I need you”.
“But….” I stammered
“Oh I’m sure you can do it” she said assuredly as she rubbed my groin.
Taking my hand she lifted her skirt and pushed my hand down her knickers. “Feel me I’m so wet”.
My fingers found her slit. She was soaking
She went to her knees undoing my zip and she bent down pulling down my trousers and pants together “I’m sure you’ll want me in second” she grinned then took my soft cock into her mouth, my cock grew!

A few more seconds of her enthusiastic sucking brought me to a satisfying erection.
Lizzy got up and pulled me to the stairs, I shuffled forward awkwardly with my trousers round my knees. Lizzy walked up about 3 steps then stopped and laid back lifted her skirt and pulled the gusset of her knickers aside. “Want a taste” she asked grinning like a Cheshire cat.
I needed no further encouragement I knelt on the bottom step between her open legs and lapped at her pussy.
“Oh shit that feels sooo good” she groaned as she shuddered with a climax.
“Now fuck me”
I kicked off my trousers and pants and We changed positions me on the step and Lizzy squatting over me grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy then slammed down hard

It was just a frantic horny fuck. Lizzy bouncing up and down on my stiff cock, forcing me deep into her body. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls as I grabbed her arse pulling her hard to me with every stroke

We were at it only about 3 or 4 minutes before Lizzy pushed down then ground out pubic bones together as she came. “Oh fuck oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”
Only a couple of strokes later I exploded, hot seamen shooting deep inside her.
Lizzy wilted, collapsing on my chest

“Oh god I needed that” she panted. As she climbed off. Now I’ve got to go”
Seen you soon lover she chuckled as she went out the door. I just sat back on the step. I could hardly believe what had just happened.

She popped round about once a week for the next couple of weeks for what amounted to a quick fuck. I wasn’t complaining, she was such a hot horny thing.

It was another Saturday morning when the doorbell went. I opened the door and Lizzy stood there but this time not alone. “Hi, this is my best friend Catherine, Kat she prefers, she doing a similar history project to me and I thought though might let her see if there are any of your books she could use”

I was a bit taken aback but “Sure” I offered, you know where to look”
“Oh Great, see I told you it would be ok, Lizzy replied. This way Kat”
As she passed me in the hall, Lizzy slyly patted my groin. I hoped her friend didn’t notice. I’m just making coffee I called out, you want one”?
“Please” they replied in unison
Establishing their preferences, I returned to the kitchen and brewed up, then took the cups into the study
“Coo you have so many books”, Kat said
“I hope there’s something of use. I offered. I’ll leave you to it”

I was doing some work on my computer in the next room, I could hear talking but not make out what was being said, the talking was interspersed with giggles. “Typical girly behaviour” I imagined

After a few more minutes, Lizzy walked in. “Hi, I hope you don’t mind helping Kat”
“Not at all had I replied, I’m glad my books get some use”.
“What do you think of her”? She asked
“She seems nice” I replied innocently
“She really is my best friend, we have such fun together”
“That’s nice” was all I could think of.
A few minutes passed the girls came through. “Ok if I show Kat the books upstairs” she asked.
“Sure, you know you way”.
Off they went and I got back to my work. It was about a couple of minutes later when Lizzie called down
“Can you come here a min Harry”?

I went up stairs and the girls where not on the landing where the books were.
“We’re in here” Lizzie called from my bedroom. I went in and they were standing together.
“What’s up” I asked
Lizzy looked a little coy. “Well…….. Kat wants some of what I’ve been having”
“What…….. I stammered incredulously
“She wants some of what you have in there” she said pointing down at my groin
I was truly stunned and didn’t know what to say.
“You heard, I told her what we did and she wants some”
I was horrified, “You what! I told you we had to keep it secret. We could both be in serious trouble” I exclaimed
“Oh don’t be silly, she’s my best friend she won’t tell, besides she wants you” she added firmly.
Kat looked at me smiling and nodding
I took a good look at her. About 5 feet (4ft 11½” she insisted later) short dark brown hair. Dressed in what nowadays seemed to be the universal style for teenagers, cotton top, legging tights with tiny tight ripped shorts and pumps.
She was truly tiny I guessed about a size 6, and looked about 14!
Large green eyes, a cute button nose and a cupids bow of a mouth. She was pretty but surely too young. Clearly my concerns showed on my face.
“You think Kat is too young don’t you” Lizzy guessed. “Show him Kat”
Kat reached down for her bag took something out then she passed to me. It was her passport. It showed clearly she was 16 (17 in only a few weeks)
“We knew you would be worried” Lizzy tittered. “So I told her bring ID just in case.
Now what do you think”?

