The Food Court

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I was at the Mall one day of the many that I spent there. I was at the food court and had just gotten my order and sat down. It was warm outside and I decided to wear something lite. I had on a pastel sheer blouse that butoned up to just the middle of my cleavage and a wrap skirt that matched it and tied at the hip. If I was in a breeze it was hard to keep from flying open but I did not care, I liked it shoing off my legs and hips some if the wind caught it just right. I wore a thong and a cupless uplifting bra and so my dark nipples were visible through he pastel since the blouse was a lite pastel it hid nothing. Normally I would wear a bra but today I was showing off some. I had been used at the school and felt wonderful, my body still feeling the sex it had been used for.

Sometimes a plus sized woman has insecurity and I had felt that way until the kids at school had shown me how sexy I was again. Well, I sat down and was eating a philly-cheese steak and I heard a familiar voice, "Come one Mom, I want you to meet my teacher, she is so hot." and Joann was pulling a woman after her. The woman was her mother, Elaine. She was about 6 feet tall and proportioned but very much a plus size. She had a long blue jean skirt and a soft cotton blouse tucked into it. Her body was firm all over and her beasts were so huge that I was geting wet wondering if she was like her daughter. I stood up and barely came to her tits so that they were about face level for me and again I felt something between my legs working. "Elaine" she said extending her hand and Joann hugged me tight. I took her hand and she pulled me to her hugging me too, her chest now against my face. She was firm and had a scent of musk oil between her breasts. Her hair was long to the hips and a color of reddish- brown. I thought I was going to die right there. We al sat down and Joann sat next to me her mother across from me.

"So, Joan has told me so much about you. I hope it is all true and not just some young girl with over active hormones making things up." she saidand I felt a flush of warmth going through me. Joann leaned to my ear and kissed it and whispered,"I told all that you have done with the students and all." She giggled. "Well, I guess it is all true." I said. "How wonderful, I think we can have some really nice times." she saide and smiled looking at my eyes. She reached into her purse and took out a small vial and opened it and poured it into my soda. "What is that?" I said. "Well, it is just to make you open to suggestion and so that you will do anything I say when I say it and with who I say to do it." She said. "Well, that is not needed, I am always open for fun." I said. "Yes dear, but this is going to put you under my control all the time, now drink up." she said and I took it and began sipping the soda. I felt relaxed and calm and nothing more really. I did not pass out or anything like that.

Then I remember seeing Elaine take out a shiny broach and asked me, "Do you like this Dear?" I said that I did. "Look at it, see all the colors and how it shines in the light?" she said and I said that I saw all of that. She was moving i so that it seemed to rotate and swing some and i had my attention. Then her voice was far off and sweet. "You are now under my control Dear. If Joann or I tell you to do someting, no matter how unusual, sexual or even unlawfull, you will do it. It will always be something sexual most likely but you are now under our control." I heard myself say, "Yes Elaine." I must think of a trigger word for you Dear or phrase. Something that no one is likely to say. I know, "When two nipples meet" will do. "Repeat it she saidand I did, "When two nipples meet." I said and relaxed. "Now, also, you will know all that you are doing and will remember everything, you will not forget anything that I tell you to do or that you do." "Yes Elaine." I said again. "Good, now waked up" she said and I was back in the normal world. Joan sat next to me her hand between my legs touching the lips and pulling them just a little, teasing me.

We sat there and finished eating and Elaine said, "I feel like a movie, how about everyone.?" I said sure and Joann did too. We took the stairs to the movie level of the mall after we bought our tickets and I did not really care what it was. We got inside and there were a few people there but not many at all. We sat in the back and Joan sat one one side and Elaine on the other. "Joann, do you have something you want to say to Susan?" Elaine whispered. "Yes I do." she said and I turned my fae to her. "When two nipples meet you will take off all your clothes." she said and I began unbuttoning my blouse. It came off and then my bra and then skirt and thong. I sat naked between tem and felt so hot all at the same time. Joan reached over and pulled my nipples making me moan and Elaine kissed me deep, her hands between my legs as I opened them wide for her to explore. Joan was now sucking onenipple and pinching the other and Elaine was kissing me with her tongue deep in my mouth. I shook and an orgasm exploded from my pussy, covering Elaine's hand and wrist. She kept fingering my pussy and now 4 were in me and I felt hotter and hotter. The movie had a man and woman having sex like crazy and I felt like I was in it. "Susan, Eat my pussy hun." Elaine said and her skirt was off showing her wonderful legs and tummy. I was on the floor and my fae was between her legs in an instant. I ate a few orgasms and was soaking all over my chest and face. "Now eat me." Joann said and I moved to her and she too had a very naked pussy. We all were moaning and I was having an orgasm with each one that they had.

A flash light shown on us and a man's voice said, "What is going on here?" Elaine laughed, "Isnt it obvious? Would you like to have a great blow job?" and he smiled and sat down. "Susan, make the man's cock happy and swallow his cum too." and so I took him into my throat. He was a good size and I had orgasms sucking him until he gave a loud moan and flooded my throat. "IOh fuck, that was great." he said. "Okay, just keep it a little less obvious back here." he said and left. "He is right, I want to have some more fun." Elain said, "Put on you blouse and skirt," she said and I did. "Tuck the blouse but do not button it up." she told me. She adjusted it so that my chest was bare down the middle and my tits were legal. "Okay, to our huse." Joann said and we walked out with lots of people watching us. We got to the entrance and out the door and Elaine said, "Now strip and walk to our car with us." and I did handing the skirt and blouse to my mistresees. Everyone was staring and as we walked I had offers to which Joann and Elaine told them that I belonged to them. We got into the car and Joann drove with Elaine and I in the back seat and as soon as we got in she was naked and began forcing her fingers and then a fist into my pussy.

We pulled into a gated community and Elaine told me to get out and walk to her house. She gave me the number and I just did as she said. It was a couple blocks and I had people calling to me and all but I just kept walking till I got there and walked in. We went to a rec room downstairs and she pulled out a lot of toys and a vobrator horse and we were all naked. Elaine was on her phone talking to people and soon we were joined by 6 other women of different ages and builds. "Hello all," Elaine said. "Today and tonight Susan will be doing anything we tell her. She is our slave and will be until I release her. "Susaun. anything anyone tells you, do it. Is that clear." she said. "Yes Elaine, it is clear." I said and hands began gropping all over my body. The women were all naked and they were all sampling how my body felt. "Okay, eat me" one saidand she laid on a couch and I buried my fae in her pussy and ate her through several orgasms. "Oh she is great" the woman said, "How often can I rent her out?" "Once a week." Elaine said and the woman laid there feeling her tits. One after another I did as I was told and felt my body drift from one to another and maost of the time several all at once.

I heard that 4 of the women were to rent me out occasionally and Elaine was to be paid for my services. I woke the next morning sleeping with Joann and she kissed me and we made love. No command this thime just raw passion. I will tell the rest later cause I have to go for now.

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