“I’m not sure I stuttered I………..”
Lizzy came up to me, placed a hand on my crutch and rubbed me, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed she said as Kat moved by her side “Please…..” She pouted. I really want to”

Oh shit, what was there to lose? Here was two nubile teens begging to be fucked.
I grabbed Kat, and kissed her. My tongue probing her pretty little mouth.
I came up for air. “But this must be our secret, no more sharing with friends”
“Promise” they shriek in unison as Lizzy grabbed at my fly.
Kat’s fingers worked on the buttons of my shirt as Lizzy hauled my trousers down.
I extracted myself from the pair, removed my trousers & socks and shirt.

Lizzy rubbed my cock, now only encased in my pants. “Mmmm… seems like he’s keen” she grinned feeling my rapidly grown manhood.
I let her slide my pants down and off. I stood there with cock pointing out at the pair of them. Kat gasped. “Wow…….. He is keen”. She cautiously reached out and stroked my twitching cock.

“Ok” I said sternly “let’s see how much you want it”.
“OH I do, I do”
“Kneel down” I instructed
On her knees looking up at me she seemed hesitant.
“He wants you to suck it” Lizzy informed her knowingly.
Kat looked up at me unsure.
I nodded. “Just to make sure this is no joke, I need to know just how far you’re willing to go” I informed her as I pushed her head towards my rod.
She was so tiny she only just came up to my crutch; she had to stretch up to reach me.
Her head came forward hesitantly and I watched with delight as she gave a gentle kiss to the tip then her small mouth opened and she sucked on the end of my cock. At this point Lizzy got down with her. “Me too” she giggled.

Now I had two teen mouths sucking and nibbling hungrily on my appreciative cock. After only a couple of minutes I pulled them of (reluctantly).
“Ok, I guess this is no joke then” now let’s get you two ready”.
I helped them up and Lizzy took the initiative hurriedly removing her top and jeans, Kat a little more cautious, remove her pumps, leggings and top. Both were now in underwear.
Lizzy’s womanly body a sharp contrast to Kat.
With her short hair, she looked elfin. A tiny bra clearly hardly filled and the skimpiest of thongs. Her body was truly child like. Pretty shapeless, the tiniest of waists, slightly protruding pelvic bones with thin legs and almost no bum. None the less she still looked sexy. My initial thought were right, if I hadn’t seen the passport, I would have said she was no more than 14

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her once again, my hands exploring her pint-sized body. I saw Lizzy move behind her and stretch round to make a sandwich of Kat. Kat let out a gasp and as we separated her bra fell loose (Lizzy work)
I saw Lizzy's hands run the straps down Kat shoulder and slip the bra off. Kat hands went protectively to her little boobs.
“No need to hide them” I assured her moving her hands away, and bent down and pulled a nipple into my mouth. Licking and sucking gently as it stiffened, Kat held my head against her breast.
I reached out to stroke her bum, and felt Lizzy’s hands. She was tugging Kat’s thong down (a job I was actually looking forward to)

I stood and lifted Kat easily, she really was a feather weight. I carried her to the bed, laying her across the bottom corner in a position that made her legs fall either side of the corner.
Kneeling beside her, I kissed her again, and then nuzzled her neck. Kat sighed “Mmmm……
I stroked her body as I moved down to her small breasts (just about nonexistent now she was on her back). She did have however the most delightful nipples, standing proud, just begging to be sucked. I gave them both equal attention and at the same time stroked down her flat tummy until I connected with her pubic mound. I noticed earlier that her pubic hair was only lightly trimmed, and it now felt like soft fuzz. With her legs wide open I had no problems finding her honey pot. I ran a finger around her labia which was already well lubricated then slipped a finger inside her welcoming pussy.

Kat wriggled on my finger and pushed my head against her breasts as I nibble and fingered her.
“Mmmm yummy” she sighed. That’s so nice”
I now had two fingers wriggling inside her and she started moving her hips against my hand as I gently finger fucked her.
I felt a tap on my shoulder and glanced across to see Lizzy (I’d almost forgotten her already) she indicated she wanted to replace my hand so with an almost imperceptible change over her fingers replaced mine.
Kat clearly hadn’t noticed as I continued to give her stiff nipples and small breasts plenty of attention. She just lay back expressing her pleasure with sighs and grunts. Until at last she started twitching more energetically. “Oh yes, Oh yes, oh please don’t stop, I think I’m coming, Oh yes I’m coming yessssssssss”

I noticed Lizzy had moved back behind us, as I leaned forward to give Kat a quick kiss. “How was that for starters” I asked.
“Oh shit that was fantastic”. She panted. She looked down the bed to Lizzy who I noticed was now naked. “You were right” she grinned. “He knows what he’s doing”!
I pushed her back to the bed, “Oh there’s more” I assured her
I kissed her neck, the worked my way down her body, breast to breast, down her tummy then on to her pubic mound
“Oh my, are you going to…”
I worked my way between her legs, (easy in the position she was, spread over the corner of the bed) rubbed my face in the soft fuzz and gave her pussy a quick lick.
“Oh you are…….! Oh yes please……….”
I kissed her gently then worked my tongue back and forth. Oh she tasted delicious. So sweet. I sucked and licked her with gusto, swallowing every drop of her sweet nectar. Kat was writhing with pleasure making her enjoyment clear.
After a couple of minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder again. I glanced sideways and saw Lizzy who was making it clear she wanted to replace me!
I wink at her in agreement. I worked my way to the side but still connected to Kat’s willing pussy.

I exchanged my mouth for my fingers Kat sighed “Oh no, please don’t stop”
“Ok”. I replied and Lizzy eased herself between Kat legs.
“Oh thank you, it was so good, and I was close to coming” Kat whimpered as Lizzy’s head moved into place
I carefully moved away from the bed so Kat wouldn't notice then stood well back and watch Lizzy working on her friend. Thankfully Kat had her eyes tightly closed as she enjoyed the attention.

Shit they looked sexy, Lizzy on her knees between her friends legs. It was all too much.
I quietly knelt behind Lizzy and slipped a hand around her waist then down between her legs. She was dripping. As I edged forward Lizzy seemed to guess my intentions as she raised her bum. I guided my cock between her legs and pushed it slowly home into her tight wet cunt.

Now I was slowly fucking Lizzy as she in turn was sucking on Kat’s pussy. I suddenly had an idea. I uncoupled from Lizzy then moved gently around the bed
Lizzy look at me quizzically but kept up her attention on her best pal.
Kat was clearly close to coming again she cried “oh, oh fuck, oh shit that’s heaven, please don’t stop, oh I’m coming again oh yes…”
Just as she clearly orgasmed, I leant forward and touched my glisten cock to her lips. She instinctively opened her mouth and I slipped my cock between her willing lips. She gave only a couple of sucks then opened her eyes in disbelief
“What the f……” she looked down the bed to a grinning Lizzy
“Surprise” she laughed
“Surprise I repeated. “Come on open up”
She willingly took my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking as instructed
A few seconds later, Lizzy bounced up the bed to join her, again I had two eager mouths working on me. I was only to willing to come, but not yet. I pulled away, and lay between them on the bed

Kat looked over at Lizzy, “I must say Liz that was fantastic. I’m not sure who had the best action”.
Lizzy’s face was glistening with Kat juices I leant over and licked her lips
Kat asked “do you really like doing it Harry, you know the taste and all”.
I gave Lizzy another lick around her wet chin
“You taste wonderful” I assure her. “Lizzy has a delicious tasting pussy too don’t ya think”
“How would I know”? She asked shyly
“Well you just tasted her”
“When you sucked my cock. Before that it was inside Lizzy, it was dripping with her juice when you sucked me!”

Lizzy laughed “Oh Kat your face, it’s a picture.”
“So what did you think of it”? I asked
“Well…… I don’t know, I can’t say I really tasted it. I thought the wetness was just you”
“Do you want to taste her……?
“Oh I’m not sure if I could
“Ok, no worry” (Lizzy looked disappointed)
I need a pee, declared Lizzy as she bounce off the bed.

I stroked Kat’s petite body rubbing a thumb over her hard nipples “I guess we should move on to the next stage” I told her, as I moved over Kat, spreading her legs with mine. My cock was rigid, and aimed at her honey pot
Her hand went between her legs and guided me in. I nudged an inch at a time. Shit she was tight. She was well lubricated but I had to push hard to get my cock home.

Finally I was in to the hilt. At first I just lay there enjoying the tightness of her cunt, my cock throbbing and twitching inside her snug vagina, then began a slow in and out, almost withdrawing then pushing all the way in.
At each downward stoke Kat grunted.” Ummp” “Oh shit, I can feel you forcing inside me”! Oh fuck it feels good.”
God she felt fantastic, her legs were curled around mine as I fucked her tenderly. She felt so good. as much as I wanted to fill her cunt with my seed, I had to maintain so much control to hold back.

I’d almost forgotten about Lizzy as she returned to the room.
“Don’t forget me" Lizzy pouted.
“Down worry I assured her, you’ll get some soon”
I kept up the gentle thrusting of Kat and she was meeting my thrusts with vigour. Eyes closed groaning again with pleasure.
I leant back as far as I could then nudged Lizzy, and indicated as best I could what I thought she should do. She cottoned on.
First she moved up the bed and put her mouth to Kat’s breasts
“What the……..Oh…, Then Kat relaxed, accepting the pleasure it gave her as Lizzy nibbled her nipples. Still working on Kat’s nipples, bit by bit, Lizzy edged up the bed until she was in position, then a quick shuffle and she straddled Kat’s head facing me. With my cock embedded in her pussy and my legs holding hers down, she couldn’t move.
I watched with interest as Lizzy slowly lowered herself her cunt now inches away from Kat mouth.

“Now’s your chance to get a real taste” I told her.
Liz lowered her self so her pussy covering Kat’s face.
I heard her mumble then as Liz lifted her self slightly saw that Kat’s tongue was probing her cunt. I could see the juices running down Kat face. In only a few seconds she was working hard on Lizzy, who was grinding her cunt against Kat’s mouth.

I reached out easily and fondled a breast of each girl in turn as we worked on each other, me fucking Kat sucking.
As much as I wanted to come, I knew the girls would outlast me and I had more in mind so I eased my cock out and watched as Kat brought Lizzy to orgasm

Lizzy crawled off and the girls lay side by side, I eased myself between them
“Well you sure had you baptism by fire” I told Kat.
“Well I didn’t have much choice just he did I” she grinned.
I leant over and licked Kat’s glistening face, Mmmm Lizzy you still taste good” I declared. What do you think Kat”?
“Surprisingly good” Kat replied

Ok girls “what’s next” I asked

Lizzy looked over at Kat, “I think we should give Harry some pleasure what d’reckon”?
“Sounds fair to me” Kat replied
They both shuffled down the bed and I watched with pleasant anticipation as Lizzy’s mouth covered the tip of my cock, then slipped down at least half way.

Kat moved close so she was licking my shaft and balls as Lizzy sucked.
“My turn” she demanded, Liz let go and Kat replaced her mouth. She had a really good action, rubbing my cock against the inside of her cheek as her head bobbed up and down. Then two girls with mouths either side of my cock head nibbling and licking in unison. Oh my, it was fantastic.
Lizzy disengaged “I want to try something”
She nudged Kat out of the way and straddled me. With a hand between her legs she guided my cock easily into her wet cunt.

I lay still as she rode my cock for a few minutes, “this is what I want to try”
She disengaged and sidled down the bed, I watched with interest as she licked up and down my cock then once again took as much as she could into her mouth.
Releasing me she declared “Mmmm yummy” I never really had the chance to get a proper taste of my own juice before” she grinned. As nice as you taste I think I taste better she said to Kat. Do you want to try”

Kat need no encouragement, “I guess I do” she chucked as she eased up the bed and straddled me. Being much smaller she really had to spread her legs to get astride me. Then as Lizzy had done, lowered herself onto my eager cock. She was a bit more cautious than Lizzy as I guess this was a new position for her. But slowly inch by inch she impaled herself
“Oh shit this is deep” she grunted. She probably only had about half in, it felt good and tight.
After a few seconds she disconnected and followed Lizzy example of tasting her juice. “Perhaps I’ll have to try you again later Liz to be sure” she laughed
“Deal” declared Lizzy, now let’s reduce the pressure this man must be experiencing”
With that they both dived onto my cock.
“You will let us know when your coming wont you” asked Lizzy
“Oh, I’m sure you’ll know” I informed them

Now with renewed effort both girls went to town on my cock. Leaning back on the pillows closed my eyes and enjoyed every sensation as their tongues and mouths went to work.
In only a couple of minutes I could feel the pressure rising, with my eyes closed I couldn’t be sure who’s mouth my cock was in as I thrust my hips in time with the sucking.
“Oh yes” I groaned Oh don’t stop. Oh shit here it comes…………..”
There was hurried movement around my cock, I glanced down and could see the girls had their heads close together. I could just about see the two sets of lips & tongues working at the tip.
Then I came. Kat covered my cock and sucked as I let loose, quickly replaced by Lizzy sucking shot after shot of my hot juice and again replaced by Kat who continued to suck my cock until the flow stopped and my cock began to go limp.

The girls crawled up the bed and lay either side of me. “That was fun” Lizzy declared. Then planted a wet sticky kiss on my lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth.
“Mmmm you taste nice” I replied
Edging her aside Kat demanded “What about me” as she covered my mouth.
I gave her the same treatment. “Very nice” I confirmed. “A yummy combination of flavours. Ooops, you missed some” I said as I licked a dribble of spunk from her chin.

Kat reached across & stoked Lizzy’s breast. “I wish my boobs we as big as yours” she remarked. Lizzy twiddled Kats nipples and commented, “yours are lovely, aren’t they Harry”. “Sure are” I agreed.
The girls were affectionately stroking each other breasts, nothing was said as their hands felt the soft flesh.

I eased my self from between them “anyone for a drink” I asked.
“Oh yes please Kat answered, juice if you have it”. “Me too” Lizzy murmured.
“Ok, back in a tick”
As I left the bedroom, I looked back at the two nubile girls facing each other & still fondling their breasts.

On the way to the kitchen I had a pee then made up 3 glasses of juice. I put the glasses on the tray and went back up stairs. I could only have been 5 or six minutes but the sight before me was a bit of a surprise but a very pleasant one.

Lizzy was spread eagled on the bed with Kat laying over her. The girls were in a classic 69. Heads between open legs sucking on each others cunts. As I laid the tray of drinks down Kat looked up. “Sorry we just got carried away”.
“Oh don’t mind me” I assure them, you just carry on, I can just enjoy watching”.
I moved to end of the bed and looked down at Kats pert arse and slim thighs spread over Lizzy’s head whose mouth & tongue worked on Kats pussy. I couldn’t help my self, leaning forward I kissed her arse cheeks then ran my tongue down the exposed cleft until I reached her puckered rim pushing my tongue in to taste her salty arse as Lizzy worked on her cunt. Kat shuddered at our joint efforts.

Shit I was feeling horney again. Standing up I stroked my cock as I watched and soon had a healthy erection.
I tapped Lizzy on the nose to get her attention and through a series of gestures indicated my intentions.
Gripping Kats hips I lifted her easily to her knees telling her to carry on working on Lizzy, I then got into position on the bed behind her and eased forward until my cock nudged against her wet cunt, Lizzy had wriggled a hand free and holding my rod aimed me at Kats sex. I edged forward and entered her, pushing my cock almost fully home in one stroke. I heard Kat grunt and my cock forced its way inside her tiny body. I stayed still as her vaginal muscles seized my cock. Lizzy meanwhile not to be left out was now licking my balls, and by angling her head licked the base of my cock and Kats vaginal lips.

I now commence slow strokes fucking Kat doggy style. After 20 or 30 strokes I withdrew completely then angled my cock down and one smooth movement nudged it into Lizzy’s open mouth. She hungrily sucked Kats juices from my cock. I repeated this routine 3 or times when Kat let out a howl, “Oh shit I’m coming again……..” I pushed my cock home and let her fanny muscles grip me as she climaxed.

As Kats orgasm abated we untangled and made ourselves comfortable on the bed, once more the girls were laying either side of me and I had an arm around each shoulder stroking two pert titties.

Just what else could I do with these two nubile sex pots I wondered. I was determined to take the maximum advantage of the situation. They seemed as keen as me. Almost clinically, the girls discussed various situations and agreed that Lizzie had already had a range of experiences from our earlier encounters so Kat should get the most benefit from today.

“Pity you only have one cock” Kat giggled, if you had two you could fuck us both at the same time”
If only I thought! But it gave me an idea.
“I think I can get close to it if you want to try” I informed them
What do we need to do Lizzy asked excitedly
I explained. I got Lizzy to lay with her legs over the bed, then got Kat to lay on top of
her, both girls face up with Kats legs hooked over Lizzy’s. It took a bit of juggling and needed a pillow under Lizzy’s bum to get them in position
I check that Kat wasn’t too heavy.
She’s as light as a feather she laughed.
I looked down and considered them ready. In this position I could access both girls hungry pussys.

I moved between the pair of open legs. Supporting myself on one hand to keep my weight off the girls, I guided my cock into Kat’s waiting cunt. 10 or 12 thrusts, I pulled out, bending my knees a little, I worked my way into Lizzy’s body.
I commenced a succession of changes, fucking one then the other. I noticed that Lizzy was hugging Kat, stroking her nipples as I concentrated on the most pleasurable cycle of fucking one then the other.

The difference between the girls was noticeable, I was able to discern a significant difference in the tightness between to two hot cunts exposed to me. We only kept this up for 4-5 minutes as I could se the strain on Lizzy, so got them to change position. This time they were face down again Lizzy on the bottom, with Kat stretched across her back so I could fuck them from behind. The girls could only take a couple of minutes of this before Lizzy was finding it uncomfortable.

This time I stood up and hoisted Kat to my waist. She was so light she was easy to hold up. With a bit of juggling I entered her as she wrapped her legs around me and simply bounced her up and down on my cock. Lizzy was kneeling on the floor looking up.
“Shit I can see Harry’s cock going in all the way, she exclaimed excitedly it's so fucking sexy”

Hold her under her shoulders Kat leaned right back as she rocked on my cock. I felt Lizzy’s fingers stroking my balls and my cock where it entered Kat, and then her head was between my legs licking my cock and Kats pussy as we fucked.
Suddenly Kat jumped. “Oh Fuck” she squealed Oh Fuck……….”
What’s up I asked with some concern?
“She’s licking my bum” Kat giggled
“Oh is that all”
I explained, my knees were aching so without disconnected I moved to the bed then rolled back so Kat was still on top. Taking her in a hug I pulled her close to my chest so her bum was a little in the air.

“Want another lick Lizzy”?
“Mmmm yeah”
I felt her moved between my legs and Kat jiggled and I guessed her tongue connected with her ring.
I couldn’t see what was happening but guessed when Kat let out a howl
“Ah no Ahh Oh Hell……..”
Between the thin vaginal wall I could feel Lizzy’s finger wriggling in Kat’s arse as I fucked her. She was clearly enjoying feeling as she thrust hard against us both until another cry came as she orgasmed for about the 10th time.

I knew I was reaching my limit and apologising to the girls explained I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer so if they had any final ideas we could give it a try.
Lizzy generously agreed that Kat should be the recipient of my seed. I had no objection, I was more than content at the thought of filling her tight cunt with my spunk.
Due to our differences in height, there weren’t many positions we could comfortably manage, but Lizzy decided for us.
“Take her doggy style, so I can be underneath and watch you cum”. She instructed. Kat & I agreed and using a couple of pillows under her knees to raise her up a little got in to position. Lizzy wriggled beneath us and as I lined my cock up, she guided me in to the object of my desire

Kat grunted as my cock pushed all the way in to her tiny body. Then holding her hips I commenced with long strokes , almost pulling out then thrusting deep. More grunts as my cock buried itself in her welcoming pussy.
I could feel Lizzy licking my balls as I fucked slowly to what I knew would be my last orgasm of the morning.

“Oh, fuck me harder Kat cried out, I think I’m going to come again”
Beneath us Lizzy offered encouragement. Go on fuck her, make her cum”
She had now wriggled a hand behind me and was squeezing my bum, then I felt a finger pushing against my ring.
She must wet it somehow (I could guess) then in time with my movements worked her finger into my arse.
Oh hell, it was too much, my cock exploded, shot after shot of hot spunk filled Kat cunt, she shuddered with her own orgasm a few seconds later as my cock continued to twitch inside her, her vaginal muscles seemed to siphon every drop from my body.

“Oh my, that was fucking amazing” Kat panted, and attempted to disengage
“Hold on you two, your not finished yet” Lizzy shouted
I was physically and literally drain and just want to lay down but asked “what now”?
I just pulled out slowly, I wanted to see what happened
I did as instructed, and just as my now limp cock parted from Kats sopping pussy, Lizzy raised her head to suck our joint juices from my dick then almost pushing me out of the way planted her lips on Kats cunt probing with her tongue.
“Oh no, I’m too sore” Kat yelled and rolled out of the way
Lizzy grabbed Kat and kissed her forcefully
“Fuck that was absolutely fantastic she declared

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